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American Idol 13: Top 12 Elimination Is

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When American Idol shortens the results show to a half hour I hope they keep the roundtable discussion the contestants engage in while eating dinner after their performances. It’s the one filler I actually find entertaining. Knowing my luck, the producers are going to nix it in favor of Randy Jackson’s postmortem analysis of the previous night.

With this week’s theme being all about ‘home,’ naturally Phillip Phillips returned to his former stomping grounds to pimp out his new single “Raging Fire.” His coronation song “Home” is still and most probably will be the best among all Idol winners. Also on deck as special guests were Randy’s suggestion, Dublin-based Irish rock band Kodaline.

Check out all the performances below along with this week’s eliminated singer. Not to toot my own horn, but I called the Bottom 3 correctly. Too bad I didn’t place a wager on my prediction.

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American Idol 13: Top 12 Perform (Videos)

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American Idol Season 13 started off with such promise. Unfortunately, I think it’ll end up as one of my least favorites.

I can already see where this season is going after last week’s results. The girls are going to get chopped off one by one while the boys sail through to the finals. I’m already preparing myself for a potential Dexter Roberts win (UGH). I just don’t get the love or appeal. Does anyone else who doesn’t live in middle America get it? Please advise.

If only I could swap out all these girls with exception to Majesty Rose with last year’s Fab 5 combo of Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arthur, I’d be one happy boy. The S13 girls just aren’t cutting it. Even though I really like MK Nobilette, it’s really hard to root for her because she’s just not bringing it. Check out this week’s performances below and my elimination prediction.

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American Idol 13: Top 13 Elimination Is

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If American Idol follows tradition, the next three eliminations won’t make the tour. #socloseyetsofar Personally, I think they should just eliminate three right away. There’s definitely some fat that needs trimming in Season 13′s Top 13.

Reigning American Idol winner Candice Glover dropped by to perform on tonight’s hour-long results show. BTW, I thought we were promised half-hour ones this year. #brokenpromisesonceagain She performed a medley of her released singles and she slayed it. If there is any justice in the world, Candice will become another platinum-selling winner. Also on hand was British teen Jake Bugg. Had no idea who he was prior to tonight’s show… and I still don’t ;)

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American Idol 13: Top 13 Perform

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Is it me or is anyone else not emotionally attached with the majority of American Idol Season 13′s contestants? Personally, I feel both America and the judges got it wrong with their cuts and picks. Especially after several of the Top 13 failed to deliver goosey-worthy performances.

It’s really a shame though because the veteran show is doing plenty things right. The judges’ chemistry is on point. I love Harry Connick Jr’s honesty and his impromptu music lessons. Dude is quite knowledgeable. The newly-designed stage is fantastic. Even Randy Jackson’s very brief insights don’t bother me. Check out all the performances below, along with my Top 5 rankings and elimination prediction.

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Just when I thought American Idol was back on track, they pull a stunt like this. Up until tonight’s episode, I was on board with all the changes producers implemented for Season 13. The fact that five girls from the Top 15 were eliminated before having a chance to perform for America’s vote was beyond ridiculous. The entire mess reminded me of poor Lisa Leuschner back in Season 3.

Why even bother dedicating two entire episodes last week to reveal the Top 30. Couldn’t they have just cut it to Top 20 last week and not put five boys and five girls through this cruel punishment. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the judges passed on some of my favorites only to put through some of the more annoying singers- Jena, Jessica and Kristen I’m talking to you.

I will say, however, I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes segments with Randy Jackson, Adam Lambert, Chris Daugherty and the non-denominational spiritual advisors. No joke on the latter. Another saving grace was how honest Harry Connick Jr. was. Way to call out the girls who mistakenly think money notes are enough to advance. Finally, a judge to tell it like it is.

Check out the ten that were allowed to sing, and find out which five experienced the cruelest cut thus far.

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Don’t get it twisted. There have been plenty of LGBT contestants on American Idol. Adam Lambert, Todrick Hall, Clay Aiken and Danny Noriega immediately come to mind. However, even though some were as obvious as a rainbow flag, none of their sexual orientations were ever discussed on the show during their tenures. At times, producers even went out of their way to hide it from middle America. With Nigel Lythgoe out, new showrunner Per Blankens switched things up on last night’s episode.

“I’m very obviously gay, and there are always going to be people in America and everywhere else who will definitely hate me,” MK Nobilette replied to the judges after being asked if she could be the next American Idol. “But I think that in the last two years, there have been a lot of things that have really changed that, and have made it a positive thing.”

After 13 seasons, that finally changed with MK Nobilette. The 20-year-old singer made history by being the first openly gay contestant to make the voting rounds. Even before this, I was already a fan of Nobilette and been rooting for her since her San Francisco audition. Check out her segment below. MK for the win. Side note. There’s clearly another Season 13 finalist on our team. I wonder if Emmanuel Zidor will also officially confirm his same-sex loving self.

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American Idol 13: Meet The Top 15 Boys (Spoilers)

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Just because the auditions are over that doesn’t mean the live rounds are anytime soon. We’ve got a few more weeks before the Top 30 is officially revealed during the Green Mile episode. If you’re half as impatient as myself, knowing Season 13′s finalists is of the utmost importance. As I did with the ladies, I’m spoiling this year’s Top 15 guys.

After being virtually absent last year, the WGWG (white guy with guitar) is back, and back with a vengeance. They are a dominant force in the Top 15. For good measure, there’s even an African American guitarist in the mix. Is a new American Idol acronym born- BGWG anyone? Check out the boys below who’ll compete for your votes in the coming weeks.

proceed with caution

American Idol 13: Meet The Top 15 Girls (Spoilers)

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With the audition phase officially over, I thought it was the perfect time to share some spoilers I stumbled upon recently. Even though I stopped recapping American Idol after the first week, I’m still tuning in. For some odd reason, the past couple weeks I haven’t been able to catch it right away. I’ll get back into the swing of things when the live voting rounds begin. Also, since I already knew who Season 13′s Top 30 already were, I felt like a fool pretending not to know while posting about the show.

Personally speaking, I love spoilers. It doesn’t take anything away from my viewing pleasure. In fact, it enhances it. I enjoy watching how producers edit the ones that make the cut. You can definitely tell who’s cannon fodder and who the chosen ones are. Without further ado, check out the Top 15 Girls below. I’ve also revealed which girls I’m rooting for.

proceed with caution

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