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Big Brother 16: Episode 10 – Executed Perfectly

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After being dethroned as part of the challenge Nicole disappeared vanishing into thin air. Houseguests were concerned whether Nicole was coming back or not. As soon as houseguests were let back into the house they saw Nicole waiting, dressed head to toe in a frog costume. This is similar to the unitard punishments in the past. She must where the frog costume for an entire week.

Theme of the week is, backdoor Devin! That’s all people were focusing on whilst watching the live feeds, trying to stay up to date on who was in power and who was on the block. As of Sunday it was Caleb and Jocasta sitting next to one another on the block. Never a fun place to be however one of the two nominees would be coming off this week and a replacement would take their place. Shortly after the Battle of the Block competition Jocasta got seriously ill. She had a case of dehydration and was unfortunately unable to compete in the veto competition. But let’s be honest she wouldn’t have come close to winning anything.

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Meet The Big Brother Season 15 Houseguests

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During Julie Chen’s tour of the Big Brother Season 15 house, she teased a “familiar” face would be among the sixteen contestants competing this summer. Turns out the “familiar” face wasn’t a returning houseguest but rather someone related to a prior one. Not just any regular houseguest but Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly. If Elissa Slater is anything like her sister, we’re in for another emotional rollercoaster this summer. I can’t wait.

As with every season, we can expect the unexpected. So far, CBS has revealed two huge twists. First, instead of two nominees, three houseguests will be up for eviction. Secondly, America will vote for the Big Brother MVP of the week. What this MVP’s powers entail haven’t been disclosed yet, but I assume they’ll play a major factor in the game. As long as it’s not in the vein of the Coup d’Etat, I’ll be happy. As much as Chima was a crazy bitch, I agree that her HOH reign was useless due to the power America gave Jeff.

Check out this year’s crop of hamsters below. It’s probably one of the more diverse cast we’ve seen in years. Big Brother 15 premieres June 16 on CBS.

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