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ANTM Cycle 19: Week 4 Bring It On Photo Shoot

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Just like last week, all the girls participate in this week’s photo shoot so producers don’t reveal the boot list for “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 19. Does this mean Tyra is flying everyone out for the overseas trip? It’s interesting looking at the photos knowing that two girls have been eliminated at this point along with Maria Tucker who withdrew after the nude photo shoot during week two. What if a previously axed contestant turns out a better photo in weeks after their respective elimination over the remaining wannabes?

Given that, it’s the first ever college edition, it’s about time the girls pose in a collegiate-themed photo shoot. Tyra Banks has the girls being aggressive, b-e aggressive. In other words, it’s “Bring It On” time. Dressed in fashionable cheerleading outfits and outfitted with pom-poms, the ladies compete to show who has the most school spirit. I should also mention, the shoot feature hot shirtless male cheerleaders in tight shorts. RAH, RAH, RAH. Check out this week’s photos below and predict who’ll get first call out in our comment’s section.

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ANTM Cycle 19: Week 3 Zombie Photo Shoot

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For anyone who was worried that “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 19’s newly-added viewer voting component would reveal weekly eliminations months in advance, fear not. As I suspected, all the girls, whether axed or remaining, have a “best” picture from the photo shoot. PHEW, no spoilers. That said, each week the girls film a plea video where they pander for fan votes. Judging by their demeanor and body language, you can guess who’s no longer in the competition. At least, I think you can. I won’t reveal who I think was eliminated in Week 2.

Forget vampires, it’s all about zombies now. With “The Walking Dead” a hit and that freak Miami zombie eating incident (so creepy), it’s all about living dead. Naturally, Tyra had the girls fall “victim” to this trend. The art direction is cool and the photos remind of ANTM Cycle 8 where the models posed as crime scene victims. That shoot proved controversial, as critics stated it glorified violence against women. With the zombie theme, Tyra won’t get the same flack, but will get the same end result.

Check out ANTM Cycle 19’s Week Three pictures below. Predict who’ll get first call out and which model will be eliminated in our comments section. See if you have what it takes to sit alongside Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone and new judge Rob Evans.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant made up for the surprise Alisha/Eboni double boot with a recap episode of never before seen “highlights”. I didn’t watch. Obviously. I was busy. Well… not THAT busy, but I hate reCRAP episodes. Before that however, the final three battled it out in a giant perfume bottle for ANTM scented glory. Annaliese, despite overcoming Kelly Cutrone’s powerful hate-on for her, could not pull off a surprise run to the finale and got the boot. That left us with the two blondes… one Yank and one Brit. There’s a shocker. For the most part, this season has been lackluster and drab with a few stand out episodes… but hardly anything to celebrate. So who will take home the crown? Laura or Sophie? Does my fave Sophie have a shot? Can a British girl really win AMERICA’S Next Top Model? Does Tyrant even give a crap about what any of us think? Only two girls remain. Who will be America’s Next Top Model?

Alright peeps… it’s time to put this Cycle to bed! But first, I gotta tell you about Snow White and the Huntsman. Dan and I just checked out the advanced screening. It should be called Bella Swan and Thor Go on a Psychedelic Acid Trip With Charlize Theron in Fierce Couture. Seriously. It had some pretty amazing moments, but really didn’t know what it was trying to be. That being said, Charlize Theron is effing FIERCE. And better yet… the FASHION. Dan and I were living for her outfits. The bird skull trim! The feathered cowl! The silver dangling chin straps! Epic.

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ANTM Cycle 19: Week 2 Photo Shoot & Someone Quits

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Cycle 19 of “America’s Next Top Model” is shaping up to be an interesting one. Already in week two, we have a girl withdrawing from the competition. That’s right, someone stomped their way out of Tyra’s clutches. Obviously, we won’t know the real reason why she left until the show airs in the Fall, but I’m guessing it’s either one of two things. Girlfriend didn’t like her makeover à la Cassandra Jean (Cycle 5) (yups it’s shake-overs and ty-overs time) or didn’t want to pose nude. If I had to place a bet, I would double down on the latter. Scroll to the end of this post to find out who quit.

But enough about the quitter, let’s focus on the remaining twelve girls left competing in the show’s first ever college edition. As mentioned earlier, the college coeds are asked to pose topless for this week’s photo shoot. In addition, they’re asked to heat things up with new judge and top male model Rob Evans. Lucky bitches. Some of the girls really nail it. I have to say, it’s one of the better shoots in recent memory. The concept is simple but sometimes less is more. Check out the stunning black and white photos below.

