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DWTS Season 16: Week 1 Performances

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After watching the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars, I feel content with the predictions I made prior to the first telecast. Most of the celebrities performed as I thought they would with a couple notable exceptions. Both Andy Dick and Wynonna Judd impressed and entertained with their debut performances. That said, I still think they’re going to be eliminated within the first five weeks.

The stars had to dance either a cha cha cha, a foxtrot or a contemporary on the first night. With no results show until Tuesday, March 26, all of them get a second chance to impress viewers next Monday. Check out all the performances below and find out which ones were my three favorites and worst pick.

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DWTS Season 16: Predicting The Final Three

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After going with an All-Stars edition, Dancing With The Stars is going back to basics for Season 16. While I enjoyed seeing returning favorites, I’m looking forward to tonight’s season premiere. While the star wattage isn’t as high as in previous seasons, I already have a few people I’m rooting for. Lisa Vanderpump, I’m talking about you.

Getting a first look at the “celebrities” with their professional partners is always exciting to watch. While I do enjoy witnessing the trainwrecks, I’m more stoked to see who comes bursting out of the gates gunning for the mirrorball trophy. Check out my predictions on how Season 16’s stars will fare.

The Early Boots

Without a doubt, Andy Dick will be one of the first to go. I just can’t see the 47-year-old comedian having any sort of rhythm. Former ABC sitcom star DL Hughley might have some dancing prowess, but don’t think he has the fan base to support him. Speaking of fans, everyone knows that country music has diehard ones. Normally I would put Wynonna Judd higher, but with Kellie Pickler also in the competition, I think Judd will suffer and be ousted early.

Also in this bunch is my favorite Lisa Vanderpump. While popular with Housewives addicts (myself included), she probably isn’t well known outside the Bravo universe. Hopefully her signature wit and sass will win over new fans quickly. Last in this list is boxer Victor Ortiz. I’m sure when it comes to demographics, there isn’t much crossover between DWTS and boxing watchers. His chances aren’t helped by being saddled with new professional, Lindsay Arnold either. I thoroughly believe, viewers also vote for their favorite pros.

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My favorite part of every Dancing With The Stars season is the first episode. After weeks of buildup and buzz, we finally get to see who has the stuff to take it all the way and who’s there simply for fodder and ratings. This season that title goes to Andy Dick. I just can’t see the Newsradio star doing well. Poor Sharna Burgess. After spending several seasons in the Dance Troupe, she finally gets promoted to the big time, but saddled with Dick. LOL. With that said, the duo looks like they having lots of fun in their official promo photo.

ABC just released all the competing stars with their professional partners. This crop of wannabe hoofers doesn’t have the star wattage as previous ones, but I’m really looking forward to this season. We have new pro blood in the form of STYCYD alum Lindsay Arnold, Gleb Savchenko and the aforementioned Burgess. Based on first impressions Karina Smirnoff, Derek Hough and Val Chmerkovskiy have the best chemistry with their stars. Check out all the photos below.

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Dancing With The Stars: Season 16 Cast Announced

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Dancing With The Stars is back with a new cast of celebrities ready to throw on their dancing shoes and compete for the mirrorball trophy, alongside their talented professional partners. The new cast were announced by hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet on GMA this morning, along with the cast members for this season.

As with every season, there is quite the mix of celebrities that include country music stars, comedians, actors, Olympians and pro athletes, reality stars, and as usual, one token Disney star.

The new season begins on Monday, March 18 with a two-hour season premiere from 8-10pm ET, with the results show taking place the following week on Tuesday, March 26 at 9/10pm ET. Check out the cast of DWTS Season 16 below and vote for who you think will win this season.

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I love watching haters get called out on their bullying – even if it’s celebrities that are the victims. No one is immune. Some of the things people say on Twitter are so incredibly rude, not funny, and most of the time plain unnecessary that they deserve to get called on it.

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel had celebrities read out their favorite awful tweets from haters on Twitter. All of the celebrities above (with the exception of Kimmel himself) read a tweet or two aloud. They even show the actual Twitter handles of the people who wrote the tweets – love it.

To give you an example, for Kathy Griffin, someone wrote: “It’s people like Kathy Griffin who are the root cases for why red heads are perceived as the spawn of satan.” Watch the video below to find out what was said about all the rest of them and how they react to it.

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Famous People You Didn’t Know Were In Star Trek

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This article is for all my trekkie homos out there and those pop culture queens who love a good piece of trivia. While I am not a full fledged trekkie, I have enjoyed myself a fair share of seasons from Star Trek: The Next Generation and I think I’ve seen every episode of Voyager. While it wasn’t their best work, I did watch Deep Space Nine with my dad when it was on the air. So, when Patrick saw this and shared it with me, I couldn’t help but share it with you.

The Star Trek franchise has spanned multiple decades and generations with various takes on the original, classic tale imagined by Gene Roddenberry. The latest adaption has been the film version created by J.J. Abrams with its initial movie grossing over $380 million at the box office and now, a sequel on the way.

While there have been many celebrities who worked on full seasons of Star Trek (like Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Stewart), there are a few stars who you may not know had a role or two on the sci-fi cult hit. Thanks to a user at IMGUR, we can check out a few of those celebrities who made their appearance. Some of the side-by-side-comparisons may shock you. Check out the list below.

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Drunk Celebs In Jail Last Night

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It was a bad night for celebs and alcohol last night, with two familiar faces making headlines for their law breaking behaviour, according to RadarOnline. Normally, it’s the young Hollywood starlets that find themselves in trouble. This time round, it’s two older male stars: Andy Dick and Ricardo Chavira.

Last night, a boozed up Andy Dick was arrested (his mug shot, top left) and taken to jail and was booked by 9:48pm. The 45 year old was taken in for his disorderly conduct, taking place in a restaurant Temecula, California. Bail was set at $500, and after he sobered up, he was allowed to go home. Dick is no stranger to alcohol abuse, having been on Celebrity Rehab as well. People close to him are actually really worried about him and the risk he’ll take his own life.

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