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“It’s the girls’ season to lose,” claimed Randy Jackson at the beginning of the show. I definitely agree with that sentiment, even though some of the ladies faltered tonight and didn’t live up to their potential. I blame their uninspired song choices for the poor showings. With exception to one, the rest were all ballads. If the girls were savvy, they would’ve picked an uptempo track to stand out in this talented group of contestants. With that said, there were a few standouts. In fact, I think four of five spots are pretty much sewn up. The last spot is a battle between three girls. Find out who below.

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No surprise here. The men disappointed just like they did last week. There isn’t one guy in the lot I can see taking the Season 12 title. Are these really the best from this year’s crop? I think Nigel Lythgoe and company are trying their hardest to ensure a girl wins American Idol this year. Chances are good considering there isn’t one WGWG (white guy with guitar) in sight.

On a similar note, do you get the feeling the the show is also trying their best to dispel discrimination claims. Earlier this year, nine African-American Idol contestants including Corey Clark (Season 2), Jaered Andrews (Season 2), Donnie Williams (Season 3), Terrell Brittenum (Season 5), Derrell Brittenum (Season 5), Thomas Daniels (Season 6), Akron Watson (Season 6), Ju’Not Joyner (Season 8) and Chris Golightly (Season 9) accused the show of racism and stated the show exploited its black male contestants.

Last year, the show also received criticism that there was only one visible minority (Jessica Sanchez) in the Top 12 women. Clearly, that’s not an issue this year. Seven out of the Top 10 girls are women of color. Same goes for the men’s side as well. In fact, if you look at all the four shows during the Sudden Death rounds, all the pimp spots were occupied by African American contestants. It could be purely a coincidence, but as we all know… Nigel’s moves are always calculated and well thought out. Enough of all the WGWG and race conspiracy theories, let’s get on with the performances. Be sure to drink a Red Bull or two before watching a couple of them. Total snoozefests.

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American Idol 12 Sudden Death: Girls Part Two

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank Adam for filling in last week while I was in Los Angeles. Definitely appreciated it. For the most part, I agreed with his thoughts on last week’s girls. Hopefully, he’ll agree with mine regarding the remaining ten girls.

I have to say, the outcome of this episode really surprised me. A couple of early frontrunners choked, while a pair of ladies came out of nowhere to stake their claim for the Season 12 American Idol crown. At this point, I really do believe a girl will join the ranks of Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie and Jordin as female winners. Exactly who, I’m not sure. There are a handful of really strong contenders.

Before I begin, I just wanted to mention that I’m really enjoying this Vegas Sudden Death round. While I wish the judges didn’t have the power to eliminate, I do appreciate how swift the process is. In just two weeks, we’ll have this year’s Top 10. I also wanted to praise Nicki Minaj. I’m sure I’m going to get a fair share of comments stating otherwise, but I think the “Starships” rapper is doing an outstanding job. The fact that she doesn’t censor herself when giving honest critiques is worth commending. So often, the new judges hold back for fear of losing fans. Props to Minaj for taking her job seriously. Without further ado, check out the ladies performing below.

check out all the performances after the jump

American Idol 12: Sudden Death First Ten Boys

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Night Two and who’s as precariously excited as I am? I don’t mean to harp it, but I’m not too confident that tonight’s boys are gonna be much more amazing than the girls from Wednesday. I don’t know what it is about these smaller theatres (cough cough, less editing) but it always seems like the lack of dancing, background singers and the ability to maintain proper pitch rears its ugly head much more than when we finally make our way to the gigantic Kodak centre. That SAID, I’m constantly more impressed with the tone of the boys than the girls- just the way their voices work with the typically lower registers- so there’s a chance I won’t be as cringing this eve as much as I did for a few of the chicas from the night previous.

Tonight I’m gonna try to rant a bit less about the outfits (mostly because they’re guys and unless they’re trying to pull off the 10 sizes too small blazers like that queen preacher from last year I shouldn’t have TOO too much to comment there) as the boys typically don’t focus too much on the styling this early in the game. That said, you KNOW I’m gonna have something to say about JDA and her dress (I’m just assuming- we haven’t got there yet). Judges are the same as per, Mariah is just a total icon up there in the chairs and I’m hopeful that I do better with my predictions tonight that yesterday’s abortion of a favourite picking. Let’s get to it!

