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ANTM 17 Episode 12 Preview Pics: CoverGirl

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Does anyone else think this cycle flew by? I can’t believe Tyra Banks and crew are already crowning the winner of the All-Stars cycle. How Angelea is still in the running is beyond me? I don’t think there is anyone else in the history of ANTM that’s escaped elimination in the bottom two so many times. Someone’s truly one lucky beytoch.

In the finale, the remaining girls film more footage for Tyra’s tragic “Modelland” motion editorial. Was anyone else disappointed in the final product? I felt her directorial debut on Cycle 15 was much better. Remember when Ann, Kayla, Chelsey and Jane whipped their hair for Tyra? Speaking of which, why Jane didn’t make the All-Stars is astonishing? You can also add Mollie (16), Raina (14), Lauren Brie (11), Analeigh (11), Katarzyna (10), Jenah (9), Natasha (8), Mollie Sue (6), Joanie (6), Mercedes (2) to that long robbed list.

Also in the episode, the girls pose for their ritual CoverGirl ads and walk in a highly-elaborate runway show. You have to see some of the yummy eye candy accompanying the Final 3. Definitely tasty Greek treats. Check out them and a slew of preview pics below. I also included the final CoverGirl pic of one of the girls. The rest can be seen in our ANTM Cycle 17 gallery.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant narrowed the field of wannabes down to the final four when she kicked off Dominique. Much to my frustration, the dramatic but completely not modelesque Angela survived ANOTHER brush with elimination. It’s almost absurd at how much Tyrant is forcing a TRANgelea win on us. We get it Tyrant… you like her backstory. Guess what? We don’t give a shit. The girl can’t model and doesn’t even have enough core strength to hold herself upright in a bowl of Greek salad. Did I mention that Nigel has to physically put her into poses and she hasn’t won a single challenge? Sigh. The good news is that Allison the goddess is still in the running. More bad news… Lisa somehow scraped into the final four along with Laura. I never ever would have imagined those two getting into the final four. But who will make it the final three? Who will be America’s Next Top Model? Who will be eliminated tonight?

So we’re getting down to the wire. Within a couple weeks we’ll know who the winner of this train wreck of a cycle will be. It’s been entertaining, but the modeling has been mediocre at best. Watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night made me realize just how much these girls ARE NOT models. Allison? Yes… in a high fashion and editorial way. Laura, Angelea, and Lisa? No freaking way. Not a single girl this season could’ve walked with those gorgeous girls.

Oh god. This is going to be a nightmare. We start off this week with a Tyrant voiceover telling us some nonsense about seeing the “world premiere fashion film based on my New York Times best-selling novel Modelland”. F*ck me. This has Tyrant overload written all over it.

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With Thanksgiving and a filler recap episode airing last week, it feels like forever since we’ve received preview pics. So imagine my surprise and delight when I checked my email this morning and saw these ANTM goodies in my inbox. Definitely made this Monday more tolerable. Just in case you forgot, the lovely Dominique Reighard left us during the last panel. BOO. Now, we’re left with Allison, Angelea, Laura and Lisa in the competition fighting it out for that career-making grand prize. Hope you sense that hint of sarcasm.

Joining the girls this week is the hunky Tyson Beckford. Man, that guy is one fine piece of hot ass. Judging by the pictures, it seems that Tyra is back to her old tricks. She’s directing another motion editorial. So expect a lot of silly directing cues from Miss Banks as the Final 4 girls twirl about in their yellow chiffon dresses. Speaking of Tyrant, if you missed last week’s terrific post from our resident ANTM expert, Rich, you have to check it out. He crafts up 5 Ways To Improve ANTM. If you’re a long-time watcher of the show, you’ll appreciate it. Without further ado, here are this week’s episodic preview photos.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant waited until the final four before giving us the always lame recap episode. RECRAP. I refuse to blog about it. Instead, I think it’s time we address some issues with the lovely, the noted, the smizingly fiercely real Tyrant Banks and give her some tips on making ANTM great again. Who am I you ask? Just a disgruntled gay who actually loves the show and has never ever missed an episode in 17 seasons, but is growing so weary of the antics, the drama… and Tyrant’s blatant manipulations of the results and story lines. But there’s hope. Here are my Top 5 ways to improve America’s Next Top Model.

