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ANTM Cycle 19: Week 8 Rafting African Queens

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After a couple of less-than-stellar photo shoot concepts, Tyra gives us a solid theme for Episode 8 of “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19“. That said, on paper it sounds great, but only a handful of models actually deliver. Instead of staying afloat, most of the girls are washed up in this water-themed shoot. WAH WAH.

According to ANTM’s Facebook, the shoot is the first one abroad. Have any guesses on Cycle 19’s international destination? I’m thinking somewhere in Africa or South America based on the pics. “The girls use their bodies to tell a story about the upsets and complications of love, not only balancing on the raft but also between two men.” LOL. That’s not my description, but the official one. Who writes this stuff up for the show. I’m sure it’s Banks herself since she is, after all, a published author. Remember the literary masterpiece, “Modelland“. Check out the girls fashionable rafting expedition below and predict who gets sunk like the Titanic in our comments section.

check out the week 8 pics

ANTM Cycle 19: Week 7 Glamorous Mugshots

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Pop, Six, Squish, Uh uh, Cicero, Lipschitz. The girls get their best “Cell Block Tango” on this week. After getting “trashed” last photo shoot, Tyra has the models paying for their actions by locking them up in the big house. But since it’s ANTM, the Cycle 19 girls pose for glamorous mugshots instead of making license plates. It’s a mother effin’ cell block pose-off. They better be fierce or face the consequences.

Even though some of the photos look great, I feel this cycle’s shoots have been one-note. Tyra, please bring back Jay Manuel back next season. So far, I’ve only liked two of the photo shoots this cycle. Check out episode seven’s pics below.

check out the week 7 pics

ANTM Cycle 19: Week 6 Getting Trashed

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Keeping in line with the college theme of “America’s Next Top Model“, Tyra Banks has the girls getting TRASHED for Episode 6. After hours of studying, all you want to do is let loose and go on a major bender that evening. More often than not, the results of a hard night of partying aren’t pretty. We’ve all been there during our college years. Who says you can’t be FIERCE with your makeup running, clothes disheveled and passed out? The Cycle 19 girls give a new meaning to wasted chic.

This week, I thought I’d confess a bit of debaucherous college past. For each picture, I’ll confess “guilty” or “not guilty” if I’ve ever been in the model’s situation. From dumpster diving, to showering with clothes on, to hugging toilets, find out what I share in common with this Cycle 19 photo shoot. Be sure to share your thoughts on best and worst pic in the comments section afterward.

check out the week 6 pics

After last week’s lackluster photo shoot, Tyra and company get back on track with a decent high fashion editorial. The ladies get steamy In a Harry Potter-type shoot, complete with magical owls and trains. The official description from ANTM’s Fan Page describes the girls going down the rabbit hole to the fantastical world of steampunk! LOL. Oh Tyra.

Since Nic, Brian and I are in Washington, DC for the city’s pride, I thought I’d let Nic comment on this week’s pics. Not having watched the past few cycles or knowing anything about the current girls, NIc isn’t as hardcore about the show as Rich or I. So, I thought it would be nice to get his perspective. Also, I limited him to only using one word, with a couple of exceptions. Check out this week’s photos and Nic’s one-word descriptions below.

check out the week 5 picks

ANTM Cycle 19: Week 4 Bring It On Photo Shoot

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Just like last week, all the girls participate in this week’s photo shoot so producers don’t reveal the boot list for “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 19. Does this mean Tyra is flying everyone out for the overseas trip? It’s interesting looking at the photos knowing that two girls have been eliminated at this point along with Maria Tucker who withdrew after the nude photo shoot during week two. What if a previously axed contestant turns out a better photo in weeks after their respective elimination over the remaining wannabes?

