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OOPS!? Surrounded By Homos!

In: Nic, Travel & Leisure

Okay so I went on a cruise to and around Mexico back in April, and although the ports were fun and the ship, for the most part, was interesting and memorable to be on, I just kinda wanted to inject some life into the people on board. Oh ya, and I think I was the only one in a speedo. Let’s play spot the homo!

WELL, a straight Italian couple must have gotten the shock of their LIFETIME when they were suddenly surrounded by 1500 speedos! What happened? Apparently “Revolution” happened, Italy’s first all gay cruise, and the couple had no idea! The couple didn’t see that there was no estrogen boarding, or that half of everyone were wearing some form of straw cowboy hat. Hrm. Well the cruise from Rome to Barcelona was very uncomfortable for the couple (probably the Kylie on repeat), and now they’re sueing.

Wait, excuse me, they’re doing what?  Yes. Sueing! So here’s where it gets interesting. The couple’s attorney’s are saying that it was a breach of contract, that the cruise line was not advertised in the proper light, that they were duped etc. Really, I think the couple are the dupes. I can only imagine what these people are like. Oh, and although hopefully unrelated to the law suit now, they apparently saw friends on board they didn’t know were gay. Thurprithe!!

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This is a story I came across while perusing my favorite sports website looking for the score in the Canucks hockey game, which is on Pay-Per-View tonight, and as much as I love following my team I’m not about to shell out $17 just to watch a hockey game (its 1-0 Vancouver after the first period if anyone was wondering). Anyway, I came across a very interesting story that has evidently been splashed across the sports pages over the past day or so. Brendan Burke, son of Brian Burke who is the former Canucks GM, current Maple Leafs GM and very influential NHL personality, essentially outed himself in a story written by ESPN reporter John Buccigross.

In the ESPN piece, Bucigross writes about Brendan’s coming out story to his family and how his sexuality has affected his career. Brendan was an up-and-coming goalie in the minors but eventually chose not to continue with his hockey career for fear of his teammates finding out he was gay. Today he is a student manager for the University of Miami’s hockey team.

Brendan’s Dad, Brian, is quoted as saying would stand next to his son “with an axe” and has incredible respect and admiration for him. However, he wasn’t so keen on him sharing his story with the world and being the ‘first’ in the hockey world to come out, “You wish that someone else would carry that burden first and then he can grab and help. But this is what he wanted to do and we support him.”

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Bad Teeth

In: Saturday Submissions, Sports & Health

I was over at a friend’s place the other night watching, “La Femme Nikita.” While sitting around after the movie, or maybe it was during, our attention and conversation moved to many topics, one being teeth. I don’t remember how, but the question of who had braces came up. Three of the four of us had had them, and the other (Brian) was naturally blessed. In our small little group, 75% of us had braces, and we all know a lot of people who had them, or had them ourselves.

My sister had braces as a pre-teen. I had asked to get braces when I was 14, or so. My mom took me to the orthodontist and for some reason that I can’t recall he told me to come back in a year. But, we didn’t go back in a year because my mom didn’t think I really needed them. My teeth weren’t that bad, but I always obsessed over them. Honestly, they were kind of like Tom Cruises back in the 90’s. When I returned home from exchange in Switzerland, my Mom had a change of heart. I don’t know whether it was because she hadn’t seen me in a while and she realized they weren’t great, or she just knew I wasn’t happy with them. So I was one of those lucky kids who got braces in grade 12, when I was 17 and had them for my last two years of high school. We had OAC (grade 13), in high school, in Ontario. I wasn’t slow or anything! Now I’m very happy with my teeth.

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Survivor Samoa Recap: “The First 27 Days”

In: Donovan, Music, TV Shows, Videos

Since it’s a holiday and most people are having dinner and otherwise occupied, Survivor gives us another one of their much-hated recaps. I guess a recycled episode is better than a repeat or none at all. I love how the first few minutes of the episode recapped what we’ve seen thus far. So in essence, it was a recap within a recap. If you factor in, me writing about it, I’m essentially writing a recap about the recap within the hour long recap.

So, here’s the first few minutes in a nutshell. Galu was a powerhouse on the battlefield (challenges), but Foa Foa was better adept with the social politics of the game. Both tribes lost a member due to a medical emergency. Having won most challenges, Galu only went to tribal council just once- adios Yasmin. Upon the merge, Foa Foa’s plan was to infiltrate the enemy fortress and find the crack- they’re talking about you, Shabmo. That’s all she wrote. Wow, that was tiring. I’m spent.

As with all recaps and bonus episodes, they always make grandiose statements about giving us never-before-seen footage that will reveal things that will rock our world. If the footage was that good, why didn’t it make the original episodes. As expected, Probst in usual TV voice promises that the episode will reveal new strategies, new insights and new scenes. You better deliver Jeff, or else…

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Music Battle Royale: Who Will Win?

