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American Idol 10: Top 5 Performances

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Pardon me if this week’s American Idol recap is a bit all over the place. I’m still coming off a HIGH from watching an advance screening of “Thor“. The vision of Chris Hemsworth’s pecs in 3D is still haunting me (in a good way). It was the perfect movie to kick-off the summer movie season. Be sure to come back on Friday to check out my full review of the superhero flick.

Back to American Idol. While I liked the idea of tonight’s theme of getting the contestants to sing contemporary songs and oldies, I could’ve done without the hour and half long show. Remember the good old days when Idol had the Final 5 sing only one song. Yup, I miss it too. When rehearsals took place, Nigel Lythgoe should’ve pulled the plug on the first round. I’m putting it mildly when I say it sucked collectively. All of them did so much better for their second performances. One of them even earned a standing ovation from the judges, audience and most importantly ME.

On a side note, J. Lo was extra pushy tonight, IMHO. She was butting in all over the place and even judged out of turn during Scotty’s critique. I love Jennifer, but I wish she wasn’t such a diva sometimes. We get it, you have an album to push. Enough bitchin’ on my part and onto the performances. Check them out below.

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Kelly Clarkson and Daughtry Join Forces

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After years of trying to make something happen, two of my favorite Idol alums are finally joining forces for a new track. Confirmation of the duet was revealed during a recent interview Richard Marx had with a radio station. The 80s balladeer who co-wrote the track, titled “One More Yesterday“, has heard a rough mix of it and has nothing but amazing things to say about it.

“I’ve heard the rough mix of it, and the singing can’t be beat, between the two of them,” – Richard Marx

Kelly has long teased that her upcoming album would feature a duet that her fans have longed for. Back in 2008, Clarkson and Daughtry were supposed to record a track, but was nixed by the label who weren’t happy with the result. They tried again over the years, but nothing ever came to fruition. Though the vocals have been laid down, we’ll have to wait for a few months before we hear it. Unless someone leaks it of course.

The first-ever American Idol winner apologized to her fans that her new album won’t be available til September. She wrote on her Facebook: “I realize that is a long time but that’s the best time to release it apparently so I’m sorry for the wait but I promise you it sounds great!”

listen to a past live duet performance by the two after the jump

American Idol 10: Top 6 Eliminations

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Ugh… Tonight was a prime example of why the results show should only be a half hour, which BTW was promised by Idol they would be implementing this year. While some of the filler was entertaining, the last half which retreaded last night’s performances was painful. Did each contestant really have to come to the middle of the stage and revisit the night before. To boot, that Q&A session that preceded the results was neither informative nor interesting.

Ryan Seacrest began the episode by warning viewers they weren’t going to be happy with the results. Was Seacrest blowing smoke up our collective asses, or were we actually in for a shocker? God, I hope the latter. Without revealing the results just yet, I will say the eliminated Idol gave the best swan song in Idol history IMHO. Intrigued? Keep reading.

After forgoing the group performance the past few weeks, the producers brought it back and made the Top 6 perform a Carole King medley. Much like the duets the night before, this wasn’t good. The only highlight for me was the short duet between Haley and Lauren on “One Fine Day“.

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American Idol 10: Top 6 Performances

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I can’t believe we’re mere weeks away from crowning American Idol Season 10’s winner. It’s insane how time flies. After watching how awesome “The Voice” was, I admit, I was a little uninterested in watching Idol this week. It’s not fair to judge an entire series based on one episode, but that’s how good it was. Everyone today was talking about “The Voice”. That being said, when Jacob, Casey, Lauren, Scotty, James and Haley took to the stage, I got into the Idol spirit. Love them or hate them, this year’s Top 6 collectively is leaps and bounds better than Season 9’s lot. With exception to Crystal Bowersox, of course, who just so happens to be performing on tonight’s results show.

