So this year’s big trip has been decided and it will be Buenos Aires, Argentina. The 10-day trip has been booked for February. I haven’t really thought much about it until this week where the temperatures in Toronto have dropped to -20.

We booked three apartments in a building complex in the Palermo Hollywood area, a 2-bedroom and two 1-bedrooms. There are 8 people going on this trip and we are looking forward to taking in the scenery, culture, food & nightlife. While there, so far I have only done enough research to know that I want to see the Evita Museum and visit a winery.

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Narciso Underwear Summer 2013 Campaign

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Christmas just passed, but it’s never too early to start dreaming of summer. With the cold weather still in full effect, it’s almost hard to recall the feeling of the sun beating down on your body while lying on the beach. Of course, you simply can’t lie there with last year’s swimwear styles. It’s time to start picking your wardrobe for all those pool parties, Pride events and other occasions that require very little clothing ­čśë

Argentinean-based Narciso Underwear recently debuted their Summer 2013 ad campaign. The country is known for its beef and this quartet of sexy studs certainly prove the country’s tasty meat doesn’t just refer to the cattle. Each guy fills out the brand’s swimwear in all the right places and then some. Check out Narciso’s newest collection below and the handsome guys modeling them.

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Argentina is known for being the most gay friendly of countries in South America. So, it’s only fitting that shortly, it will be launching it’s first gay television channel titled Friendly Mundo translated into English means Friendly World. While the station will piggyback off of another channel to begin, the future plan is to have Friendly Mundo provide 24/7 content with programming included from Europe and the United States.

During the first three months of it’s inception, the channel will broadcast three hours of domestically made programming. These 30 minute or 10 minute segmented shows include:

  • Friendly Rewards (Tourism)
  • Lovers (Lifestyle)
  • Top Taste (Cuisine)
  • Vaguardians (Art)
  • Night Runner (Going Out
  • Look Book (Fashion)
  • Weekend Call (Entertainment/Culture)

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If Axe Body Spray commercials weren’t bad enough, this latest one from Argentina has taken it to a whole new level. The marketing for this body spray brand has never worked for me: “Hey guys, spray this cheap, mass-marketed fragrance all over yourself and you’ll have horny women climbing all over you.” Barf. Well, in this latest commercial, they also promote cheating on your girlfriend.

At a restaurant, we follow a few guys that are each on their date with their girlfriends. When they get into the men’s room, there are a bunch of strippers waiting for them, complete with a stripper pole. They call it the “Axe Strip Toilette“. The men taken an extended bathroom break with these sex workers while their unsuspecting date waits patiently at the table. The message? Why just go on a boring date with your girlfriend when you can spray axe on and have sex with a bunch of strippers instead. That’s more fun and you’d be way cooler if you did. Check out the commercial below along with the translation of what is said.

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Wine 101: Beyond South America

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Last week I gave you an option for a great Malbec blend from Argentina. Although South America is very well known for this particular grape, Malbec, due to popularity, has been coming out of the woodworks from other countries. One country producing small but delicious quantities of Malbec is Australia.

The Potts family, out of the Langhorne Creek area in South Australia, have been making wine since the mid 19th century starting with Frank Potts. This makes Bleasdale the second oldest vineyard in Australia. Recently, Bleasdale Vineyards has been known for their sparkling Shiraz, a bubbly RED wine, that both reads like a true Shiraz, but is meant for chilling. Fortunately for us though, they’ve also planted and succeeded in cultivating and making great Malbec. Obviously┬áAustralia is┬áquite hot year round, perfect for the growth of some varietals, but…

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DWTS Argentina Gets Down And Dirty

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Wow! Talk about leaving it all on the floor. Argentina’s version of Dancing With The Stars, Dance For A Dream got a little X-Rated this week when couple Silvina Escudero and Nicol├ís Scillama took the term Dirty Dancing to a whole new level.

The office storyline seems cute and innocent enough, but then, it all goes down hill when the female CEO takes her pony tail out and whips her hair around. This is followed by Nicol├ís ripping of Silvina’s skirt to reveal the most scandalous of see through thongs. Some choreography ensues but suddenly, Silvina is on all fours and Nicol├ís is miming doing her doggie style. WHAT!?

Fast forward to Silvina in just her bra and panties and she tears off Nicol├ís’ jumpsuit to reveal him in only black boxer briefs. A bit of sexual choreography continues to bring them behind the desk, where he whips off her bra, leans her down on one of the desks and well… you’ll just have to watch for yourself.

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This just in! Argentina’s Senate just passed its same-sex marriage bill in a 33-27 vote after 15 hours of deliberation. Now the bill just has to be signed by President Cristina Fern├índez de Kirchner (which is expected to happen very quickly since she has shown clear support for the bill) and gay Argentinians will be able to be married very soon! The former president (Adolfo Rodriguez Saa) said: “Argentina has taken a step forward, but out in the street … it will take time for hatred and resentment to heal.” This is amazing, especially when you consider how “Roman Catholic” the nation is – 90% of the citizens!

The legal code will no longer refer to husband and wife, but instead to “the marrying parties” and same-sex couples will have the same in terms of adoptions, social security and family time as heterosexual couples.

Now, Argentina will join the following nations that allow gay marriage and believe in equality for their citizens: Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, and Iceland.

Check out President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner talking about her viewpoint on the matter, days before the bill was passed today


Yes, this point of view is likely to get me a couple of comments from our more democratically-obsessed writers here at homorazzi, but I have to say it… I’m so proud I don’t vote!

I’m sorry, but really? Millions upon millions (upon millions) of dollars are spent on campaigns, consensus groups, polling etc. etc. and it comes down to “going with the man you trust and believe in”- democracy at its best- and then… he abandons his post, his family and his country to “visit a dear, dear friend [WINK].” Simply awesome.

Likely you’ve heard by now about this scandal down south, but if not, then here goes. The Governor of South Carolina, Rep. Mark Sanford, left the U.S. for a week without telling anyone- supposedly- where he was heading. Oh wait, no, apparently he told his staff he was heading to conquer the Appalachian Trail- I’d typically tend to doubt politicians, but I’m essaying to take a page from some pro-voters on our cast and learning to trust the system as it is… (I can’t believe I got that out with out laughing ­čśë So, on this “hiking of the east coast,” this repeatedly-voted-in, father of four, missed out on Father’s Day and somehow ended up in Argentina… in Buenos Aires… with his mistress.

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