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Should You Shave Your Pubes?

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To trim or not to trim? That is the question.

The guys from ASAP Science, who dish out your weekly dose of fun and interesting science, dissect the pros and cons of manscaping. It’s an interesting watch.

Why publish this post you ask? One of the guys from ASAP Science, Mitchell Moffitt, is currently a houseguest on Big Brother Canada. Love him on the show and rooting for him. Team Mitchell all the way!!!

For more random science facts, be sure to check out their YouTube channel.

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For many of you, getting enough sleep is a big problem and/or many of you are not “morning people.” As a result, you may find yourself hitting the snooze button time and time again to get as many extra minutes of sleep as you can. But is this really helping?

Another great video from ASAP Science addresses this very subject. I for one am a morning person so very rarely do I find myself using the snooze button. I find that I’m the most productive in the morning, as opposed to staying up late to get something done. This video talks about the science of sleep and what effects the snooze button has on that… Hint: Using the snooze button is not a good thing. As the saying goes, “You Snooze, You Lose.

Find out why snoozing is not recommended by checking out the latest video from the boys at ASAP Science.

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The Science Of Pornography Addiction

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I’m hoping that you’re enjoying these fascinating and interesting videos from ASAP Science as much as I am! One of the reasons I enjoy them is because the subject matter that they cover is sometimes a little taboo and perhaps a topic that people don’t like to talk about much and as a result, there are many questions that people may have about it.

In this latest video, creators Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown tackle The Science of Pornography Addiction. As the description to the video reads, “It’s the number one topic for internet searches, but do we ever consider how pornography can have lasting neuroplastic effects? Discover the hard science behind the ‘porn epidemic’ – the internet’s drug of choice.”

Watch the video below to see what sorts of effects that becoming addicted to porn can have on your brain and your relationship.

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/tag/asap-science/ is back with another informative and entertaining video. I love how random the topics are that they discuss. Topics like The Science Of Morning Wood, The Science of Orgasms, and The Scientific Cure For A Hangover were particularly interesting to me.

In this new video, they talk about “The Science Of Love“. It turns out the brain in love looks strikingly similar to one on drugs like cocaine! No wonder it seems like love can make people crazy and breakups can cause withdrawals – LOL.

Find out what drives love, and why we simply love being in love by checking out the video below. The ASAP Science videos are created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. Keep ’em coming, boys!

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One of my new favorite video series of 2012 is definitely ASAP Science, but Mitchell Moffit & Gregory Brown. They post some pretty fascinating videos on topics that you may think about but might not know the answer to. Take “The Science Of Morning Wood” for example. Everyone knows it happens, but why is a whole other story.

Back in September, they posted a video titled “Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind,” which I somehow missed, but I’ve included it below along with the Part 2 of that segment, with mind-blowing facts about sperm, alcohol and tons more. Did you know that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is closer to our time than it is to when the Stegosaurus roamed the earth? I sure didn’t. Watch the videos below for some pretty fascinating info…and so you can sound even smarter around your friends 😉

Watch & learn below!

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I’m loving these informative and entertaining videos from ASAP Science. So far, the videos we’ve shared from you from these guys include “The Science of Morning Wood,” “The Science of Orgasms“, “The Scientific Cure for a Hangover“, and “Could A Zombie Apocalypse Ever Exist?

In this post, I’ve included two recent videos they have done – one relating to marijuana and the other alcohol. The first video helps you to understand your drunken stupor, from the brain’s perspective. The video explains how alcohol molecules alter your brain, ultimately resulting in a night that you…hopefully remember. It explains why you feel less, perceive less, notice less, and remember less.

The second video shows what you look like on the inside, when smoking cannabis. The video discusses the effects of Marijuana on your brain, and how it defines your experience. It even covers why pot can make you feel like you’ve come up with the best ideas ever!

In case you’re wondering, there’s no video on the effects of both at the same time though – LOL. Watch and learn below!

Learn about the effects on your brain after the jump…

Every wonder why you tend wake up with a hard-on? It certainly makes it hard to pee when you first wake up (no pun intended). Well, thanks to our friends at ASAP Science, you can get this particular sex-ed lesson that you never had in school.

In the following video, ASAP Science looks at the hard facts and some of the biology of an erection to discover the mechanism behind the phenomenon. As explained in the video, morning wood effects grown men, little boys, and even happens to males still in utero. Two terms you’ll learn in the video included norepinephrine and vasoconstriction. Find out what they mean and also how the bladder sometimes has a role in all of this as well.

Other interesting ASAP Science topics we’ve covered on Homorazzi include: “The Science of Orgasms“, “The Scientific Cure for a Hangover“, and “Could A Zombie Apocalypse Ever Exist?” Learn about morning wood below!

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Could A Zombie Apocalypse Ever Happen?

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Last night, I celebrated Halloween by watching Chernobyl Diaries, which is now definitely in the Top 10 of the scariest movies I’ve ever scene. In the movie, there are zombie-like humans and animals that terrorize a group of stranded adventure-seeking tourists when they visit the abandoned city Pripyat, the former home to the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. Of course, these mutated humans aren’t your typical virus zombies, but they were still scary as hell.

ASAP Science uploaded a video a couple days ago that dealt with the question of scientifically speaking, could a zombie apocalypse ever happen? If it’s zombies coming back from the dead…not very likely. But if it’s a virus that induces the zombie-like qualities of rage and the incessant need to eat human flesh… hypothetically, yes.

Find out why this is scientifically possible by watching the ASAP Science video below. It’s quite interesting and certainly a scary thought.

Watch the video & find out why after the jump…

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