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Sony Pictures is all about girl power these days. They already have a female-driven Ghostbusters in the works and now comes this.

Reportedly, the studio is developing a female-centric 21 Jump Street spinoff. With Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum doing blockbuster business with the first two installments, it’s only natural the studio attempt to milk every last dollar from the franchise. According to Tracking Board, Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs have been hired to write the script.

Female buddy flicks can sometimes be quite lucrative. The Heat co-starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy was summer hit a couple years ago.

Does a girl spinoff pique your interest? If it doesn’t come to fruition, at least fans can look forward to the threequel titled 23 Jump Street which is also currently in development. Sound off below.

Once again, TorrentFreak’s annual Top 10 list of most pirated movies surprises me. Last year, high-brow films like The King’s Speech and 127 Hours made the cut, while other blockbusters failed to crack the list. This year is no different. Obvious choices like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and The Avengers made the list at No. 10 and No. 4 respectively, but the flick that was the most illegally downloaded of 2012 is a bit of a shocker.

Believe it or not, the high school comedy Project X topped the annual list. With an estimated 8,720,000 illegal downloads, it earns the distinction as the most pirated movie of the year. The film grossed roughly $100 million during its run at the box office. It’s interesting to compare that to The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1‘s numbers. The vampire flick ranked at No. 10 with 6,740,000 downloads but grossed $712 million. Check out what else made the Top 10 list below.

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FOX aired its 25th anniversary special last night, celebrating the network’s finest programming in the past quarter century. Before FOX came around, the big three networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) dominated the Neilsen ratings. The upstart network started out slow, airing original shows only a few nights of the week. Eventually, thanks to their vanguard programming they became a major player in television which isn’t an easy feat. Just ask the CW and now-defunct UPN and the WB who all tried to become a major network, but to no avail.

While watching the 2-hour special hosted by Ryan Seacrest, I became nostalgic remembering some of my favorite shows from the past two decades. If FOX wasn’t around, the television landscape would definitely be different today. The network was responsible for revitalizing the nighttime soap, bringing animation back to primetime, creating the popular teen-drama format, reinventing comedies and sketch shows, and ushering the dawn of reality television. Speaking of the latter, the special reminded me of some popular past guilty pleasures including “Paradise Hotel“, “Temptation Island” and “Joe Millionaire“. So trashy, but yet so good.

Given this momentous milestone achieved by Fox, I thought I’d ask Homorazzi.com readers what their favorite FOX shows, past and present are. To get the ball rolling, I thought I’d disclose mine. A few of my beloved shows have to be “Melrose Place“, “Ally McBeal”, “Married With Children”, “Party of Five“, “In Living Color”, “American Idol“, “Arrested Development”, and “Glee“. Realistically, I could go on and on since FOX’s programming typically falls in line with my own personal tastes. Now it’s your turn. If your favorites aren’t in the poll, post them in the comments section below.

25th Anniversary: What Are Your Favorite Fox Shows?

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As was expected being the only new film opening this weekend for wide release, ‘21 Jump Street‘ leads this weekends box office estimates with $35 million. The comedy remake, starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill has received good reviews and this strong start will certainly help when it has The Hunger Games to compete with next weekend.

This is the second successful film opening in the past two months for the sexy Tatum who also starred in ‘The Vow‘. Just wait until ‘Magic Mike‘ hits theaters, with Tatum and a handful of hotties starring in a film about male strippers. I can imagine that film will also do well for obvious reasons.

Find out which film has crossed the $150 million threshold and how the rest of the films did in the top ten list below. Did you hit the theaters this weekend or were you to busy drinking green beer? Oh, and I’ve also included a clip of Tatum on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he shows a picture of Channing Tatum mooning Jonah Hill (while he’s sleeping). If you want to catch a glimpse of the side of Channing Tatum’s butt, that’s below as well.

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Next weekend, the reboot of 21 Jump Street will hit theaters starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. While there are no details on the movie’s OST or soundtrack as of yet, last night, the movie’s official theme song was released.

Teaming up on the track is Esthero and rapper Rye Rye which turns out to be a match made in musical heaven. The track has also been released to iTunes to help promote the upcoming film. The track has pulsating synths, a driving drum beat and sick hook sung by Esthero that is sure to make you want to “jump off”.

This is a great return of Esthero in my life as I haven’t heard much from her since her We R In Need Of A Musical Revolution, released back in 2004. Her teaming up with Rye Rye (who is currently one of my obsessions) makes me so excited. Give the track a listen below and tell us what you think of this duo in the comment section.

Listen to Rye Rye & Esthero’s collabo after the jump.

I am so excited for this TV series turned movie remake. 21 Jump Street may not be out until March 16, 2012 but a new red band trailer has been released giving us a pretty solid glance at what to look forward to. There is also buzz flying around that Johnny Depp who as you know starred in the original series, makes more than just a cameo in the new film. Bonus! It doesn’t hurt that hotties Channing Tatum and Dave Franco are in the film too.

Just like the original concept, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill go undercover as high school students to crack down on youth crime. The two are recruited for the 21 Jump Street unit because they can pass as students. The two are sent in to infiltrate a drug ring that is going on in the school. When the duo realizes that the popular kids are behind it, the two decide to throw a party to crack down. The result seems to be nothing but pure comedy.

Some interesting facts about the film. Emma Stone was originally offered the lead female role in the film but turned it down to star in the new Spiderman movie. The role instead went to Brie Larson who you may recognize from The United States of Tara. Jonah Hill co-wrote the screenplay and specifically wrote in the cameo role for Johnny Depp. Overall, I cannot wait to see this film, regardless of having to wait until next Spring to see it. Without further ado, check out the red band trailer below.

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Channing Tatum Goes Back To High School

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Channing Tatum is heading back to homeroom class for a little undercover work. The 30-year-old stud just signed on to co-star with Jonah Hill in a movie adaptation of “21 Jump Street“. The popular series was one of the first shows Fox aired when it debuted in 1987. The show is responsible for launching the careers of Johnny Depp and Holly Robinson-Peete.

The original series focused on a squad of youthful-looking undercover police officers investigating crimes in high schools and colleges. Hill who developed the story with screenwriter Michael Bacall will take a contemporary take on the show’s premise. At 30 years, Tatum is still one fine-looking hottie, but I don’t think he can realistically pass a high school student. Maybe with the Oprah lens he can pull it off.

With Hill on board and Phil Lord and Christopher Miller directing (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), it sounds like the movie might take a more comedic approach. I loved the original series and can’t wait for the remake to hit theaters. Shooting is scheduled to start in the spring.

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