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ANTM Cycle 19: Meet The Cast & Week One Photo Shoot

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The Cycle 19 premiere of “America’s Next Top Model” is still months away, but thanks to a new rule change, we get an advanced look. Not only do we see the 13 girls vying for the ANTM crown, but we are also treated to an advanced look at their first official photo shoot. After years of wishing for it, viewers finally have a say in who gets eliminated each week. Exactly how much viewer votes weigh in on the final decision remains to be seen. We all know the powers-that-be have final say, but at least we can give our two cents… even if they fall on deaf ears.

For the first photo shoot of the college edition, the girls pose as game trophies. It’s all about smizing and catching the light for this shoot. Broken-down doll poses won’t work here. Typically, I have a sense of what Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel are all looking for. But with Barker and Manuel out, trying to predict what newcomers Rob Evans and Tommy Wujek will say is nearly impossible. That said, I have a pretty good idea of what Kelly Cutrone looks for. I have, after all, watched her on “Kell on Earth“, “The Hills” and “The City“.

It looks as if the producers are releasing the best photos of each girl every week. I’m thinking each girl, whether eliminated or not, will participate at every photo shoot. Otherwise, the results of the college cycle will be spoiled months before the premiere date. How else could they do it? Without further ado, check out the new crop of ladies who will undoubtedly vie for a CoverGirl contract and “career-making” prizes. Be sure to scroll til the end to see which girls I liked the most.

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Are we witnessing the final days of “America’s Next Top Model“? It sure feels like the CW has thrown in the towel with the veteran reality show. First there was last week’s announcement that the Tyra Banks show was being banished to Friday nights. Then the network decided to air a recap episode this past week, pushing the Cycle 18 finale past the May sweeps official end date. With the numbers the show is pulling in, I don’t blame them. Even with the new judges and upcoming college edition coming Fall 2012, I think the show will be dunzo come Cycle 20. But enough of the future, let’s tackle the present.

We began Cycle 18 aka the British Invasion Cycle with 14 girls and now we’re down to the final two. Not surprisingly, we have one Brit and one Yank remaining in the competition. While Sophie as the last Brit standing isn’t a shocker, Laura as the lone American is. I firmly believed it would’ve been either Eboni or AzMarie at the beginning of the cycle.

As always, the final two pose for their potential CoverGirl ad and engage in a runway battle for the ANTM crown. For the first time in “Top Model” history, the women will take part in a holographic runway show interacting with lifelike images and also walk in sync with the outline of their own bodies. What will Tyra think of next? LOL. Check out a few runway preview pics along with their CoverGirl ads below. Be sure to post your winner prediction in our comments section after checking out the pics.

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The CW just presented their new schedule for the upcoming season and boy was it a SHOCKER. Only one show remained in its time slot, while everything else was shuffled around. Included in the massive relocation was “America’s Next Top Model“. The modeling competition was booted to Friday nights at 8 pm. OUCH.

Given its declining ratings, CW’s decision to move it is actually quite brilliant. At this point only hardcore fans watch the show and will most likely follow it to the virtual wasteland known as Friday night television viewing. If ANTM garners the same ratings as it does now, in its new Friday slot, it will be considered a success. That means we can expect more cycles in the future. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad one 😉

For Cycle 19, Tyra and company have a few major changes coming our way. First off, the show will have its first ever college edition. This was inspired by Banks’ recent graduation from Harvard Business School. Coeds from any higher education institution qualifies, including beauty schools. LOL. The next change is HUGE and will appease many of ANTM’s diehard fans.

For the first time on the American version, it’ll allow viewer votes to factor in with the judges’ decisions. In other international cycles, this is nothing new. They have incorporated viewer votes in their live finales for years. Starting on May 24, fans will have two opportunities a week to vote online at based on the photos taken during production. These votes will be factored in each week when Tyra and the judges eliminate someone. Speaking of judges. Meet Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel’s replacements below.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, there was a lot of blubbering as the wannabes had to pose on the edge of a building and a couple of them almost crapped their pants. There was also some heavy panting as Laura lusted after a Hong Kong action star amidst accusations from the others of sluttery. And if that wasn’t enough drama, Alisha tried to fall on her top model sword for Eboni of all people and offered to go home instead of the pigtailed wonder. Tyrant was not amused. She sent them both packing. Crazy! Almost as crazy as Kelly Cutrone’s ongoing hate-on for Annaliese. How many times will Laura say sex? Will Annaliese be able to convince Kelly that she’s a model? Can Sophie rebound from her fear-filled photoshoot? Only three wannabes remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

Here we go folks… the penultimate episode that will decide the final two of one of the most lackluster Cycles on record. Ratings are down, our patience with Tyrant is running razor thin, the photoshoots were average with only a couple standouts, the drama was artificial, and there were a lack of girls to really root for. But hey… that could all change if Sophie wins! Team Sophie. And in the immortal words of Robyn from Cycle 1…. “Oooooooh Jesus”!

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