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American Idol 12: Sudden Death First Ten Girls

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Let’s get the tears and anger out of the way: Donovan is gone for the week living it up in LALA land so you have the blog bitch taking over to tell you EVERYthing that’s wrong with the girls and boys of Idol this year and if you’re lucky I’ll throw one or two compliments into the mix.

Tonight the ol’ show tries to mix things up as they’re down to the Top 40 and are looking to go sudden death for a live audience as we leave the night with the Top 5 ladies from 10 who will sing of the total remaining 20. Complicated right? Randy tries to explain it and basically over the next four nights of idol groups of ten (by gender) will sing off and be pared down to their “best 5” according to the judges until only 20 remain to be voted on by the kids at home. Boys hit the stage tomorrow so it’s the “5 years and still no winner” girls who start it off. The judges look covered in makeup while Mariah looks gorgeous and comes across as very well spoken when you remember the sad and go nowhere ramblings of past panelists like Paula and J Lo. Jimmy Iovine looks more disgustingly tanned than ever and Nicki manages to say “better BRING it” in the first ten seconds of speaking: huge shocker. Okay, click through and let’s get this show on the road folks: PLEASE note that I picked these video versions for their quality and full length, each starts with an advert but just click the x in the top right corner to skip!

Click through to see the performances from tonight and read the rest of my review

Thought I’d give you an American Idol update two-fer today. Both artists came during Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler’s tenure as Idol judges and both are holding guitars in their respective promo photos. Plus, the two coincidentally have a similar theme in the song titles. In all honesty, I was a little lazy to create separate posts for them. Busted!!!

First up is current reigning Idol winner, Phillip Phillips. The 22-year-old finally picked the follow-up song to his three-time platinum selling debut single, “Home.” It’s definitely a hard act to follow and won’t have the Olympics to pimp the shizz out of it. That said, “Gone, Gone, Gone” is a worthy successor. If you liked “Home,” you’ll definitely appreciate this. As a side note, Phillips is probably hoping his newly-dropped music video will distract attention away from his mom’s recent DUI arrest. You ain’t a star til you have a parent in trouble with the law. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

While Phillips has the power of a big record label behind him, Casey Abrams doesn’t have that same luxury. Even with that, “Get Out” still managed to peak at No. 23 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart. Not too shabby, given that his former girlfriend Haley Reinhart barely made a blip despite massive promotion. With a new music video to promote his single, “Get Out” might find new life on radio and on the charts. I maybe a bit biased since Abrams was one of my favorites during Season 10, but I really like the song. Check out both music videos below.

check out both videos after the jump

Tonight’s episode is why I have a love-hate relationship with American Idol. If the girls are supposed to be far superior to the boys this year, why only dedicate an hour to show the “best Hollywood solo performances” ever? Correction. Nigel only gave them 3/4 of the show and allotted some time for the boys’ Top 20 eliminations and sing-off.

Speaking of sing-off, why are the judges putting two poor girls and guys up against each other to determine the last spot for each gender? I’m sure this could’ve been achieved without torturing the contestants one last time. Sometimes the show can be so cruel. I digress.

What Nigel did show was pretty effin’ amazing. Based on what they showed tonight, it’s clear that production has favorites and trying to pimp them hardcore. Not that I mind, because for the most part, I’m loving the girls they’re showing, especially Angela Miller. All I have to say is “WOW“. Check her performance below along with the others, including the aforementioned sing-offs.

check out the performances after the jump

American Idol 12 Hollywood Week: Bring On The Girls

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I’m probably going to eat my words come May, but I REALLY BELIEVE that it’s a girl’s season to lose. Every year, Randy Jackson and whoever is on the panel claim the ladies are stronger than the boys. Based on this episode, I agree with this year’s statement. That said, it all depends which girls make the final. There’s so much talent, I hate the fact only five girls will be making it to the live rounds. Fingers crossed that another cute WGWG doesn’t win American Idol Season 12.

Currently, I’m rooting for at least nine of them. A few of my early frontrunners include Candice Glover, Rachel Hale, Tenna Torres, Melinda Ademi, Janelle Arthur, Angela Miller, Breanna Steer, Cristabel Clack and Shuba Vedula. And that’s just the girls that have been pimped thus far. There could be a Kelly Clarkson or Jessica Sanchez in the bunch whom the producers are hiding until the next round. Check out the group performances below and be sure to let me know which ones are your favorites and the contestants you’re rooting for.

watch the videos after the jump

With the group round in the history books for the boys, it was time to take control of their destiny. The remaining 43 men had to perform a solo so powerful that the judges had no other option but to advance them to the next round. They only had a minute to achieve this during this pressure situation. Some handled it much better than others, while others let their emotions get the better of them.

