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HOLY EFFIN BLUE STEEL!!! Derek Zoolander is back.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson surprised everyone during Paris Fashion Week. The two reprised their characters from the 2001 hit film Zoolander as they strutted down the Maison Valentino runway.

It appears filming for the highly-anticipated sequel is finally underway. Paramount Pictures took to Twitter afterwards to officially announce the film.

“So hot right now: Derek & Hansel blaze down the @MaisonValentino runway, #Zoolander2 announced. Coming Feb. 12, 2016.” – Paramount Pictures

Check out some photos and videos below from Zoolander and Hansel’s triumphant return to the catwalk. The two even posed for a picture with Ms Devil Wears Prada herself, Vogue maven Anna Wintour.

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Keeping it real, I haven’t enjoyed a Ben Stiller flick in years. I have a feeling that’s all about to change with the 47-year-old’s upcoming film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Not only does he star in it, but he’s also directing. The film is based on the 1939 James Thurber short story of the same name. It’s set to arrive on Christmas Day.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty centers around Mitty (Stiller) a mild-mannered employee at LIFE magazine who dreams of becoming worthy of the periodical’s pages. Joining Stiller in the film are Kristen Wiig, Sean Penn, Kathryn Hahn, Adam Scott and Shirley MacLaine.

It’s been generating Oscar buzz and I can see why based on the film’s first trailer. The gorgeous teaser puts a strong emphasis on the film’s heart-soaring mood, no doubt partly due to Of Monsters and Men song “Dirty Paws” which scores the clip. Check out the stylish trailer below.

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Forbes Reveal Top 10 Most Overpaid Movie Stars

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There used to be a time when Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler could do no wrong at the box office. No matter what vehicle they starred in, it would undoubtedly become a bona fide blockbuster. But as they say, nothing lasts forever. The two veteran comedy actors find themselves on a list that no Hollywood actor wants to be on. To quote one of Murphy’s movies, I’m sure he wants to be Trading Places with anyone else right now.

Also landing on the list are one-time rom-com queens Katherine Heigl and Sandra Bullock. All it takes is one box office bomb to bring down their dollar return average. Each lady had exactly that with One For The Money and All About Steve respectively. You can also add Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close to Bullock’s less-than-stellar grosses. Find out below who ranks No. 1 on the list with a return of $2.30 for every dollar they were paid.

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This coming January 2013 is Vanity Fair‘s first ever comedy issue and it’s guest edited by Judd Apatow. For the issue, Apatow brought together his most talented friends and idols to contribute, write, and pose for a 19-page Mark Seliger portfolio. There are three different covers to this issue, with four different comedians looking fabulously funny on each. I’ve included all three of them below and you can vote for which one you like best.

This is only the third time since Graydon Carter became the editor of the magazine 20 years ago that someone has been a guest editor. The last guest editor was Bono when he guest-edited the Africa issue in July of 2007. Before that, Tom Ford guest-edited a Hollywood Portfolio in March of 2006. With the comedy genre booming these days, Carter felt like it was the perfect time for such an issue and that Judd Apatow was the perfect choice for the job.

In the first cover shown above, Jim Carrey is dressed up as Evel Knievel, Maya Rudolph is doing an ancient Egyptian like Steve Martin in his King Tut days, Will Ferrell is done up like a corny cowboy, and Amy Poehler as a 60s go-go girl. Check out the other two covers below, featuring comedians like Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and more.

Check out the other two covers & vote after the jump…

Movie Review: The Watch

In: Matt, Movies
20th Century Fox’s latest comedy, The Watch, hits theatres today. Starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill, The Watch is movie about 4 men who come together and form a neighbourhood watch that ends up defending their town from an alien invasion. Admittedly, I expected another film filled with the same stuff these guys have been giving us for years, and while I was right about that, something about this film hit the mark for me and I actually found it extremely funny.

Stiller plays Evan, an overly enthusiastic Senior Manager at Costco who forms the watch group after his security guard is mysteriously murdered. Bob, an overly protective father who uses the watch to spy on his teenage daughter, is played by Vince Vaughn, who I had been getting a little sick of recently until I saw this film. He did a fantastic job and certainly got the most laughs out of me. Jonah Hill (before his weight re-gain) plays Franklin, who joins the watch after being rejected by the local police force.

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A new red band trailer for ‘The Watch‘ (formerly titled ‘Neighborhood Watch’) has debuted and we’ve got your first look. The first trailer was okay, but this new trailer really gives us a better understanding about how ridiculously hilarious this film is going to be.

Starring Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Richard Ayoade, the film is about these dads that hunt beings from another planet that they’ve discovered to be among them. As they discuss their plans in getting to the bottom of the situation, the men discuss that Hill may in fact have to bottom for this old man if that’s what it takes. Yeah, that’s how ridiculous their discussion gets. Also, when they discover this green slime (which I think is the blood of these aliens) they all discuss how similar to cum it feels. Now you may understand why this is a red band trailer and you have to enter your age in before watching.

You MUST WATCH the trailer below. ‘The Watch’ hits theatres on July 27!

Trailer after the jump…

First Look: “Neighborhood Watch” Movie Trailer

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The first trailer for the upcoming comedy, “Neighborhood Watch” has just been released. The movie stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade as they patrol their local streets.

The song played during the trailer is “Still D.R.E.” by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, if that’s any indication of the vibe of the film. The four funny men seem to take their neighborhood very seriously as the slowly cruise down the street, catching everyone’s attention. We then cut to a very heated interrogation, as the men fire questions away at a young boy who is uncertain how to answer them. Originally, the “Neighborhood Watch” is used as a front by its members to get away from their families. That changes when they accidentally uncover an alien plot that threatens the world, and they are forced into action.

Of course the premise is ridiculous, but given the cast and what I’ve seen in the trailer, it’ll be sufficiently entertaining and worth watching.

Watch the trailer after the jump…

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA is all I have to say about this one! Thank christ someone finally put it out there that the V-Neck look is just plain douchey. A classic look from somewhere around the 60s or 70s (wikipedia didn’t even know so don’t get mad at me that I don’t!), this exposed, neckline shirt style has made a resurgence big time in the past few years. And I Hate It. It’s a peacocking look akin to wearing shirts two sizes too small or jeans so tight at the crotch you look like you’re about to burst and anyone who says otherwise is just plain blind or is currently wearing a v-neck as they tell you you’re wrong ;)

Now, to be fair, there IS a level of v-neck that wouldn’t cause a the pope to roll his eyes at your cleavage as you walk the vatican, but, honestly, it seems the “plunging V” has taken over the gay community by storm and the good writers at SNL have decided to take up the cause and stand for good taste and a modicum of propriety… who knew! Few men even HAVE the chest required to make this look decent and even fewer yet have the feral chest hair to make the look masculine and for that you will catch me rolling my eyes nightly as I realize my friends have decided it’s a “V-neck night” and that good taste isn’t in attendance with us ;)

Click through to see the hilarious Digital Short: “V-Neck”

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