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It’s nothing short of a miracle at what the producers of the Broadway musical “Newsies” have done. Translating a beloved hit film to the Great White Way is already difficult, let alone a box office bomb. In 1992, Disney released the much-hyped musical drama “Newsies” starring Christian Bale in theaters. The film, directed by Kenny Ortega of “Dirty Dancing” fame, raked in less than $3 million dollars and was later nominated for numerous Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies). Ouch. What a difference twenty years make.

Newsies The Musical” premiered in New Jersey in late 2011 and was so well-received, it made its way to Broadway. The musical started a limited engagement on March 15 and officially opened March 29, 2012. After only just a few previews, the run was extended all the way to August 19. If sales continue to be robust, the musical could have an open-ended final date. Word has it, that “Newsies” is an early favorite to score a few Tony Nominations at this year’s awards.

Headlined by Jeremy Jordan, a former Man Crush of mine, the Broadway musical boasts a solid cast of hotties in the cast and ensemble. Next Magazine enlisted photographer Kevin Thomas Garcia to capture these Broadway studs for a photo spread for the publication. Gracing the cover is former SYTYCD contestant Alex Wong. See a few of the other boys below. PS. When did Alex get those “guns”? YOWZA.

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SYTYCD 7: America’s Favorite Dancer Is…

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We have finally made it folks! America’s favourite dancer has been revealed after two long, painful, filler-crammed nonsense hours. Can you even believe it! Lauren, Kent and Robert are the final three contestants (as you all know from Wednesday night’s performance show) and one of them will be walking away with the title. The show opened with its usual style; a performance with a collection of all-stars and season seven contestants, including an injured Alex Wong performing sitting choreography.

The piece was yet another new routine for Kent, Lauren and Robert to learn on top of all their routines from Wednesday. The number was put together by Christopher Scott, known from his role in LXD (legion of extraordinary dancers). I thought this routine was pretty fantastic right off the start and it makes sense when credit was revealed to Mr. Scott.

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SYTYCD 7: Top 7 Elimination

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Well folks, tonight could prove detrimental to yet another injured contestant unable to perform in this week’s performance show on Wednesday. One of my favorites (and one of two girls left in the competition), Ashley could be facing elimination depending on who is placed in the bottom two as well. EEKS! This elimination show is bound to be FULL of drama.

The uninjured six remaining contestants alongside a collection of the all-stars opened the night with a group Broadway routine performed to Charleston (from Million Dollar Baby) by Jerome Robbins Broadway. At this point I stopped paying attention as this routine was just a mess (I just don’t like the style) and would like to point out how similar Robert is to all-star Mark and Kent is all-star Neil. A group routine with the four of these boys would literally blow my mind!

Anyways, back to the action. After another segment boosting up National Dance Day on July 31, and Skeletor rambling on and on and on, they first two contestants came straight out to the stage; Kent and Lauren. MY TWO FAVOURITE DANCERS!! These two should be the final two dancers left standing at the end of this season if I have my way. Naturally Cat tried to freak out both of these dancers by alluding that one of them was in the bottom three, which WASN’T TRUE as they were both sent through to safety!

Side note: Have a gander at the studly man that stands up and cheer for Kent when he makes it through to safety. One can only assume this is Kent’s brother, but I don’t want to forecast…

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SYTYCD 7: Top 8 Elimination

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Once again we find ourselves at another Thursday night and than means only one thing; out top eight will be cut down to the remaining even dancers. The show opened with an angelic Mia Michaels Contemporary routine performed to When We Dance by Sting. Visually, this piece was absolutely stunning and I have to give props to AdeChike, Robert, Jose and Kent who owned the vast majority of this piece. Also, the assisted runs across the stage were effing stunning – definitely my favourite move in any dance genre. Also, Ade was one HOT mofo angel as the main focal point of the piece.

Regardless of the performance, the question on everyone’s mind is who will stay and who will go? Have the judges already decided to sale Alex and in turn let one of the other two dancers in the bottom three? We’ll just have wait and see.

An important note, Adam Shankman received 12 Emmy nominations for his producing the Oscars this past year. In his company was Mia Michaels, Stacey Tookey and the SYTYCD make-up team also received nominations for their work on the So You Think You Can Dance stage; as well, SYTYCD alumni Chelsie Hightower received a nomination for her choreographing work on Dancing with the Stars! Well done everyone!!

We immediately jumped into the results with Billy Bell and Lauren set to learn their fates first. Billy was up first to see if he would be making it through to next week and not surprizing (as I predicted it) BB was sent into the bottom three to sit next to Alex Wong. Lauren was next on the chopping block and not surprizing, she was sent through to safety. Phew.

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SYTYCD 7: Top 8 Performances Recap

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Alright folks, we’re back for another week of So You Think You Can Dance, and yet again we are about to witness another change to the shows format that we haven’t seen before at this stage in the competition. Each competitor will be dancing one piece with an all-star they have yet to be paired with as well as dancing a second routine with a fellow contestant. Doing quick math, we’ll be seeing two boys dance together TWICE! Sit back, grab your potato chips (or carrot sticks if you prefer) and get ready for an incredible night of dance with a total of 12 performances!