Speaking of which, I have to give Nicki Minaj props for telling it like it is. More often than not, these musicians turned judges are afraid to voice their true opinion for fear of coming off unlikeable and alienating fans. Clearly by her commentary tonight, Minaj isn’t afraid of this. The “Pound The Alarm” singer who looked an awful like Dee Snider from Twisted Sister last night, criticized contestants for their song choices, inability to control their tears and for using their backstory as a crutch. My favorite reading came when former Glee Project contestant Matheus Fernandes finished singing. Nicki called him out for using his small stature as an excuse for a pity party. OH SNAP. You go girl. BTW, I totally agree with her.

Obviously you can tell, I wasn’t sad to see him go. I found him a little too arrogant. Also good riddance to Papa Peachez and Nicolas Mathis. The latter was way too angry with his elimination. Dude, you’re only 23. This isn’t the end of the world. The only person I’m really going to miss is Micah Johnson. He was the one who experienced complications during tonsil surgery. Micah took his elimination with stride and class. That’s how you do it boys. Check out my favorite performances from the Hollywood solo round below. See if you agree with my choices.

check out the performances after the jump

My favorite part of every American Idol season is finally here. It’s Hollywood Week which means bring on the drama. The first episode of this phase certainly didn’t disappoint. Loved that for the first time, the boys and girls were separated for this round. This week we get the boys, and the girls the following week. Finally a call from Nigel Lythgoe I’m on board with.

To amp up the drama factor even more, producers Lythgoe and Ken Warwick had the brilliant idea of putting the groups together instead of letting the contestants control their own destiny. Clearly, when they assembled some of the teams they were hoping for conflict and hilarious situations. Cue group called Country Queens. They consisted of a couple of country bumpkins with two of the gayest singers ever to compete on the show. The gays came armed with glitter, fur vests, heels and makeup. Hilariously enough, the two queens advanced. LOL.

Besides the drama, another thing I love about Hollywood Week is seeing the arrogance of some of the contestants getting the better of them. Those who claim they won’t forget the words only to do so a few minutes later always cracks me up. I have to admit, I relish seeing them get the boot. Only 43 contestants survived the group round and will return tomorrow for the solo performances. Only 20 male singers will advance to the next phase. Check out all the group performances below.

check out all the group performances after the jump

Since we’re in the Hollywood Week phase of American Idol Season 12, I thought it was a perfect time to catch up on some of our favorite alums. We’re one step closer to crowning this year’s winner. He/She or some of this season’s finalists might find themselves on this list in the coming years.

Forbes recently released their annual list ranking former American Idol contestants. Taking into account record sales, concert tours, acting jobs and other money-making gigs, the publication gives the low down on the earning power of your favorite Idol alums.

Last year’s top dog Carrie Underwood, loses her crown and drops to runner-up status. Making his debut on the list is Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery. He clocks in at No. 4. His addition bumps off Fantasia Barrino and Clay Aiken from the list. The two ranked No. 4 and No. 9 respectively on the previous rankings. Check out who’s the HBIC on the Idol campus now. I think you might have a good idea. Here’s a hint… they’re “stronger” than ever. I’ve also embedded each singer’s most recent music video below for those who aren’t familiar with everyone’s post-Idol career. Hope you enjoy the list.

check out the Forbes ranking after the jump

It wouldn’t be an American Idol season without a controversy surrounding one of its contestants. The second I saw Matt Farmer at the Long Beach auditions, I knew there was something fishy about him. I just thought it was because my gaydar was beeping hardcore, but as it turns out, he fabricated his exit from the military. I don’t understand how anyone thinks they can get away with a lie on such a huge platform as American Idol. You really have to be some sort of delusional nut.

After firstly denying the claims that he lied about being injured in an IED explosion during his deployment, the Idol hopeful finally came clean. Most probably due to his former boss and colleagues calling him out. Farmer even had the gall to claim medication he took to treat his injuries were supposed to make him sterile. Cue his adorable “miracle” baby. As it turns out, the 26-year-old was discharged for using banned substances and alcohol. Check out his lengthy mea culpa below along with his Idol audition.

check out his audition after the jump

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