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Chat Roulette: Take a Spin

In: Gadgets & Tech, Patrick, Totally GAY!

So I was reading an article about our favorite crew, Jersey Shore (Pauly D & Vinny), having randomly been on webcam on the next big (strange) phenomenon – Chat Roulette. I just checked it out this morning, not really know how it works – well, there’s not much to it.

I went to the site, and you basically click start, asks you if you agree to enable your webcam, you click yes, and away you go. All of a sudden, you get connected to a random person’s webcam. They see you, you see them. It’s kinda scary lol! I didn’t know what I was getting into, so I kept clicking “Next,” which keeps connecting you with a new person, every time you click it. Some people are just sitting in front of their computer, and some people are shirtless in bed, so you have to be careful – worst comes to worst, you just click next. Anyway, I was too chicken to stop and talk to anyone, and just kept clicking next.

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Read, 22, competed in the 2006 Olympics, but since then he has been competing on the World Cup circuit, and has become a leader on the team. His best result in the World Cup so far is a 23rd place at Zakopane in 2006. I guess you have to weigh very little to be a ski jumper, considering he only weighs 132 lbs. Well, he looks great with his shirt off so you won’t hear me complaining. Surprisingly, he is the first Canadian since 1991 to earn world ranking points, and has multiple top 30 finishes.

Here are some of Read’s stats:

Born: May 7, 1987
Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta
Residence: Calgary, AB
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 132 lbs
Events: LH Individual, NH Individual, LH Team

The Canadian 2010 Ski Jumping Team for this year’s Olympics consist of Stefan Read, Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Trevor Morrice, both 18, and Eric Mitchell, 17. Read is the only one who has been to the Olympics before, having competed in Turin.

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I’m writing this post because Blake McGrath has suddenly found God, and according to Facebook, is no longer gay. WHAT!? Yes, for the past few weeks, McGrath has been sharing the word of God via his Facebook status and his “Interested in:” field says “Women,” where it had previously said nothing. For the record, Blake McGrath got his publicist to go up to my ex at the bar and exchange numbers with him and inform him that Blake was interested in him. a) My ex is not a women. b) My ex was not interested. c) That was extremely tacky and d) this happened not even a year ago… and suddenly he going back in the closet because someone came knocking on his door and told him he’d go to hell if he was gay?

As we all know, we are born gay, and I know in my sin that “God” or whoever created us, made us this way, and it is not some sort of defect. As much as he tries to preach that he is going to heaven because he suddenly worships God every day, I think its extremely cowardly of him as he embarks on his solo “singing” career, to jump back in the closet. Way to man up and represent us in the mainstream, Blake.

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This Libra is an American Alpine Skier, and his name is Bode Miller. I have to tell you, writing this “Hot Olympic Athletes” has really made me SO much more aware as to the “who’s who” of sports. I mean, I love watching sports and playing sports, but I don’t follow sports you know? It’s too much commitment and memorization that I’d rather not get delve into.

Here are some of Miller’s stats:

Sport: Alpine Skiing
Birthdate: October 12, 1977
Residence: Sugar Hill, NH
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 209 lbs
Olympics: 2006, 2002, 1998

Although, this hunk is popular in sports in terms of his success, he’s thumbs down when it comes to the press. One report referred to him as “a tedious bore given to statements that smack of hypocrisy.” Ouch! Another one said that his behavior had alienated him from “pretty much everyone but those who mindlessly celebrate rebels simply for their rebellion, however misplaced it might be.” So…he’s a bad ass, huh? Grool.

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Scandalous…slash hot? I mean this is the type of scenario we find ourselves “ahem-ing” in some porn isn’t it?

Nick Snider, a top male model, is facing criminal charges after offering sexual favors (aka blow joys) to Arkansas cops in return for his release (and their “release” for that matter) following an arrest for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

Early Monday morning, Snider (one of the faces of Prada) was taken into custody after causing a disturbance at a female friend’s home in Batesville, Arkansas. An Independence County Sheriff’s Department report states that when the officers approached extremely drunk hottie (although not at all hot in his mug shot), he informed them, “I am a very famous model.” Well…he kinda is. In 2008, Forbes named him as the world’s 5th most successful male model.

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Grooming Tips From Head to Toe

In: Redd, Sports & Health

I know to each their own when it comes to grooming. Some guys like to keep everything neat and tidy while some prefer to go a little more au natural. I myself like keeping everything neatly groomed from eyebrows down to my leg hairs. So here are some tips on how to go about doing it the neat way should you prefer to do so. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they take care of themselves and their grooming habits. Attention to details says a lot. Pictures shown are examples of when you should look into manscaping.

1. Eyebrows


Bushy eyebrows can be sexy provided that they are tamed. First thing’s first, make sure that you don’t have a mono/uni brow by tweezing or waxing the area (don’t shave it because nobody wants to see stubble there). Next use an eyebrow brush and sweep the brows upwards and with a pair of small scissors, cut any long stray hairs. If your eyebrows are particularly thick, I would suggest having them professionally done to ensure that you don’t take too much off leaving yourself with “chola” type eyebrows.

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To be fair, I don’t mean that in the bitchy “Oh, Adam, here we go again” way I usually, would. Rather, you really, really need to have a damn good sense of humor and lack of inhibitions to enter this competition- trust me, I know.

Just over a week ago- while I was ripping up my knees at soccer and Donovan was… getting the sniffles at curling (just as butch, I’m sure)- Terry Costa and his company Mirateca began Cycle Three of “Vancouver’s Gay Top Model”. A relatively new annual tradition, this competition calls for gays from the Lower Mainland to dress up in their tightest Ts and fanciest jeans and collect mid-day at Celebrities night club for a critical review of just how hot they really are. Though we weren’t in attendance for the first event, you can bet we’ll be at the big finale, rating and judging the boys as politely (yup, you can laugh at that one) as possible.

The Mirateca website has a collection of pictures from the “activities” undertaken during the auditions which I truly hope has had a repeal since my bout. Last year we were asked to belly dance and lap around the room until the “plus size model” we had come out sweat enough for us to have to pull the mop out and move on to the underwear contest (the last of which I sadly see was still part of the auditions this year). But, enough lamenting. You’re not here to read about who did the most push ups or who had the best introduction speech (mine was a ridiculous attempt to flirt with Sean Horlor’s intense tattoos haha), but rather we’re here to bitch about and pick apart these poor, poor souls who have put themselves up for public scrutiny.

Click through to see my commentary on each of the contestants

Your Profile Pic: What You Need To Know

In: Gadgets & Tech, Jonny

Are you single? Looking for love? For those of us who use social networking sites/dating sites, the PROFILE PHOTO you post just may be the single most important aspect of your entire profile.

We all have one…we may even have several back logged. Some classic pictures include but are not limited to: Catwalk model-esque, athletic activity, half-naked self shot, killer smile/friendly, Derek Zoolander smirk (Kodie…ahem!)…the list is endless.

For me, I’m happily taken, but I’m down with a profile picture that reminds me of a fun memory (a night out with friends) or a great smile pic. I can’t even remember the last time I posted anything nearly risque (mind you, when you work in media, it’s just an unsaid rule). Keep in mind, if I had Redd’s body, maybe I’d reconsider.

So, if you find yourself “Zbornak-ing” on the couch with a crossword puzzle Saturday night (a la “Dorothy” from the Golden Girls) there’s good news ahead.

Here’s some helpful tips to help you post the best profile picture, from a website called And not just for the boys, you can also help out your sister/f-hag/fruit-fly/fav lesbian too!

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