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Get Your First Look At Brandon Routh As The Atom

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With Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) missing in action, Starling City is in need of a hero. Arsenal (Colton Haynes) and Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) could definitely use the help.

Brandon Routh trades in his Superman blue tights in for a wicked new costume. On the February 25 episode of Arrow, his character Ray Palmer begins his journey as The Atom.

When Arrow returns to Starling, things will definitely get stickier for Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) since she has feelings for both crime fighters. Check out Routh suiting up as the superhero below and weigh in afterward.

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With Great Power, Comes Great Abs #Preach

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We’re less than a week away from the second season premiere of Arrow? Can you feel the excitement? I can, but I’d rather feel Stephen Amell’s abs. Can I get an amen? The CW released another promo with Amell’s chiseled six pack front and center. They really know how to cater to their demo, don’t they?

“With great power, comes great abs,” Emily Bett Rickards explains. I’m so glad the powers-that-be promoted her character Felicity to series regular this season. Besides all the shirtless scenes of Stephen, she was the best thing about the superhero show. Watch Felicity travel to Lian Yu below and encounter a very sweaty Oliver Queen. Lucky girl.

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The CW Promotes Amellsdays With Robbie & Stephen

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The second The CW paired up freshman series The Tomorrow People with last year’s breakout hit Arrow, I knew this promo was coming. If you have two good-looking cousins starring in each series, it’s a no-brainer. Both Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell look scrumptious in the clip, especially Robbie. He’s so darn adorable. Stephen may have the super hot sculpted body, but there’s something about Robbie. He does dorky really well.

In the new promo “Amellsday,” Robbie spews off Amell-style puns including Amelltastic, Amellorific and other cheesy lines. Playfully annoyed by all the puns, Stephen states, “This is why I always avoided you at Christmas.” Naturally, Robbie responds with, “You mean Amell-is-mas?” How does one get invited to the next family gathering?

Both shows have their respective premiere on Wednesday, October 9. How coincidental is it that it’s on hump day ;) Check out the cute clip below.

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Colton Haynes…. Sings???

In: Donovan, Music

Who knew Colton Haynes could sing? The 25-year-old actor surprised many with his recent tweet, “Hey Tweeps! Check out the teaser for this special musical project I’ve been working on! Details soon…”

The teaser features the Arrow actor belting out Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.” While it’s difficult for anyone to match Groban’s powerful pipes, Haynes does a respectable job. I’m curious to know more about this secret project he has up his sleeves. Hopefully, it requires himself to be shirtless like those Season 2 Arrow promos. Can’t get enough of those abs.

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Arrow’s Male Stars Go Shirtless In New Promos

In: Donovan, TV Shows

When Arrow debuted last season, Stephen Amell carried the weight of the show on his muscular shoulders on his own. For the show’s sophomore year, the network is alleviating the pressure on Amell and spreading the shirtless promotional duties to the other male actors on the superhero show.

Much like what Lionsgate did when they released the Capital Portraits for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The CW debuted their new batch of promo pics on several media outlets. Amell’s photo popped up on, while Manu Bennett appeared on Acccess Hollywood. Both Colton Haynes and David Ramsey showed off their hard work at the gym over at E! networks.

Check out the boys in all their topless glory below. Be sure to weigh in afterward on who has a career with the Chippendales should their day job fall through.

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That’s just one of the super campy lines in the latest promo clip for Arrow‘s second season. My personal favorite is, “When the hood is up, you better pray.” It’s so cheesy, it’s amazing. That’s one of the reasons why I love this superhero series. It doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The video begins with dramatic voiceovers by the core cast. Each lament about what they’ve lost. Oliver (Stephen Amell) lost his best friend, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) lost her heart, while my favorite on the show, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) lost her innocence. The video then segues into footage from the upcoming season including the return of China White (Kelly Hu).

In other Arrow-related news, Spartacus actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson has been added to the roster. She’ll play Waller, an agent of the evil organization A.R.G.U.S.. She’s the latest to join the ever-growing universe. Black Canary (Caity Loitz), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro), Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Isobel Rochev (Summer Glau) are just a few joining the sophomore season. No word on who’ll play Flash as of yet. Check out the newly-released promo below which uses Hanni El Khatib’s “Skinny Little Girl” as the soundtrack.

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The CW Unveils Arrow Season 2 Cast Photo

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I’d much rather have Stephen Amell in all his shirtless glory front and center but this brand new artwork will do. The CW just unveiled the first official cast photo for Arrow‘s second season. Without Amell’s well-defined abs, the most interesting thing about the artwork is the placing of the cast.

Given that Katie Cassidy (Laurel) is the love interest of Oliver Queen, it’s somewhat surprising she’s relegated all the way in the corner with new regular cast member Manu Bennett (Wilson). Noticeably standing right beside Amell is Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity). Props to her for parlaying a guest spot to recurring role to eventual series regular. Love, love, love her. Also making his debut in the official cast photo is Colton Haynes (Roy) who joined the show late during its freshman season.

The network also recently released a brand new trailer for the upcoming season. Arrow Season 2 kicks off on October 9 and will introduce a whackload of new characters this year. From what we know so far, this is the gist. Caity Lotz will come on board as Laurel’s presumed dead sister and possible Black Canary. Summer Glau joins the cast as evil businesswoman Isobel Rochev. Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger, Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood and Bex Taylor-Klaus as Sin will also be part of the mix. Later in the season, we will see the debut of Barry Allen aka The Flash as well. Check out the “City of Heroes” promo below.

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Maybe it was lowered expectations, but I thought Lindsay Lohan did a solid job as guest host of last night’s Chelsea Lately. She was playfully goofy and appeared at ease taking light-hearted jabs at herself. From her brief lesbian relationship to recent court-ordered vacation aka rehab stint, the 27-year-old actress somehow found a way to add a self-deprecating personal anecdote, no matter which celebrity the show’s comedians were making fun of. From dissing Kristen Stewart to poking fun at Justin Bieber to Harry Styles, all roads somehow led to Lohanville.

One of my favorite moments occurred when discussion took place regarding gay-rights activists dumping vodka to protest Russia’s controversial “gay propaganda” law. LiLo joked, “Waste of good vodka” before claiming she’s now allergic and as a result, ends up in jail or rehab if consumed. “Rightfully so,” she further added.

And while not always the best interviewee, Lindsay showed she could helm her own talk show. She looked like a natural while interviewing new Arrow stud Dylan Bruce. As a side note: How hot did he look? And more importantly, how in the world did Lohan get so lucky to sit across this stud as her first post-rehab gig? Check out their adorable interaction below, along with Lohan’s opening monologue. Overall, a solid first step in what will hopefully be a legitimate comeback.

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