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Months after “Who You Love” first surfaced online, John Mayer and Katy Perry finally got around to pose for their duet’s official artwork. Perhaps it was due to their busy schedules or their on-and-off again relationship status that kept them from being snapped by famed photographer Mario Sorrenti. Whatever the reason, at long last we have the stunning black-and-white photos to check out. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate their collaboration.

“If the music is framed correctly and quality. And if it’s right and the soul is there, it would be the highest compliment to the record if somebody said or people said, ‘I don’t even think about it being [about] a relationship, I just hear it as a great song,’” – John Mayer

Surprisingly, the beautiful ballad hasn’t done well on the main chart, but has managed to break the Top 20 on both Billboard’s Adult Top 40 and Rock charts. Hopefully, coming soon is a music video to accompany these gorgeous pics. Check out the photos below.

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Lady Gaga Reveals Dope Single Artwork & Heads To SNL

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Dope” isn’t available to download until November 4, but Lady Gaga just unveiled the single artwork. It’ll be the third and final promo single until ARTPOP drops. Mother Monster lives up to her moniker and looks a tad frightful. Fitting I suppose since she debuted it on Halloween. Gaga spots an extremely shoulder-padded blazer ripped from the 80s, a floppy hat, some serious grill and barely-there sheer underwear. Just another typical fashionable look from the “Applause” singer.

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Paris Hilton disappointed her fans this week by revealing she was delaying the premiere of her “Good Time” music video by a week. Not wanting to completely leave her worshipers hanging, the socialite heiress dropped an extended video teaser. With almost a minute-long preview, I’m not sure why she just didn’t release the entire thing. I’m speculating the delay had something to do with not wanting to go up against Britney Spears. Wise choice given that Brit’s “Work Bitch” clip is flawless. Dancing Brit is back ya’ll.

In addition to an extended look, Hilton unveiled the single’s artwork. She cloned herself not twice nor three times, but six for the the kaleidoscope-looking cover. I have to say, I’m somewhat diggin’ the photo. Sure, she looks a little vapid and dead in the eyes, but it kinda works for her. Check out the longer clip preview below.

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Cher Debuts Two Album Covers For Closer To The Truth

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Let me preface this by saying that I adore Cher. “Woman’s World” is my guilty pleasure track of the moment. It’s so campy and vintage Cher, I can’t stand it. There’s also no denying she looks absolutely gorgeous and stunning on both covers of her upcoming 26th studio album hitting streets on September 30. Can you believe she’s released 25 under her belt? Insanity.

With all that being said, is she trying to have a little fun with us. Given all the obvious Photoshop magic used on her artwork, it’s a tad ironic that her album is titled Closer To The Truth. Let’s be honest, the 67-year-old is ageless but this isn’t exactly how she looks 😉 Check out the other version below.

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Ciara Clones Herself For New Album Cover

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Clearly two Ciaras are better than one. She’s opted to renamed her fifth studio album from One Woman Army to simply, Ciara. Perhaps a name change will do her long-awaited and much-delayed LP some good. Even though I liked the original name more than the self-titled route, I think a change of energy is exactly what is needed. After all, none of the promo singles for One Woman Army did much good.

Besides going back to basics with her album title, the 27-year-old R&B singer is reuniting with her long-time mentor and friend L.A. Reid. The Epic Records chairman is credited with discovering her and executively producing her debut, Goodies, back in 2004. Ciara also joined forces with previous collaborators Rodney Jerkins and Jasper Cameron for her new album. All in all, the momentum is starting to pay off. Her lead single “Body Party” written by her boyfriend Future is currently impacting on the R&B charts. Along with that track, her upcoming effort will feature nine other songs including two duets. One with American Idol judge Nicki Minaj and with her boyfriend.

Do you think Ciara is in store for a comeback in 2013? Do you like her new album title and artwork. It’s definitely sleek. It almost looks like a butterfly. I wonder if that was intentional to show she’s about to blossom. Sound off below.

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Have you noticed lately that male pop artists have suited up on their album covers? From Justin Timberlake to NKOTB, everyone is dressing to the nines as of late. Perhaps a Men’s Warehouse conspiracy? LOL. Jumping on the bandwagon are 98 Degrees for their comeback album, 2.0. The foursome look pretty slick in their formal attire complemented with a halo-like effect. In their defense, they are going on tour with NKOTB and God forbid they look sloppy next to them. What do you think of the artwork? A little too safe or perfectly in line with their image?

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Speaking of 98 Degrees’ Package Tour mates, NKOTB appeared on The View today. Joey, Danny, Jonathan, Jordan and Danny performed their infectious comeback hit, “Remix (I Like The).” While it wasn’t the same without watching Artemis Pebdani interacting with the boys, it was a great showing. Performing such an up-tempo track live can be tricky and the Boston boys pulled it off. They had the audience and Whoopi Goldberg in a giddy mood. Check out their performance below.

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It’s abundantly clear that Rihanna is allergic to bras or any other form of clothing cover her breasts. Once again, the 24-year-old is posing naked for her music’s artwork. A tactic she used for her latest album’s cover Unapologetic. She also recently posed nearly-nude for the cover of GQ’s Men of the Year issue. To quote one of her earlier albums, RiRi is a Good Girl, Gone Bad.

To be perfectly honest, the sex sells approach seems to be working. For the first time in six previous tries, Rihanna scored her first No. 1 album. She moved 238,000 copies of Unapologetic in its first week of release. The singer also sits atop Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with “Diamonds“. Life is certainly pretty nice for Rihanna despite being holed up in a hotel room for a couple days after catching a flu during her recent 777 tour.

The superstar unveiled the cover art for “Pour It Up” on her Instagram yesterday. The single will be second official release off Unapologetic. Given that the track is an ode to pole dancing life, the cover with her covering her lady lumps with her arms and holding a dollar bill seems appropriate. As an aside, you’d think Ri would pose with a Benjamin or Hamilton instead of a $1 Washington. If you haven’t heard “Pour It Up” yet, check it out below.

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I am DYING to listen to No Doubt’s new album “Push and Shove.” I already can’t get enough of the lead-off single, “Settle Down” so I can’t imagine hating the rest of the album. The reggae-infused track has definitely been a great addition to my summer playlists and soundtracks. I am hoping that the reggae fest continues throughout the course of the albums’ entire track listing.

Yesterday, the group debuted the album artwork for the upcoming release and I absolutely love it. Shot and designed by mural artist El Mac, all four members were photographed and then arted up for the four-pane picture. I love the intricacy and maze-like texture in their faces. Definitely makes for a memorable cover.

“His technique and ability is just mind blowing! The idea of him working with us on this record is classic,” said Gwen Stefani of artist El Mac. High praise indeed. In coordination with the release of the cover, the band also released episode five of their webisodes which have been chronicling the band’s journey back into the spotlight. Check out the behind-the-scenes clip of the creation of the cover below.

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