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Historically speaking, the female winners of American Idol have proven themselves to be quite successful in their post-Idol careers. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood see-saw back and forth as the top-earning act from the singing competition ever year on Forbes’ list. Fantasia and Jordin Sparks have also found success in their own right since winning their respective year. Season 12′s Candice Glover definitely has a lot to live up to.

Adding more pressure is the fact both Season 10 and Season 11 winners, Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips, turned it around with their highly-successful debut albums after declining sales for the franchise. Stakes are even higher for the show itself. It needs to prove they can still create viable recording artists given their ratings free-fall the past couple of seasons. Can Glover keep the streak alive for the ladies and recent sales renaissance for the show? I surely hope so. The 24-year-old releases her first album titled Music Speaks on February 18 after a few delays. She spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about her upcoming LP.

“Love is my favorite thing,” she said of the record. “I’m a hopeless romantic and I want people to listen to the album and fall in love all over again. I’m hoping it helps people get through what they’re going through. My main focus is to help people through music.”

Damn” recently leaked online and while not a potential radio hit, it’s still pretty awesome and allows for Candice’s impeccable vocals to shine. It chronicles the heartache of being a man’s other woman. Who knew Candice was such a hussy ;) Give it a listen below.

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American Idol 13: San Francisco & Austin Auditions

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There was good news and bad news regarding American Idol Season 13′s premiere. Let’s start with the bad. The show premiered to its lowest rated season premiere ever, even lower than the inaugural season which had no buzz leading up to it. The opener also clocked in with less viewers than The Voice‘s most recent season premiere for the first time.

The good news, however, is that it’s the first time in Idol’s history that the season premiere was higher rated than the previous season finale. Clearly, fans were willing to give the new panel a chance after last year’s hot mess of a season. In addition, it was the #1 show of the night and most watched among the broadcast networks. I’m still optimistic that Season 13 will prove lucky and the infectious chemistry between the three judges and the awesome talent will entice more viewers to come back.

On Thursday night’s episode, leftover auditions from Austin were bunched in with San Francisco ones. Like the premiere, the second episode featured more hilarious moments with new judge Harry Connick Jr which included him fondling a male singer. I can honestly watch an entire hour with just his critiques and hijinks.

As awesome as Hatchet Harry was (J. Lo’s nickname for him), tonight’s most memorable moment came courtesy of a former American Idol contestant. The show has been around so long now, that we have offspring from former Idols now competing. We’ve officially tapped into the second generation. Insane!!! Find out which former contestant’s child auditioned for the judges below, along with other memorable ones.

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American Idol 13: Boston & Austin Auditions

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With a new judging panel and new executive producer behind the wheel, American Idol is looking to rebound from last year’s debacle. While the final five ladies were some of the best the show has ever seen, Season 12 will always be remembered for its floundering ratings and Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud. People just weren’t in the mood for the drama and as a result, viewers fled in record numbers.

It’s too early to tell, but I’m optimistic about Season 13 based on the premiere episode. The talent was great and so was the chemistry between the judges. Harry Connick, Jr. is the best thing to happen to the show in years. He’s charming, honest and has great comedic timing. He’s the second coming of Simon Cowell but nicer. If you haven’t watched Idol in ages, I highly recommend getting yourself reacquainted with the show. New showrunner Per Blankens has made some great changes. The only thing I’m not vibin’ is that chamber. #notnecessary

Not only is Jennifer Lopez back, but so is the WGWG. After being virtually wiped out last season, the cute white guys with guitars are back with a vengeance. There was at least a handful of them featured tonight and they were all good. Check out my favorite singers from the Boston and Austin auditions below.

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Just in time for the Season 13 premiere of American Idol, Forbes released their annual roundup of the top-earning alums from the reality show. Despite it’s declining ratings, the show still produces viable platinum-selling artists. Just look at previous winners Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips who’ve reversed the downward trend that hit rock bottom when Lee DeWyze took the Season 9 crown. It’s too early to tell if reigning champ Candice Glover can maintain the momentum, but I have high hopes.

