Seattle Pride: My Experience

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Now, I’m no expert on Prides, and I’m certainly no circuit party connoisseur, but I have to say Seattle Pride 2010 was done right! Allowing that hanging out with our huge amount of diverse friends (okay, there’s like 20 of them down there and they’re admittedly mostly muscled, tanned white guys but some have blond hair so as far as most homo-groupings go that’s pretty affirmative actiony!) and being treated to the insider experience on which party to hit and what time- and most importantly in what outfit- definitely helped make this a killer 3 days in Sea-Town… there’s still something to be said for good work done behind the scenes.

Seattle’s Pride this year was well-run, action-packed and without a hitch… except of course a bit for the weather, but I’m a Vancouver boy so no spots of rain are gonna get me down! When it really mattered (ie. when I was tooling around in the back of my Matthew McConaughey-lookin’ friend’s boat into “Gay Bay” where all the mo’s in the know take the sails and the yachts to stretch out, dock (take that anyway you like it hehe) and relax in the company of Rihanna lovin’ boys, the weather turned out in spades and gave us a run for our tan. Still, come pride day the clouds hate crimed a bit and cooled down the more tweaked muscle daddies outside the Cuff Block party and forced more than one or two twinks to run to the bathroom to reaply some drowned eyeliner. Overall though, complete success.

Click through the read my review of the big parties!

The-Dream: Yamaha

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Hands up. Who likes Prince? You better have your hand up, and you better check out this track off The-Dream’s Love King album. Yamaha continues with the recent trend in music of rehashing the 80s, but instead of trying to re-work what made the 80s so terrible into something modern, he’s taking inspiration from artists whose songs have past the test of time.

The-Dream has had more success behind the scenes, penning both Umbrella AND Single Ladies, and winning a Grammy for the latter. He’s had moderate success with his own ambitious career. He’s release three albums since 2007, though, I can say I’ve only really heard one or two songs besides this one, and maybe a collaboration with Drake.

If he stops giving all the hits to the ladies, and keeps them for himself though: lookout. Yamaha is retro-fresh, and is stuck in my head. I don’t have full understanding of the lyrics yet, but I think he’s singing about a girl that reminds him of a motorcycle, because he wants to ride her. Well, isn’t that cute.

listen to Yamaha after the jump

Brittany from Glee is by far my favorite character on the series and the episodes I love most are the ones where she has the most lines. But did you know how Heather Morris (the dancer/actress who plays her) ended up the series?

    Favorite Quotes:
  • “Did you know that Dolphins are just gay sharks?”
  • “I’m pretty sure my cat is reading my diary.”
  • “I had a cold, and I took all my antibiotics at the same time…and now, I can’t remember how to leave.”

Heather Morris is first and foremost a dancer. She moved out to LA about three years ago and started dancing professionally, and got a call from Beyonce to join them in a mini tour of the Single Ladies number (ie. on the American Music Awards, etc.), just her, Beyonce and another dancer. After that had finished, Zach Woodlee, the co-producer and choreographer of Glee called Heather and asked if she’d teach the Single Ladies number for the show. She agreed and it just so happened they were looking for a third cheerleader for the show, and a week later she got the part. She doesn’t take acting classes because the director, etc. love what she’s doing and don’t want her to change a thing. She can also sing, and is waiting for when the time comes when she gets her own number – maybe the Britney Spears themed episode?

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Book Review: I Heart Money

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A friend of mine, David Campbell Lester, recently wrote and released a self-help book of sorts, based on his personal business success and his overall love of mullah, aptly titled ‘I heart money’. Now I’ll admit that when I heard he had produced the book I wasn’t aware that it was in a format that was going to kick my butt with reference to my own spending habits and finances and force me to do a complete one-eighty to truly get myself closer to my goals.

