“Even though the gods are crazy. Even though the stars are blind. If you show me real love baby, I’ll show you mine.” How fantastically amazing are those lyrics 😉

On paper, Paris Hilton had no business pursuing a recording career, but the hotel heiress forged ahead nonetheless. Thank God she did.

With the assistance of producers Fernando Garibay and Sheppard Solomon, the 35-year-old reality star delivered a surprisingly catchy reggae tune long before tropical house became the norm. “Stars Are Blind” was quite good and cracked the Billboard Hot 100 Top 20, peaking at No. 18. Not even her former BFF, Kim Kardashian, could claim that feat.

Hilton celebrated the 10th anniversary of her debut track over the weekend, by posting a series of clips from the music video. Relive the breezy single in all its glory below.

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Carpool Karaoke” is arguably one of best running gags currently airing on late night television. Thank God, the first installment of the popular Late Late Night Show segment wasn’t a sign of things to come.

Who signs up to participate for a new skit called “Carpool Karaoke” but refuses to sing, you ask? Only a diva like Mariah Carey would, that’s who. James Corden reveals to Howard Stern that Mimi refused to sing during his talk show bit. “She came out and said, ‘I’m not singing today.’ And she went, ‘We’ll just drive around and have a chat.” Hilarious!!!

Even though she never fully committed, at least the “#Beautiful” singer played along for a bit and sang a few bars. Thankfully, Jennifer Hudson was booked as the next guest and showed how amazing the segment could be. Til this day, watching her singing her order at a fast food drive thru still cracks me up.

Listen to Corden’s interview below and learn more behind-the-scenes drama about launching “Carpool Karaoke.”

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June 5, 2016 marked the 35th anniversary of a case study released by The Centers for Disease Control in 1981 which outlined the first documented cases of HIV/AIDS. Though treatment and education has come a long way since those early days, the disease once classified as the “gay cancer” continues to spread.

Bob The Drag Queen, Todrick Hall, Davey Wavey, Amber’s Closet, Catrific and Zackary Drucker teamed up for #HIVBEATS– an upbeat and engaging music video series from YouTube. Each popular personality discusses various topics regarding HIV/AIDS included PreP, ways you can’t contact the virus and other informative tidbits, but done in a humorous fashion. Watch the fun clips below.

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Splash Remake In The Works

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Nostalgia fever continues in Hollywood. Another blast from the past is getting a refresh.

Long before Ariel did her thing in The Little Mermaid, there was another beautiful aquatic creature who charmed moviegoers. Daryl Hannah won over Tom Hanks and cinematic lovers as a mermaid in the 1980s classic film, Splash. It was Hannah’s breakout role and gave rising film star Hanks’ career a major boost. If we’re to believe Brian Grazer, a remake is on the way.

The 64-year-old producer recently sat down with MSNBC to talk about the evolution of Hollywood during the streaming-friendly Information Age. When asked how he would hypothetically remake some of his memorable films, he surprisingly revealed he’s working on a remake of his breakthrough mermaid fantasy rom-com. Makes sense. After all, he earned an Oscar nom for Best Original Screenplay for it. He teased he already has a movie star involved and shared how this version would differ from the original.

Watch the interview below and weigh in afterward if you’d watch a Splash remake.

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Back in 2012, Nelly Furtado sang an acoustic version of Calvin Harris’ huge smash “Feel So Close” live at a radio station. Fast forward four years later and the 37-year-old singer has decided to share an official studio recording. Furtado took to Facebook to explain exactly why.

“I originally did a live version of this Calvin Harris’ cover FEEL SO CLOSE at a radio station in 2012 which was posted on YOUTUBE.

I decided recently to record my own version in the studio and post it exclusively on SPOTIFY so that music fans can enjoy streaming it. I chose SPOTIFY for this as they are very artist friendly and compensate musicians well for their art. I know some people have been using this as a “first dance” wedding song, and summer is here, so enjoy!” – Furtado via Facebook

It’s great to see Furtado return to music, even though it’s just a cover. If you’ve never listened to Furtado’s stripped-down version of the EDM track, definitely give it a listen below. It’s quite beautiful. As Nelly stated, I could totally see it being a popular “first dance” wedding song.

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Remember that Friends episode where Monica tried to make her parents cry at their anniversary party with a speech that included every sentimental thing she could think of? Well, this is the movie equivalent to that.

YouTube channel Burger Fiction scoured through numerous movies to find some of cinematic history’s most touching tear-inducing moments. From animated classics like Toy Story 3, Bambi, The Lion King and Up to live action tearjerkers like Titanic, Lassie and Forrest Gump, there’s at least one film included in the supercut that made you weep, maybe even ugly cried to.

Check out the emotional mashup below. Be sure to have a tissue nearby just in case 😂

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Kill Em With Kindness” is the fourth official single off Revival. Glad it’s finally getting an official release since it’s one of my favorite cuts off her LP. If it follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, it should crack the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 as well.

While the law of retaliation of “an eye for an eye” is quite popular, Selena Gomez opts for more of a peaceful approach with regards to her haters. The 23-year-old entertainer sings about not having to stoop to the level of Internet trolls. Instead, you can respond in a classy and dignified way.

For the accompanying visual, Gomez goes for the “less is more” route. Just like “Good For You” which kicked off her current era, Selena keeps it relatively simple. She serves face during plenty of close-up shots, while a bunch of dancers do their thing in other scenes. Check out the Emil Nava-directed video below.

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Axel Hotels dub themselves as the world’s first and best gay hotels in the world. But just because they cater to the homosexuals, that doesn’t mean breeders aren’t welcome. They tell straights that they adore them too in a humorous music video.

“Axel Hotels supports since its opening the normalization and rights of the LGBT community. Straights, we love you too!”

Check out their “Be Heterofriendly” clip below. It’s muy caliente and features plenty of guapo men. My kind of music video.

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