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Both Dominique Reighard and Lisa D’Amato are still in the running to become ANTM’s first All-Star winner, but they’re also battling it out in a different arena. The two released brand new music videos in an attempt to become the next reality star pop star. Last week, I shared Dominique’s catchy “On Top of The World“, and today I have Lisa’s new clip. It was bad enough that I liked Dom’s song, but now I find myself saying that Lisa’s new track isn’t that bad either. What is wrong with me?

Tyra Banks seriously needs to consider creating a spin-off reality show from “America’s Next Top Model“. So far, her track record for creating budding recording artists is better than finding the next Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. Both Dom and Lisa’s music career is off to a better start than most of Bravo’s Housewives. Except Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy For That Party” of course. That single is pure reality guilty pleasure heaven.

While Dominique’s track was more club pop friendly, Lisa’s single is more hip-hop ragga influenced. “Soldier” is off Lisa’s album, “Flippin’ The Bird” which you can purchase on iTunes. Does iTunes ever say “no” to anyone wanting to hock their music? If anyone knows, I’d love to know. In the meantime, check out both the ANTM All-Stars’ new music videos below. Not surprisingly, neither incorporates “Pot Ledom” in their lyrics or Keenan Cahill in the clip. WWTT (What Would Tyra Think).

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I have some good news and bad news for you today. Good news is that you’re getting last night’s recap and next week’s preview all in the same post. Bad news is that you won’t get your weekly fix of Rich’s ANTM wisdom. Our ginger goddess is away in Toronto doing God knows what. My loins hurt just thinking about it.

We lined up another cast member to do a full recap, but technology proved to be an obstacle. Their PVR/DVR recorded a repeat instead of the new episode. And that’s the chain of events that leaves you stuck with me. Wah, wah, wah. I’m not even going to attempt to replicate the levels of fabulousity that Rich achieves in his weekly recaps. I’m just not that gay *wink*. Instead, I’m just going to briefly recap last night’s episode and cover major points.

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Tyra Banks, look at what you’ve done. Just what the world needs, another reality star turned pop star. I knew the second Tyrant made the girls write their own songs and film an accompanying music video, it would ignite a few of their inner pop stars to come out. On cue, Dominique Reighard released her debut single and music video the day after the episode aired. Making matters worse… I actually don’t mind it. Dare I even say, I like it. UGH.

First off, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Girlfriend looks gorgeous in the video and the picture above. That’s one weave blow out that both RuPaul and Beyonce would be jealous of. FIERCE. On ANTM, the judges coined her Jayloncé (J. Lo & Beyonce) and that description couldn’t be any more appropriate, especially once you see the clip.

Photographer Derek Blanks makes his directing debut with Dominique’s “On Top Of The World“. It’s only fitting he directed it, since he appeared in an episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” during the “alter ego” photo shoot. That Bravo show gave birth to “Tardy For The Party“, which allowed every reality star to think they also can have a successful novelty single.

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ANTM 17 Episode 9 Preview Pics: Opa! Crete!

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Ding, dong the wicked witch of ANTM is gone. Thank God, she’s outta there. I’m even more thankful that Alexandria didn’t get another free oversees trip. I wouldn’t want the amazing Greek people to be tormented by her. Can you believe we’re already at the point where the girls go to some “fashion mecca” for the final portion of the competition. Where did the time go? I can’t wait to her why Crete, Greece was chosen as this cycle’s international destination. Had I known the girls were going to be in Crete, I would’ve skipped out on Mykonos and sailed there instead. I had no idea ANTM was in Greece the same time I was there this past summer.

Overall I’m happy with most of the Final 6. I would swap out Shannon for Sheena and Laura for Kayla. I miss my lipstick lesbian and hoochie Asian. As you all know, I’m still rooting for Allison to win, but Dominique has really grown on me. I couldn’t stand her during her cycle, but this time around she’s so likable. I blame Tyra for giving her that awful makeover during her OG cycle. Long hair definitely suits her better.

Taking this week’s pictures is photographer Nikos Papadopoulos. I wonder if he’s the Greek Herb Ritts or Patrick Demarchelier. I guess we’ll find out next week. Normally, we get the finished judging photos a week in advance, but this week the CW didn’t provide them. I’m thinking Shannon refused to participate in this week’s underwear shoot and the network didn’t want to spoil it. She’s such a prude. Seriously. If you have a banging body, show it off. Take a look at the few preview pics sent to us below. Check out my Alexandria dig in one of the captions. LOL.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Kathy Griffin – who the gays normally love all sorts of all the time – was disappointingly boring as a guest judge. Tyrant must’ve threatened to sit on her face if she trashed the show too bad. Speaking of trash, we had a photo shoot dedicated to the heinously ridiculous Snooki and NeNe. Sounds like the noise my mom makes when she sneezes. Predictably, the trashiest girls, Angelea and Lisa did the best while our darling GLBT rep Kayla got the boot. I was pissed. But the good news is that it was a double elimination and Bianca, along with all her drama and egotistical rantings got sent packing too. Will Tyrant keep this train trucking towards trashy? Can Lisa function without Bianca to fight with? Will Angelea say “ghetto”? Only 7 nevergonnabes remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

So? Spill it. How was everybody’s Halloween? I had a great time dressed as the amazing Leeloo Dallas. It was epic. I will NEVER forget my 2am walk down Granville (Vancouver’s straight club district) street in that wig, those heels, and those little white strips of ribbon. I’m a little pissed though at my fourth place finish (ahem… 3rd Runner Up) at the club’s costume contest. I got beat out by some trainwreck tranny Cleopatra, a robot, and a giant red bird. What. The. Fuck. No respect for the Multipass.

