Anyone who’s been on this site within the last couple years has seen Tyrell’s name more than a few times a day as he covers everything from dance to music to the latest entertainment interviews. On top of his insane writing schedule he keeps up his long standing dancing career working with different (oh what do the kids call them these days..?) troupes/companies. With the four remaining hours left in a day, Tyrell has been working this past year+ on his singing career performing at events and locations around Canada, and today marks the release of his latest and by far most professional piece to date: “One Step Closer“.

Tyrell is most often recognized for his work on the CW’s “Hellcats” as a dancer but has come into his own as a solo singer and entertainer. Thankfully he makes huge use of his years of dance experience to liven his shows and- as you’ll see after the jump- his video today. Having opened for acts like Destineak, Wynter Gordon and Martha Wash, Tyrell has learned the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of this insane industry I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. The culmination of his work is most definitely the piece below as the official vid release for “One Step Closer” which he worked on with my good friend and local music talent producer/editor Nick Bertossi whose own work as a (sexy and bearish) DJ proceeds him. Looking at the ever-present issue of “the other man” in the gay community, Tyrell and real-life fiancée and writer Patrick Levesque flirt, fight and f… (KIDDING) their way through a rocky relationship that will probably remind you of at least a few couples you saw out this past weekend. Check it out!

Click through to see Tyrell’s Latest Video for “One Step Closer” after the jump.

Support The Gays In ClubVibes Nightlife Awards

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Attention Vancouverites!!! It’s time for the city’s Academy Awards honoring the best in nightlife entertainment. In other words, the 2012 ClubVibes Nightlife Awards are here. Once again, Vancity’s most popular venues, theme nights and bar staff are being honored at one big ol’ party. But before the big night arrives, nominees have to be narrowed in each of the categories.

A few of us from Homorazzi.com attended the awards last year, and it was disheartening to see none of the LGBT nominees walk away with the glory. So this year, I suggest we change that. Whether or not you’re a bar star, lounge lizard or casual binge drinker, we’ve all had great nights out on the town thanks to the following venues and people. If you enjoy hip-hop nights at the Cobalt, pumping dance beats at Club FiveSixty, Top 40 at Junction, those Dieux du Stade movies at 1181 or the outdoor patio at Oasis, make sure you cast your vote. Sure, it’s a frivolous honor, but an honor nonetheless. Even if you don’t live in Vancouver but visited our fair city, go and vote. It’s your gay civic duty *wink*.

All you have to do vote is head over to Clubvibes.com and support all your favorites. Speaking of which, I know I should probably be unbias but I’m not. I’m going to give my endorsement to two of my friends up for nomination- Todd Hoye for Bartender of the Year and Yannick Desautels for Manager of the Year. Not only are both great at their jobs, but both are super sexy as well. Get a look at Todd’s “assets” when he posed for a cancer fundraising calendar last year. And of course I have to plug our very own Tommy D. He’s up for Best Electronic Promoter. His Rapture parties are legendary. Another Homorazzi favorite, Adam Dreaddy is also nominated in the category. Vote for both.

Disclaimer. I quickly scanned all the categories and might’ve missed some of our nightlife friends. If I did, my bad :)

‘Tis the season to grow your ‘stache. That’s right, Movember has descended upon us and men all over are growing their moustaches proudly in support of awareness for prostate cancer, depression and other men’s health issues. The concept for Movember was first conceived in 1999 by a group of Australian men in Melbourne. Now, this annual awareness campaign takes place all over the world and many love to take part (even some women). Why not… it’s for a good cause.

This year, a few of my friends from 1181 in Vancouver have created a sexy little team cleverly titled The Mo’Hawks. The team is captained by the bar’s owner Jennifer Mickey and currently contains twelve members including Ryan Steele, Adam Dreaddy, Thiago Paes and Todd Hoye (just to name a few). To help their campaign come to life, the crew posed for a few sexy photos with the help of photographer Kate McLaren. Want to help donate? CLICK HERE. Now, check out some of the team’s sexy photos below.

Sexy photos of Team Mo’Hawks after the jump.

Earlier this week, Patrick, Tyrell and myself attended the 8th Annual Vancouver Nightlife Awards hosted by Clubvibes.com. The awards honored the night owls of the Lower Mainland who week in, week out ensure the city’s party people have a great time. Vancouver is known across Canada for its diverse and vibrant nightlife and this was Vancity’s night to shine. The winners are decided upon by online votes and for the first time ever Facebook users were allowed to vote and not just Clubvibes members. As a result, the number of votes cast, saw an increase of 500%.

It was my first time attending this annual event and I was impressed. Despite a little delay to the start of the evening, the award show went off without a hitch. The production value of the event exceeded my expectations. I definitely applaud the organizers and producers. From what I hear, the show as grown from its humble beginnings at Bar None to that of one that costs over $50,000 to produce at Edgewater Casino in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Both Jens Marquardt of Canthrill and Chris Ball of Promosa.ca were the guys responsible for putting on the show. Industry veterans Tyson Villeneuve and Christine Van, who hosted the show for the first five years, have returned to hype up the crowd once again.

check out the list of gay-centric nominees and watch our montage after the jump


I know Donovan is cringing as I write this as he refuses to let me become “one of those non-stop Jersey quoting people”- and I love him for that- but I just had to for this article.

