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ANTM Cycle 17: Episode 1 Preview Pics

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We’re less than a week away from the highly-anticipated All-Star season of “America’s Next Top Model” and the wait is excruciatingly painful. Is it wrong that I’m really excited for this cycle? It’ll be even more guilty pleasure ridden than your typical season With all the over-the-top personalities SLASH beyotches, it should make for an entertaining watch. Thankfully, the CW released a slew of pictures from the season premiere to tide me over til next Wednesday when ANTM Cycle 17 premieres on September 14.

As previously reported, the focus of this cycle is on branding and not so much on modeling. That being said, the prize package still includes a spread in Vogue Italia and a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics. In addition, two new goodies are being added to the mix this cycle- an Express fashion campaign and a correspondent job on Extra.

For those who’re curious to know this year’s international destination, I’ll write it in white text. It’s the Greek island of Crete. Had I known that, this location would be the destination for this cycle, I would’ve headed over there instead of Mykonos during my recent European vacation. For a list of this year’s guest judges, click on my previous post to find out.

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ANTM Cycle 17: The First Official All-Stars Pics

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A few days ago Patrick shared the first video teaser from the upcoming ANTM All-Stars Season. Today, I have the first official cast photos from the highly-anticipated Cycle 17 to share with you. If you’re looking for some high-fashion editorial pics, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Once again, Tyra Banks missed the ball with giving fans what they want. If this is truly an All-Star Cycle, the images should reflect that. Instead the first official photos seem to reflect the model’s respective past persona. Isn’t this all about moving forward and Redemption Island, ANTM edition?

That being said, I’m still extremely excited about the long-overdue All-Star season. The cycle should provide some epic catfights considering Tyra has brought back some of the biggest beyotches in the show’s history. I don’t think any model house can take all this sassy diva attitude. Check out all the girls coming back and their ANTM Cycle 17 cast photo below.

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Check Out The ANTM All Stars Season Preview

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Tyrant, blink by blink, has gone through all the past cycles to bring back your favorites…and they’re almost here! America’s Next Top Model is back with 14 Fan Favorites and with so many celebrity guest judges, like the Kardashians, Kathy Griffin, Nicky Minaj & more, the competition is ON!

The teaser shows some clips from a catwalk competition in LA, where Nicky Minaj was a guest judge, as well as some clips from inside the house, like one girl saying “Always bet on black…hahaha”. Here we go!

There are no past winners returning, only fan favorites that failed to become America’s…Next…Top…Model. Catch the season premiere Wednesday, Sept. 14 on The CW. It looks like it’s going to be a season to remember!

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ANTM Reveals Guest Judges For All Stars Season

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A few months ago, we revealed the ANTM alums returning to smize their asses off for Tyra Banks’ amusement. Today, the CW officially announced this cycle’s contestants. The 14 girls coming back to to compete in ANTM Cycle 17’s All-Stars season are Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1), Camille McDonald (Cycle 2), Brittany Brower (Cycle 4), Lisa D’Amato (Cycle 5), Bre Scullark (Cycle 5), Bianca Golden (Cycle 9), Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10), Isis King (Cycle 11), Sheena Sakai (Cycle 11), Allison Harvard (Cycle 12), Laura Kirkpatrick (Cycle 13), Angelea Preston (Cycle 14), Kayla Ferrel (Cycle 15) and Alexandria Everett (Cycle 16).

The girls will once again be competing for a fashion spread in Vogue Italia and a $100,000 CoverGirl contract. New to the mix this year is an Express fashion campaign and a guest correspondent for Extra. Banks and company are billing this cycle’s goodies as a “career-launching” prize package. LOL.

As opposed to previous cycles where the contestants have been in the 18-24 range, the majority of the ANTM veterans are in their late twenties and early thirties. Both Jay Manual and Banks have stated that this cycle will focus on branding. In other words, the goal is to make the girls in mini-mogul brands like Tyrant herself. I can’t wait for the ridiculous challenges that lie ahead.

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ANTM Cycle 17 All-Star Edition: Meet The Cast

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To check out our ANTM CYCLE 17 GALLERY, click here.

To check out our ANTM CYCLE 17 COVERAGE, click here.

Recently The CW announced the seventeenth cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” would be an All-Stars edition. The minute that news hit the web, hardcore ANTM fans immediately started speculating who’d be returning. Would models all the way back from Cycle 1 be competing? Aren’t they like 100 years old in model years now? Even though, ANTM Cycle 17 doesn’t premiere til this fall, we uncovered the returning models going for their second attempt to be on top.

So how reliable is our intel? I would say pretty reliable, unless Tyra Banks is shrewd enough to organize a dummy fashion show. We had someone attend an event featuring Nicki Minaj in Los Angeles last night. It was a fashion show featuring the Cycle 17 All-Stars walking the catwalk. I had no idea they’d be filming this early? Who did Tyra deem worthy enough to come back?

I’m glad to say, there are no previous winners returning. That said, the lot is packed with lots of personality SLASH bitchiness. There are definitely a couple of fan favorites, but I have a feeling most of the models were brought back for drama. Seriously, there are a lot of bitches coming back. It’s like one big modeling Redemption Island. I was hoping All-Stars meant they were bringing back girls who were robbed and had real model potential, like Lauren Brie. Sadly, there’s only two girls who are returning that would’ve actually made it to the past two high-fashion cycles. Hell, there’s even one from the mini-cycle on deck. BOO. The cast is so not FETCH, I’m going to write up a post with my dream All-Star cast coming soon to


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