The Hills: The End Is Near

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I’m so excited for the final season of The Hills. About a year ago, Donovan introduced me to the faux reality show after we happened to be in LA when Heidi & Spencer got married (which we got footage of and found ourselves on The Aftershow). After that, I was hooked. I went back and watch both season of Laguna Beach, then started on The Hills and watched Seasons 1 through 5, catching up in time to watch Season 6 as each episode aired.

After Lauren Conrad left, and “The Bitch” Kristin Cavallari was to join the show, the potential drama & backstabbing seemed promising. Unfortunately, the season was a snooze and Dono and I had great difficulty in coming up with material for our weekly parodies of the show each week. After the preview for the final season was released, I was officially totally excited to waste my time watching this show once again. Much juicier topics than last season, and more elements from their real lives are incorporated into the show.

Last week they released the promo clip for this season, featuring The Hill’s creator Adam Divello‘s marionettes drama queens having their strings cut, as they free themselves from the world of The Hills. Either that, or as they let loose in what could be the best season yet.

The final season of The Hills commences exactly one week from today: Tuesday, April 27th at 10/9c on MTV.

Promo video after the jump…

Generation Text

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Highschool is certainly a different ballgame nowadays. When I was in high school, cell phones were new to begin with. The cool thing to have when I was a teen was your own phone line at home, but it certainly wasn’t the norm to have your own cell phone until later on.

Nowadays, it’s all about texting. A study by Pew Center’s Internet & American Life Project has revealed the following stats on teen texting:

  • 75 % of teens aged 12 to 17 own a cell phone
  • On average, 50 text messages are sent a day by these teens, with only about 5 calls made
  • 1/3 of teens send 100 texts a day, equating to about 3,000 per month. “Unlimited” texting used to mean 2,000 text messages per month, thinking that no one would actually go over that. That’s certainly changed. “Unlimited” text plans now actually do mean unlimited.
  • 43% of teens use their cells during school hours
  • Gossip Girls send & receive about 80 texts a day, wheras guys only do about 30

Poll after the jump & as well as a CBS Video on Generation Text…

“Home Movie”: A Flick to Make You Flinch!

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Realizing that I’ve been “all about my movies” these days, I feel I should explain it’s kind of a celebration of my finishing my first year: to veg and catch up on all those random movies I never had time for previously. Since anyone who knows me knows I’m basically non-stop viewing the latest releases, what this new found free time means is hitting up the randoms of the bunch, and this latest one is definitely on that list. Without even a single review on Rotten Tomatoes- no easy feat- “Home Movie” is more than just some grad student’s film school project: this flick has some names and a serious script to back it up. Staring Cady McClain (I know, who the hell is that… she’s a soap star from “All My Children” and “As the World Turns”), wait don’t click away yet!! This one also has “Heroes” sexy star (and husband of the Dixie Chicks lead singer- I can’t believe she beat me to him!) Adrian Pasdar who brings both his toothy, warming grin to a role that requires some extreme emotions as he bounces from manic to depressed, through drunk and back to hopeful again… before he lands in terrorized that is.

Accurately titled, “Home Movie” is a collection of personal, family moments caught on tape by the shutter-bug pastoral father of his young blond boy and girl and his gorgeous, doctor of a wife. As time progresses, we- and the couple- realize that more and more, these kids ain’t alright. I know what you’re thinking: the children are crazy, the parents are blind to it, let’s just fast forward to the “Hostel” scene… but if that were the case, I wouldn’t have bothered you with this. The film is essentially a mix of “Strangers”, “Blair Witch” and “Children of the Corn” as we are horrified in every clip, watching the father catches his “family at their best.” But, where’s the hook you ask?

Click through to see this spooky-ass trailer!

Macy Gray: “Beauty in the World” Music Video

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Ever since Macy Gray’s latest track played during the final scene of “Ugly Betty”, I haven’t been able to get the upbeat ditty out of my head. “Beauty in the World” is the lead single from her forthcoming fifth studio album, “The Sellout“. It’ll be her first release since 2007′s underperforming “Big”.

