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Creator of American Idol, Simon Fuller is suing FOX for some money he believe he’s owed. To my surprise, it’s not for Idol but for FOX’s new show launching this fall: The X Factor.

Fuller is claiming that FOX and Fremantle North America (producers of Idol and X Factor) are not holding up their end of the bargain on a deal that was allegedly made to give him an executive producer credit on the new show as well as receive the money that would go along with that title. Yesterday, Fuller filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages rumored to be well into seven figures. However, FOX and Fremantle say that Fuller is off his rocker.

This little spat trails back to 2004 when Fuller sued Simon Cowell in the British courts for ripping off the Idol format to create The X Factor in the UK. FOX was able to help the two Simons come to an agreement where Idol held Simon as a judge until 2010 and gave him a bigger chunk of the show. In return, Cowell agreed not to bring X Factor to the US until this year.

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Listen To Pia Toscano’s Debut Single “This Time”

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Pia Toscano’s elimination on this year’s “American Idol” was arguably the most shocking. Many viewers thought she was a contender and should’ve lasted longer. As we all know in the world Idol, it’s not where you place, but rather what you do with your national exposure. Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert all didn’t win, but have certainly made the most of their Idol fame and achieved more success than most of the Idol winners. Will Pia Toscano follow suit or become Idol also-ran roadkill?

The stunning brunette debuted her first single on Ryan Seacrest’s show yesterday. “This Time” is a mid-tempo song written by Ester Dean who’s responsible for such hits like “S&M,” “Rude Boy” and “What’s My Name” for Rihanna and also Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”. Dean also co-wrote this season’s Idol win Scotty McCreery’s coronation song, “I Love You This Big“. So what does her new single sound like?

It’s more in the vein of McCreery than Rihanna. “This Time” sounds very Celine Dion-lite and other numerous songs you’d hear on adult contemporary stations. In fact, the track and vocals remind me of another previous Idol contestant… Katherine McPhee. I’m almost certain this won’t be the breakout hit Toscano is looking for, but I could be wrong. It’s a little surprising she didn’t come out the gates with a soaring ballad. We all know she loves doing those. Check out her debut single below. WARNING!!! You might find yourself falling asleep midway through the track. LOL.

“This Time” Chorus

This time, this time I’m gonna do it my away
This time, I’m finding out the hard away
This time, I’m gonna go back to the girl I was on the night you found me
No more, closing back the real me
Just wait, in a minute you’ll see
This time, is in time, it’s my time
Getting back to the real me

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When all else fails, there’s always, right? This past year, “famous” men keep popping up on the NSFW site showing of their abs, and in some cases a lot more. Now, a former American Idol 10 contestant has just showed up on the site rocking his sexy body. If America was voting on his abs, he’d surely have won.

This guy has actually had quite a few shirtless iPhone pics surface over the last few months. The former shipyard worker has been working hard at the gym and I guess he wants to show off the fruits of his labor… immediately following his workouts (the pictures are taken in the locker room).

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It seems like the newest trend for Hollywood is having your own daytime talk show. With Oprah leaving the airwaves the only real competition left out there is Ellen. So, you can imagine why many stars and reporters want to throw their hat into the ring to give the TV hosting thing a try. It looks pretty fun and easy to me… walk out, say some jokes, sit in a chair, talk with celebs, play fun games with your audience, talk about current issues… all in a days work. So who’s the newest celeb to jump on board the daytime talk bandwagon?

To my surprise, it’s American Idol judge Randy Jackson. Anyone else out there as shocked as I am? While Randy is most well known for his knowledge in music and reality dance TV (America’s Best Dance Crew), the rumor is his show will be more about what’s hip and happening in pop culture. Randy believes he has his finger on the pulse of what’s bubbling up. Apparently Randy has recently been shopping this show around to TV execs but so far, no one has taken the bait. In my honest opinion, a show of this nature sounds more like an MTV or VH1 show than an NBC daytime one hour gab session. However, Randy’s star power could land him a potentially coveted time slot.

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You looking for a special performer for an upcoming event? A celebrity perhaps? Well, ever wonder how much former Idol contestants make per gig after they’ve completed the star-making process that is American Idol? Well, a list has been compiled of the top earners from the ten past season, and fees range anywhere from $5,000 all the way up to a whopping $500,000.

As you would probably guess, the top earners include Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, but who else is up there at the top of the list? And, who’s at the bottom? You know, not that it’s a bad thing. There are fifteen people on this list, so at least out of the thousands and thousands of people that have been on this show, this handful of people are making a living from their singing careers. Good for them! Check out the list below!

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Is Jennifer Lopez Leaving American Idol?

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Jennifer Lopez was put on the spot in a BBC interview with the multi-million dollar question: Will she be returning to American Idol next season?

“You know, this is the question of the hour. “I don’t know,” she said. “I haven’t been forced to make a decision and I’m glad about that because honestly I’m very on the fence about it.”

This year, in addition to her role on Idol, Jennifer Lopez also released a new album and music video for her hit single “On The Floor”. She’s also working on a reality show for OWN where she’ll be looking for the next undiscovered superstar in Latin America. It’s called – “Que ‘Viva!: The Chosen”.

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Scotty McCreery’s Second Single Leaks

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Scotty McCreery is off to a great start since his “American Idol” win. His coronation song “I Love You This Big” sold nearly 200,000 downloads since its release and going strong. With the song still building on country radio, it’s surprising that the American Idol 10 winner’s second single has already leaked. “Out of Summertime” written by Nashville hit-makers, Tim Nichols and Jonathan Singleton, is already selling on Dutch iTunes.

As expected, Scotty is going with a straight-up country vibe with his new material. “Out of Summertime” is a great alternative to his first ballad-y single. It’s upbeat and twangy, perfect for those warm country nights. Admittedly, I like my country a little more pop infused, but I sorta dig his old school country-sounding second offering. The track will appear on the 17-year-old’s upcoming debut album which will be released by Mercury Nashville.

listen to Scotty’s new track after the jump

American Idol 10: The Winner Is…

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Sorry for the delay in pumping out the recap for American Idol’s Season 10 finale. I went to Usher’s concert last night where Akon, Dev and The Cataracs opened. One of the best concerts I’ve been too in a while. I’m going to do a separate review later on. Afterward, we headed to the official after party and had even more fun. Sufficed to say, I got home pretty late and woke up a bit groggy. Let me tell you, two hours of Idol isn’t the most effective hangover cure. So enough background, let’s get to the show.

I’m sure at this point, you probably already know who the winner is so I won’t pretend to skirt around that issue. After a record-breaking 122 million votes cast, Scotty McCreery was crowned this season’s winner. He clearly was the frontrunner for most of the season, so I’m not completely surprised. That being said, I gave Lauren an outside chance she could pull it off based on the previous night’s performance. All in all, I’m pretty content with the results. Let’s hope Scotty breaks the recent trend of declining sales for an Idol winner.

With Simon Cowell leaving, many were curious to see if Idol would survive without him. Not only has it, but it’s thrived. Along with the aforementioned record-breaking votes, the finale ratings were up an impressive 12% over last year’s show. A fitting ending to a great season. If you missed any part of the season finale, check out the picture-by-picture recap below.

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