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Movie Review: Jackass 3D

In: Movies, Patrick

Forget the gag reel…this is GAG FOR REAL! Wow. I’ll start off by saying I didn’t expect to like this movie as much as I did. It makes you laugh, it makes you cringe, and it literally made me gag a few times as well. Some parts I actually looked away momentarily until what was going on was over – and I’m never that person. In any event, the theater (which was full) and the audience was alive the entire time – laughing, cringing…going, “Awwwww!!!!” at the painful, gross or better yet, disgusting parts.

The film starts off with a pretty cool and explosive intro with all of the main Jackasses. Their mother’s must be proud. From their, they get right into it. Stunt after stunt. Idiotic act after idiotic act, of course led by their fearless (and I’m guessing at the very least bisexual) leader, Johnny Knoxville.

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We’ve been blessed with another amazing gift from Swedish pop goddess, Robyn. The singer just released the single edit of her new single “Indestructible” and it’s… FANTASTIC. If you loved the acoustic version found on “Body Talk, Pt. 2″, then you’re going to love the new treatment. The new version is the lead single from the third and final installment of her “Body Talk” album series.

Just like the makeover she did with “Hang With Me”, Robyn swapped the orchestral backing acoustics of “Indestructible”, with mid-tempo electro-pop beats. The result is another danceable, remix-ready track ready to invade the clubs. Even with the reworking, the song’s message about the downside of needing someone is still in tact. Check out the track below. Robyn also included a hot dance remix by The Krays on her Soundcloud account.

listen to Robyn’s new track after the jump

Last week, the the challenge was to create a viral video for Popcorn Indiana and the men won the challenge with a “go big or go home” strategy. Tyana and Mahsa went head to head in the boardroom and in the end Mr. Trump fired Tyana for being the problem with no solution. Everyone thinks Mahsa should be fired but when she erupts out of the boardroom, everyone seems disappoint.

Wade has decided to keep his promise as stepping up as project manager for the newest challenge. Stuart doesn’t think he’s proven himself very well. Here’s hoping Wade can come in guns a blazing to make it two in a row for the men. This week’s challenge involved footwear, a multi-million dollar business. Rockport is about to launch their spring/summer line, and so, the challenge is to present the new line of footwear in a fashion show for potential buyers. The men’s team aka Octane will present the female line, and the women’s team aka Fortitude will present the men’s line.

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Luciana’s a powerhouse, there’s no denying it.

Her start as an artist in the frontline began when she teamed up with Bodyrox for the 2006 dance single “Yeah Yeah”. You may not know you know it, but you know it. After rocking the top of the dance charts with Bodyrox (and creating annual singles with them), Luciana continued to become the “ft.” artist on many other dance tracks. She teamed up with Super Mal for 2007′s “Bigger Than Big”, with Mark Knight on “Party Animal” the same year, and now she’s nailed her biggest hit yet with Static Revenger and Richard Vission with “I Like That“.

“I Like That” has already conquered the UK, and gone twice platinum in Australia, knocking Beyonce and Lady Gaga off #1, and now Luciana has decided it’s time to dominate North America.

Check out the Interview & music video after the jump…

SYTYCDC 3: Top 8 Eliminations

In: TV Shows, Tyrell

This is it. The last elimination before the finale. Its been a long hard road for our Top 8 dancers, but tonight, it all comes down to your votes. I predicted that the bottom two girls would be Janick and Nathalie and the bottom two guys would be Sebastian and Jeff. Lets see if I was right. Leah tells us that Canada voted over 1 million times. The evening begins with a group number choreographed by resident judge Jean-Marc Genereux. It was very unlike his usual group routines. This routine didn’t focus heavy on the ballroom but was more entertaining and more performance ready. Wow. I loved every minute of it. The lifts were impressive but I couldn’t help but feel that Jean-Marc made Amanda the star of the piece right from the angel wings at the beginning of the piece to being the focus of the end tableau.

Leah thanks Jean-Marc and his wife for the piece and then introduces our judges from last night. She calls the Top 8 dancers on stage and they watch the recap of last night’s performances. Before we begin, Jean-Marc announces that they are going from Top 8 to Top 4. WHAT?! SHOCK OF THE SEASON! Everyone will perform a solo which does not affect the votes but may or may not be their final dance on the stage. The girls will perform first and the boys second.

Find out who went home after the jump…

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor’s big gay movie will finally be seen by North American audiences on December 3, 2010. “I Love You, Phillip Morris” has already been released in Europe and Taiwan, but due to several delays, the film hasn’t hit US soil as of yet. Topher, who’s living in Amsterdam at the moment, has already checked out the film and loved it.

Originally the movie had difficulty finding a distributor due to its explicit gay sexual content. After being re-edited, the film was supposed to have a limited run in the US on April 30, 2010 but was postponed to July 20, 2010. Due to legal battles, the film was delayed once again. Hopefully this new December date will stick, because I really want to watch the movie. It’s received rave reviews including several for Carrey’s spectacular performance.

The film was based on a book titled, “I Love You Phillip Morris: A True Story of Life, Love, and Prison Breaks” by Steve McVicker. Brazilian hottie Rodrigo Santoro and Leslie Mann round out the cast of this flick.

view the synopsis and several promotional posters after the jump

This guy is one of the most offensive human beings out there: Bill O’Reilly. He’s always sayings something to piss off people and his guest appearance on The View today was no exception. I’m sure they were expecting a heated discussion, but I don’t know that they expected he would drive Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walk off set during the discussion. I commend them for being able to stay sitting there with him as long as they did!

He and the ladies (Barbara, Elisabeth, Joy, and were discussing Obama, his approval rating, and the heavily discussed topic of the mosque by the 9/11 site. Here’s when it got heated:

“They see a widening gulf between the President and them, personally. Let me give you an example. The mosque. The mosque down here, on 9/11, that’s inappropriate. Sure, they have a right to do it, and in the constitution, but it’s inappropriate because a lot of the 9/11 families who I know say ‘We don’t want that.’ And there’s the president, saying, ‘Well, they have a right to do it!’” The cohosts exclaimed, “This is America!”

Watch watch O’Reilly said that caused the ladies to walk out, after the jump…

LMFAO: South Park Does Snooki

In: Patrick, TV Shows

“It’s T-Shirt Time!!” OMG, last night’s episode of South Park was too funny, as New Jersey immigrants attempted to move to the small, close knit (fake) community of South Park, Colorado. South Park is never afraid to be on the edge of inappropriate, and this episode was no different. I’m sure actual Jersey resident may be annoyed, as all of the characters on the episode were portrayed with excessive hair gel, tons of jewelery, and enormous steroid infused biceps – but that would be MTV Jersey Shore‘s fault, not South Park’s.

Of all the characters that were portrayed, Snooki got the worst treatment – a small price to pay considering she’s become the most famous out of the bunch and makes the most money (although The Situation, recently booted from DWTS, is doing pretty well for himself as well). Snooki was depicted as a rat-like monster with a tale, whiskers, holding a drink and a cigarette. She ran around humping and straddling everyone, saying “Smoosh, smoosh!” LOL. It was perfect, I mean, she actually does that on Jersey Shore all the time.

Check out the hilarious video after the jump…

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