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Looking for an entertaining way to spend three minutes? Have I got the clip for you.

Andrew Christian models Jacob Ford, Ryan Rose, and Jon Pastor play a game of strip rock, paper, scissors. Watch below to find out which two lose all their clothes in the process. Sadly, the eggplant emoji blocks the magnificent views of the losers’ goodies.

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For an Andrew Christian video, this is relatively tame by their standards. Not saying that it doesn’t deliver some thirst-worthy moments, because it does. Just more of the PG variety. Its lack of risque visuals is most likely due to the fact the clip is co-sponsored by Winq magazine.

Topher DiMaggio, Cory Zwierzynski and Jon Pastor work up a sweat as they put the brand’s new VIBE collection to the test. If you like watching guys work on their fitness, then the clip titled “Feel My Vibe,” will be your cup of tea. Check it out below.

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OMG!!! Remember “Liquid Dreams” by O-Town? Love that track from the Making The Band manufactured boy band. Their ballad “All or Nothing” was pretty awesome as well.

I’m sure Andrew Christian’s new promo titled “Liquid Dreams” wasn’t inspired by O-Town but I couldn’t resist bringing them up. Too bad for them, they burst onto the scene as the boy band trend was on its way out. Definitely underrated.

The underwear brand’s latest clip features Topher DiMaggio, Pablo Hernandez, Cory Zwierzynski, Arad, Drae Axtell, Uriel Ramirez and Cory Lee getting splashed with buckets of water. If you’re a little thirsty this lazy Sunday, quench your thirst with these sexy studs. Happy watching!!!

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With all the possible sexual innuendos and double-entendres related to festivities this time of year, naturally Andrew Christian has to get in on the action. It wouldn’t be the same without his signature stamp on the holiday season.

The underwear designer enlisted Topher DiMaggio, Cory Zwierzynski and Matt O’Reilly to jingle their balls and other tasty assets for his latest promo, “Holiday Rock.” For an AC clip, it’s pretty PG but nonetheless sexy. Check it out below.

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It’s been a while since I shared an Andrew Christian promo vid. My bad. What better way to get back in the mix than with this hot new promo.

Director Erica Dorsey delivers a steamy clip featuring porn star Arad Winwin. Watching him slowly undress is almost too much. Things climax when he caresses his ripped body while writhing on his bed.

Check out the tasty visual below which features Arad’s bubble butt. That thing most definitely brings boys to his yard 😉

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It’s game on bitches!!! Andrew Christian pits veterans against newbies for his latest promo video.

Just like in grade school, the participants engage in arm wrestling, human cartwheel races, tug-o-war and other competitions. However, the attire is a bit more revealing with all the guys’ ample junks bouncing about.

Representing the vets are Peter Le, Matt O’Reilly, Steven Andrade and Kevin Benoit. The new blood comes in the form of Arad Winwin, Drae Axtell, Uriel Ramierz (my favorite) and 2015 Trophy Boy Contest Winner Jake Parrick.

RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorite Pandora Boxx cheers the guys on, even offering free blowjobs to the winners. Watch below to see all the sexy shenanigans go down.

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Normally in Andrew Christian videos, we get up close and personal without ever hearing them speak. In this new video, we get up close and personal but in a different way. The models share their experiences of being in the closet and what it was like when they finally came out. Even Andrew Christian himself shares his story.

“For this year, we decided to share our own stories of how we came to have so much Pride. The road may not always be easy but it is always worth while to come out, be free, and find the love in the world. Hopefully by sharing our stories we are able to further inspire others and continue to help, as the song says, change the world.”

Check out the video below. Happy Pride month, everyone!

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As a lover of the campy 80s flick Troop Beverly Hills starring Shelley Long, I wanted to share this clip immediately. But since there’s nudity, I waited til the weekend to share the NSFW clip.

Andrew Christan takes Topher DiMaggio, Murray Swanby, Cory Zwierzynski, Peter Le, Rocky Santos, Brian Prince Roman and Jonny Manzanares camping. What do a bunch of horny gays in the wild do with all the downtime? Let’s just say, there’s plenty of tent pitching and I’m not referring to the REI-type variety either.

Watch the AC boys below handle plenty of wood in the underwear’s latest titillating clip. On a side note, why do so many gays love dressing up as Boy Scouts for Halloween? Share your thoughts below.

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