The book is broken into 12 chapters, with a few being more relevant to me in relation to where I am at in my life at the moment (ie. Not quite ready to jump into the real estate market but definitely on the path of wanting to take a few trips to Europe). Early on in his teachings I was struck by a simple fact that David laid out so basically on the page, ‘it only takes 21 days to make or break a habit’. I decided immediately that this was such an insignificant amount of time, so I would start immediately. I leveraged his (and others before him) idea of a establishing a personal goals board that would remind me of what I am aiming to achieve. I really love this concept, and although it’s not an original David Lester movement, I am glad he integrated the world-renowned concept into his teachings, making everything more recognizable.

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No one even knew he was expecting, but soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is the proud father of a new baby boy. The Team Portugal star announced the happy news on his Facebook page. The baby mama’s identity is unknown, but sources say she is from the US. Here’s what the soccer stud wrote on FB:

It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy. As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship. No further information will be provided on this subject and I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these are.

While the news comes as a shock, the fact he’s getting exclusive sole guardianship is even more so. One makes me wonder if he truly got some woman knocked up or if this was part of a down-low surrogacy arrangement. What are your thoughts?

Behind The Cast: A Night on the Patio

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Summer is upon us and while some of the cast celebrated Pride in Seattle last weekend, a few of us went to Donovan & Brian’s for a fun evening on their roof top patio. There’s nothing like having some barbeque with some refreshing beverages in the early evening sun, enjoying hilarious stories mixed with stories from each of our week.

In this first video, you’ll see Donovan, Brian, Rich, Redd, Jonny, his boyfriend Kody, my boyfriend Tyrell, Nic’s boyfriend Tyler, and our friend Joel. Stephen came by later with some of our other friends, but it was apparently after I had turned the camera off for the night. You’ll also find out who in the Homorazzi cast is a “Bear Pusher.”

In the second video, after us each having several “drinks,” the night gets crazy with an all out drunken dance party slash walk off. Enjoy – I sure did! Haha.

Video of the best sound bites from the night, as well as a Homorazzi walk off, after the jump…

Behind The Cast: Summer Activities

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Last week I noticed a line on my left chest like an indentation on the skin. I thought I had torn my muscle, but it wasn’t painful and I still had full range of motion. The tear was deep in the skin and I’m guessing it was due to my intense workout routine doing military style pushups with a pushup bar for more range of motion which meant greater chances of injury. You can read the full story, on my personal blog TakeThatOff and check out the photos.

All this working out is preparation for Pride season (Check out my LA Pride video from last month’s trip) & Summer vacation plans of heading back to Europe for a 2-week vacation with a stop over in Amsterdam to have lunch with Topher, Madrid for 3 days & Barcelona to check out Matinee Group’s Circuit Festival. I know what you’re thinking and you’re probably judging me for my choice of activities but if you knew me well enough, you would know that I hardly go out here in Vancouver and partying in another city is totally different and actually fun because I don’t know anyone there. I’m traveling with 4 other friends from Vancouver and a friends from the US and around Europe will be there as well. The last time I’ve traveled to a large party like this was in Montréal’s Black & Blue almost 4 years ago. Check out this video below from last year’s party! It’s like Pride on steroids!

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World Cup Hottie of the Day: KAKÁ

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Today’s 28 year old hottie is an attacking midfielder from Brazil and is so popular, he only needs one name like Madonna: KAKÁ (Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite), which is is a common term of endearment of “Ricardo” in Brazil. He has a salary of $14 million (one of the world’s highest paid football players), endorsements by Armani Jeans, Sony, Adidas, and Pepsi. He too was part of the Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair photoshoot this year.

Kaka and his Brazilian team lost to 2-1 to the Dutch today, eliminating them from the running for the World Cup.

  • Date of Birth: 22 April 1982
  • Height: 186 cm
  • Shirt number: 10
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Current club: Real Madrid (ESP)
  • International Caps: 82
  • International Goals: 27

He is married to his childhood sweetheart Caroline Celico. Kaka is very religious. When celebrating a goal, he usually points to the sky as a gesture to God and his fave music is gospel and fave book is the Bible.

More pics after the jump…

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