Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev are two professional soccer players from Russia that recently spent their vacation in Miami. They posted a bunch of photos together, with some being very suggestive. If they are a couple, they are SO cute together, but some think that it may not be the case.

The reason is because Russia is not a country that is very supportive of their gay citizens and thus, it would be very ballsy for them to be posting such photos in social media. They would obviously be aware of what the response might be. That being said, maybe they are a couple and they did it on purpose to be bold and throw it in the faces of the homophobes. Many Russian soccer fans do not support gays playing their sport… nor do they support black people playing either. Ridiculous.

Check out the photos below. They most suggestive ones are one of Kokorin kissing Mamaev and another of the two of them in a bubble bath together. Enjoy!

Pics after the jump…