Ryan James Yezak has made and continues to make some of the most incredible videos on YouTube. He first became known for his gay parodies, but has since been working on gay documentary called Second Class Citizens.

With 2012 wrapping up today, the filmmaker has released a four-minute video that he created, compiling some of 2012’s biggest moments – both good and bad. Whether key moments in pop culture, unforgettable performances, the U.S. election, news broadcasts, and beyond, they’re likely to be found in this awesome montage of clips seen throughout the year. This would have definitely taken some time to put together, but luckily in only will take you four minutes to watch.

Enjoy the video below. You can definitely tell the difference between an amateur putting together a video montage versus someone like Ryan James Yezak who delivers a masterpiece in visuals and transitions timed to music. Enjoy and happy new year!

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