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James Marsden Heads Into The Grizzly Maze

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Into the Grizzly Maze practically had a different title for every year it’s been on the shelf. Since James Marsden filmed the action thriller in 2012, it’s been previously titled Red Machine, Endangered, and Grizzly. All this doesn’t exactly scream box office blockbuster.

The premise isn’t all that engaging as well. It’s about two estranged brothers who reunite at their childhood home in the Alaskan wild and find themselves stalked by an unrelenting grizzly bear. Why on earth would anyone enter an area called ‘Grizzly Maze?’ Seems like you’re just asking to be an appetizer for these carnivores.

Movie Synopsis

“In the action thriller ‘Into the Grizzly Maze’, a deputy whose mission is protecting the threatened grizzly bear suddenly finds himself conflicted when a massive rogue grizzly wreaks havoc on a local Alaskan community. Enlisting the help of his estranged brother, he enters the labyrinthian Grizzly Maze to track down his wife, who’s gone missing, before the bear does. As the body count mounts and an infamous bear hunter enters the fray determined to take down the bear he’s been waiting for his whole life, no one is safe in the harsh Alaskan wilds.“

Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton, Piper Perabo, Scott Glenn, Adam Beach, Michaela McManus and Kelly Curran round out the cast. Into the Grizzly Maze is being released in limited theaters this summer via Vertical Entertainment on June 26th, 2015. Check out the trailer below.

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Given the breakout success of Empire, not surprisingly FOX has supersized the hip-hop drama’s sophomore season. 18 episodes have been ordered and they will be split into Fall and Spring airings.

Ryan Murphy’s anticipated anthology series Scream Queens is paired up with two new sitcoms on Tuesdays- Grandfathered and The Grinder starring John Stamos and Rob Lowe respectively. New Girl which formerly occupied the spot has been held to midseason, partially to accommodate Zooey Deschanel’s pregnancy.

Also being held until 2016 are the six-episode limited return of The X-Files, Grease: Live and The Frankenstein Code featuring hunky True Blood alum Robert Kazinsky. Next year also marks American Idol’s swan song. The network promises a season long celebration of the long-running singing competition.

Based on first impressions, Scream Queens, Minority Report and The Frankenstein Code seem to have the best potential. Whether or not they become the network’s next Empire, remains to be seen. Check out all the descriptions and some of the trailers below.

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Well, that was fast. Just hours after Leona Lewis debuted the music video for her new single “Fire (Under My Feet),” the 30-year-old singer unleashes a killer dance remix. If the soulful Adele-esque vibe of her latest wasn’t to your liking, and you longed for her electronic sound during her underrated Glassheart era, you’re in luck. Dan Hardingham aka Endor elevates the soul-pop track into a potential dance anthem.

While I liked the original composition, I have to say I’m already obsessed with the dance remix. This could easily do some damage on Billboard’s Club/Dance chart. Put your sluttiest tank and dancing shoes on and give the dance overhaul a listen below.

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The Bachelorette is just around the corner which means it’s time for ABC to roll out the guys vying for the next Bachelor slot ;) Each season is as much about finding love as it is about securing the highly-sought after gig. Hell, I’d switch to ‘Plan B’ too, as soon as I realized I had no shot at sweeping the Bachelorette off her feet.

The Season 11 guys have more power than their predecessors. During the first night, they get to pick which of Chris Soules’ castoffs will be the lucky lady. If you’ve read the spoilers, you already know if either Kaitlyn Bristowe or Britt Nilsson got the gig. Personally, I’m happy with their choice.

Based purely on their official photos, I picked the five guys I found hottest. With that being said, ABC should really reconsider hiring a new photographer. Nearly all of them, look much better in the group photo above than their individual pics. Maybe, it’s because of the tacky backdrop. Whatever it is though, it needs to be fixed. Future contestants deserve better. And might I suggest, shirtless photos at that.

Check out my top picks below solely chosen on looks alone. Be sure to share which ones are your favorites as well. The Bachelorette premieres on May 18 on ABC.

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To celebrate one of my friend’s upcoming 30th birthday, we decided to head to Las Vegas. Why Sin City, you ask? My friend is probably the biggest Britney Spears fan I know and he wants to watch her Piece of Me show for the second time. This time however, we’re forgoing the table and taking our chances in the pit. #GodHelpMe ;)

In honor of our debaucherous weekend, I thought I’d share this recent spread featuring Willie Gomez, who is arguably Brit’s hottest dancer. Last time, I focused too much on Gomez and the other dancers and not on Spears. Not going to lie, it’ll probably happen again since this time I’ll be even closer. LOL.

Check out Gomez strutting his stuff below for photographer Darren Tieste in the latest issue of Dorian Magazine.

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If not for the silly rule that song covers aren’t eligible for Oscars, I have no doubt Sia’s rendition of the 60s classic “California Dreamin‘” would be in contention. It’s so good. The Aussie recorded the track for The Rock’s upcoming disaster film, San Andreas. Colton Haynes, Carla Gugino and Kylie Minogue also appear in the movie.

The orchestral arrangement along with Sia’s vocals transform The Mamas & The Papas track into an epic haunting number. It’s chillingly beautiful. Don’t take my word for it, give it a listen below and weigh in afterward.

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Before Diana Ross eased on down the road for the 1978 film The Wiz, it was another actress who played Dorothy Gale in the all-African-American reimagining of The Wizard Of Oz. Stephanie Mills originated the role in the hit Broadway production. NBC just revealed the 58-year-old actress will take part in their live production airing later this year. This time, however, she’ll play Auntie Em.

In addition to starring on stage, Mills also had a successful recording career. She found commercial success with hits including “What Cha’ Gonna Do With My Lovin’,” “Put Your Body In It” and my personal favorite “Never Knew Love Like This Before.” Love that latter disco jam.

Reportedly, producers are looking for ‘new talent‘ to play Dorothy. Boo, I was hoping for a bigger name. If they learned anything from last year’s disappointing Peter Pan, a household name is needed to lure in viewers.

The Wiz Live! will air on NBC on December 3. The network is teaming up with Cirque du Soleil to stage this production.

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Just before Mother’s Day, Ed Sheeran released his latest music video, “Photograph.” The clip which features footage of the 24-year-old’s childhood, no doubt made his mama tear up on the holiday.

As you’d expect, Sheeran was an adorable baby and toddler and like many of us experienced an awkward stage. Just look at the photo above. LOL.

Seriously though, it’s a cute clip that illustrates Ed’s desire to become a musician. Dude had music in his blood from the get-go. Little did people walking by on street know, that the redheaded kid busking would one day be selling out arenas.

Check out the Emil Nava-directed clip below. Not sure exactly what he directed but he gets credit nonetheless.

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