5 Ways To Improve ANTM

Let The Photographer Pick Best Pics

How many times have we seen Tyrant pull up a SUPER bad picture of a girl because it’s OBVIOUS she wants her in the bottom 2 or gone? It happened this season to Laura two episodes ago. As if that picture of her looking all twisted in the Greek salad was her best picture. Bullshit. Lisa and Bianca both tried to call out the show for the photo manipulations this year, but both were shot down. Once by Tyrant and once by Nigel. It’s so obvious the girls were right though. That’s why I think the photographers should be the ones to pick their favorite photos and have those submitted to panel. Take Tyrant’s heavy-handed manipulation out of the equation.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the nevergonnabes packed up their bags and flew to Greece for some final six action in a bowl of Greek Salad. Seriously. Tyrant had the girls being all sexy in a giant bowl of tomatoes, cucumbers, massive blocks of feta, and gallons of olive oil. If that doesn’t scream “Top Model”, I don’t know what does. The best part was the continuation of the “underwear versus bathing suit” saga. Oh Shannon. She has no problems wearing slutty bathing suits, but ask her to put on a sporty bra and full-on boy-type underwear and she gets all high and mighty. Gurl. You are messed up. Anyways, she finally got her covered-up ass booted from the competition… but not before Tyrant STRESSED that it wasn’t just about her refusing to pose in underwear. Gurl had never won a challenge or been called for first photo. What a disappointment she turned out to be! Only five girls remain. Who will falter right before the final four? Will it be Allison, our wide-eyed weird goddess? Or Lisa, the loud-mouthed manic attention seeker? Better yet, could this be the end of Angelea and her gut… I mean… “soft core”? Did you see that thing in the bowl of salad! Two words… sit ups. Can Laura ride her country bumpkin charm to the end or is this the end of Granny’s fashion show? Can Dominique continue to shed her dragalicious reputation and win it all? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Hey peeps. First up… sorry I wasn’t around to recap last week’s episode. It was a doozy, but I was off gallivanting around Toronto. It was amazing. Thanks for asking. In this week’s famous second paragraph, which normally features my random ramblings and rants, I would like to applaud all the boys out there participating in Movember. They’re ugly, they’re dirty, they’re covered in last night’s bed time snack, but damn… putting yourself out there for a worthy cause is awesome. I am NOT participating this year (had a couple weddings to look cute for), but I WILL be donating cold hard cash to make up for it. You should too. Check out the story Homorazzi did about some hot Vancouver boys growing MOs here and then donate here.

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Both Dominique Reighard and Lisa D’Amato are still in the running to become ANTM’s first All-Star winner, but they’re also battling it out in a different arena. The two released brand new music videos in an attempt to become the next reality star pop star. Last week, I shared Dominique’s catchy “On Top of The World“, and today I have Lisa’s new clip. It was bad enough that I liked Dom’s song, but now I find myself saying that Lisa’s new track isn’t that bad either. What is wrong with me?

Tyra Banks seriously needs to consider creating a spin-off reality show from “America’s Next Top Model“. So far, her track record for creating budding recording artists is better than finding the next Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. Both Dom and Lisa’s music career is off to a better start than most of Bravo’s Housewives. Except Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy For That Party” of course. That single is pure reality guilty pleasure heaven.

While Dominique’s track was more club pop friendly, Lisa’s single is more hip-hop ragga influenced. “Soldier” is off Lisa’s album, “Flippin’ The Bird” which you can purchase on iTunes. Does iTunes ever say “no” to anyone wanting to hock their music? If anyone knows, I’d love to know. In the meantime, check out both the ANTM All-Stars’ new music videos below. Not surprisingly, neither incorporates “Pot Ledom” in their lyrics or Keenan Cahill in the clip. WWTT (What Would Tyra Think).

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I have some good news and bad news for you today. Good news is that you’re getting last night’s recap and next week’s preview all in the same post. Bad news is that you won’t get your weekly fix of Rich’s ANTM wisdom. Our ginger goddess is away in Toronto doing God knows what. My loins hurt just thinking about it.

We lined up another cast member to do a full recap, but technology proved to be an obstacle. Their PVR/DVR recorded a repeat instead of the new episode. And that’s the chain of events that leaves you stuck with me. Wah, wah, wah. I’m not even going to attempt to replicate the levels of fabulousity that Rich achieves in his weekly recaps. I’m just not that gay *wink*. Instead, I’m just going to briefly recap last night’s episode and cover major points.

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Tyra Banks, look at what you’ve done. Just what the world needs, another reality star turned pop star. I knew the second Tyrant made the girls write their own songs and film an accompanying music video, it would ignite a few of their inner pop stars to come out. On cue, Dominique Reighard released her debut single and music video the day after the episode aired. Making matters worse… I actually don’t mind it. Dare I even say, I like it. UGH.

First off, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Girlfriend looks gorgeous in the video and the picture above. That’s one weave blow out that both RuPaul and Beyonce would be jealous of. FIERCE. On ANTM, the judges coined her Jayloncé (J. Lo & Beyonce) and that description couldn’t be any more appropriate, especially once you see the clip.

Photographer Derek Blanks makes his directing debut with Dominique’s “On Top Of The World“. It’s only fitting he directed it, since he appeared in an episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” during the “alter ego” photo shoot. That Bravo show gave birth to “Tardy For The Party“, which allowed every reality star to think they also can have a successful novelty single.

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