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Before we get to the results, a shocking development. I honestly thought Randy Jackson was the cockroach you couldn’t get rid of. Turns out I was wrong. The last original American Idol judge standing announced via E! News that he’s leaving the FOX talent show.

“Yo! Yo! Yo! To put all of the speculation to the rest, after 12 years of judging on American Idol I have decided it is time to leave after this season,” Randy told E! News. “I am very proud of how we forever changed television and the music industry. It’s been a life changing opportunity but I am looking forward to focusing on my company Dream Merchant 21 and other business ventures.”

With him officially going, plus rumors that FOX isn’t exercising any of the second year options on Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey, the network has a lot of hiring to do. To boot, there’s also speculation that Nigel Lythgoe isn’t being asked back. Season 13 could either be the end of the veteran singing competition or the dawning of a new era. It all depends on what direction production goes with casting.

Apologies for not recapping Wednesday’s performance show. I was at a restaurant opening and too tired to watch the show when I got home. When I finished watching it, I felt it was ridiculous to post it so late. Instead, I’m going to quickly give my thoughts on last night’s performances. I agree with Jimmy Iovine that Angie won Round 1, but I have to disagree with him and put Candice on top during the second round and again for the last round. If she goes home tonight, it’ll be a huge travesty.

I wholly believe Kree is going home. Though I think it’s time for Harrison to go, she was sabotaged big time last night. All three song choices picked for her didn’t allow her to shine. I can’t believe production is so evil to not let the contestants pick at least one song of their own. To have no power at this stage of the game is completely ridiculous. Without further ado, let’s get to the results.

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Mariah Carey Dumps Randy Jackson

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After spending several months sitting side by side with Randy Jackson on the American Idol judging panel, it appears Mariah Carey is tired of him. The 43-year-old singer is dumping the Dawg as her manager. Carey now jumps into bed with Red Light Management, joining other artists such as Alicia Keys, Faith Hill, Miley Cyrus and the Dave Matthews Band to name a few.

According to Showbiz 411, Carey officially parted ways due to their schedules being “too hectic.” I smell BS. Jackson was reportedly instrumental in brokering her record-setting $18 million deal to join him on the FOX show this season. I wonder how much Randy scored in commission from that deal.

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The annual Met Gala took place last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Fashionistas and celebrities donned their couture best to embody this year’s theme, “PUNK: Chaos to Couture.” The red carpet pictures have been working their way online since last night, but now it’s the photos from inside the gala that are making the rounds.

Out of all the pictures that Nicki Minaj could’ve snapped inside the event, the 30-year-old rapper posted two that seem to take aim at her fellow American Idol judge. First up is a “chance” meeting with Tommy Mottola and his wife, singer Thalia. If you recall, Mottola was the man behind Mariah Carey’s success. The two were also married but ended in a bitter divorce. He recently published a tell-all book on his time with the multi-octave vocalist.

Second up is an Instagram pic of Jennifer Lopez and Barbz. Recently, there were rumors that American Idol had a secret backup plan to replace Carey midseason with Lopez. All parties have denied it, but since that report came out, there have been more tense interactions between Carey and Minaj on and off the panel. Just last week, Nicki called out Mariah on Twitter about being old and insecure. Ouch. Check out the pics below.

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American Idol 12: The Top Four Elimination Is…

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I’m sure by now you probably know which contestant American Idol bid adieu to. And even if you didn’t, I’m pretty sure you had a good idea which lady was in danger. Out of all the eliminations during Season 12, this one was the easiest to predict. That’s why I’m not even going to wait til the jump to reveal that **SPOILER ALERT** Amber Holcomb was finally sent packing. Love the girl, but it was definitely time for her to go.

Proving her inability to pick the right song was part of her undoing, the 19-year-old selected Whitney Houston’s “I Believe In You And Me” as her farewell song. Why she picked it is mind-boggling. Her original cover wasn’t anywhere near her best performance during her entire run. And her second attempt at it wasn’t any better. Though I’ll give her a pass as I’m sure her emotions got the best of her. That end where Amber choked up à la Kelly Clarkson during the Season 1 finale was sorta adorable.

It’s usually a cliché when ousted contestants claim you’ll be hearing from them in the future, but I believe it in Amber’s case. She might be the Jennifer Hudson of the season. Given the right material, Holcomb could be huge.