In: Donovan, Music

As every sage shopaholic knows, the mother of all shopping days is upon us tomorrow- BLACK FRIDAY. After filling up on turkey and getting their family obligations out of the way, hardcore shoppers brave their way to malls, outlets, and anywhere else they can get a great deal. With all this copious amounts of money going through cash registers across the country, it’s no wonder why this week is traditionally a very crowded week for music.

While some albums got an early jump last week, others chose this week to give their offerings. With FIVE high-profile releases in stores this week, after the dust settles and sales are tabulated there can only be one winner. Who will be on top? Who will win this Thanksgiving Week Battle Royale?

Before I start dissecting this week’s CDs, lets do a quick roundup of last week’s action. The top three were John Mayer with 286,000 copies sold, Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas offering and then Norah Jones with 180,000 units moved. While these three ruled the album chart, other high-profile CDs didn’t sell as expected. Among the notable misses/disappointments were 50 Cent who fell behind Christian soft-rockers and Leona Lewis who bowed in at No. 13- someone’s probably really un”Happy” this Thanksgiving Day. But probably the most disappointing figure has to go to Kris Allen. Though he managed to land at No. 11 and beat Lewis, his 80,000 CDs sold is easily the lowest first-week sales for any American Idol winner. That total is even lower than Taylor Hicks- OUCH, that’s gotta hurt.

Now that we’ve gotten that back story out of the way, let’s turn our attention to this week’s contenders.

Guess who is predicted to sell over 600,000 units this week? check after the jump

Top 5 Thursdays: Thanksgiving

In: Alex

It’s Thursday, which means Top 5 is back for another week of… Top 5′d-ness.  Anyway, this Thursday happens to be Thanksgiving so I decided that I would center my Top 5 around the things I’m thankful for this year.  A little cheesy, I know, but something in my chest started beating this morning and I got a few… feelings (shivers) when I woke up.

5) The Real Housewives Franchise
Now, I’m sure some of you will roll your eyes at this, but I truly try to live my life by the wisdom that these women offer.  I strive to be nip, tucked and married by the time I’m 35 while living in an opulent house that I can’t afford, driving a car that I rent during filming season, going on extravagant vacations and shopping until my spay painted VISA AMEX Black card is too hot to handle.  Just kidding, but these women provide for some good entertainment and laughs and I’m thankful for things that make me laugh.

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Design: Corporate Logo Revamps

In: Redd, The Arts

I guess being in the design industry, I tend to look at details more closely than the average person. I’m very responsive to packaging design, typography, colours & layout. Design is a big factor to my purchasing decisions only second to quality of course. It seems like the movement is towards stronger, bolder & cleaner lines using fonts that are less traditional and more modern. A lot of the changes have been moving from serif fonts to sans serif fonts. You’re probably wondering what serifs are?

In typography, serifs are semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. A typeface that has serifs is called a serif typeface (or serifed typeface). A typeface without serifs is called sans-serif, from the French sans, meaning “without”. Some typography sources refer to sans-serif typefaces as “grotesque” (in German “grotesk”) or “Gothic,” and serif types as “Roman.”-Wikipedia

I’m sure many of you haven’t noticed but lately there have been many major company logo revamps… some of them for the better and some of them I’m not so sure about. Here are a few examples of branding revamps in the last few years. (Left-Originals | Right-Revamps)

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Wow, what a hair-raising show this week- literally. The aptly-titled eleventh episode, “Hairography” was all about hair, hair, hair with a touch of baby drama and a dash of unrequited love. As an added bonus, we were given instructions by my girl, Brittany, on how to unleash your cool epileptic seizures to produce music video-worth hair tossing. WERK.

The two standout performances for me this week were hands down- “Bootylicious” and “Imagine”. While one number had me laughing and groovin’, the other had me choking up. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED all the slo-mo’d hair tossing portions from the Destiny Child-inspired production. Even better were the three girls who sashayed down as their names were called out. Excuse the spelling but I believe they were JL, Shadonta and Afaysia. Absolutely BRILL.

There aren’t many shows out there that have you howling out in laughter one second, then literally a few seconds later, experiencing emotions on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. After McKinley High’s wig-licious “Crazy In Love / Hair” mashup, the Haverock Deaf Choir gave us an amazing rendition of the John Lennon classic, “Imagine”. When the lead-signer started signing, I was immediately captured. But when Mercedes began singing along, the mist began to form around my eyes. The feelings only magnified more when the rest of Glee joined in. Bravo, producers. Bravo.

memorable quotes and this week’s “lesson” after the jump

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