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Although the 2012 Summer Olympic Games are over, for your average Joe (and Joanne), it’s business as usual when it comes to keeping up fitness routines. That’s why Vitamin Water France enlisted the help of advertising firm Sid Lee Paris to help showcase the amateur athletes instead for a change.

Vitamin Water when out and brought a genuine sports commentator with them to relay the most impressive techniques or relative exploits live via microphone. The reactions of some of these unsuspecting fitness enthusiasts is priceless.

After the prank was revealed to the “good sports,” they were given a Vitamin Water by a cute guy (shown above) as a well-deserved reward for pushing their own limits in their respective sports. The tagline: “Because Vitamin Water loves athletes. Every single one of them.” Enjoy the video below.

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With the Summer Olympics torched now extinguished and September just around the corner, the Fall TV promos have gone into high gear and two of my favorite comedies have just released some hilarious Olympic-themed promos I had to share with you.

In the promo for ‘The Office,’ Jim and Dwight are eager to leave work early, but one of them gets called for a false start. For ‘Parks & Recreation,’ there are actually three Olympic-theme promos to check out. In the first, Leslie and Chris help get Andy ready for swimming by shaving his body. In a second, Ron sets his own Olympic records for an event that obviously involves food. And in a third clip, Tom and Ron are in singlets wrestling.

Both NBC comedies return to your living room with all new episodes on Thursday, September 20. Enjoy the promos below!

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As the London 2012 Summer Olympics come to a close today, it’s also time for us to wrap up our Olympic Hotties of the Day in one showdown. Before I get to them, I want to make sure I set the stage right.

For the past two weeks, I’ve featured a different hottie of my choice that participated in the Summer Olympics. You may find that athletes you’d expect should be in this list and chances are if they are not, it’s because I had either already featured them in a past Sports Stud article, which are done on a weekly basis. I did highlight several Olympic athletes as Sports Studs leading up the the games, but the Olympic Hotties are only the ones I wrote about during the games.

The other thing I want to mention is that another place you may find your favorite hotties (if they are not this list) are in the following other hottie superposts previously featured on the site:

With all that said, enjoy this “just for fun” showdown below and vote for your favorite. Warning – it’s really hard to choose!

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Relive All of Google’s 2012 Olympic Doodles

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Since the 2012 London Olympics officially come to an end today with a spectacular show, I thought it was the perfect day to write this post. I’m an Olympic junkie so I’m definitely going to miss the daily displays of amazing athleticism. Not to mention all those perfect male specimens grunting, flexing, sweating and oozing testosterone on my television. SIGH. Be sure to check out our Top 15 rankings of the hottest divers, gymnasts, wrestlers and swimmers.

In addition to all the eye candy, one thing I’ll miss greatly are Google’s daily Olympic-themed doodles. Every day, Google provided graphics highlighting a specific sporting discipline. As the days progressed, they became even more adventurous with their doodles. The later ones added user interactivity and became mini-games. You could play basketball, soccer, complete a run in slalom or other events in hopes of achieving their version of a gold medal. Check out all of Google’s doodles from the XXX Olympiad below.

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Known as the fastest man in the world, I thought it was definitely time to highlight Usain Bolt as the Olympic Hottie of the Day. The 25-year-old from Jamaica is the reigning Olympic champion in the 100 metres, 200 metres and 4×100 metres relay and is so far a five-time World and five-time Olympic gold medalist. He is also the first man ever to achieve the “double double” by winning 100 m and 200 m titles at consecutive Olympics (2008 & 2012).“I’ve done something that no one has done before, which is defend my double title,” Bolt said. “Back to back for me, I would say I’m the greatest.”

Aside from his gold medal-winning speed, Bolt has the most amazing abs and isn’t afraid to show them off on the track. Aside from running, Bolt loves dancing and is described as laid back and relaxed.

Lay back, relax and check out some of his pictures below and be sure to watch Bolt racing today!

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Once again, thanks to another reader who “threw” this hottie at us as a suggested Olympic Hottie of the Day – an excellent choice!

Today’s featured athlete is Andreas Thorkildsen from Norway. The 30-year-old is the first male javelin thrower in history to be European champion, World champion and Olympic champion. He started throwing when he was only 11-years old and has since been an Olympic champion in 2004 and 2008, and the odds are that he is about to be the champion once again now at London 2012 at the Javelin Finals tomorrow (August 11). He is leading the pack right now in the race for the Gold medal, but in the Olympics (and in Big Brother) you have to “expect the unexpected”.

Check out some of his sexy shirtless pictures below and be sure to watch what will likely be a gold medal-winning performance tomorrow!

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Who else is going through swimming withdrawal? The second week of the Olympics isn’t the same without my nightly fix of hot guys with swimmer builds. Since quitting cold turkey is never a good idea, I thought I’d drool over the Olympic swimmers one more time. I figure if divers, gymnasts and wrestlers were all ranked on Homorazzi, it was about time swimmers did as well.

Given that there are way too many swimmers to go through, I decided to base my Top 15 Hottest Male Swimmers rankings solely on those who won a medal at the 2012 London Olympics. If they didn’t make the podium, they weren’t in contention. So, please no angry comments how I erroneously neglected your favorites. That said, I would love to know which swimmers were your favorites that didn’t win a medal. It doesn’t hurt to look at gorgeous also-rans. Without further ado, let the games begin.

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First of all, a special shout out to one of our readers, Alex, who suggested Jared Connaughton as an Olympic Hottie of the Day, saying, “Pure Canadian grade ‘A’ beef!” I couldn’t agree more!

Connaughton is a 27-year-old Canadian Sprinter from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he competed in the 200m and 4x100m relay for Canada where his team placed 6th in relay and he placed 14th in the Semifinal competition. Unfortunately, yesterday he placed 7th in the semi final for the 200m and is missing out on the final. He may not be done in London just yet though. Canada’s final four racers for the 4x100m relay have not been announced but he’s hopeful he’ll be a part of it. The first relay takes place tomorrow (Friday).

Check out some of his photos below and be sure to keep an eye out for him during the relays on Friday. Fingers crossed he’ll be running!

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