Like Amber’s elimination, the rest of the show was anti-climatic. The hour featured performances by Season 7 winner David Cook, and this week’s mentor Harry Connick Jr. The part I did enough from #ThrowbackThursday was catching up with Season 4 standout Constantine Maroulis. Congrats on being the first Idol alum to snag a Tony nomination. Check out all the performances, Amber’s elimination and Constantine’s update below.

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American Idol 12: Top 4 Perform (Again)

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Apologies for the delayed American Idol recap. I injured myself on the swings while babysitting my niece yesterday. Don’t ask what happened. It’s far too embarrassing. Sufficed to say, I iced my poor self last night and fell asleep while watching my shows. I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Before we get to the performances, can we talk about Harry Connick Jr? This guy needs to be on the judging panel next season. He’s not afraid to tell the contestants how it is, or the other judges. Loved that he called out Randy Jackson for his often contradictory critiques. Their debate was great to watch. Nicki Minaj’s facial expressions during it were everything. Nigel Lythgoe, make Harry happen next year. Don’t you agree?

This week, the girls sang two songs apiece– a song from “now” and standards from “then.” To be perfectly honest, none of them blew me away tonight. I think the nerves got to the better of some, while the others were thinking way too much about the end game. Check out their performances below.

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American Idol 12 Top 4 Elimination Is…

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On American Idol last night, Ryan Seacrest informed viewers an important announcement regarding the rest of the competition would be made on the results show. I think everyone and their dog has a pretty good idea what it is. Before we get to the big reveal, let’s quickly discuss the filler.

In the sponsored by Ford Fiesta segment, the girls were on the hunt for Seacrest. The whole bit was pretty lame, especially the reveal that there are Ryan clones. Can you imagine the world with four Seacrests. The horror. The worst part of the segment was when Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison and Angie Miller read the teleprompter. None of them have futures as hosts #justsaying. Thankfully, the ladies did far better with their Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” group performance.

After being spoiled with Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood the past several weeks, we were “treated” to Stefano Langone and Lee DeWyze who is arguably the worst Idol winner to date. That’s saying a lot considering Taylor Hicks is also a winner. Both alums performed songs that reminded me other Idols. Stefano’s song sounded like something David Archuleta would sing, while DeWyze channeled his inner Phillip Phillips and jumped on the folk music bandwagon. Check out the performances below.

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American Idol 12: Top 4 Performances (Video)

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I was tempted to skip this week’s American Idol post because it all seems pointless. We all know tomorrow will most likely end with a non-elimination. Ryan Seacrest even announced at the end of the show that he’s going to reveal something that will affect the rest of the competition. I wonder what that could be (not).

My gut feeling is, if Amber Holcomb is the bottom vote-getter, no one’s going home. I like her, but the judges and producers are trying way too hard to make Amber happen. It’s almost turning me off and I’m a fan. Their agenda is more obvious than Mariah Carey valiantly trying to make #pow happen. PS. It never will.

Speaking of Carey, I was curious to see her judging performance this week. After Hollywood Reporter’s claim that producers contemplated ousting her for Jennifer Lopez mid-season, I wondered how Mimi would respond. She didn’t ramble nearly as much and she even interacted with the other judges a few times. Me thinks thy lady is trying to save face. Love her as a singer and sometimes actress, but as a judge… not so much.

This week the girls performed three songs apiece. A duet, one of their own choice and another by a one hit wonder– a theme voted on by viewers. Personally, I feel all four dropped the ball with their one hit wonder song choices. IMHO, none of them really were in the spirit of the law, but merely followed the letter of the law. Check out all their performances below.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, American Idol producers and Fox executives secretly hatched a plan to replace Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez mid-season. Reportedly, when Mimi’s team found out, they threatened legal action. The show had no choice but to kibosh the plan. Can you imagine if Idol actually did a panel change mid-season? The DRAMA that would’ve ensued would’ve been amazing.

The Season 12 premiere featuring Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban and Carey opened to decent numbers. Early on, the current season even bested previous year declines after the premiere. But as the weeks passed, viewers began leaving in droves, setting record lows for the veteran reality show. Making matters even worse was The Voice was experiencing season gains with the addition of Shakira and Usher.

Some say Carey’s passive and rambling comments are to blame, while others say that Minaj’s sharp-tongued quips have alienated the core viewer which is “a midwestern, Southern, older woman.” While I don’t necessarily disagree about Nicki’s aggressiveness, I enjoy her the most. Her comments are the most entertaining and memorable, IMHO. Onto other Idol-related news. Find out what the Top 4 girls are singing tomorrow.

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