Yikes, it just never gets any better for Tiger – hopefully for his sake he has 9 lives. Well, just when you think the only “James” douche of the week is Jesse James, Tiger’s former mistress, Joslyn James has launched a site this morning called Yes, looks like this fame hungry porn star has always been in this for the money, trying to get some of Tiger’s Fancy Feast. There are over 100 text messages that Joslyn James has from Tiger that are up on this site, and supposedly they’ll also be pics of room keys from Las Vegas hotels with Tiger’s image on them.

When you enter the site (after you agree to being over 18 years of age), you get a giant iPhone that is titled “iBone”, and everything about “Joslyn James” to the right, in a little bio. Her real name, Veronika Siwik-Daniels. She lists how many porns she’s done, how many celeb gossip shows she’s been on, and how she’s most recently know for her “romantic” relationship with Tiger Woods.

She also invites you to follow her on Twatter, I mean Twitter. PS: If you’re a celebrity, don’t trust this biotch, as she writes, “Veronica is looking forward to the next chapter in her exciting career. Fans are encouraged to keep checking back here for future plans and sometimes controversial announcements.” She will chew you up and spit you out – but maybe let you pee on her first. Oh yeah, that’s in one of the texts. You basically scroll through the iBone and view over 100 messages from Tiger’s Wood. Some are very, very dirty.

Check out some of the dirty sexts (P.S. I love how she only posts HIS messages and not any of hers to him). Viewer discretion is advised…

Sexts after the jump…

Idol Producer Screwed Alex Lambert

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Damn you, Idol producers!!! Yesterday on Ellen Degeneres’ show, ousted semi-finalist, Alex Lambert, sat down and chatted with Idol’s newest judge. During his chat, he confessed his mom made him audition and threatened to take away his phone if didn’t try out. He also mentioned, fighting off his nerves was the biggest obstacle during his time on Idol (ummm duh, that was kinda obvious). Prior to performing in front of America and on the Idol stage, he had only sung in a couple of coffee houses.

After his quick interview, Ellen asked her favorite green, ripened, brown “banana” to perform Mario’s “Let Me Love You“. Apparently, he had initially wanted to perform this song instead of Ray Lamontagne’s “Trouble” during the Top 16 performances. So why did he change his mind? An Idol producer had suggested to him that he would probably get more votes if he sang “Trouble”. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. Thanks producers. Regardless of the outcome, I would’ve rather watch him perform Mario’s song instead of “Trouble”. Watch the video for yourself.

watch Alex perform “Let Me Love You” after the jump


Adding validity to the rumored infidelity by Jesse James with tattoo model, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, Sandra Bullock has moved out of the couple’s home. This year’s Oscar winner reportedly vacated their Los Angeles home on Monday, March 15. Looks like the evacuation was a preemptive move by Sandy B. before the In Touch article hit the public masses. The speculation started to hit an Internet frenzy when Bullock canceled a trip to London for the premiere of “The Blind Side”.

Bullock, 45, met her younger hubby, James, 40, back in 2004 during a set tour of his Discovery Channel show, “Monster Garage”. They lovebirds married a year later in 2005, during a romantic sunset wedding ceremony at a ranch in Santa Barbara with 300 close family and friends.

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Normally, I start watching Idol’s Wednesday episode right after I’ve spent the day babysitting my j’adorable niece. But thankfully on this night, I had plans to watch a screening for “The Bounty Hunter” (be sure to check out my review on Friday). With me unable to watch the results show live east coast time, it gave me an opportunity to watch the hour-long super-padded episode in 10 minutes flat later. With the extra 50 minutes I saved, I used that time for more useful and productive means like watching the EPIC runway fall on ANTM 5,000 times. Seriously, Brian and I almost spit out our sushi dinner due to spontaneous laughter.