This week’s theme revolved around Carole King’s songbook. At first, I was expecting to listen to a lot of songs from her “Tapestry” album. I had no idea, she was such a prolific songwriter before her iconic album. “Tapestry” was the top-selling solo album until Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in 1982 squashed her record. Who knew? Also featured in this episode was singer/songwriter/producer, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. He was on deck to mentor the kids this week. Back in the day, I used to love Babyface’s slow jams. He was the king of old school R&B jams from the late 80s, early 90s. Teen rebel, Miley Cyrus, also popped up for a couple of nanoseconds to give Lauren Alaina advice. It definitely wasn’t a party in the USA. So how did the kids fare this week? Watch their performances and read my commentary below.

watch the performances, check my predictions all after the jump

American Idol 10 : Top 7 Eliminations

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Hey ya’ll. Sorry this is a little late today. Last night, a few of us had to go to an event where Homorazzi was being honored for helping out the charitable organization, YouthCo Aids Society, so I wasn’t able to watch the episode til this morning. To boot, it was Redd’s going away party and the first night out in Vancouver for me in a month. It was awesome seeing friends I haven’t seen in weeks. To say, I had a good time would be an understatement. Thankfully, Good Friday is a holiday up here. Now, onto to American Idol.

Last night’s time fillers were Katy Perry, Kanye West and David Cook. While, I like all three, I’m sooooooo glad we were on hand last week to watch Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson live instead. Having seen the results show in person, I have a whole new appreciation for the show and more importantly the audience. I know what those poor saps in the rafters went through. Neither of last night’s performance was great, but I do appreciate Katy going all extraterrestrial on us. That pin-up schtick is so tired. Also, was it wrong that I wanted Kanye’s fur vest. I’d risk the chance of PETA supporters throwing red paint on me to wear that hot little number.

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American Idol 10: Top 7 Performances

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This week’s theme was 21st Century Songs. WTF is up with that loosey goosey theme. Oh well. With such a broad selection, the Idols should have no problem picking songs in their wheelhouse. Normally, tackling more contemporary songs can prove tricky. The more popular the hit, the harder it is to believe the authenticity of the Idol performance. Surprisingly, the majority of the singers did a solid job. There wasn’t a complete trainwreck out of the bunch.

Speaking of trainwrecks, what was up with that ridiculous group performance by Season 10’s castoffs. They’ve been voted off and had no business being back on the Idol stage. It sorta cheapens the honor, for those singers still in the competition. I wonder what Nigel Lythgoe’s thought process was for this annoying filler. Pink’s “So What” was lyrically fitting. So what if these idols are back. No one cares. LOL. If you missed the performance, I embedded it at the end of the post. Listen with caution.

watch the performances, check my predictions all after the jump

Last night, Patrick, Tyrell, Brian and myself were lucky enough to score tickets to American Idol’s result show. It couldn’t have been better timing since Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson were both performing. By now you probably know who was booted, so I won’t bore with details as you’ve probably seen the show. Instead, I’ll give you some insight on what went on when the cameras weren’t rolling. But for those who haven’t seen it. I’ll post a quick paragraph at the end of the post.

Let’s get a few production details out of the way. First, the venue is a lot smaller in person than on television. That wide lens really does wonders. Over the years, Simon Cowell to present day judges have commented how differently the performances sound in person from the televised version. I can honestly say, that is 100% true. Everyone sounds really good in the venue.

What You Didn’t See On Television

If you watched the show you know Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Marc Anthony, Pia Toscano and Mary Hart were all in the audience. By the time the cameras were on Chaka Khan was sitting in the row behind the judges with Anita Baker, BUT that’s now how it started. At first Chaka was about nine rows behind Anita, before Baker motioned Khan to join here. How dare the producers put Miss Chaka up in the Idol nose bleeds. Oh wait, that’s where we were. LOL. By the time Mary Hart came, there were no more prime seats, so she had to sit where Chaka was originally sitting. SCANDAL-O.

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Not that Jacob Lusk had a great shot of winning this year’s American Idol, but this pretty much puts the nail in the coffin on that dream. TMZ has uncovered a mug shot of the Idol contestant. Apparently, Lusk has had problems with the popo.

Back in 2009, Jacob was caught for riding a Metro train without a ticket. Tsk, tsk. When he failed to appear for his court day, a warrant was issued. It wasn’t until November 2010, when he got pulled over for a traffic violation that it finally caught up to him. The arresting police officer saw the outstanding warrant and took him to the big house. Ironically enough, this was the day after he received his Golden Ticket to Hollywood. LMFA0.

find out what Jacob did during his time behind bars after the jump

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