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It’s that time of year again and the 33rd Annual Golden Raspberry Award nominations (aka Razzies) for the worst achievements in film have been announced. The nominees were revealed in a video (which I have included below) featuring Razzie-players Glenn Simon and Kelie McIver!

In the entire list of categories, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 managed to get nominated in every single category, including Worst Picture. Also, Rihanna made her film debut this year in Battleship, but unfortunately for her managed to receive a nomination for Worst Support Actress. In her defense, that film also received a nomination for Worst Director, Worst Picture, Worst Screen Ensemble, and Worst Screenplay.

The actual ceremony will be held on February 23, 2013. Check out the list of nominees below and watch the funny video announcement as well.

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2013 Oscar Watch: Directors Guild Awards

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If there was an Oscar precursor that was the most reliable, hands down it’s the Directors Guild Awards. Since 2000, they have only been wrong once when matching up Best Directing honors with the Academy Awards. Ang Lee who won for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon lost the Oscar to Steven Soderbergh for Traffic. As a side note, Lee later won in 2005 for Brokeback Mountain. Once again, the director finds himself in the running for this year’s race. He’s one of the lucky five nominated by the Directors Guild of America.

Even though the DGAs are bang on when predicting the eventual Oscar winner, their nominations don’t always line up with the Academy’s. Usually, there is one director who gets snubbed. Last year, David Fincher was nominated for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but Terence Malick was the one who received an Oscar nod for The Tree of Life. Same thing happened in 2010 when Christopher Nolan (Inception) was swapped out for Joel and Ethan Coen (True Grit). Given that there are so many directors in the running this year, I fully expect this tradition to continue. Find out all the nominees below.

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The National Society of Film Critics showed some major love to French film Amour. The heartbreaking drama about an aging couple battling declining health won top honors with the film critic organization. The film’s leading lady, Emmanuelle Riva, also walked away with Best Actress for her outstanding work. She beat out Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) and Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook) who were declared runners-up in the category. Amour walked away with Best Director honors as well. The National Society of Film Critics’ choices were revealed this weekend on January 5, just days before the Academy Awards announce its 2013 nominations on Thursday, January 10.

Winning for Best Actor was Daniel Day-Lewis for his performance in Lincoln. With all the accolades he’s picked up along the way during this awards season, I would be shocked if he didn’t hear his name this Thursday. He’s definitely the frontrunner for Oscar glory again. Day-Lewis previously won twice for My Left Foot (1989) and There Will Be Blood (2007). Can he three-peat like Meryl Streep & Jack Nicholson? If he does, his trio of golden statues will be more impressive than Nicholson’s. One of Jack’s awards was for Best Supporting Actor. Check out all the winners and runners-up below.

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Another day, another batch of nominations from a different guild. This time it’s the Writers Guild of America’s turn. Next to the acting, Best Picture and Best Director awards, the writing mentions are probably the next prestigious. In all truthfulness, they should probably receive even more praise. Without the script, you have nada or in some cases trainwrecks like John Carter and Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure 😉

Like the Art Direction nods the other day, it pays to learn what these various groups nominate. More often than not, they’re the same people who make up certain branches of the Academy voters. If you want to win bragging rights with your Oscar office pool or your friend’s annual Academy Awards party, take note.

The most glaring omission from the 2013 Writers Guild of America nominations is the Les Miserables snub. Sure, most of the film is sung, but without a writing nod, it certainly decreases their chances for an Oscar for Best Picture. On the flip side, it’s nice to see films like Looper and Flight to finally get some love. Check out all the honorees below for Original Screenplay, Adapted Screenplay and Documentary Screenplay. The winners will be announced Sunday, Feb. 17 in New York City.

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It’s not as glamorous as the Golden Globes, the SAGs or even the Critics Choice Movie Awards, but the Art Directors Guild Awards are important in their own right. Not only do they honor those who make the movies and television programs we watch beautiful to look at it, but knowing the winners from this guild are the key to winning your Oscar office pool. I’m going out on a limb and predicting Les Miserables takes the Oscar in Art Direction in a few months. Just sayin 😉

If you’ve ever tried predicting winners in the Art Direction or other non high-profile categories, you simply resort to the guessing game. We’ve all been there. Why not increase your odds of winning your Oscar pool by doing a little due diligence. Check out the nominations from the 17th annual Art Directors Guild awards below. Not only do they honor remarkable work in film, but also in television and advertising. The winners will be handed out in a ceremony hosted by comedian Paula Poundstone on February 2, in Beverly Hills.

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It only took 23 tries, but 007 has finally found his groove. Not only has the latest James Bond flick, Skyfall, become the first in the franchise to pass the $1 billion mark, but the film might also be headed for Oscar glory. In a surprising twist, Skyfall earned a nomination from the Producers Guild for Best Film. It’s the first Bond film to be honored by the PGA in its 24-year history.

Since 2007, five winners of the Producers Guild Awards have gone on to also nab Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Last year, only three films didn’t line up with the Oscar nominees. Bridesmaids, The Ides of March and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo were snubbed by the Academy. The year before that, the PGAs were only off by one with The Town losing a spot to the Academy’s choice of Winter’s Bone. Better dust off that tuxedo Daniel Craig, you might be headed to the big event this year.

The Producers Guild Awards ceremony, which will be produced by Michael De Luca, will take place on Jan. 26. Check out all the films nominated this year below.

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2013 Golden Globes Nominations Announced

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Not only did the Hollywood Foreign Press Association debut the first promo for the 70th Golden Globes featuring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but they also revealed their nominations. Leading the pack with seven nods is Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. Not surprising, given all the other Oscar precursor love. On the flip side, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained shockingly earned five nominations including one for Leonardo DiCaprio.

If you think about it, DiCaprio along with a few other out of left field nods aren’t too earth-shattering given that the HFPA have a reputation of being HUGE star f*ckers. They love to honor A-list celebs in hopes that they’ll attend, making their event the most star-studded one of the awards season.

On the TV front, the HFPA have a couple of head-scratchers as well. Mad Men for the first time isn’t nominated but NBC’s polarizing Smash is. Granted they’re competing in different categories, but still. The Debra Messing musical beat out Parks & Recreations, Suburgatory, Community and a whole whackload of other worthy sitcoms. Fans of ABC’s Nashville will be elated that both Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton were recognized. While Modern Family dominates the Emmys, only Sofia Vergara and Eric Stonestreet earned nominations in the acting categories.

Without further ado, check out all of the 2013 Golden Globe nominations below which were revealed by presenters Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Ed Helms this morning. You’ll also find my commentary for most of the major movie categories and how they differ from the recently announced SAG nominations. Be sure to leave your comments afterward. I would to hear your thoughts on the HFPA’s nods.

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The 2013 SAG Nominations Announced

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If there is one Oscar precursor that is the most reliable, it’s hands down the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAGs). The acting guild represents the biggest voting block at the Academy Awards. Bar none when it comes to the acting categories the SAGs have the best record in recent years. If you’re planning to enter your Oscar office pool, I highly recommend you take note of the nominees and winners from this particular group. The SAGs honor outstanding work in both film and television. Since it’s all about the Oscars, I’m only focusing on the movie nominations.

While they don’t have a Best Picture category, they have an Outstanding Performance by a Cast as their big prize. What’s notable with the nominees in this category is the omission of Zero Dark Thirty. Long thought as an Oscar frontrunner for Best Picture, it’s snub have a few pundits scratching their heads. That isn’t the only surprise with the 2013 nominations. Check them all out below with my commentary for all the movie acting categories.

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