This is actually pretty funny. With the world becoming more and more obsessed with social media as part of their daily life, this new Funny or Die video demonstrates that even secret agents are not immune to this dangerous addiction.

In the faux movie trailer, Kellan Lutz plays the world’s deadliest secret agent, but he has one fatal flaw: A dangerous addiction to social media. His commanding officer urges him, “Dammit Hashtag, this mission is top secret! Stop posting on Instagram!” Hashtag responds, “It’s okay, I recovered the nuclear codes.” The commanding officer responds, “I know, I saw your Tumblr post!” That’s not the only social media he uses. In the trailer he live tweets his car chases, follows his suspects on Pinterest, tags villains he’s about to kill on Facebook, and even when he finds himself in danger, he checks into the underground torture chamber he’s being held at on Foursquare.

The icing on the cake is when you find out what the motive is for the main villain in this fake movie is and who his character is. Enjoy!

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