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If there was one big takeaway from this past television season, it’s that comedies are back. The genre was in rough shape, but thankfully a few breakouts this season including “2 Broke Girls” and “New Girl“, coupled with existing hits including “Modern Family” and “The Big Bang Theory”, proved that the sitcom is back and here to stay. That trend is nowhere more evident than at the recent upfronts. There are 29 sitcoms scheduled to hit the air this fall. On Tuesday night alone, CBS, NBC and ABC have comedies battling it out during the 9pm hour. May the funniest survive.

With so many comedies taking up the schedule, a few promising sitcom pilots failed to make the cut. Based on the trailers of some of the comedies that were picked up, I definitely feel some pilots got the shaft. Seriously NBC, “Guys With Kids“? What the eff were you thinking? ABC, you’re not off the hook either. What was up with “The Family Tools“?.

Mark my words, these two programs will be among the first to get the axe come September. I’m sure at that point the networks will wish they had picked up the following pilots instead. Hindsight is 20/20 right? Check out three sitcoms below that I wished were picked up.

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The last of the major networks to announce its upcoming slate of new shows was the little network that couldn’t could. Unlike CBS, where barely any changes occurred, the CW took a completely different route. The network, shockingly, flipped their entire schedule around, leaving only one series remaining in their current time slot- “The Vampire Diaries” on Thursday nights at 8pm. I guess, when you’re perpetually in last place, you have to do something drastic.

The biggest change by far has to be “America’s Next Top Model” being scuttled to Friday nights. That decision will either become a brilliant strategic move or the nail in the coffin for the veteran modeling competition. The Tyra Banks show will now be paired up with “Nikita“. Thank the television gods for saving that show. I love the Maggie Q-led show. Definitely underrated.

Typically, the CW is known for being the go-to network for teenage girls, but the television execs want to change that. Their brand new shows are more aimed at attracting a diverse audience. Sure, there’s the “Carrie Diaries“, but “Cult” and “Arrow” are definitely a departure for them. But before we check out the shows, let’s have a moment of silence for the canceled ones. So long, “H8R”, “One Tree Hill” (Final Season), “The Secret Circle” and “Ringer”. I’ll definitely miss the last one. The Sarah Michelle Gellar series got off to a slow start but picked up steam in the end.

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When you’re No. 1, you don’t really have to tweak your schedule all that much. That’s exactly what CBS did with their Fall schedule. The eye network announced at their upfront presentation that they were only adding four dramas and two comedies, with only four of them premiering in Fall. One drama and one comedy will be held off til midseason.

The biggest change on CBS’ schedule is the relocation of “Two and a Half Men” to Thursday nights where it’ll be paired up with “The Big Bang Theory”. That’s one powerful comedy block. Taking Ashton Kutcher’s former time slot is freshmen hit “2 Broke Girls“. Hopefully, it can hold its own during the 9:00 slot.

Before we chat about the new offerings, let’s say a quick adios to CBS’ canceled shows. Those programs not coming back are “How to Be a Gentleman“, “A Gifted Man” and “CSI: Miami“. Can’t really say I’ll miss them. Never watched one episode of any of those shows.

With only four new programs airing in the Fall, you have to assume they’re the cream of the crop. While not all home runs, there are a couple that show potential. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to watching a CBS drama. Up until last season, the only thing I watched on the eye network was “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race“. That all changed this year when I fell in love with “2 Broke Girls”. Now I guess, it’s time for CBS dramas to win me over. “Elementary” and “Made In Jersey” definitely have a solid shot of doing so. Check out their trailers below.

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With NBC and FOX upfronts out of the way, it’s time for ABC to show us what they have in store for the 2012-13 television season. The alphabet network ordered 10 new shows with six of them being dramas and four comedies. Given “Revenge” was a hit this season, it’s only natural they try to duplicate it with similar type fare. They definitely have a couple of promising new dramas that could become breakout hits.

The biggest change in ABC’s new schedule is the shuffling of three shows which previously aired on Wednesday. The aforementioned “Revenge” will move to Sunday and occupy “Desperate Housewives” former slot. Two comedies which followed “Modern Family” this season, will now kick off ABC’s brand new two hour comedy block on Tuesday. Hopefully, “Happy Endings” and “Don’t Trust The B- In Apartment 23” survive without a strong lead-in.

Before we get to the new shows, let’s quickly run down the programs that won’t be returning. They are “Desperate Housewives” (Final Season), “Charlie’s Angels”, “Man Up!”, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, “Work It”, “Cougar Town” (MOVES TO TBS), “GCB”, “Pan Am”, “Missing” and “The River”. The only one I’ll truly miss is “GCB“. It was getting better with each episode and wished the network gave it another shot.

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With a smaller schedule to fill and “The X Factor” and “American Idol” eating up three hours a week, FOX didn’t have too many holes to fill. Given the success of “New Girl” this past season, the network wisely chose to increase their comedic offerings and created an all sitcom night on Tuesday. That move, pushes “Glee” over to Thursday night following the results show of either singing competition. Overall, I approve of this strategy as it’ll give the aging “Glee” a boost courtesy of a strong lead-in.

For its upfront presentation, FOX showed off their five new shows– three comedies and two dramas. To be perfectly honest, none of them seem like surefire bombs. They all have the potential to do really well for the network. That being said, the two I’m looking forward to the most- “The Following” and “The Goodwin Games“- won’t premiere til midseason. Check out all new offerings below. See if you agree with my choices.

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Forget the holiday season, this is my favorite time of the year. It’s time for the big networks to unveil their plans for the 2012-13 television season. As Fall arrives, it brings the promise of the next big thing. All the networks hope they have the season’s new “IT” show.

NBC among all of them definitely needs the most help. Based on their presentation, they definitely have a couple of potential hits and surefire bombs. Speaking of which, before we chat about the new shows, let’s quickly officially say good-bye to this season’s canceled shows. Gone are Chuck (final season), Free Agents, The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect, The Firm, Best Friends Forever, Bent, Are You There Chelsea?, Awake and Harry’s Law. Can’t say that I’ll miss any of them. In fact, I probably would’ve axed more shows. Remember when NBC was “must-see television“? Me neither. Seems like a lifetime ago.

For Fall 2012, NBC is hoping laughs will bring in the viewers. Not only did they renew most of their under-performing sitcoms, but the network also ordered seven new comedies. With the genre making a comeback this past season, it’s definitely a sound judgement. On the flip side, I think airing “The Voice” in both the Fall and Spring will hurt the franchise. Fox has always held off from doing that with “American Idol” and it’s worked. Also a horrible decision by the peacock network is waiting til midseason to air the second season of “Smash“. Hopefully, this doesn’t kill the show.

Without further ado, let’s get to the brand new shows. Based on first impression, I’m predicting “The New Normal“, “Revolution“, “Chicago Fire” and “1600 Penn” as NBC’s greatest chances for success. Watch the clips below and see if you agree with my choices.

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