Well, Spring is in the air and what better way to avoid the rainy nights and enjoy a date with a new beau than to spend it indoors with the lights down low watching some knee-grabbing and huggin’ for comfort thrillers. Having a not-so-secret love of all films and people with accents, I decided to review some newer thrillers out of the EU. Both from the isle of jolly ol’ England, my picks today do a good job of capturing modern suspense cinema out of Britain and the surrounding area: the good and the bad.

First up I’m going to look at the 2011-released “A Lonely Place to Die” which definitely comes up aces in my book as an adult, paced and well thought-out look at a difficult to make believable kidnap/hunting/assassination attempt. The second is the much more recently distributed: “Demons Never Die” which goes to the opposite side of the spectrum and uses some fresh faces in English youth cinema to attempt to bring to life some social commentary on teen suicide mixed in with a murderous rampage. Trying to pick movies you might not have seen yet, I suggest you click through and at least check out the trailers to see if they’re worth the download (yup, both available online).

Click through to read my reviews and see the previews for these two releases