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Azealia Banks Remixes Britney’s Work Bitch

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Work Bitch” debuted just outside Billboard Hot 100’s Top 10. In its second week it dropped all the way to No. 41. Thanks to online video streams and increased radio play, Britney Spears has rebounded quite nicely this week. Avoiding being called a bomb, “Work Bitch” propels back to No. 13. Looks like the single is a slow burn with fans just now getting into it now.

One of those fans is none other than Azealia Banks. The 22-year-old rapper remixes Brit’s latest single by adding several fresh verses to the catchy beat. She lets Spears close it out with her original vocals. Banks plans to release her next album, Broke With Expensive Taste, early next year. Check out the hot remix below.

listen to the track after the jump

The first music video, “Yung Rapunxel,” from Azealia Banks‘ upcoming album Broke With Expensive Taste won’t premiere til Tuesday, April 16. Luckily for her fans, the female MC dropped a new clip to tide them over til then.

Earlier this year, Banks traded barbs with fellow female rapper, Angel Haze. Even though “No Problems” served as a diss record to her, Banks keeps things playful for the accompanying visual and doesn’t seem to take any extra shots at Haze. A tad surprising, given Azealia’s usual M.O. Instead, it features the 21-year-old performing at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. The Rony Alwin-directed vid features cameos from Diplo and Steve Aoki.

I’ve never been to Miami’s Ultra Festival, but after watching Banks “No Problems” video it’s certainly on my radar now. Not only do you get to see some wicked musical acts in a beautiful outdoor setting, but there’s some nice shirtless man candy all over the place 😉 Watch the clip and keep your eye out on some of the cute party goers.

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You know Ryan James Yezak as the talented movie maker / YouTube star who set the bar for gay music video parody videos as well as the guy who is working on the Second Class Citizens documentary.

In his latest video, he’s addressing something more specific that happened recently when rapper Azealia Banks called Perez Hilton a “messy faggot” and then later stood by her words. Personally, I don’t like the word “faggot” whatsoever and don’t support anyone using it for any reason with respect to gay men. That’s my personal opinion that I’m allowed to have.

I agree that Azealia is allowed to have her own opinion and her own free speech as well, but I feel like she actually doesn’t get the impact of the word. Maybe the word doesn’t land on some of you the way it does me (ie. different experiences growing up), but I think the word carries more weight than she acknowledges and her voice has more impact that she realizes. Again, these are my opinions and I know some of you feel differently. I respect that too and also respect what she says and hear where she’s coming from in her response to GLAAD, but overall, I agree to disagree with her. I will say that I think this issue goes beyond Azealia Banks and perhaps she shouldn’t necessarily be singled out in this. The issue is about the word and where everyone stands on it. Watch Yezak’s video below.

Video after the jump…

The Harlem Shake trend is taking over the internet (YouTube) right now and it’s even one of the top downloaded songs on iTunes at the moment as a result. I seriously want to make a video myself – LOL.

Rapper Azealia Banks has decided to hop aboard the trend & join in the fun but instead of dancing to Baauer‘s original version of the song, she decided to raise the bar and do a remixed version of her own and make a music video for it. Originally, she had posted her remix on SoundCloud and Baauer had her remove it. She responded to that by posting the following on Twitter a few hours after she uploaded her video to Vimeo: “Sick and tired of these raggedy male musicians and their scarred ego’s trying to block my fucking light.” She added, “Sick and tired of all the motherfuckers trying to ‘put me in my place.’

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

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Just in case you didn’t know what “ratchet” means, here are a few definitions from Urban Dictionary. My personal favorite is the last one 😉

A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she’s wrong.


A ghetto girl who is loud and obnoxious and constantly causing drama and usually trashy.


Ratchet is If Ghetto and Hot Shitty Mess had a baby, and that baby had no father, and became a stripper, then made a sex tape with an athlete, then became a reality star!

Looks like the rumored collaboration between Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and Azealia Banks is becoming a reality. Banks was the first to start the rumor mill. She revealed she worked with the “Bad Romance” singer on a song called “Red Flame” which was later renamed to “Ratchet.” Then when both Gaga and Beyonce posted self-portraits sporting “ratchet” earrings, the internet really went crazy. Not sure how Rihanna got in the mix, but somehow she’s been included whenever the collaboration has been mentioned.

If this actually comes to fruition, this 2013 quartet could be the modern-day version of the “Lady Marmalade” collabo between Christina Aguilera, Lil ‘Kim, Pink and Mya back in 2001 for the musical Moulin Rouge. Not sure if they can reach the heights of what those four ladies did back then, but they certainly match their star wattage. Check out a very short snippet of “Ratchet” below which was produced by frequent Gaga partner DJ White Shadow.

check out a short snippet after the jump

Rapper Azealia Banks has gotten herself into a bit of trouble the last few days by saying some pretty offensive things on Twitter.

Banks got into a Twitter battle with Perez Hilton and said some pretty disgusting things. Earlier in the battle she called him “dickbreath” and told him to “gobble a dick“. Hilton said to her, “Some of your music is cute, but your attention-seeking ways are pathetic and hurtful. You drag while others choose to uplift!” Banks then responded: “Whatever bitch, you tried to sign me to ur little bum ass label in ’11 with them bullsshit ass artists…” She later added: “omg u should just kill yourself… Like for real… lol what a messy faggot you are.” WOW. What the hell was she thinking?

When people started responding badly to this, she then tried to backtrack by saying “A faggot is not a homosexual male. A faggot is any male who acts like a female. There’s a BIG difference.

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It took me a minute but I’ve totally hopped on the Azealia Banks bandwagon. While her initial single, 212 was pretty in your face, it definitely put this female rapper on the map and made everyone take notice. With the succes of her EP, 1991, it’s only natural that Banks is gearing up to release a full-length album for 2013. Azealia took her Twitter yesterday to share a new track titled BBD and to talk about her new album.

Broke With Expensive Taste is currently set for release on February 12 of this year and as Azealia tweeted to her followers will feature the first single, Miss Amor. But, instead of giving fans a sneak peek of that track, she instead handed out a different track titled BBD which stands for Bad Bitches Doin’. While the song doesn’t have the same instrumental production that 1991 thrives upon, Banks’ rap game is on point.

Give a listen to “BBD” after the jump.


I CANNOT! Let me set this up for you, I’m not a big fan of parodies. Half the time they are awful and the other half of the time they are REALLY awful. It’s only rarely do you get a really clever parody.

Peppermint’s parody of Azealia Banks’ “212” is probably my favorite parody of the entire year, and how fitting that it comes at the end of the year right? Peppermint is NYC drag ROYALTY and in this parody she pretty much hits all the hilarious cliche’s of the end of the year, but it’s not until 1:54 min mark when she kicks in that HILARIOUS CHORUS that had me SCREAMING at the top of my lungs! It is SO FUNNY! Trust you have to watch it, Peppermint is definitely one to watch for the next year if she keep pumping out stuff like this.

Take a look at the video, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

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