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The Bachelor: Who Are The Ten Hottest Bachelors?

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January is here and you know what that means. It’s time for ABC’s guilty pleasure dating show to return. That’s right, I’m talking about The Bachelor. Yup, I’m a glutton for punishment and enjoy this often cringe-worthy reality show. For me, it’s not so much about being a hopeless romantic and hoping true love is found. But rather, it’s the “journey” that’s exciting to watch. I’m not talking about the over-the-top dates either, but mostly the seemingly sane women go crazy. What possesses a woman to cry their eyes out over a guy they’ve known for just a couple of days and in some instances a couple of hours, is beyond me. It’s so silly, yet so riveting to watch.

While most of the guys aren’t worth shedding a tear for, there are a few that are definitely worth getting involved in a catfight over. I’ve gone through all sixteen seasons (can you believe there have been that many) and ranked the Top 10 Hottest Bachelors to ever give out roses on the ABC show. I will admit, I haven’t watched all the seasons but watched my fair share. Check out my updated rankings below and see if you agree with my choices. You might be surprised on a couple of omissions. See where new Bachelor Sean Lowe compares with the rest.

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Who’s ABC’s Next Bachelor?

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An announcement has yet to be made but apparently, there are three men in the running to become ABC’s next Bachelor, and the final decision (according to a source) has already been reached. However, it doesn’t stop me from weighing out all the options of the men before I tell who’s probably nailed the top spot. Let’s begin.

Ames Brown was a favorite of mine during the latest season of The Bachelorette, however it was his game play on The Bachelor Pad that truly won me over. During his few episodes on the show, he got romantically involved with Jackie Gordon and when she was eliminated, he followed after her to be with her stating that the two of them truly won Bachelor Pad in finding love with each other. Aww, so sweet. Where was Ames’ romantic side like this during The Bachelorette? With his new found love, he’s clearly out as The Bachelor. Moving on.

Ryan Park was my early favorite during the courting of Ashley Hebert. His positive attitude and adorable smile made me a fan but his endearing attitude turned out to be a big annoyance for the alpha males also competing for Ashley’s love. While Ryan got the boot before hometown dates, he did try to make one last effort by flying to Ashley’s final destination to try and win her heart. Unfortunately for him, his efforts were in vain. Will Ryan be the next Bachelor?

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TV BackTalk: And Ashley’s Final Rose Goes To…

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Tonight, Ashley Hebert was left with the hardest decision of her life: to decide whether to give her final rose to Ben Flajnik, the winemaker from Sonoma, California or J.P. Rosenbaum, the construction manager from New York City. While both offer very different things for Ashley, her feelings towards both have seemed to be on equal playing fields whenever she talked about them. So, who will she choose?

During this finale episode, we get to meet Ashley’s family (for a second time). If you remember, we met them once before when she brought bachelor Jake Pavelka home on a hometown date. After priming them on what each of the men was like, we get ready for the family to meet J.P.

This shaved head cutie has been an early favorite of mine. His winning smile and personality have made me feel like he could truly be a great husband for Ashley. However, one member of Ashley’s family members in particular didn’t quite take the same shining to him as Ashley had hoped. On her first chance to sit down with her mom and sister after the initial meeting, Ashley is shocked with the response from someone who’s opinion matters the most.

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Who’d You Rather: Rosenbaum VS Flajnik

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The Bachelorette is about to come to a dramatic close with Ashley having to choose between two men: J.P. Rosenbaum or Ben Flajnik. Both men couldn’t be more opposite from each other but the question still remains… who will Ashley give the final rose to AND will they propose to her in the beautiful scenery of Fiji? Let me share my thoughts on each of the men.

J.P. Rosenbaum has always been an early favorite of mine. I mean look at him, what’s not to love? He’s absolutely adorable. He has one of those winning smiles that makes you swoon and weak in the knees. When he is with Ashley, I see the more playful and fun side in her. The only thing that annoys me about J.P. is that he can kind of be a cry baby sometime, if not all the time. However, I really hope that she picks him in the end. I think they could be the next Trista & Ryan or Ali & Roberto.

To be perfectly honest, I kept getting Ben Flajnik and his friend Constantine mixed up every single episode. They look EXACTLY THE SAME. I was even convinced that in some sort of conspiracy, they were twins. Now that Constantine has left, it’s easier for me to look at Ben on his own without confusing him with another man. While J.P. bring out her playful side, Ben brings out Ashley’s serious and calming side, which can be great but I think can live a little bit more with J.P.

So, if you were in Ashley’s shoes, who’d you rather? Need more help on deciding?

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