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True Blood: Top 10 Hottest Hunks

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The Season Five finale of True Blood airs tonight and I thought it was the perfect time to re-publish this post which was originally published a couple of years back. Since the first initial write-up, I’ve swapped out Kevin Alejandro (Jesus) and Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur) for a couple of new additions this season. Check out my updated Top 10 True Blood Hotties list.

While most of us watch the show for the storylines and plot twists, there are a few who tune in to watch the True Blood hunks drop trou. There’s so much homoerotism and hot naked asses during most episodes, its like watching a soft-core porn flick. Here’s hoping that the next season is as “fangtastic” as the previous ones.

True Blood probably has the highest concentration of hot men on any show on network or cable television. Since there are so many hot men to gawk at, I thought I’d rank the Top 10 hottest actors to have ever appeared on the show. Let me know if you agree and be sure to place a vote in the poll below.

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Man Crush: Joe Manganiello

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Season Three of “True Blood” is only a few days away, so I thought I’d crush on one of the new cast members being added this year. Italian-Sicilian Joe Manganiello joins the Bon Temps natives as Alcide Herveaux. HOOOOOOOOOWL. The 6’5″ hottie packed on some serious muscle to play, much like Taylor Lautner, to play Alcide the werewolf. And boy does it show. YUMMY.

Last year, Adam wrote a silly post about the actor so I felt the talented actor deserved a true write-up. The 33-year-old thespian is a Pittsburgh native who graduated from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.

His first acting gig out of drama school was “Flash Thompson” in Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire and James Franco. Talk about a lucky break. Since then he’s appeared in numerous TV shows like “E.R.”, all the CSI shows, and a regular role in the CW’s “One Tree Hill” as Owen Morello. Heck he even appeared in a Taco Bell commercial promoting their new “Tortada“. A hottie after my own heart.

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