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Will “Raging Fire” reach the heights of “Home?” Most probably not, but Phillip Phillips has a future hit on his hands. “Raging Fire” earned Billboard’s “Greatest Gainer” designation in terms of airplay on Adult Top 40 earlier this week. What better time to premiere the accompanying music video.

Phillips stays in his folk-rock lane for the lead cut off his sophomore album, Behind The Light. The Season 11 American Idol winner heads to the Windy City to film the clip. In between all the close-up shots of the 23-year-old playing on his guitar in front of numerous Chicago backdrops, he lays down on a huge sheet paper as people paint all over him. My only complaint is that he’s not shirtless. If you’re going to be a canvas, you might as well be a blank one, right? Check out the clip below.

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American Idol 13: Top 9 Elimination Is…

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I last recapped American Idol. I just find myself losing interest as each week goes by. But to the few who still do, here’s what’s went down tonight. PS. I have to say the new streamlined 30 minute results show is so much digestible.

Before we get to the results, I briefly wanted to comment about MK’s elimination last week. As much as I loved her, it was definitely time for her to go. She wasn’t improving as much as the others and watching her stage presence at times was almost too painful to watch. Don’t you agree?

Had I recapped last night’s show, I would’ve placed Caleb Johnson, Malaya Watson and Jena Irene as the Top 3, falling in line with Randy Jackson’s assessment. In jeopardy, in my opinion would be Dexter Roberts, CJ Harris and Majesty York. Let’s see if I would’ve been correct.

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I’m a little behind watching American Idol, ergo no recaps this week. However, I managed to sneak a peek at Jennifer Lopez’s performance on the results show.

I really didn’t want to like it, but I have to say “I Luh Ya Papi” has really grown on me. Especially that fun yet cheesy dance move that corresponds with the hook where J. Lo shakes her head. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ll see Harry Connick Jr. do it in the clip below.

I also have to commend Lopez for bringing back former contestants Allison Iraheta, Pia Toscano and Jessica Sanchez to perform with her. They all looked fantastic. The three did a little acting before singing a short acapella bit which segued to the American Idol judge’s lip synced performance. Check it out below.

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American Idol 13: Top 11 Elimination Is

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Two out of three ain’t bad. That’s how many I correctly predicted of this week’s Bottom Three. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. After last week’s perfect prediction and now this. I’m definitely on fire this season. Speaking of votes, Ryan Seacrest revealed that as of last night, American Idol has passed the 6 billion vote mark. Pretty impressive, no?

Tonight’s hour-long results show featured some entertaining filler including my favorite new addition, the post-mortem contestant roundtable discussion. The Top 11 also shared their impressions of the judges. Harry Connick Jr. peformed a medley of his hits and was later surprised with a very special guest, Munfarid Zaidi. Who you ask? He was that cute contestant whom Harry cradled while he auditioned.

Last week, Randy Jackson introduced viewers to Kodaline. This week it was Jennifer Lopez’s turn for the Tastemaker segment. She chose Mali Music who performed his aptly-titled “Beautiful” single. Check out his performance, along with all the aforementioned segments below.

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American Idol 13: Top 11 Perform (Videos)

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This week’s theme, “Songs From The Cinema,” was much kinder to American Idol 13′s Top 11. Collectively speaking, it was leaps and bounds better than last week’s dreadful mess. I guess the remaining singers didn’t want another verbal bashing from the judges who have been remarkably on point this season.

While I’m still not crazy about the talent, I appreciate the honesty and insightful constructive comments from the panel. I’m so glad I don’t have to sit through hearing “you’re in it to win it” week in and week out. With that being said, Randy Jackson’s go-to phrase reared its ugly head on Wednesday night’s show.

Before we get to the performances, I just wanted to quickly commend the producers. Tonight’s filler where the contestants imitated each other were priceless. I’m also a fan of the new way Ryan Seacrest reminds viewers to vote. The cute pre-taped video appearing on the side is far more entertaining than the singers mugging for the camera with their fingers begging for votes. Without further ado, check out this week’s performances below and my elimination prediction.

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American Idol 13: Top 12 Elimination Is

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When American Idol shortens the results show to a half hour I hope they keep the roundtable discussion the contestants engage in while eating dinner after their performances. It’s the one filler I actually find entertaining. Knowing my luck, the producers are going to nix it in favor of Randy Jackson’s postmortem analysis of the previous night.

With this week’s theme being all about ‘home,’ naturally Phillip Phillips returned to his former stomping grounds to pimp out his new single “Raging Fire.” His coronation song “Home” is still and most probably will be the best among all Idol winners. Also on deck as special guests were Randy’s suggestion, Dublin-based Irish rock band Kodaline.

Check out all the performances below along with this week’s eliminated singer. Not to toot my own horn, but I called the Bottom 3 correctly. Too bad I didn’t place a wager on my prediction.

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American Idol 13: Top 12 Perform (Videos)

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American Idol Season 13 started off with such promise. Unfortunately, I think it’ll end up as one of my least favorites.

I can already see where this season is going after last week’s results. The girls are going to get chopped off one by one while the boys sail through to the finals. I’m already preparing myself for a potential Dexter Roberts win (UGH). I just don’t get the love or appeal. Does anyone else who doesn’t live in middle America get it? Please advise.

If only I could swap out all these girls with exception to Majesty Rose with last year’s Fab 5 combo of Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arthur, I’d be one happy boy. The S13 girls just aren’t cutting it. Even though I really like MK Nobilette, it’s really hard to root for her because she’s just not bringing it. Check out this week’s performances below and my elimination prediction.

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American Idol 13: Top 13 Elimination Is

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If American Idol follows tradition, the next three eliminations won’t make the tour. #socloseyetsofar Personally, I think they should just eliminate three right away. There’s definitely some fat that needs trimming in Season 13′s Top 13.

Reigning American Idol winner Candice Glover dropped by to perform on tonight’s hour-long results show. BTW, I thought we were promised half-hour ones this year. #brokenpromisesonceagain She performed a medley of her released singles and she slayed it. If there is any justice in the world, Candice will become another platinum-selling winner. Also on hand was British teen Jake Bugg. Had no idea who he was prior to tonight’s show… and I still don’t ;)

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