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Although The A-List: New York is no longer happening, that doesn’t mean we should go without seeing Austin Armacost take his clothes off. As much of a trouble-maker as he was on the shower, you couldn’t help but be entertained. The model and ex-boyfriend to designer Marc Jacobs has just done a campaign and I felt it was definitly worth baring sharing.

In the photo below, Austin is walking down a runway, giving us a sneak peek to his cheeks while holding a sign that says “Turn Your Back On Fur“. The ad is said to be aimed at gay fashion designers and stylists and and will target the fall fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Paris, and London. They want to encourage designers to not use fur – period.

“As a gay model, I have always been dismayed that some otherwise progressive people in the gay fashion pack have such disregard for the animals who are skinned alive for coats, collars, or cuffs [including my ex Marc Jacobs].” Austin hopes that with this ass attention grabbing campaign, he can appeal to designers and stylists and persuade them to “join Calvin Klein and the many other fashion icons who now avoid fur like a Westboro Baptist Church picnic,” as PETA put it.

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Before you catch tonight’s all new episode of “The A-List: New York“, I wanted to share a recent gossip session I had with one of the cast members. Derek and myself chatted the day following the second season premiere and all the intense shenanigans that transpired. With the OutGames and Pride taking place in Vancouver, I was slammed with events and entertaining my house guests that delayed the publishing of this gem of an interview. Well, it’s finally here for your enjoyment.

Admittedly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Derek during the early part of Season 1. Along the way, I warmed up to him and found myself no longer rolling my eyes when he spoke. Fast forward to this season and surprisingly, I find myself on Team Derek. Who knew? During our phone convo, we discussed the drama-filled season premiere, new cast member Nyasha, his British boyfriend, friendship with Austin and the upcoming season. I even gave him an opportunity to plug his new tanning product, Tansexual. I teased him and asked if he aspired to be the SkinnyGirl Margarita of the tanning world. Listen to the audio to hear his response.

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The Gay Housewives (or “Housewives With Balls”) are back at it again with Season 2 of The A-List New York premiering tomorrow (Monday, July 25th). Previously they had released more of a teaser video, but you’ll get a closer look at some of the drama in the forecast for the upcoming season in the video included in the post.

One source of drama comes from nude webcam photos of Reichen that surfaced on the internet, which many of you I’m sure will recall. We can all guess how Rodiney took that news: “See! No is like, how i can do is trust you anymore?” I’m sure it sounded something like that. Another source of drama comes form the addition of a female cast member: Nyasha Zimucha. “There’s only room for one diva,” she says. In a scene at a bar, we see her lashing out at someone, yelling “I’m a WOMAN, you DON’T touch a woman!” Yikes!

It looks like history will repeat itself in some ways, as the boys let loose at the cottage and Derek & Austin get have a huge fight at some point during the season. But what’s this about Rodiney dating a girl? What the trailer below to find out and catch the season premiere episode tomorrow night on LOGO!

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The Housewives with Balls are back ya’ll and looking more dapper than ever. Reichen, Rodiney, Austin, Derek, TJ, Ryan and Mike Ruiz are all coming back for a second helping of “The A-List: New York”. Joining them this year, is party-girl Nyasha Zimucha. Yup, that’s right, Logo is adding a bit of vajayjay to the mix. Not just any girl either, but a sassy black one too- my favorite kind. Season 2 doesn’t premiere til Monday July 25th, but Logo just dropped the first teaser for the upcoming season.

The promo doesn’t show any scenes from Season 2, but rather a series of glitzy black and white images showing the boys having a good time at some swanky establishment. Champagne is overflowing and the boys look like they’re having fun… That is until, Austin rolls up in a limo and crashes the party. What else is new, right? Totally playing up to the television villain that he is, Austin makes his presence known. All of a sudden, champagne glasses are being broken and chandeliers start falling. Let the drama begin. Check out the gorgeously filmed black and white video below.

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A-List New York Announces Season 2

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It’s official – the vagineously awesome gay reality show that is A-List New York is officially coming back for a second season! It is currently ranked as Logo’s second most watched series in the network’s history. Logo TV made the official announcement today, and yes, the entire cast will be coming back for more: Reichen Lehmkul, Rodiney Santiago, Austin Armacost, Derek Lloyd Saathoff, Ryan Nickulas, TJ Mike Ruiz. In addition, the release stated that “Additionally, there will be some fresh faces in the crowd as new storylines and cast members are introduced throughout the season.” Yes!

I wonder if Austin’s husband Jake will be moving to New York? Will Reichen and Rodiney and their rocky relationship even make it to they point where they even start filming Season 2? Will Ryan and his husband have a new baby in Season Two? Will Reichen & Rodiney have a third? The filming is set to begin shortly on 11 new, 1-hour episodes.

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A-List New York Cast Visits The Wendy Williams Show

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Our favorite fabulous boys from LogoTV’s A-List New York cast stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to discuss all the drams that has taken place on the show after their first seven episodes. After Kelly Ripa chatted with Wendy, the boys took the stage and we got right down to the VaGeniousness that is A-List New York.

Wendy introduces the show as one of her guilty pleasures. They show the scene with Rodiney and Austin in their physical altercation in the last episode. She gets the audience up to speed on Rodiney & Reichen’s relationship, Austin’s big mouth, Ryan’s fabulous life, Derek’s single life (and being besties with Lindsay Lohan who he’s going to visit today – jealous!), and Mike’s famed photography (who has even shot Wendy as Jessica Rabbit before).

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The A-List New York Episode 7: “VaGenius”

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Finally, the episode I’ve been waiting for all season long. Sorry for the late post, but those hookers over at Logo and iTunes took their collective sweet asses in making the episode available for viewing. Don’t they know I’ve suffered long enough. Anyhoo, onto the show.

When we left the boys last week, Rodiney took off to Miami, Reichen cried (again), Derek and TJ were still hating Austin, Ryan touched boobies and Mike was in Switzerland (not literally but figuratively). For this week’s recap, I’m going to do things differently and talk about the events chronologically instead of grouping them by cast member. Reason being, this episode was all about the bar fight at the end of the episode. Enough stalling, here’s what went down last night.

Reichen and Mike head over to Ryan’s salon to get Reichen’s hair did. It’s the first time Mike’s been there. It doesn’t take long for them to starting talking about the Rodiney situation. Reichen is trying to play victim, but the boys aren’t buying it. Claims he never actually cheated on Rodiney, but Mike interjects and says emotional cheating is far worse. Amen, sister. Knowing he’s losing the PR war, Reichen implies that Rodiney was a gold digger and that if he hadn’t paid for him, Rodiney never would’ve moved out to NYC.

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Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay with this week’s recap. It took forever for iTunes to update “The A-List: New York” last night. By the time 3am hit, I was dunzo and decided to watch it this morning instead. So enough beyotching, and on to the drama. Normally, I pick my own quote from the show to use for my title, but this week was summed up so perfectly by the official episode title, I had to use it. No lying, the entire show was comprised of texting drama and the tears following it. In other words. purrrrrrfection. Then when you throw in catty gossip sessions complemented with LOL one-liners from TJ Kelly, the entire hour was magic.

Previously on “The A-List”, Rodiney and Reichen were in relationship bliss, Austin and Derek had their own version of fireworks on Independence Day and Mike and Ryan shared colonic stores. Tasty. So what do the boys of Chelsea and Brooklyn (found out my girl, TJ, was from a different borough) have in store for us this weekend. Check out below.

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