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Geri Halliwell Debuts ‘Half Of Me’

In: Donovan, Music

Geri Halliwell is no dummy. She knows the 90s and redheads are hotter than ever. It only makes sense for Ginger Spice to launch a comeback now.

Much like Ricky Martin capitalizing on his Australian Voice stint bringing him back to relevancy, Halliwell is doing the same with her Australia’s Got Talent gig. She recently signed with Sony Music Australia and teamed up with Aussie hitmakers DNA for an upbeat new track titled “Half of Me.”

She debuted the single recently during a live performance in Sydney Australia on The NRL Footy Show Grand Final Edition. Check it out below. I can’t wait for the music video. I expect gay campy fun. Anything less will be a disappointment.

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Infamous underwear and swimwear brand Cocksox is celebrating seven years in business with a sinful new ad campaign. Appropriately enough, the Aussie brand went with a biblical-inspired theme. The seven deadly sins.

Sydney based photographer Elvis Di Fazio used stark white backgrounds and eye-popping visuals to tell the tale of each of the sins. Models Rogan Richards and Steve Williams leave very little to the imagination as they act out greed, lust, pride, envy, anger, gluttony and sloth. Check out the sexy visuals and behind-the-scenes video below.

watch the video after the jump

Earlier this year I highlighted Nic Pletts in my Model Behavior series. At the time, I mentioned that he had an equally hot brother named Campbell. I had no idea that they were twins. Even better. Two is always better than one ;)

The South African pair have been tapped by Marcuse Swimwear to front their new ad campaign. Check them out modeling the latest from the Australian brand below.

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Imagine if you could talk to your 7-year-old self, what would you tell them? In a new video created by GLHV and Minus18, they asked straight people what advice they would give to their younger selves about how to deal with LGBT people they come across in their lives.

Minus 18 is the largest support network for LGBT teenagers in Australia. Their new anti-bullying campaign is a wonderful and personal thought-provoking way to talk about this subject. The two guys featured above, along with others, talk about their experiences. The one on the right even introduces you to his best gay friend at the end of the clip.

If I could go back in time and dole my sage wisdom to my former bratty self, I would advise him to come out sooner, be nicer to his parents, avoid those two years going down the wrong path and most importantly… warn him about some heinous fashion choices ;) Check out the awesome anti-homophobia video below.

watch the video after the jump

Empire Of The Sun’s Trippy Sci-Fi Music Video

In: Donovan, Music

Attention pop stars! If you’re going to go all out, follow Empire of the Sun’s lead. The Australian synth-pop duo certainly didn’t hold back with the music video for “Alive.” The track is the lead single from their upcoming sophomore album, Ice on the Dune. Perhaps, the album title provided Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore inspiration for the clip’s concept. It’s so out there, I’m sorta obsessed with it.

The video is a campy sci-fi visual feast that harkens back to the day of those classic B movies but on a Hollywood blockbuster scale. The dramatic rock formations coupled with the majestic lush forest are beyond stunning. Whether you understand the concept and it’s underlying deeper meaning, it’s a marvel to look at. If fashion is more your thing, you’ll appreciate the outlandish and borderline absurd outfits. Check it out below.

watch the trippy music video after the jump

Sports Stud: Bachar Houli

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

Since it’s pouring rain where I am here in Vancouver, for this week’s Sports Stud I decided to highlight someone from somewhere hot and decided to feature an AFL Footie player from Australia named Bachar Houli.

This handsome 24-year old is an Australian rules footballer for Richmond in the Australian Football League and he plays as a midfielder. An interesting fact is that he is the first devout Muslim to play in the AFL. When he was a kid, he had to sneak off to play football because there wasn’t much sports played in Islamic schools and his parents didn’t approve at the time. His persistence to want to play the sport eventually influenced his parents into accepting and supporting him and that led to his path to become an AFL player.

Houli is also only the second player of a Lebanese background to play in the AFL. The sexy athlete is off the market, married to a beautiful woman named Rouba Abou-Zeid. Check out more of his sexy pictures below!

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Our Aussie friends in Melbourne, Australia are gearing up for their Labour Day weekend coming up in March and they’ve got a fun looking party to look forward to. I’ve seen a few of the sexy and creative party promo videos by event company JOHN in the past and this latest one is just as hot (if not hotter) than the previous ones.

The video has a “manly labour” theme to it, with some super sexy men in construction worker gear & hard hats. As they unbutton their tops, a pair of hands come up from below and pulls down their shorts. It’s a pretty hot video for sure. Since I didn’t post about those past JOHN videos, I’ve also included some of those below (even though those events have already occurred… their hotness doesn’t expire). The director and editor of these sexy promo videos is named Nik Dimopoulos.

Check out the sexy and creative NSFW party promo videos below. For our Aussie readers, have any of you gone to these JOHN parties? If so, share your experiences below!

Videos after the jump…

This video made my day and potentially my whole month. A gay couple named Clinton & Callum from Australia have graciously shared their wedding video online and it’s one of the most beautiful wedding videos I’ve ever seen. It seriously had me in tears and I’ll tell you why.

As equality in the world becomes more prevalent and gay marriage becomes more accepted, gay relationships have the opportunity to become stronger than ever before, family bonds can also become stronger as there is less separation between your love life and your family, and special days like this can be shared with literally everyone you love in your life. Ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine being openly gay amongst my family and friends. Today, being engaged to Tyrell, and wouldn’t dream of not having our family and friends there for our special and I can’t even tell you how much it’s going to mean to us.

When you see the faces of the family and friends of Colin & Callum, and hear some of the things they say, you can’t help but be moved. One woman said, “You don’t marry someone you can live with. You marry someone you can’t live without.” Listening to what the newlyweds say to each other and to their families had me in tears. I don’t know how I’m going to hold it together on our big day if I can barely do so watching this. LOL. Enjoy the lovely video below.

Video after the jump…

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