After losing the title last year, Carrie Underwood earns bragging rights among her fellow Idols. According to the publication, Underwood earned $31 million from June 2012 through June 2013. Just to punctuate how huge that is, her earnings exceeded the annual earnings of last year’s judges, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban. Carrie’s total comes from her platinum-selling Blown Away album, highly-successful tour and multiple endorsement deals.

Phillips makes his debut on the list by scoring the most successful coronation song in Idol history. “Home” sold more than four million copies. He ties for third place with Adam Lambert. The person you’ll be shocked that made the cut is Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks. For the longest time, he was perceived as the worst Idol winner (that is before DeWyze came along). The Soul Patrol leader earns his spot by being the first and only Idol act to have a Vegas residency at the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino.

Check out the Top 10 list below. I’ve also added clips/music videos from each former Idol contestant to familiarize yourself with their recent work.

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Depends on which source you believe. Hollywood Reporter’s insider claims FOX is moving the American Idol Season 13 finale to New York City. If the network follows through with this, it will be the first time in the reality competition’s history that it’s left the Los Angeles area for the season closer. I, for one, am completely down for this idea.

find out which venue is on the short list

American Idol XIII Promo: The Stats Don’t Lie

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Up until now I’ve refrained from posting any of FOX’s American Idol promos. With their latest though, I couldn’t resist. As I’ve said before, until The Voice can produce a bonafide superstar like Idol has, the veteran competition will still be on top. The statistics don’t lie as evident in their latest promo.

408 #1 hits, 19 platinum albums, 11 Grammys, and an Academy Award. It’s safe to say that no one has a track record like American Idol! Hell, they even have a Dancing With The Stars mirrorball trophy thanks to Kellie Pickler. The only thing missing from their mantle is an Emmy. That’s the one category that The Voice has bragging rights. The NBC show recently dethroned The Amazing Race for Best Reality Competition.

American Idol returns to FOX on January 15. Though they’ll never return to their glory days, I predict Season 13 will be a comeback of sorts. Harry Connick, Jr. is the best thing that’s happened to the show in ages. The chemistry on the new judging panel is undeniable and infectious. Check out the new promo below, along with the previously released ones. I highly recommend, “Who Will Be Next?,” “Inside Look At Season XIII,” “Fun With The Judges,” along with “The Stats Don’t Lie.”

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Candice Glover Unleashes Monstrous New Ballad

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The twelfth season of American Idol was the lowest-rated in the show’s history and the subsequent tour canceled several dates. Originally, Candice Glover’s debut album was slated to hit stores on July 16th, but then pushed back to October 18th. It was again delayed and now scheduled for February 18. Much better if you ask me, since American Idol will be back on the air for its 13th season and can promote it heavily.

Even with the odds stacked up against her, I predict Glover will outsell Lee DeWyze and not become the lowest-selling American Idol winner ever. After all, female Idol winners typically do better than their male counterparts. If Candice’s album is anything like the lead cut, she’ll definitely continue that trend. She may not beat Phillip Phillips’ numbers, but I foresee a respectable run.

Cried” is a million times better than her coronation song “I Am Beautiful” which barely cracked Billboard’s Hot 100. The new single is soulful and a monstrous of a ballad. It probably won’t break into the mainstream charts, but could do very well on adult contemporary and urban radio. Candice is too good of a talent to let slip through just because Season 12 was marred with awful ratings and judging drama. Give the heartfelt track a listen below. I can see Candice absolutely slaying this during a live performance. Her “Lovesong” cover on the show still gives me chills.

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With “The Art of Letting Go” debuting just the other day, naturally Mariah Carey is on the promotion train pimping out her new single. I’m sure the last thing she wants to talk about is her badly-reviewed one season stint as American Idol judge. However, that’s not the case for Angie Martinez who interviewed Carey for Hot 97. I think it’s time for people to heed Mariah’s track and let it go.

When asked about the FOX singing competition, Carey tries to avoid it at first but then dishes some tea and throws a bit of shade. She reveals she hated going to work, how she felt duped by producers and calling someone Satan. Clearly, she’s talking about Keith Urban ;) Check out the interview snippet below.

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