Click through to see the performances and read the rest of my review

American Idol 12: Sudden Death First Ten Girls

In: Adam, TV Shows

Let’s get the tears and anger out of the way: Donovan is gone for the week living it up in LALA land so you have the blog bitch taking over to tell you EVERYthing that’s wrong with the girls and boys of Idol this year and if you’re lucky I’ll throw one or two compliments into the mix.

Tonight the ol’ show tries to mix things up as they’re down to the Top 40 and are looking to go sudden death for a live audience as we leave the night with the Top 5 ladies from 10 who will sing of the total remaining 20. Complicated right? Randy tries to explain it and basically over the next four nights of idol groups of ten (by gender) will sing off and be pared down to their “best 5″ according to the judges until only 20 remain to be voted on by the kids at home. Boys hit the stage tomorrow so it’s the “5 years and still no winner” girls who start it off. The judges look covered in makeup while Mariah looks gorgeous and comes across as very well spoken when you remember the sad and go nowhere ramblings of past panelists like Paula and J Lo. Jimmy Iovine looks more disgustingly tanned than ever and Nicki manages to say “better BRING it” in the first ten seconds of speaking: huge shocker. Okay, click through and let’s get this show on the road folks: PLEASE note that I picked these video versions for their quality and full length, each starts with an advert but just click the x in the top right corner to skip!

Click through to see the performances from tonight and read the rest of my review

Thought I’d give you an American Idol update two-fer today. Both artists came during Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler’s tenure as Idol judges and both are holding guitars in their respective promo photos. Plus, the two coincidentally have a similar theme in the song titles. In all honesty, I was a little lazy to create separate posts for them. Busted!!!

First up is current reigning Idol winner, Phillip Phillips. The 22-year-old finally picked the follow-up song to his three-time platinum selling debut single, “Home.” It’s definitely a hard act to follow and won’t have the Olympics to pimp the shizz out of it. That said, “Gone, Gone, Gone” is a worthy successor. If you liked “Home,” you’ll definitely appreciate this. As a side note, Phillips is probably hoping his newly-dropped music video will distract attention away from his mom’s recent DUI arrest. You ain’t a star til you have a parent in trouble with the law. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

While Phillips has the power of a big record label behind him, Casey Abrams doesn’t have that same luxury. Even with that, “Get Out” still managed to peak at No. 23 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart. Not too shabby, given that his former girlfriend Haley Reinhart barely made a blip despite massive promotion. With a new music video to promote his single, “Get Out” might find new life on radio and on the charts. I maybe a bit biased since Abrams was one of my favorites during Season 10, but I really like the song. Check out both music videos below.

check out both videos after the jump

Tonight’s episode is why I have a love-hate relationship with American Idol. If the girls are supposed to be far superior to the boys this year, why only dedicate an hour to show the “best Hollywood solo performances” ever? Correction. Nigel only gave them 3/4 of the show and allotted some time for the boys’ Top 20 eliminations and sing-off.

Speaking of sing-off, why are the judges putting two poor girls and guys up against each other to determine the last spot for each gender? I’m sure this could’ve been achieved without torturing the contestants one last time. Sometimes the show can be so cruel. I digress.

What Nigel did show was pretty effin’ amazing. Based on what they showed tonight, it’s clear that production has favorites and trying to pimp them hardcore. Not that I mind, because for the most part, I’m loving the girls they’re showing, especially Angela Miller. All I have to say is “WOW“. Check her performance below along with the others, including the aforementioned sing-offs.

check out the performances after the jump

American Idol 12 Hollywood Week: Bring On The Girls

In: Donovan, TV Shows

I’m probably going to eat my words come May, but I REALLY BELIEVE that it’s a girl’s season to lose. Every year, Randy Jackson and whoever is on the panel claim the ladies are stronger than the boys. Based on this episode, I agree with this year’s statement. That said, it all depends which girls make the final. There’s so much talent, I hate the fact only five girls will be making it to the live rounds. Fingers crossed that another cute WGWG doesn’t win American Idol Season 12.

Currently, I’m rooting for at least nine of them. A few of my early frontrunners include Candice Glover, Rachel Hale, Tenna Torres, Melinda Ademi, Janelle Arthur, Angela Miller, Breanna Steer, Cristabel Clack and Shuba Vedula. And that’s just the girls that have been pimped thus far. There could be a Kelly Clarkson or Jessica Sanchez in the bunch whom the producers are hiding until the next round. Check out the group performances below and be sure to let me know which ones are your favorites and the contestants you’re rooting for.

watch the videos after the jump

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