The happy-go-lucky track was inspired by hearing her daughter’s laugh while Gray was having a melancholy day. That same fun and uplifting sentiment of the song is perfectly captured in the Adria Petty directed music video. The talented Petty’s previous works include Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” and Duffy’s “Mercy”.

The video is filled with happy cheerleaders, kids jumping rope, lots of hand clapping and in general… lots of happy people. Even Macy is beaming despite looking her usual “stoned” self. Watching her utilize dancing skills she picked up during her DWTS short stint while sporting a tri-coned shaped hairstyle is absolutely infectious. How can you not smile while watching this video?

watch the video after the jump

ANTM 14 Episode 7 Preview: “Big Hair Day”

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Here’s this week’s preview of ANTM’s upcoming episode titled “Big Hair Day”. From the looks of the picture above, “The City”‘s Whitney Port struts her fashionable self to instruct the girls on something. Perhaps she shares her skills on how to give vapid zoned-out looks while your TV BFF complains about everything.

If Whit makes the judging panel, it’d be nice to see a little mini-reunion with ALT. The Vogue Diva urged Whitney to model for a Good Morning America fashion show for an episode of “The Hills”. Unfortch for Whitney, she fell down the stairs and the video went viral.


With only seven girls left, the ritual trip abroad will occur after the next elimination. In usual over-the-top Tyrant fashion, she reveals the international destination to silly fanfare. This year’s spoiled location is fashion Mecca, New Zealand. With 14 different foreign cities already selected, any guesses on what exotic local cycle 15 will be heading to?

check out my pics for best and worst picture this week after the jump


2010 is shaping up to be quite a good year for music already. The new Robyn Track is amazing. Hot Chip came out with a pretty solid album. Broken Social Scene, The Arcade Fire, and The New Pornographers are all coming out with albums soon. It’s a non stop release of great artists’ new projects.

LCD Soundsystem have always kind of been hit and miss with me. One the one hand, James Murphy and Co. sure know how to make great songs, such as “All My Friends”, “Daft Punk is Playing at My House”, and “Losing My Edge”. Yet, a lot of the other songs on their albums fall a bit short.

listen to album preview after the jump


With less than a day before the much-anticipated Madonna-centric Glee episode, excitement is building among Gleeks around the world. The episode titled “The Power of Madonna” will feature 10 of the “Material Girls” most memorable tracks ranging from her “Boy Toy” years to her more recently refined faux British cougar era. For fans who can’t wait to watch the show on Tuesday at 8pm PST/EST, they can download the entire song list at the stroke of midnight on April 20th on iTunes to get their fill.

The episode will revolve around the “New Direction” boys bullying the girls. Mr. Schu will then look to Madonna and her message of female empowerment and equality to encourage the ladies to stand up for themselves. The hour will also delve into Tina and Artie’s second-go-round at their relationship, while Kurt and Mercedes join the Cheerios and give Sue Sylvester a makeover. Ergo… the “Vogue” music video.

4 preview pictures after the jump

Breaking News: Apple’s Next iPhone

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The geeky super nerds over at Gizmodo have gotten their hands on what looks to be Apple’s next iPhone. They found this iPhone at some random bar in Redwood City. Gizmodo often receives many false claims and hoaxes about new and upcoming gadgets, but after a thorough inspection…. it’s the REAL THING.

They’ve taken it apart and played around with it for about a week before confidently assessing, that this looks like a legitimate prototype for the next iPhone generation. Adding more validity to the authenticity of the gadget were reports that Apple had indeed lost a prototype iPhone and wanted it back. Sounds like someone’s going to get FIRED from Apple for losing this iPhone.

I’m not going to regurgitate the findings from Gizmodo (cuz I’m not that nerdy), but here are some of the features I’m most looking forward to:

check out some of the cool new features after the jump

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