Can Brenchel be the next Jeff & Jordo? Looks like they could be. Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly are following in the footsteps of BB Season 11′s Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd by appearing on the daytime soap opera, “The Bold and The Beautiful“. I wonder if anyone on the show will get in between her and her man. The duo are set to appear in two episodes of the sudser on October 25 & 26.

Even though most of their castmates didn’t believe they would last, it looks like Big Brother 12′s most polarizing showmance are still together. Rachel hasn’t moved to Los Angeles yet, but she did tell Entertainment Weekly that she is in the process of making it happen. Judging from her statement, she is still madly in love with the hunky Brendon (I would be too). The dude is sexy, sexy, sexy.

“Everyone wants to know when there will be a proposal and a wedding,” she gushes. “We are head over heels in love. I’m so lucky to be with him. I foresee a long future together. He is my missing puzzle piece!”

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American Idol 10: New Judges First Day On The Job

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Take your first look at American Idol’s Season 10 judges first day on the job. Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez joined Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson for the first time on the panel during the Jersey City, New Jersey auditions. Returning executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe tweeted the above picture.

I’m not sure how I feel about the placement of the judges. It looks to me that Jackson is occupying Simon’s old spot. Let’s hope he’s NOT the main voice and moderator for this season. If he is, I’m officially resigning from this show. I’d rather have both Ellen & Kara back instead of enduring him utter another “dawg”, “pitchy” or “keeping it real” next season. Having said that, seeing the judges together for the first time behind the panel, makes me uber excited to see what their chemistry is like when Idol returns.

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ABC premiered its most anticipated show last night, No Ordinary Family. Its no wonder to me how the story lines of The Incredibles and No Ordinary Family cross paths. Well, for one, PIXAR and ABC are owned under the same parent company so I’m assuming that the script writers had access to the similarities. For instance, the dad is slightly overweight and wants to be a police hero. The mother is overworked and the kids are awkward. But besides all of that, this show is good… and let me tell you why.

Julie Benz who plays the mom is DYNAMITE. I loved her in Dexter and I love her even more now. She plays the power breadwinner of the family who works as a research scientist. After the plane crash, she has gained the super power of speed and she uses it to become more of a multi-tasker to be around her family. Michael Chiklis plays the father and his character is so endearing. He wants nothing more than for his family to be the way it used to be and we see that in flashbacks of him in his glory days playing with his kids while they’re younger in the yard.

For me, the turning point of the show was when the Jim Powell (Chiklis) tries to be the hero for the second time in the episode and discovers that his family is not the only one with super powers. In this matrix like fight with great special effects, Jim finds himself the underdog in the world of magical powers. In the end, we discover that Stephanie Powell’s (Benz) boss is the mastermind behind the evil superhuman who trumped Jim in his tracks, setting the stage for many episodes to come. I wasn’t too jazzed for this show I won’t lie but the first episode left me on a cliffhanger that made me set my PVR to series record.

Premiere Episode Rating: A

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Lone Star Is First Casualty of The Season

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It’s official, we have the first casualty of the new season. Fox’s drama, “Lone Star” has earned the dubious distinction of being the first canceled show of the 2010-2011 season. The network has removed it from their schedule after two lackluster showings. It’s pilot earned only 4.1 million viewers and the second episode dropped to 3.2 millions. No new date or time has been announced, so it’s safe to assume “Lone Star’s” well has run dry.

While most critics loved the show and several online campaigns were started to save the show, I utterly hated it after reviewing it last week. The one saving grace was the talented and handsome lead star, James Wolk. In its defense, I gave the show another shot this week and it was heaps better than the pilot, but not enough for me to shed a tear for its cancellation.

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Never be bored again while you’re taking a doo-doo! Those magazine stacks you’ve read over and over can be boring and not really interactive… with iPoo you are instantly connected to the iPoo social community!

What is iPoo?

Always find yourself with nothing to do while you’re sitting on the can? Introducing iPoo – a new iPhone application that gives you something to do – while you poo! iPoo is a social community that brings together pooers from around the world. Write messages, draw graffiti, earn points and badges, see what others are posting – all while dropping a deuce!

Check out how this fun app works, some screen shots, features & the download link on the second part of the post!

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The insanely gorgeous Naomi Campbell gets down and dirty in her latest editorial photo spread for Interview Magazine. Playing up to her bad girl image, Miss Naomi is seen slowly torturing a male model in the Russian Mafia-inspired shoot. I wonder if her real life Russian beau, Vladimir Doronon, loves the graphic pics.

Wearing six inch heels, Naomi is all kinds of fierce in this series, photographed by Marcus Piggot and Mert Alas. The leggy stunner looks amazing for 40-years old. To be perfectly honest, she looks the same she did back in the supermodel era in the 90s.

In the accompanying interview, the supermodel opens up about the difficulties she faced being a model of color early in her career. She also talks about her close friendships with fellow supermodels, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and current French First Lady, Carla Bruni.

“We were very supportive of one another, my group of girls, and I don’t think that happens so much nowadays. We were all doing shows in each country, working nonstop, but it didn’t matter, because we enjoyed being together. We would all have our rooms next to one another—it was like a dorm on tour,”

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WOW. That’s embarrassing. During the live season finale of “Australia’s Next Top Model” Cycle 6, host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner. Can you just imagine if Ryan Seacrest did that on “American Idol”? Heads would roll. Too bad ANTM doesn’t make the announcements live as well. I’d love to see how Tyra Banks would react in a similar situation.

Initially, Sarah Murdoch declared Kelsey Martinovich the winner. Thinking she won, Kelsey made an acceptance speech. When she was done, runner up Amanda Ware, took her turn to say her thank yous. Halfway during her speech, you could see the fear of God take over host Sarah’s face. Someone obviously told her via her earpiece, that the wrong winner was announced.

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We all knew it was coming, but I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting “90210” to jump head first into the gay pool that quickly. Last night, the CW kept true to their word and Teddy Montgomery got some ass. Well actually, we don’t know if he was the top or bottom, but we know there was a hookup. Too bad we didn’t see it. So here’s what happened.

Early in the episode, we see Teddy waking up from a night of partying. Right beside his bed was a bottle of liquor with a note thanking him for the previous night. Fast forward halfway during the episode and we see an awkward hello in the cafeteria between Teddy and West Bev’s theater geek played by Kyle Riabko. Then finally at the end of the episode, we see Teddy trying to avoid Riabko, but no to avail. Riabko catches up with Teddy and then tells him he promises he won’t say anything about last night’s rendezvous. AWESOME.

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