We start off this week recapping last week’s surprising double boot. They’re all giddy over Bianca’s ouster. Lisa lets us know that it is in fact “karma” that got her top photo. Ummm… no. It was because you got to be trashy. Then, out of nowhere, we get “internet sensation” Madison delivering this week’s Tyra Mail. Ummm. WTF. Never heard of you. Buh bye.

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ANTM 17 Episode 8 Preview Pics: Music Video Divas

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Holy double elimination Batman!!! Did anyone see that coming on last night’s episode? I’ve never been a fan of Bianca but her elimination last night was bunk. I also felt bad for Kayla as well. All season long, the judges and editing haven’t been kind to her. Considering she was such a star on her cycle, she was such a non-entity this cycle and gave unmemorable pictures.

Correction, Tyra picked unmemorable pics. I swear to God, she purposely picks certain photos so she can eliminate at will. I strongly feel the models should be able to pick their best pic. Now, that would be fair. Of course, cray cray control issues Tyrant would never do that. Personally, Laura and Shannon should’ve been booted last night. I’m over the sweet as American pie blondies.

With only seven models left, it’s time for the video challenge. Since these girls are All-Stars, a simple CoverGirl commercial isn’t going to fly. Tyra is making them create their own singles and film their very own music videos. LOL. Just what the world needs, more reality stars thinking they’re pop stars. I really don’t think this cycle is about “branding“. Rather, it’s all about becoming a reality star cliche. From creating fragrances to posing like Snooki and NeNe, this cycle is turning out to be a joke. And if Allison Harvard doesn’t win, consider us all Punk’d. Check out preview pics from this week’s booty touche’ing episode below.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant somehow convinced Canadian stunner Coco Rocha to pose with our nevergonnabes. Needless to say they were all epically outclassed by a real working supermodel. Thankfully, Bre and AlexHATEdria ended up in the bottom two with Bre packing her bags and giving Tyrant major ‘tude on the way out the door. Shame we didn’t get another freak out from Miss Banks. Learn something from this! There are STILL nine girls left. Good Lord! It is time to cut some of the dead weight Tyrant… put some of these girls out of their misery and crush their hopes of a modeling career once and for all. So who’s gonna cry tonight? Who will give Mr. J major eye rolls? Will Lisa wear an awful outfit? Who will be eliminated tonight?

So Halloween is just around the corner? You peeps got your costumes all sorted out? I just did my little dress rehearsal tonight. GURL! All I gotta say is FIERCE with a capital SHAMELESS. I always try to do something ridiculous with as little material as possible. This year might be the best, and by best I mean absolutely heinously amazing. Watch out Fifth Element fans… I got my MultiPass and Leeloo is ready to kick some ass.

We start off this week in the van. Lisa is crying. She’s sad and shocked that Bre went home. They were on Cycle 5 together. That’s how fresh and new these girls are. 12 Cycles later and they still haven’t made it. Lisa thinks shit is gonna get crazy in the house since Bianca’s bodyguard is gone. Uh oh, More Lisa/Bianca nonsense. Can’t wait. Yawn. Cue AlexHATEdria’s turn to cry. She got called a “reality tv star”. Boo hoo sister. You’re on reality tv… and you’re NOT a star. Take it as a compliment. Then we have Shannon wondering what the judges want from her to be more “edgy”. She thinks they want “raunchy”, but she’s not going there… even to win. We know. You’re a saint. You where slutty bathing suits, but not slutty lingerie. Blah blah blah.

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Which Former ANTM Judge Is Heading To 90210?

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Truth be told, I’m starting to lose my interest in “90210“. This year nearly hasn’t been as riveting as previous season. The show needs to cut some of the dead weight. I like Silver, Ivy, Dixon and Navid but their storyline this year haven’t piqued my interest at all. And don’t even get me started on Adriana. If it wasn’t for Teddy’s upcoming gay wedding and the copious amounts of shirtless scenes of Liam (Matt Lanter) and Austin (Justin Deeley), I would’ve written this show off already. Plus, I have a slight girl crush on Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord). With this latest casting scoop, the show will have me for a bit longer.

“90210” certainly isn’t holding back on the guest stars this year. Already on Season 4, Kellie Pickler and Brandy have appeared with Billy Ray Cyrus and “Jersey Shore’s” Vinny Guadagnino set to drop by in upcoming episodes. Now comes word that a former “America’s Next Top Model” judge is dropping by to play herself in an episode for November sweeps. Find out who below.

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