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Vogue Reveals Top 10 Models For 2012

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Nothing will ever come close to the Supermodel Era during the 90s, but I feel a renaissance with models becoming household names is upon us. Personally, I say bring it on. I was a huge fan of Linda, Christy, Naomi and Cindy back in the day.

Vogue recently released their annual list of the fashion industry’s Top 10 female models and I thought I’d share it with you. I’m sure I’m not the only modelizer out there who might enjoy this. With regards to how Vogue determined which girl made the list is beyond me. I’m sure it had to do with who landed on the most editorials and covers of the publication’s various international editions. Check out the list below. I’m sure you might recognize a couple of the names.

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Ryan James Yezak has made and continues to make some of the most incredible videos on YouTube. He first became known for his gay parodies, but has since been working on gay documentary called Second Class Citizens.

With 2012 wrapping up today, the filmmaker has released a four-minute video that he created, compiling some of 2012’s biggest moments – both good and bad. Whether key moments in pop culture, unforgettable performances, the U.S. election, news broadcasts, and beyond, they’re likely to be found in this awesome montage of clips seen throughout the year. This would have definitely taken some time to put together, but luckily in only will take you four minutes to watch.

Enjoy the video below. You can definitely tell the difference between an amateur putting together a video montage versus someone like Ryan James Yezak who delivers a masterpiece in visuals and transitions timed to music. Enjoy and happy new year!

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Homorazzi’s Most Popular Posts In 2012

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Before the clock strikes midnight tonight, ringing in a new year, I thought a trip down Homorazzi memory lane was called for. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for year-end lists and Top 10 countdowns. It’s the inner nerd in me. I could analyze statistics all day long if time permitted. I’m sure I’m not alone which is why I decided to open up our statistics.

I pulled our Top 25 most popular posts in 2012. Not surprisingly, a few London 2012 Olympic-related posts made the cut. From our Sports Studs weekly feature to my ranking of the hottest gymnasts and divers, it all ranked on the list. What was surprising was which two ranked at No. 1 and No. 2 respectively. I’m pretty sure the fact we got on board this phenomenon early helped its numbers. We’re kinda SEO ninjas.

Speaking of which, I limited the Top 25 list to articles written only in 2012. If I opened it up, you’d find several posts from previous years on the list including our ANTM coverage and our article discussing the five worst celebrity plastic surgery mishaps to name a few. Without further ado, let’s get to what posts Homorazzi.com readers clicked on the most.

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Billboard’s Top 10 Songs Of 2012

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It’s been a big year in music and a lot of records have been broken. It’s insane to think that Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” has passed the 1 billion views mark for his music video on YouTube. Carly Rae Jepsen was launched into superstardom after Justin Bieber personally endorsed her soon-to-be worldwide obsession, “Call Me Maybe.” It’s pretty much a given that these two songs are in the Billboard‘s Top 10 Songs of 2012, but what about the other eight?

Billboard’s top song of the year also charted #1 in Radio Songs, #1 in Digital Songs, #5 in Ringtones, #8 in Pop Songs, and #6 in Adult Contemporary. If that doesn’t give it away, I’m sure the header photo did. The number one song is Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” which also features Kimbra. Love that song! Find out what other songs make up the Top 10 list below. I’ve also included all of the songs/music videos should you be inclined to watch the videos and/or listen to the songs. Enjoy!

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Once again, TorrentFreak’s annual Top 10 list of most pirated movies surprises me. Last year, high-brow films like The King’s Speech and 127 Hours made the cut, while other blockbusters failed to crack the list. This year is no different. Obvious choices like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and The Avengers made the list at No. 10 and No. 4 respectively, but the flick that was the most illegally downloaded of 2012 is a bit of a shocker.

Believe it or not, the high school comedy Project X topped the annual list. With an estimated 8,720,000 illegal downloads, it earns the distinction as the most pirated movie of the year. The film grossed roughly $100 million during its run at the box office. It’s interesting to compare that to The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1‘s numbers. The vampire flick ranked at No. 10 with 6,740,000 downloads but grossed $712 million. Check out what else made the Top 10 list below.

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Most Popular ‘SNL’ Sketches Of 2012

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Another year of hilarious SNL sketches has wrapped up and like every year, there were a handful of sketches that really stood out. With social media, it has become easier to track the popularity of certain sketches following their original airing because their views can be counted.

Hulu, the American TV video streaming site, has revealed the top 5 sketches of 2012 and the finalists shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that watched all or most of the episodes this year. The top sketch of the year was “The Real Housewives of Disney,” featuring Lindsay Lohan. I’m so happy that came out on top because it was indeed, effing hilarious. Coming in second was a fake election ad called “Undecided Voter,” where “undecided voters” asked the hard-hitting questions like, “When is the election?” LOL.

Watch and enjoy the top 5 SNL sketches of 2012 below.

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Are you on the Instagram bandwagon? Admittedly, I got in the game late because I refused to join another social media site since I barely use Twitter other than professional reasons. I have to admit, I do enjoy Instagram though. Everyone and everything looks so much better with their various filters. Even post-club drunk food looks extra appealing with the Instagram effect. LOL. Feel free to follow me and check out my Instagram profile.

The popular photo app recently revealed an interesting stat- the most-Instagrammed place in 2012. Have any guesses? With over 100,000 photos taken at this location, the winner is Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Never would’ve guessed. I’ve never been to Thailand, but interestingly enough Homorazzi’s Rich and Jonny are both there right now on separate vacations with their respective significant others. They probably added to the location’s total for sure.

Included in the Top 10 list are a couple of stadiums which makes perfect sense given the number of people who attend sporting events and concerts there. Out of ten locations, I can proudly say I’ve actually been to eight of them in the past several years. Check out the list below and see if you’ve taken an Instagram pic there.

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My Top 10 Music Videos Of 2012

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Just short and sweet, I find it a fine line between artistic integrity, videos that were on repeat at friends’ (Donovan‘s) house, and things that just made me happy despite popular concensus when considering what makes my list. But covering and considering all those bases, here we go. Agree or disagree, here were some great visuals to great songs this year that made it 2012 for me, and maybe you, but mostly me.

10. Psy – ‘Gangnam Style’

Love it or hate it, over a billion hits on YouTube can’t be wrong. We may never want to hear it again, but it will definitely, always remind me of 2012. Two words: Invisible. Horse.

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