Thankfully the producers decided to ixnay the dreaded cheesy Top 12 group performance. Even with this cut, they somehow figured out a way to pad the results with superfluous crap. The only filler I semi-enjoyed was the Ford commercial and the segment where the contestants got to design their own car- how hot was that? Oh, and the St. Patty green lights at the beginning of the show were kinda dope as well.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant pulled together her latest crop of 13 wannabes, made up some nonsense about, gave the girls makeovers, and generally acted like the caricature we have come to expect. No one was eliminated, but we were promised NUDITY this week. Bring it on.

Before we get to the nudity, can we talk about the new opening sequence? OMG. Really Tyrant? Do we really need 30 shots of you “dancing” in a room full of mirrors… in a CATSUIT!?! Really? Girl needs an intervention. And what is with all the neon spandex? The whole opening looks like a commercial for American Apparel filmed at Pride with a bunch of drag queens. I take that back… drag queens wear spandex SO MUCH better. Those girls actually have curves.

Anyways, let’s get these wannabes naked… and boy were they naked. I don’t think they’ve been this bare since Cycle 1 when Elyse and Adrienne posed with the diamonds. The girls each get one item from a recent Custo Barcelona collection and then shoot with photographer Jonathan Mannion. Mr. Jay tells them to sell it and entice the customer, but don’t get too hoochy.

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American Idol does Maxim Magazine?

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That’s right folks! It was only a matter of time before someone from the worldwide phenomenon graced the pages of North America’s racy-male-dominated-readership magazine, but in a surprising turn of events it isn’t a contestant that found their image splashed across the pages of Maxim. Instead, its one of the recent female judges added to the program, Kara DioGuardi. If she wasn’t already one of your favourite judges on the panel, this may just put her in that category.

With all of the hype of Donovan’s weekly posts about the latest eight season of American Idol, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to shed some additional light on the program that finds itself in most American living rooms twice a week. Although DioGuardi’s shoot is as far from pornographic as it gets, and even tame in compared to past Maxim editorial shoots, she still manages to show a fair amount of skin and sex appeal. I know right?! She definitely holds a candle to season seven American Idol contestant, ‘bikini girl’ in the March 2010 edition of the magazine.

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Glee’s Jayma Mays Joins The Smurfs

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She practically looks like a cartoon character with her huge expressive eyes and tiny frame. Glee’s Jayma Mays (Emma Pillsbury) will be making the leap to the big screen with the live-action movie of The Smurfs. On Glee, Jayma was “green” with envy, as she pined for Will Schuester. Now she’ll be hanging out with the tiny fictional “blue” creatures.

Naturally, you would think she’d be playing the sole female of The Smurf clan, Smurfette, right? Wrong, the 30-year-old actress will be playing the pregnant wife of Johan, the human lead in the movie played by Neil Patrick Harris. So why not the comely blue creature? Rumors say that “she’s hot then she’s cold” chanteuse, Katy Perry, is being considered to voice the character.

read other artists who have signed onto the project after the jump


Okay I guess SOME people would be turned on by his bravery, individuality, probably chiseled army bod, and dedicated activism…but it still came as a shock when Vanity Fair’s party reporter George Wayne attended the same party as Choi and did some hardcore, make-no-mistake-i’m-hitting-on-you flirting action.

I guess Choi had a little time to himself to attend the Broadway opening of Next Fall when he ran into Wayne (or Wayne ran into him, whoever you think the initial aggressor would be).

Says a report:

G.W. did his best to gracefully and subtly angle his body so that he was face-to-face with his target of the evening: the gay poster hunk of the U.S. Army. “I don’t remember your name, but aren’t you the poster boy fighting to repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’?” The surprisingly tall, impressively brawny combat veteran laughed uproariously. “I don’t know if I am the poster boy,” Lieutenant Dan Choi said. “But whatever you say.” G.W. says you should do a nude pinup calendar—guess who would be the photographer? He laughed even louder.

Gay poster hunk??? Did I miss something? Really? Okay each to their own.

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