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If you thought Andrew Christian was going to tone it down in 2015, you thought wrong. In fact, I think its their mission to amp up the sex factor tenfold.

For their latest NSFW visual titled “Ab-Stract,” Topher DiMaggio, Pablo Hernandez, Murray Swanby, Cory Zwierzynski, Peter Le, Rocky Santos, Brian Prince Roman and Jonny Manzanares have a very messy painting party. With all the sexy action going on, cleaning up is the furthest thing on anyone’s mind.

Instead of using paint brushes to turn a blank canvas into an art masterpiece, the studs use their body parts to channel their inner Picasso. To make things even more interest, a spinner was used to determine exactly which model and what body part would be used next. Check out all the saucy NSFW action below.

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Given the NSFW nature of some of Andrew Christian’s clips, it wouldn’t be all that shocking if a little blow job action was shown. However, the blowing that takes place in the underwear designer’s latest promo is all about their Blow line and not of the fellatio kind.

Eight well-known gay porn stars are adorned with glitter while wearing AC briefs and jock straps. Check out Landon Conrad, Sean Zevran, Jimmy Fanz, Peter Le, Eric East and more engage in some steamy man-on-man action below in the New Years Eve-inspired clip.

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Looking for a last minute stocking stuffer for one of your friends? Maybe you still haven’t found a 2015 calendar to grace your home office or refrigerator yet? Perhaps this sexy offering from Andrew Christian is exactly what you’re in the market for.

The underwear designer enlists some of his more popular models to get drenched for his Wet Dreams 12 month calendar. Check out Topher DiMaggio, Murray Swanby, Pablo Hernandez, Jacob Ford and others leave very little to the imagination. Enjoy.

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It wouldn’t be an Andrew Christian Christmas without a little twerking. I’m sure in the underwear designer’s world, it pays to be naughtier than it does to be nice. Speaking of being naughty, I’m sure some of his models have been up to no good and deserve a fun spanking this festive season ;)

To wish you a Happy Twerkmas, his boys are back to booty pop around the Twerkmas Tree. Watch them bounce, flap, and jiggle in the new Twerk Underwear line, leaving very little to the imagination.

If you’re ready for all the jelly, check out Kevin Benoit, Rocky Santos, Steven Andrade, Cheddy Oakafor, Jonny Manzanares and Pablo Hernandez ‘spread’ their holiday cheer. Dibs on Hernandez :) As usual, it’s a NSFW clip, so watch in the comfort of your home.

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Tis the season to be slutty. I always thought Halloween was the unofficial day to let your inner sex beast out. Apparently, it’s Christmas. To be fair, Andrew Christian believes everyday is a day to let it all hang out.

The underwear designer convinces his hunky Santas to shake their big candy canes and sweet candy asses for his festive clip. Anything to get in the holiday spirit right?

Topher DiMaggio, Rocky Santos, Steven Andrade, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Jonny Manzanares and Pablo Hernandez shake their ample assets in a magical winter wonderland. Hope their naughty bits didn’t get frost bite ;) Watch the video below.

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Twerking is as synonymous to Andrew Christian videos as turkey is to Thanksgiving. You simply can’t have one without the other. The underwear brand once again features plenty of booty-popping bare-assed guys in their latest NSFW video promo.

Kevin Benoit, Rocky Santos, Steven Andrade, Cheddy Oakafor, Jonny Manzanares, Julian Serrano and Pablo Hernandez make it rain at the strip club. Who’s got some dolla bills ya’ll? Some of them could give a master class in how to give the perfect lap dance. If this doesn’t get you horned up, perhaps you’re on the wrong site ;)

Watch “Twerk It Out” below featuring “Gimme Dat Bass” By Ah2. Be prepared to get a little hot under the collar and other pieces of clothing you’re wearing.

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For their annual Halloween clip, Andrew Christian decided to go sacrilegious rather than the horror route. As per usual, the only day I felt comfortable posting their latest NSFW clip is on the weekend.

Playing off Catholic motifs, Jeff White directs a brief-wearing priest played by Pablo Hernandez serving communion to willing altar boys. He eventually ends up tied up, whipped and felt up. Where does one sign up ;)

Also starring in the clip are Rocky Santos, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Cory Zwierzynski and new-to-the-fold model Steven Andrade. The latter is the brand’s first ‘gaybie‘- straight boy who was raised by two gay dads. Check out the clip titled “Forgive Me, Father” below.

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Can’t we all just get along? White-winged angels engage in an epic battle against black-winged ones in Andrew Christian’s latest promo vid. Things are about to get all biblical, ya’ll.

The Jeff White-directed clip features popular AC underwear models Jake Houser, Topher DiMaggio, Rocky Santos, Noah Wright, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Cory Zwierzynski and Pablo Hernandez. Christian also makes a cameo.

It’s by far the brand’s most elaborate visual to date with plenty of special effects. Clearly, Andrew increased the budget for “Angels vs Demons.” Check it out below after reading the official (albeit slightly random) description. As always, proceed with caution, if at work ;)

Every gay boy seems to be fighting over a man nowadays #TheseHoesAintLoyal. In Angels vs Demons a forbidden love between Jake Houser, a white winged angel, and Kevin Benoit, a black winged angel, sparks an epic battle between old rivals. King Cory Zwierzynski puts on his armor to battle his old nemesis, Topher DiMaggio, King of the black winged angels. King Topher along with the two lovers die in this Trophy Boy battle. King Cory wanted to tweet at slain King Topher #sorrynotsorry, but we thought that might be too much. -Video Description

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