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Which Original Character Is Being Axed On Revenge?

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The Season 1 Revenge cast photo is starting to look an awful like the Grayson Global group picnic picture. You know the one where Emily Thorne crosses off each person she’s brought down. On the heels of the ABC show killing off Declan Porter (Connor Paolo), Deadline is reporting that another original character is being written off the show. Find out who below.

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Revenge: Potential Major Spoiler Alert

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With the SAG Awards having taken place last Sunday, and the Super Bowl this Sunday, I’m definitely going through Revenge withdrawals on Sunday night. Thankfully, it’s returning the following Sunday and with the news of Emily’s hot foster brother joining the mix, a wedding coming up, and a major shocker around the bend, I’m totally stoked.

Paparazzi were on set or at least nearby watching Revenge bing filmed and the scene was a funeral and pretty much the entire cast was there. Notice how I said “pretty much”. That’s right, it’s believed that one of the core cast members and integral characters is going to die in an upcoming episode. I hadn’t really thought about that possibility, but if last season was any indication, expect the unexpected and anyone is fair game.

With observations made by the paparazzi and as evidenced by the pictures, certain conclusions have been made as to who people think has died. If you don’t want to know who the funeral was likely for, do not read on.

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Elle Magazine Gets Revenge

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No, it’s not the fashion magazine getting payback at Vogue or another one of their competitors. Though I’m sure at some point they’ve wanted to. I hear that Anna Wintour is kind of a ruthless beyotch 😉 At least, the Meryl Streep Devil Wears Prada version is.

In the latest issue of Elle magazine, you’ll find a glamorous editorial featuring the cast of Revenge. Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe and company took a break from plotting against each other to pose for a beautifully shot spread. Matthias Vriens-McGrath perfectly highlights the ladies and the only male in the shoot, Joshua Bowman. Check out a few of the photos and a behind-the-scenes clip below. I always forget that Bowman is British. He plays Daniel Grayson so well, that when he speaks with his normal voice, I’m always blown away.

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Before They Were On ‘Revenge’

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Since Revenge is airing its winter finale tonight, I thought it was a perfect time to write this post. The inspiration for this came to me while I was nursing a flu recently. Nothing brings me back from the brink of death more than chicken noodle soup and watching old movies on Netflix.

While watching 13 Going on 30 for the umpteenth, I recognized one of the cast members from the ABC drama. Have any ideas on whom? Thankfully for IMDB, I didn’t have to rack my brain for hours trying to recall where I knew this person from. Seriously, what did we do before IMDB and internet?

After I figured out who it was, I decided to research what other roles the cast of Revenge played prior to their current ones. Do you know who starred in two Jason Bourne movies? How about, who starred in a movie, coincidentally titled Revenge? How’s this for a head-scratcher… who hooked up with Amy Winehouse? Find out the answers to all these below.

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I couldn’t be more thrilled that Revenge is back, with season 2 having debuted this past Sunday. The episode was full of twists and turns, and best of all, those revenge-y one lines that I love so much.

Last season, the younger half of the cast took part in a sexy photo shoot with famed photographer Tyler Shields. To my delight, they’ved done it again, and it’s just as sexy (if not sexier) than last year’s shoot. The guys are shirtless and looking revenge-y and ripped, while the ladies look fierce and feisty. Shields had them use appropriate props like guns and daggers which of course work well with what the show is all about. The cast involved in the shoot include: Emily Vancamp, Nick Wechsler, Joshua Bowman, Gabriel Mann, Connor Paolo, Christa B. Allen, and Ashley Madekwe.

Check out the photos shot by Tyler Shields below and be sure to tune in to Revenge this coming Sunday for episode 2. Can’t wait to find out what lies ahead and who’ll end up dead!

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Last night, the season finale of the best show on television, ‘Revenge‘ aired and it did not disappoint. After so many intense twists & turns, cold stares, and elaborate schemes, Season 1 went out with a bang leaving fans like me majorly thirsty for more and eagerly awaiting Season 2.

The last 5 minutes of the episode (titled “Reckoning“) I literally had to watch again right after. It was epic, scored to the haunting sounds of Florence + The Machine singing “Seven Devils“. So much happened in those five minutes that open the door for an exciting and intense second season this fall.

Literally something huge shifted in the story for every single one of the main characters in this last episode and it was definitely the most shocking & explosive episode of the season. You’ll notice that I’m not giving anything away in terms of specific in case you haven’t yet scene it. For those of you that have, relive the last 5 minutes again below. You won’t regret it.

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I was just saying to a few of the Homorazzi cast members yesterday that ABC’s ‘Revenge‘ is absolutely my favorite show on television right now. Now, this morning I’m treated to the cast in a sexy photoshoot with Hollywood’s “IT” photographer, Tyler Shields.

Connor Paolo, who plays Declan Porter in the show (and became famous in his role as Eric on ‘Gossip Girl’), is good friends with Tyler Shields and helped organized the photoshoot. He had told Shields that everyone in the cast was awesome and game for a crazy shoot. The group photographed consists of all of the “younger” cast, excluding Ashton Holmes who plays the “gay for pay” hustler Tyler Barrol – out to stir things up for Emily & Daniel. His character makes me so mad! Anyway, after the shoot was done, Shields agreed, saying on his site,”It’s rare that the entire group of people are all awesome and all game – they did not disappoint! This shoot was so fun and such an incredible group of people.”

Emily VanCamp looks fierce as always, and Joshua Bowman and Nick Wechsler look super hot. Also looking amazing (and like they just got into a fight) are: Ashley Madekwe, Christa B. Allen, Gabriel Mann, and as previously mentioned, Connor Paulo. Check out more of the photos below.

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