In an unbelievable turn of events, Alex Wong hurt himself in last nights rehearsals and will unfortunately have to sit out for the performances show. Still awaiting the test results he was forced automatically into the bottom three. Should he survive the eliminations round based on the other bottom two on Thursday night and unable to compete next week he will be automatically disqualified from the competition! NO WAY! I love a little drama on the SYTYCD stage!! Naturally the boy pulled on heartstrings with his waterworks so I imagine he’ll be safe this week regardless!

The show opened with the contestants picking their partners and I am DEVASTATED to hear that Alex and AdeChike were set to do a Bollywood routine! NOOOOOO!!! Damn you Alex and your weak ankles!


After those announcements the routines were set to start with Lauren and Pasha working with Jean-Marc and Frances to learn a ChaCha routine. The performance was danced to Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce! HECK YEAH IT WAS! Lauren KILLED the routine and once again Pasha was a stellar ballroom partner. Man he is really acting the part of sex-on-legs this season and I like it! The song definitely helped to enhance this routine and style allowing the audience to connect with the piece. Nice work team!!

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Canadians celebrated Canada Day yesterday, and here in Vancouver, this was certainly no exception. While checking out the various performances at Canada Place, my BF Tyrell got to sit down with three of Canada’s favorite dancers after they performed: Tara-Jean Popowich (SYTYCDC Season 2 Winner), Vincent Desjardins (Season 2 Runner Up), and Jayme-Rae Dailey (Season 2 3rd Runner Up).

The three talk about what it was like to perform outside in front of Vancouver’s breathtaking mountain-scape and the Olympic cauldron, their life post SYTYCDC, and their future plans. They also talk about the current season of SYTYCD, zeroing in on Vancouver native, Alex Wong.

Tara Jean also mentions some exclusive info to Homorazzi about her current project with Nico Archambault (SYTYCDC Season 1 Winner) – which is filming a commercial! You heard it here first.

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SYTYCD 7: Top 9 Elimination

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Once again we find ourselves in front of the TV on Thursday night meaning one thing; another dancer will be leaving us at the end of the hour. The top nine contestants took to the stage to perform a GORGEOUS tribal dance to a deep-bass orchestra instrumental piece. The routine was absolutely stunning and I’m not just referring to Kent in the skirt-like smock that all the performers were wearing. The competition this year is shaping up to be fairly interesting as one-by-one the females have been leaving the show with all six original boys still in the cast.

Not surprising, Skeletor (Nigel Lythgoe) realized that the contemporary boys are starting to be the dominant force in the competition and felt the need to mix the format up slightly. Starting next week with the top eight, each contestant will be performing two partnered pieces. First will be with an all-star that they haven’t been paired with before (to encourage the dancer’s to create chemistry with a variety of partners) as well as perform a routine with a fellow contestant. This can only mean one thing; another guaranteed boy-with-boy number, doing the easy math of the remaining contestants regardless of who leaves us tonight! HECK YES! Would this have anything to do with Nappy-Tabs’ ability to completely smash Nigel’s boys-must-dance-with-girls mentality outside of the Hip Hop genre? We’ll just have to wait to see!

Jumping right into the thick of things, the first four contestants were brought out to the stage; Kent, AdeChike, Ashley and Alex. Alex (and his amazing Hip Hop routine from last night) was up first, and I’m not sure why we even spent time on this boy as clearly he was going to be safe for another week. Next on the chopping block was cutie-pie Ashley (and her stunning contemporary routine with Ade) and no surprise here either as she was guaranteed a spot in next week’s show. Lastly were Kent and AdeChike pinned against another, and after the review clips it definitely looked like Kent was going to be in trouble tonight. In a Mary Murphy-style fake out, Cat sent both boys through to safety! BOO YAH my boy is going to be around for another week. Smiley Face.

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SYTYCD 7: Top 9 Performances Recap

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So we’re back for another night of performances on So You Think You Can Dance with the top nine contestants taking to the stage after Cristina was sent packing last week after her sub-par Paso Doble with all-star Pasha. After the dancer introduction and Cat Deeley presented us the panel of Skeletor and his minions, the show was sent to begin.

Side Note: CAT HAD LIPSTICK ON HER TEETH! WTF?! Did her stylist fall asleep tonight?

A SHOCKER in tonight’s episode, the FIRST man-on-man routine with Alex and Twitch dancing a Nappy-tabs hip hop routine! Hey Adam, is this the two man routine you were hoping for in the show’s format? DISCUSS!


First up was AdeChike dancing Hip Hop with all-star Lauren (one of my fave girls) performed to Hot-N-Fun by N.E.R.D. featuring Nelly Furtado. Heck yeah the concept was a nerd Hip Hop routine! Then what? The nerds start to strip as Lauren shows of her stunning bedazzled purple bra and AdeChike bares his jacked body. NIIIIIICE! Too bad the song was ineffectual with helping the routine and pump up the energy. Overall I felt this routine was pretty flat and definitely not a strong way to start out the night.

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