What is up with Vancouver gays and Robbery?? To establish this term for those not on board the latest and greatest in television reality-show tragedy, “robbery” is when you swoop in and take someone who’s been flirting with someone else. From what I understand it primarily occurs between friends, not just between complete strangers.

Recently, I’ve been hitting the Vancouver nightlife a bit more often as the trips down south have slowed some with the return of school, and as such I’ve been re-introducing myself to the Shakespearean-esque scene we live it: no joke, this place is either a comedy or a drama (nothin’ in between) and there are definitely some main characters due to the tininess of our homo-friendly city! Doing the normal circuit of Fountain Head, 1181, Odyssey, Numbers, Celebrities and the Pump Jack (good god not all in one night though), I’ve had the chance to see some grade-A robberies going on within our gay brotherhood… is nothing sacred anymore?

[Pause for laughter as you realize I’m the author of that “How To Cheat Well” article! Still, let me explain.]

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Grindr: Gay App iPhone of the Year?

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Update February 2011: Grindr has release a HUGE new update to their OS and it’s a whole new application! For the most part, things look similar though the screen has had a makeover and things are a little sharper and prettier but that aside there’s a new set of sounds to go along with every action from sending your locale to getting a stud’s pic. There’s a new way to view all the guys 1) Near you, 2) That you’ve talked to in the last 30 days, 3) That you’ve favourited… Hell, you can now tell people if you’re in fact single or boyfriended up before they chat you for 20 minutes and waste their time ha. The update has tips on how to maximize the app and it’s a great update for old users and definitely the best time to start for new ones! Enjoy!!

In order to celebrate… it being Wednesday 😉 My best friend Patrick, one of his boyfriends, and I had a couple drinks at 1181.

While the bartender-recommended Newcastle Ale was pretty good, it’s what I was introduced to at the end of the night that’s really rocked my world quite a bit. While saying bye to the always exuberant Clay and Ryan Steele, I was asked where I was off to. Wanting to impress the older kids, I figured being truthful and responding that I was heading home to eat pizza and watch the newest Housewives of Atlanta by myself wouldn’t slide so I of course answered: “On my way to a gang bang.” To my surprise, Ryan didn’t ask to join (though, being honest, there WAS a curious glint in his eye), instead he asked if I was going to use “Grindr” to execute my impeding daisy chain. “Grinder?” I responded. “What’s that?”

And then, he pulled out his iPhone and showed me the latest and greatest gay-oriented app.

First off, the thing is completely free… not that I would baulk at a useful $2.99 purchase, but free? That’s just icing. So even if you don’t think you’ll like it, download and check it out just to see for yourself.
Now, down to brass tacks: what is Grindr? Well, it’s an iPhone application that allows you to find gay guys near you (and I mean like the building over) instantly using your net connection. You click on the app and it uses your GPS location to explain where you are feet/miles-wise from the next gay. Entering the world of Grindr while on Jervis and Nelson, I was instantly introduced to about 30 men within a 10 block radius. Still, it was midnight so the number of men actually online at the time was only a couple, the longer you stay on the app and click the refresh button, the more men are offered to you and the likelier it becomes you’ll find someone online.

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Twilight Saga Update: New Moon Trailer

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Last night during the MTV Movie Awards, the Trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to TWILIGHT was released.

If you haven’t jumped on the Twilight bandwagon, I think you might after New Moon. Judging from the trailer, director Chris Weitz is really killing it. It looks like a real movie!

I am a HUGE Twilight fanatic, and yes I have seen the first movie about 100 times, but it really was a pretty bad movie. The director of that movie Catherine Hardwicke butchered it. The biggest problem with that movie was that it looked like it was done on such a shoestring budget (They actually had 37 mil). The effects were horrendous, the constant handheld killed me, and she wasn’t getting anything from the actors. She’s very lucky that she was given this story because it was pretty much success on a silver platter (It made upwards of 382 mil)

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NOT Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model

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Well, it all came to an end last night. The culmination of months of photo shoots, a dozen scarcely covering outfits juxtaposed by a myriad of glittering accessories, an abundance of angry/loving/supercilious/inquisitive blogs, and more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker on her worst day- this competition saw its explosive finale last night at Celebrities night club. How did I do? Well, my fancy Microsoft Paint “photoshopped” profile pic up there should give you a clue 😉

The crown- I refuse to call it a tiara… too easy- was passed from last year’s winner, Aaron Ursacki, to a beaming Calan Breckon.

Now, there will be a lot of articles out there covering the facts of the evening and of the process up to this point, so I thought I’d throw a personal wrench into the story- something’s got to come out of me letting them put that much spray paint on my face (the eyeliner STILL won’t come out… who just has baby oil lying around their house?? I mean really, it’s not even condom-friendly… what’s the point?)

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