Before getting into my two reviews of my assigned TV shows, I have to talk briefly about what I did last night. Brian and I caught the screening for “the social network” and it was beyond fantastic. You’ll have to wait for my review next week, but definitely mark it on your calenders. Brilliant.


I really, really, really wanted to like this show. J.J. Abrams is my hero and if I were a woman, I’d have his baby. The man is a genius. He’s the man behind amazing TV shows like “Alias“, “Felicity” and “Lost“. His film credits include the successful reboots of “Star Trek” and “Mission: Impossible III“. With an impressive resume like that, why did the show arrive dead on arrival. Was I expecting too much?

Ok let’s start with the positives. The cast is great. Boris Kodjoe is smoking hot as always. Bonus on the gratuitous scene of him shirtless in bed. YUM. New comer Gugu Mbatha-Raw is cute and believable as a spy. And it was great to see Gerald McRaney back on TV. I’ve always liked him since his days on “Designing Women” and “Major Dad“. The segue artwork between city destinations was another thing I like, but that’s it.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant kicked off the competition with a lesson in self-esteem and body image. Obviously. Where would American girls be without Tyrant Banks! After a fairly lackluster photoshoot, apparent front-runner Anamaria got the boot. She was WAY too skinny… even for the cycle of high fashion. She was a bit of a cow, so I ain’t hating on Tyrant for that one. Crazy looking Ann emerged as the awkward one to beat. Can she get top photo two weeks in a row? Who will breakdown during the makeovers? Thirteen wannabes remain… who will be eliminated tonight?

We start off this week with Drew Barrymore talking about CoverGirl’s legendary bold lash blast bolder shade duo smoky shadowblast lashblast. Oops sorry. That was a commercial. That shit is crazy. I’d be really curious to see the market research on the CoverGirl campaigns. They throw so much tongue-twisting jargon and gimmicky slogans around in one commercial that it’s hard to follow. Any marketing folks want to chime in on this one? Lash blast away smoky shadow blast!

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Kat Graham’s “Cold Hearted Snake” Music Video

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She’s known mostly for playing Bonnie Bennett on The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries“, but Kat Graham also moonlights as a singer. A few weeks ago, the aspiring chanteuse released a cover of Paula Abdul’s 1989 hit, “Cold Hearted“. Graham self-produced the cover, which she renamed to “Cold Hearted Snake“. Now the actress has unveiled the music video for the single.

The concept for the video is rather simple with Kat prancing around in a boxing ring. In fact, they found the boxing ring just nine hours before the shoot. Graham chose to portray a fighter because she wants to put female self-empowerment in all of her art. Umm, OK?!?! Whatever the reason, chicka looks smoking hot in the sexy video. I’m loving the filter the director used. It really makes her gorgeous eyes and luscious red lips pop in the video.

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Two our favorite comedies are back! Hopefully you had time to watch the season premieres of Modern Family & Cougar Town last night. They were both satisfyingly funny which proves promising for another season full of laughs.


“I’ll be there for you, cuz you’re there for me too….” It’s a “FRIENDS” reunion in this season premiere of Cougar Town and Jennifer Aniston guest stars as Jules’ crazy therapist, Glenn. Grayson wants a little room to breath in her relationship with Jules, while her son Travis is prepares to move away to school. Plenty to talk about with Glenn.

The episode is pretty funny and I loved Aniston’s character. She seems normal enough, but we come to find that she has more than a few screws loose: She burns sage during therapy sessions, wears a crystal around her neck to prevent cancer, and she made her dog get his First Communion. Overall, it was a good episode, but not even close to as many laughs that I got from Emmy Award winning Modern Family’s earthquake of an episode.

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As you know, it’s Old (Espada Tribe) vs. Young (La Flor Tribe), and last week Wendy got voted out of the old tribe after they lost the immunity challenge. Since then, Jimmy Johnson has taken the lead of the tribe and is making sure things get done. Holly, on the other hand, starts losing her sanity without having her pal Wendy around. She ends up getting mad about Jill eating snails, which is not something to get mad about. Her tribe starts to feel that she’s mentally unstable. As they gossip about her, she listens in and hears that Dan is making fun of her. To release her anger, she goes into his bag, steals his $1600 aligator shoes and fills them with sand and puts them into the water. The next morning, Dan realizes his shoes from his bag are gone and paranoia strikes. Holly later comes clean. “She stole my shoes. She stole my shoes,” says Dan. “I’m gonna keep one eye on her and one eye on my shoes,” says Tyrone.

Meanwhile, at the Young Tribe, Naonka & Sash feel that Kelly B. may be a threat because of her leg, or lack thereof. Later on, Naonka gets paranoid and thinks someone took one of her socks, so she takes someone elses socks in return – Fabio’s. When he does so much as look at her, she snaps at him. This short fuse isn’t gonna last long.

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After being launched only a year and a half ago in March 2009, Grindr has now surpassed one million users world wide – in 180 countries. There are 250,000 sexually “active daily users that use the man hunting app. Grindr has obtained half a million users in the United States alone! Where are they all located? Well, 48,000 of those in New York City alone…the rest you can find by using your app. The United Kingdom and Australia have more than 150,000 and 100,000 users respectively. The growth rate is approximately 3,000 new users every day.

So how much time do people spend on this app (slash how long does it take them to hook up or give up) on a daily basis? The average person spends 1.3 hours on this thing!

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SYTYCDC Season 3: Top 14 Performances

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Good evening Canada. Its another week and we have 14 dancers ready to give it their all this week to prove they have what it takes to gain your votes and stay in the competition and become Canada’s favorite dancer.

Tonight’s judges include Jean-Marc Genereux, Tre Armstrong, Sean Cheeseman and Mia Michaels. Luther and Blake bow out to choreograph routines this week. After Leah describes the prizes she explains the show as per usual. But wait… SURPRISE! NEW PARTNERS. Now usually, this only begins at Top 10 so why the partner switch up now? Do you think it has anything to do with the people that Canada are or are not voting for? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. It seems a bit premature to switch up the partners now when chemistry was beginning to flourish for some of the couples. However, in my honest opinion, this switch up will thin out the herd and really separate the weak from the strong. So lets begin and see who Charlene picked out of the hat…

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Body Dysmorphia: Do I Look Fat?

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Next Magazine‘s September 24th feature, “Do I Look Fat,” author Dustin Fitzharris takes a look at gay men’s unhealthy obsession with perfection and the pressure put upon them to look a certain way. We certainly all know someone that has struggled with body dysmorphia or eating disorder, or you may have struggled with it yourself.

A book called “The Adonis Complex” The Secret Crisis of Male Body Obsession reveals that men make up 10-20% of cosmetic surgery patients and half of those struggling with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). This illness is where people can’t stop thinking about flaws in their appearance. Dr. Roberto Olivardia, a clinical psychologist and co-other of the book says,“Walk into an Abercrombie [and Fitch] store and you are ‘greeted’ by a wall-size picture of a shirtless, young male model—sometimes a [live] model—dictating [that] that is the ideal every male should live up to.”

The article centers on a well known gay New York DJ named David Serano and his struggles with the disorder and his quest to look his best. The issue hits the shelves on September 24th. Get a sneak peak here.

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