After a week break, “Glee” was back with a brand new episode. Whether or not it was the absence that made me fonder or what, but I LOVED this episode. Correction, I loved the performances. The storyline and character development were just meh. I guess when you’re trying to incorporate “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” into a 45-minute show (sans commercial), there isn’t a lot of wiggle room to work with. Having said that, the inclusion of Finn having male body image issues was awesome. Even though girls and women have traditionally suffered from this, boys and men are getting wrapped up in this issue nowadays too. Kudos for Glee for semi-addressing it.

The episode’s plot revolved mostly around Emma/Will/Dr. Carl’s love triangle. Will decides to have New Directions do a musical revival of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” so that he can spend quality time with Emma. The guidance counselor has recently been taken in by the 70s musical after watching it with Dr. Carl.

As mentioned earlier, this episode was all about the musical numbers. I have to admit, I’ve been debating joining the anti-themed episode bandwagon because it takes away from the charm of the show. But tonight was so much fun to watch, I’d come off as Scrooge if I hated on the episode. The kids did such a good job, I would pay them money to recreate the entire movie and release it in theaters.

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