Once Upon A Time Finds Its Elsa

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Just days after finding their Anna and Kristoff, producers have announced their search for Elsa is over. Georgina Haig will play the Queen of Arendelle on the upcoming season of Once Upon A Time. I can’t wait to see how the Frozen characters are integrated into the storyline. This should be good.

The 28-year-old Aussie actress is best known for playing Peter and Olivia’s daughter on Fringe. Check out what she looks like below and weigh in if she has what it takes to work Elsa’s signature side braid.

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Jennifer Hudson heads back to the 1970s for a disco-inspired new track off her yet-untitled forthcoming album. She enlists R. Kelly to lay down some vocals for “It’s Your World.”

Picking the 47-year-old R&B singer is a risky choice. Just ask Lady Gaga. Controversy seems to surround R. Kelly no matter where he goes. Especially when the lyrics talk about being a ‘servant‘ and a ‘slave.’ With that being said, the beat is infectious. What can I say? I love me some disco.

Hudson also uploaded an album sampler for her third studio album. As mentioned before, it’s untitled and doesn’t even have a release date as of yet. Seems sort of silly. Anyway, I love J-Hud so I’ll go with it. Check out her R. Kelly duet and more below. UPDATE: Hudson just revealed the album will be titled JHUD. #loveit

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Based on the best-selling novel by S.J. Watson of the same name, Nicole Kidman plays a woman suffering from anterograde amnesia. She wakes every day with no knowledge of who she is. She tries to reconstruct her memories from a journal she has been keeping. With the help of a handy physician she eventually gets to the truth… or does she?

Colin Firth plays Kidman’s potentially untrustworthy husband. Mark Strong, Anne-Marie Duff and Charlie Gardner round out the cast. The Rowan Joffe-directed film hits theaters on September 12. Before I Go To Sleep already looks so much better than anything the Aussie actress has done in years. Check out the trailer below.

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Tina Fey Gets Witchy For Disney

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Rumors of Tina Fey developing a Hocus Pocus sequel have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, Hocus Pocus 2 isn’t even currently in the works by anyone for Disney. However, Fey has teamed up with the Mouse House for a bewitching movie of her own.

Deadline.com uncovered that Fey has teamed up with Cinderella producer Allison Shearmur for a supernatural-themed feature film in the vein of Ghostbusters. Tentatively, it’s being referred to as Untitled Witch Project. Fey will not only produce the film but will also star in it. If Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler or Kathy Najimy somehow get involved, expect those Hocus Pocus rumors to resurface once again.

What do you think of this new project from Tina Fey? Witches are certainly hot these days. Tina can certainly give them a hilarious spin. Bummed that Hocus Pocus 2 isn’t in the works? Sound off below.

Ariana Grande Breaks Free On Slammin’ New Track

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Not many people can resurrect things from the dead, but Ariana Grande can. For one night only, MTV revived their classic TRL just for her, renaming it Total Ariana Live. Grande used the opportunity to premiere her new single, “Break Free” which she’ll perform at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards airing August 24.

Break Free” features production by hitmaker Max Martin and Russian DJ Zedd. The club banger is a different sound for the 21-year-old, but a welcome one. Girlfriend is growing up and turning into this generation’s new dance pop diva. She’s got Britney’s sex appeal but Christina’s vocal prowess. Though “Problem” stalled at the runner-up slot for weeks (“Fancy” blocked it from hitting No. 1), “Break Free” has the potential to become her first ever Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper. Give it a listen below.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 4 – Big Bad Donny

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Tonight’s episode finally got me on the edge of my seat! But before I get into what had me laughing out loud the events leading up to the epic win. Prior to tonight’s Power of Veto competition, Devin convinced all of the Bomb Squad alliance that Donny was a serious threat that needed to be taken down. Based purely on assumption, Devin got Caleb interested in his plan to evict Donny. Donny, the sweetest, cutest little bearded man you ever saw was apparently a huge threat. Personally he’s my favorite player, after losing the Battle of the Block competition he was crying tears of joy at the fact that so many people showed him affection after his lose. He’d never been showed that compassion growing up so he was completely overwhelmed and broke down. I love him! Xoxo Donny

Joey, the first houseguest chosen to play on “Team America” tried to rally the girls to confirm their all girls’ alliance. Derrick took notice and didn’t hesitate to inform Caleb. Later that night Amber confirmed that Joey was trying to form an opposing alliance to take on the Bomb Squad putting a huge target on her back.

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Do gay people even eat fast food?” asks a man interviewed. The answer is “HELL YEAH!!!” At least this gay one does ;)

During San Francisco Pride this past weekend, Burger King introduced the Proud Whopper with 100 percent of the sales donated to the Burger King McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting LGBT high-school seniors. What makes this burger different? By the looks of it, it’s the same Whopper but wrapped in a rainbow wrapper with ‘We are all the same inside‘ written inside the wrapper.

“It showcases who we are as a brand,” Fernando Machado, the fast-foot chain’s senior vice president of global brand management, told USA Today. “It shows how we, as a brand, believe in self expression.”

If you’re curious to taste the Proud Whopper, you only have until Thursday to fly out to San Fran to the Market Street location to sample it. Naturally, the fast food giant documented the entire thing by interviewing customers visiting the location. Some are really quite emotionally moved by BK’s support. Check out the reactions of supporters, homophobes and those in between below.

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Anyone with any sort of notoriety has felt the sting of Internet trolls. The more popular you are, the more online haters you’re bound to have. Lily Allen certainly knows how that feels like. Controversy surrounded her “Hard Out Here” video when she premiered it, with some accusing her of being racist. Naturally, that incident inspired her to write “URL Badman.”

“I wrote that after I put out the video for ‘Hard Out Here’ and everyone said I was racist,” she said. “I was really alarmed by that reaction. I stand by that video, and I know what my intention was, and I’m sorry that people interpreted it in a different way. A lot of that negative stuff came from females and the feminist blogger scene. What really pissed me off was the misogynistic, hipster, male bloggers that went after me in a completely different way. And I just thought, ‘Fuck you, I’m going to write a song about you.’”

She takes on these “keyboard warriors” that can’t spell in “URL Badman” off her Sheezus album. The video, directed by The Sacred Egg, shows the 29-year-old English musician singing in the background as she calls out her virtual enemies. The narrative is simple but quite powerful and sadly true. Check out the clip below.

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