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Betty White Jumps On The Wrecking Ball Bandwagon

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This Halloween, I fully expect to bump into numerous people licking sledgehammers as part of their Miley Cyrus costume. It’s a foregone conclusion that the “We Can’t Stop” singer will be a popular choice this year. Just when I thought I couldn’t handle another “Wrecking Ball” spoof, Betty White proves me wrong.

White goes bronco on a wrecking ball all in the name for promotion. Lifetime recently saved Betty White’s Off Their Rockers after NBC canceled it. To ensure her comedy prank show thrives on the new network, the 91-year-old legend looked to recent pop culture events for inspiration. There’s no one hotter than Miley right now.

Season 3 of Betty’s show doesn’t air until 2014, but Lifetime is airing reruns on Wednesdays in the meantime. Watch Betty pull out a giant foam finger and other Cyrus-related antics in the clip below.

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Yesterday, I posted about the winners at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards along with former President Bill Clinton’s speech. Today, GLAAD uploaded a few more videos from the star-studded event that took place at the J.W. Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. Live on Saturday, April 20.

We have Darren Criss singing “Call Me Maybe.” Before you release a collective huge groan, the Glee star performs it differently. He does it with the “original lyrics” which happen to include Prop 8, DOMA, same-sex adoption and all kinds of LGBT references. I’m curious to know why GLAAD didn’t share Kelly Rowland’s performance with us.

Next we have Chris Evans joining his openly-gay brother Scott and their mother at the podium. The family banters back and forth about familial matters. It’s cute to see the Evans brothers interact.

For the event, both Betty White and Alex Pettyfer auctioned off kisses to the highest bidder. I wonder which attendee scored a chance to plant a big wet one on the Magic Mike star. Lucky mofo. As much as you’d think Alex was the main draw, it would seem that White was the one most desired. Not only did Pettyfer steal a kiss from her, but Cloris Leachman as well. She burst onto the stage trying to tongue the Hot In Cleveland actress.

Check out all the aforementioned videos, along with clips of Harvey Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence introducing Bill Clinton and Drew Barrymore kicking the event off.

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Who knew that Betty White & Kim Kardashian were related?! Well, they’re not but they pretend to be in a new promo for Betty’s show, Off Their Rockers.

While researching her family tree, Betty White discovers that she is actually a distant cousin of Kim Kardashian. As Kim walks over, she tells her the news and of course Kim is shocked. Then Betty says, “You know what that means – I’m just one step away from your boyfriend. You Kardashians share everything, right?” Kim is not impressed and responds, “Back off, Betty.” LOL. “Ooh, a family feud!” jokes Betty. ”I just love being a Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian’s guest spot on Off Their Rockers airs on January 8. Watch the funny promo below!

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As we all know by now, Betty White loves animals (as do I). She even made it clear that she loves them way more than she loves people.

In a new Funny or Die video promoting the upcoming Hero Dog Awards, Betty White is backstage where Mad Men‘s Ben Feldman (who only watches the Kardashians) greets her and her dog. Everything is all about the dog and it seems that Betty White (or “this woman” or “mam” as Feldman refers to her) is just taking up space and getting in the way. Needless to say, Betty is not used to getting such treatment and is taken back by this douchie guy.

American Humane Association‘s Hero Dog Awards is set to air on the Hallmark Channel on November 8, 2012. Watch the funny video below.

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I love when so many people get together for such a good cause, as in the video you’re about to watch. Celebrity friends sing along with the patients and staff of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to the iconic Beatles song “Hey Jude.” In doing so, they raise awareness and offer hope to these children and put big smiles on their faces.

Celebrities that took part in the video include Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Aniston, Robin Williams, Betty White, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, Keith Urban, Michael Strahan, John Hamm and many more.

To help “make it better” for children battling cancer and other serious illnesses, visit For as little as $5, you can help them save lives. If you donate $35 or more, you get the #heystjude T-shirt seen in the video on their kids and on your favorite celebrities. Watch the heartwarming video below.

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This past weekend, celebrities came out to play for the annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles. We covered the red carpet for this last year but unfortunately didn’t make it down this year. Reading the list of attendees really makes me wish we had! Celebrities and supporters also stopped by the Ketel One Vodka “Walk of Change” VIP Area to make their mark and for event handprint left, Ketel One donated $1000.

DWTS alumnus, Chaz Bono, was honored with the Stephen F. Kolzak award and surprise guest, Cher arrived right before the award and was beaming with pride as she presented her son with the notable honor. Amazing!

Betty White of course received a roaring applause audience and dined with her cast members, Wendy Malik and Jane Leeves, and toasted to their GLAAD Media Award.

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With ‘The Voice‘ premiering right after the Super Bowl tonight, they certainly should have a kick ass commercial to lure people in – and they do! The Super Bowl commercial for The Voice has just been revealed, titled “Vocal Kombat,” featuring the judges battling it out over an incredible voice they all hear coming from somewhere inside the hotel.

Christina Aguilera is the first to make an attempt to get to the voice, but not before Blake Shelton stops ties her up and throws her across the room. Adam Levine is watching from above and makes him move on Shelton. One of them comes out on top and has to then face off with Cee-Lo Green. It’s so over the top and amazing.

When they all finally make it to the hotel room to discover who had been singing in the shower with such an amazing voice, they discover that it’s Betty White (who else!). What she says to them is hilarious. Enjoy the commercial below and be sure to tune into the series premiere tonight after the Super Bowl!

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2012 Oscar Watch: The DGA & SAG Winners Announced

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If you plan on entering your office’s Oscar Pool this year, be sure to read this post. Out of all the Oscar precursor awards, the Director Guild of America (DGA) Awards and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards are the ones to pay close attention to. The two are the best predictors when it comes to eventual Oscar winners. If you want to improve your odds of winning your Oscar pool, I’d follow these two guilds’ footsteps.

The DGAs are a near perfect barometer for predicting the Best Director Academy Award winner. Only six times since the award’s existence in 1948, have the DGAs incorrectly matched the Oscar honoree. The last time came in 2002 when Steven Soderbergh won for “Traffic” while Roman Polanski walked away with the Oscar for his work on “The Pianist“. On Saturday night’s ceremony, the winner for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2011 was Michel Hazanavicius for “The Artist“.

He beat out Martin Scorsese (Hugo), Alexander Payne (The Descendants), Woody Allen (Midnight In Paris) and David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). With exception to Fincher, Hazanavicius will face off against the same crew of directors at the Oscars with Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life) taking over Fincher’s slot. Hazanavicius is definitely the one to beat now.

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