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Sexy Liquid Plumr Commercial

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Sex sells and that’s what Liquid Plumr is counting on with their brand new commercial. Who knew unclogging drains could be so sexy? The company is promoting it’s new double action Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Snake + Gel System. Speaking of double action…

In the ad, a housewife fantasizes about two hot plumbers knocking on her door to assist her with her clogged “pipes”. You know were this is going, right? Side note, why is it in real life, plumbers never look like this. Admit it, you also secretly wish the repairman you just called turns out to be a hot tottie. Alas, they never are. Instead you get a lot of crack and not the good kind.

Starring in the clip is model Aaron O’Connell. I previously wrote about this stud when he was rumored to be AnnaLynne McCord’s new boyfriend, replacing Kellan Lutz. He’s definitely as cute as I remembered, if not cuter. He along with this scruffy hot bear titillate in this sexual innuendo-filled ad spot. Be sure to watch the entire clip and see O’Connell feeling up melons. Sexy.

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Over the weekend “90210’s” AnnaLynne McCord was seen celebrating Halloween at a swanky party at Palazzo’s Lavo in Las Vegas. Missing from her side was the hunky Kellan Lutz. Don’t cry her a river yet, since she showed up with an equally hunky male model, Aaron O’Connell, on her arm. AnnaLynne dressed as the White Queen from “Alice In Wonderland“, while Aaron looked hot in a pilot outfit. The two reportedly had their paws on each other all night and at one time, McCord was seen sitting on his lap. Perhaps they hit the “mile high club” later that evening. A girl’s gotta clock in her frequent flyer points.

Just last month McCord said she was “very with Kellan”, but as we all know… a lot can happen in a month. The two had been dating since 2008. So was this weekend’s date an innocent outing with a friend or something more? But more importantly, is Aaron O’Connell an upgrade or downgrade from Kellan Lutz. Check out a few pictures below and cast a vote in our poll.

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