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Fashion: LookBook Style Inspirations OTM

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I usually go through and browse through guy’s fashion looks to see what other people are wearing in different parts of the world. There has been quite a lot of feminine pieces creeping into men’s clothing with flowy fabrics & less structured cuts (go check out H&M right now if you’re into that) along with higher heels for men (we’re talking anywhere from 3″-4″). Although many of these guys can pull it off, I tend to go for something more clean & simple. I know many of our readers are not that much into slim/skinny pants but they’re here to stay. Personally, not many people can pull it off but I do love the look, but because I have athletic legs I can’t really wear them either. Here are Top 5 LOOKBOOK contributors that caught my eye this week. I’m featuring one look from their archive that I’ve taken some inspiration from. Check out each of their links for more looks. Not necessarily from my picks below, but what looks inspire you most? Are you a casual, fashionista, trendy, classic or formal dresser?

Bobby Hicks
25 year old guy from Brooklyn, NY

Not only is he cute but he can also effortlessly put together tshirt and jeans in a very stylish way by completing the look with a fedora. Ok I admit… I’m in love with this guy’s ink. I mean look at that sleeve!

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SYTYCD 7: Billy Bell or Alex Wong? Who Makes It?

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EGADS. It’s like SYTYCD “Sophie’s Choice”!!!. During the SYTYCD Season 7 premiere, producer Nigel Lythgoe informed Korbi from that only one of these contestants makes the Top 10. With the number of dancers making the televised voting rounds cut down to only ten instead of the traditional twenty, some very talented dancers don’t make the cut. I didn’t believe it at first, but if only one of these talented boys make it, there will be some major dancing collateral damage.

To refresh your memory, Billy Bell actually made it to the Top 20 for Season 6, but had to withdraw for medical reasons. He was later replaced with cannon fodder, Brandon Dumlao who only lasted one week. Alex Wong, a Vancouver native, was a shoo-in for Season 5 but couldn’t compete in the Top 20 due to a previous contract obligation with The Miami Ballet. I guess his contract is up, since both boys have tried out for Season 7. Check out Nigel’s short interview after the jump

listen to Nigel yammer about after the jump

You’re Invited: My Big Gay Wedding 2

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Definitely check this out (Saturday June 12th)! Marriage can be mayhem and it doesn’t get crazier than this. Once again director / producer David C. Jones (OUTtv) is gathering an eclectic assortment of actors, musicians and LGBT icons to create a memorable dinner theatre event. Certainly one of a kind!

“There is one day of rehearsal with a script I write and then we just let loose with a crazy show that involves the whole audience.” Said Jones. “Last year we had renegade bands, an indoor pool fight, a nerdy stripper and a battle royale between Miss California and Liza Minnelli!”

The show is unpredictable and hilarious but it also weaves in important social issues concerning Canadians. This year the theme is on queer immigrants and refugees. Sounds like it will be a hoot!

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Here’s a fun summer (or year round game) that’s so simple – yet so fun and addictive! You can have it available when entertaining friends, or take it with you camping, etc. It’s called Hookum (…NO, not Hookup – Adam!) Basically, there are for arms that come out from a centre stand (Sidenote: It’s super easy to set up and put away). Attached to each of those arms is a string with a ring attached to it. The objective of the game is to get the ring onto the hook on your side. You can play with up to four players.

It sounds easy, but it can be extremely frustrating/stressful when you are competing against your friends! You can play for speed (ie. the first one to three), consistency (how many times in two minutes), penalty (last one has to…?), reward (first one gets to….?), etc. Let me tell you, it also makes a good drinking game (with adult beverages).

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Yesterday, I informed you that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were dunzo – finally. Well, now more on this story. Heidi Montag is apparently moving in with Jen Bunney. They are going to start filming the show in July and the focus is going to be on “relationships, personal problems and plastic surgery,” reports

Jen Tweeted: “So excited for my show with @heidimontag!!!. Can’t wait for a girls summer with my bff!!!”

Heidi Tweeted: “This is going to be the best summer of my life!!!!!”

