Landon Donovan Divorcing Bianca Kajlich

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To keep with the latest trend of celebrities divorcing left, right and center, Soccer superstar, Landon Donovan has filed for divorce from his wife Bianca Kajlich, citing irreconcilable differences. They got married in Seattle (where she is from) on New Year’s Eve back in 2006 and do not share any children together. According to the divorce documents obtained by TMZ, the two separated back in 2009.

Landon blew her a kiss after the infamous game where he scored the winning goal at the 2010 World Cup match against Algeria. Who knew it was a kiss goodbye.

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Extreme Caroling: When Good Carolers Go Bad

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This is brilliantly hilarious. A group of eager Christmas carolers feel there shouldn’t be a curfew for spreading Christmas cheer and decide to start singing on people’s doorsteps, regardless of what time it is. Naturally, most residents are not very merry about this idea when it wakes them up. One guy eventually calls the cops, when the carolers refuse to leave.

The 5-0 eventually arrive (three cars), saying the sheriff’s office is looking for “Angry Christmas Carolers”! Hahaha. After chatting with the cops for a while (who themselves can’t even keep a straight face), they eventually perform for their songs for them – full out.

The video then busts out into a sequence of clips of the carolers singing in Target, Walmart, Denny’s, 24 Hour Fitness, and more. You have to watch this.

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The multi-million dollar Broadway production headed up by Bono, The Edge and Julie Taymor seems to be spinning more and more webs of danger as the show begins to move into previews. The musical that has been in production since 2002 has faced a lot of hardship throughout its entire creation including losing all of its funding and multiple injuries on the cast of the production.

With a new producer on board helping them raise enough money to keep the show afloat, previews have been carried out in the last few days. However, during a preview on Monday night, the unthinkable happened. During one of the major stunt sequences involving Spider-Man rescuing Mary-Jane from the top of a rooftop, (hydraulic lift), the stunt man fell from the top of the unit when his fly cable snaps. A 30ft drop into the pit causes a crash and stir in the audience as a scream erupts from the pit and shouts for someone to call 911. A video of the performance caught the fall on tape.

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MTV To Tackle Abortion

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With the success of “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” MTV is venturing into the sensitive topic of abortion, with their one night docu-drama special, “No Easy Decision. EW is reporting that the show will follow a former 16 and Pregnant teen, Markai Durham, she faces a huge decision when she becomes pregnant for the second time.

If you watched 16 and Pregnant (I didn’t), you learn that she struggles to be able to support the one child she already has. I guess she hasn’t learned her lesson, other than if you get pregnant, you get to be on MTV and 4500 people become your fans on Facebook.

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Just as you’re getting over your New Year’s Eve party hangover, you can experience more drunken nights living vicariously through the sun worshiping booze hounds of Jersey Shore. All the fun, but without the nasty after effects. Season 3 of the guilty pleasure debuts on MTV on January 6, 2011. Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the crew head back to their original stomping grounds at Seaside Heights.

The setting maybe the same as Season 1, but things have certainly changed since they became a nationwide phenomenon. Sure, the boys are still fist-pumping, tanning and doing laundry, but with their new fame, they’re attracting even more grenades than before. This influx of hoochies has inspired the boys to create a brand new invention- the grenade whistle (patent pending) to thwart away any incoming intrusions. Brillballs.

On the ladies side, you’d think without the utterly annoying Angelina, the girl drama would be kept to a minimum. That’s certainly not the case. New girl Deena Nicole Cortese looks to takeover where Angelina left off. Sammi describes her as a short four-feet meatball like Snooki. YAY. Speaking of Sammi, she and Jenni look like they continue their beef from Miami. The ladies have another all-out girl fist fight. HUGE APPLAUSE. Will Sammi get the better of JWoww again or will Boobs avenge her loss.

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Hot Firefighter Calendar For Your iPhone

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With the end of the 2010 year comes the huge push of sales for a good 2011 wall calendar. Donovan and Patrick have shown us a few steamy calendars that can truly make your house a home, but today, I want to tell you about a new app from the iTunes store that is sure to heat up your phone and iPod wherever you go.

A few firemen from British Columbia, Canada have banned together to create a Firefighter Calendar that you can take on the go. Its called FMC and its available for $.99 in the iTunes App Store. The calendar appears in the foreground, while a fully clothed fireman (but still hot) appears in the background. Ah, but a twist. Turn your phone or iPod upside down and the jacket removes itself. Once the jacket is off, the picture flips around and you have your half naked hunk, right there on your screen.

With 13 hunky men to choose from, there is sure to be the one for you. Did I mention that when you strip your fireman, the siren’s go off? Once you flip your phone back around, the jacket slides back on and the calendar returns to the foreground. Though highly unpractical as you cannot use it for actual calendar use (like setting appointment times etc.), it is really entertaining and the money from the sale of the apps goes to The Firefighter’s Burn Fund and Breast Cancer awareness. How awesome is that?

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The Fockers are back! Last night, I caught a prescreening of the third “Focker” film, and its all star cast did not disappoint. Several years after we last left off, Greg (Ben Stiller) and Pam (Teri Polo) now have two fraternal twin children (Henry and Samantha) and they’re planning their fifth birthday party. Naturally, the in-laws are coming which is always a recipe for disaster.

While at work (he’s still a nurse), Greg meets Andi (Jessica Alba) who is a drug rep. A little caught off guard by her looks, he chats with her a while about her proposal to do a speech at a doctor’s convention for an erectile dysfunction pill (that works for people with heart conditions) called Sustengo. At this point, I start to wonder if I’m watching Love & Other Drugs again, but I’m not. Andi is a bubbly, determined, and flirty rep that doesn’t take no for an answer. When Greg gets paged to help another nurse with an anal insertion on a patient, Andi comes to help. “Focus on relaxing your anus,” she says. The procedure is successful. “That was bad ass,” says Alba. “Literally,” responds Greg. Alas, Greg says no to her proposal…for now.

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The Winner of Skating With The Stars Is…

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Last night, Bethenny, Rebecca and Jonny skated the performances of a lifetime. But, only two of them would make it to tonight’s finale. Even though Jonny and Rebecca topped the leaderboard in points, America’s votes kept Bethenny alive and sent Jonny packing. Tonight, the two females are very different. One is a natural and one is the underdog. They will both skate a previous routine from the season to try and score higher points with the judges this time around. Those scores, paired with the votes from last night will determine who will be the first season’s champion.

Its been a crazy season with many thrills and spills. Sean Young was the first star to fall not only once but twice and was the first star to meet the ax. Vince Neil rocked the house with his tango performance but was next to be eliminated. After much illness and back forth in rehearsals, Brandon Mychal Smith pulled out of the competition, leaving Jonny, Bethenny and Rebecca to vie for the final two spots. Unfortunately, Jonny fell victim to Bethenny’s superstardom and was sent home.

The night kicks off with a performance from three of the pros and judge, Johnny Weir to Alicia Key’s Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart. Choreographed by Laurie Ann Gibson, it wasn’t my favorite group routine of the season by any means but it was fun to see Johnny dance with the other pros from the show. I think Laurie Ann should stick with choreographing dancers on hardwood. After this performance, all of the fallen (minus Brandon under doctor’s orders) performed on the ice once again tonight.

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