Given that, it’s the first ever college edition, it’s about time the girls pose in a collegiate-themed photo shoot. Tyra Banks has the girls being aggressive, b-e aggressive. In other words, it’s “Bring It On” time. Dressed in fashionable cheerleading outfits and outfitted with pom-poms, the ladies compete to show who has the most school spirit. I should also mention, the shoot feature hot shirtless male cheerleaders in tight shorts. RAH, RAH, RAH. Check out this week’s photos below and predict who’ll get first call out in our comment’s section.

check out the week 4 picks

ANTM Cycle 19: Week 3 Zombie Photo Shoot

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For anyone who was worried that “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 19’s newly-added viewer voting component would reveal weekly eliminations months in advance, fear not. As I suspected, all the girls, whether axed or remaining, have a “best” picture from the photo shoot. PHEW, no spoilers. That said, each week the girls film a plea video where they pander for fan votes. Judging by their demeanor and body language, you can guess who’s no longer in the competition. At least, I think you can. I won’t reveal who I think was eliminated in Week 2.

Forget vampires, it’s all about zombies now. With “The Walking Dead” a hit and that freak Miami zombie eating incident (so creepy), it’s all about living dead. Naturally, Tyra had the girls fall “victim” to this trend. The art direction is cool and the photos remind of ANTM Cycle 8 where the models posed as crime scene victims. That shoot proved controversial, as critics stated it glorified violence against women. With the zombie theme, Tyra won’t get the same flack, but will get the same end result.

Check out ANTM Cycle 19’s Week Three pictures below. Predict who’ll get first call out and which model will be eliminated in our comments section. See if you have what it takes to sit alongside Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone and new judge Rob Evans.

check out the week 3 picks

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant made up for the surprise Alisha/Eboni double boot with a recap episode of never before seen “highlights”. I didn’t watch. Obviously. I was busy. Well… not THAT busy, but I hate reCRAP episodes. Before that however, the final three battled it out in a giant perfume bottle for ANTM scented glory. Annaliese, despite overcoming Kelly Cutrone’s powerful hate-on for her, could not pull off a surprise run to the finale and got the boot. That left us with the two blondes… one Yank and one Brit. There’s a shocker. For the most part, this season has been lackluster and drab with a few stand out episodes… but hardly anything to celebrate. So who will take home the crown? Laura or Sophie? Does my fave Sophie have a shot? Can a British girl really win AMERICA’S Next Top Model? Does Tyrant even give a crap about what any of us think? Only two girls remain. Who will be America’s Next Top Model?

Alright peeps… it’s time to put this Cycle to bed! But first, I gotta tell you about Snow White and the Huntsman. Dan and I just checked out the advanced screening. It should be called Bella Swan and Thor Go on a Psychedelic Acid Trip With Charlize Theron in Fierce Couture. Seriously. It had some pretty amazing moments, but really didn’t know what it was trying to be. That being said, Charlize Theron is effing FIERCE. And better yet… the FASHION. Dan and I were living for her outfits. The bird skull trim! The feathered cowl! The silver dangling chin straps! Epic.

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ANTM Cycle 19: Week 2 Photo Shoot & Someone Quits

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Cycle 19 of “America’s Next Top Model” is shaping up to be an interesting one. Already in week two, we have a girl withdrawing from the competition. That’s right, someone stomped their way out of Tyra’s clutches. Obviously, we won’t know the real reason why she left until the show airs in the Fall, but I’m guessing it’s either one of two things. Girlfriend didn’t like her makeover à la Cassandra Jean (Cycle 5) (yups it’s shake-overs and ty-overs time) or didn’t want to pose nude. If I had to place a bet, I would double down on the latter. Scroll to the end of this post to find out who quit.

But enough about the quitter, let’s focus on the remaining twelve girls left competing in the show’s first ever college edition. As mentioned earlier, the college coeds are asked to pose topless for this week’s photo shoot. In addition, they’re asked to heat things up with new judge and top male model Rob Evans. Lucky bitches. Some of the girls really nail it. I have to say, it’s one of the better shoots in recent memory. The concept is simple but sometimes less is more. Check out the stunning black and white photos below.

check out the photos from week two after the jump

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