Holly Montag, Heidi’s sister, is calling bullshit. When a fan who was following her on Twitter said “I really hope Heidi is getting away from Spencer”, Holly tweeted back and said: “She’s not. If anyone has come to expect anything from those two is that THEY are the LIARS.” You know, I kinda have to agree with Holly here. I think this is too good to be true. No official separation papers have been filed with the courts, AND apparently Pratt Productions is the company that is behind the filming of this new/fake show. BARF!

For those of you that don’t know, Jen Bunney used to be best friends with Lauren Conrad, but when their relationship ended when Jen Bunney decided to go for Lauren’s ex. Lauren was not able to forgive her and that was the end of that. Picture above is Jen Bunney (pre-nose job) trying to apologize to Lauren Conrad, to no avail.

One of the funniest/bang on spoofs I’ve seen of The Hills is that exact scene. Click here to check it out!

Behind The Cast: It Just Fell Off

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It has been almost three months since I started training with Bryan. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done. Not just working out but changing my eating habits, the way I go on about my days and cutting out things I love. after close to three months, about 2 weeks ago my extra weight just fell right off! It happened the same way few years ago, I didn’t notice a difference for a while and then all of a sudden it was gone. If you know me personally, you know for pretty much my whole post puberty life, I have always had facial hair. It has been my security blanket in a way. I was a trick I used to hide the gizard and to sculpt some kind of a jaw line. Well I don’t want one anymore it’s SO bizarre. I started to grow one in again, and I felt that my face appeared rounder with it. Will I never had a beard again, I don’t know, but for right now I’m good without it. I don’t need my security blanket anymore.

I have been pretty bad lately though, while the food thing is still tough, I’m finding the drinking thing even harder. Pretty much as of May 1st, there’s always something to do, somewhere to go, and some person to see. And with Pride coming up, it’s my busy socializing season which means drinking. While I don’t drink the super sugary stuff (I stick to Vodka Soda..the gay man’s drink) I know for a fact that is hindering everything a little bit. It’s hard to give it up though, how can I go out sans booze, I mean come on. Especially when I have to deal with you gays (kidding, I love you all). So I guess the next big step is to kind of get that all in check a bit more. Chances are it probably won’t happen but hey, I’ll put it out into the universe and maybe I’ll be able to tone it down.

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Tri-Pride Hotspot: Colonial Creekside

In: Patrick, Travel & Leisure

With Tri-Pride coming up May 30 to June 5th for the Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo area in Ontario, y’all must be scrambling to try to find the perfect place to stay!

Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret – a hidden gem, if you will. Colonial Creekside is less expensive and more private than a hotel and offers three luxury suites (you can choose between Suite Cherry, Suite Melon, and Suite Chocolate. Love it!) with ensuite bathrooms, in-room breakfast dining and full use of the state-of-the-art indoor swimming pool.

The thing I like about a place like this is that it will truly give you more of an experience rather than a generic place to crash. For example, when you check in, you’re welcomed with a refreshing afternoon guest basket. Continental breakfast is included and is ready for you the next morning. So many options to choose from: juices, waffles & syrup, breads & jam, muffins, granola bars, cereal, and bagels & cream cheese. They are also happy to accommodate any dietary needs with some notice.

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TRX: Make Your Body Your Machine

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The past couple months, I had been working out with a trainer, as you may or may not know. For the second half of our time training together, he introduced me to TRX. TRX is training using these suspension cables, whereby you are able to give yourself an entire workout from head to toe using these cables. Normally, I don’t always get into these type of workout tools – you know the type you see on an infomercial. But TRX is actually incredible. I could actually see myself getting one of these and training with TRX on a regular basis.

A lot of the time, when you are working out a particular part of the body with the TRX exercises, you are also using other parts of your body as well, such as your core. This allows you to get a more efficient, full body workout in, in less time. You are also able to increase the level of difficulty with each exercise by making modifications to the exercise as you get better at it, or by increasing the number of reps or speed of a particular exercise. The other thing I like about TRX is that you can workout anywhere with it, provided you have something to suspend the cables from. That means you can take these cables and workout outside on a sunny day, and get a killer full body workout, while catching some rays (wearing SPF of course).

Learn More About TRX after the jump…

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