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Fitness Tip: Workout Intensity

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In this week’s fitness tip, Mike addresses a common question he gets: what’s the best way to lose fat when you go to the gym. In order to answer that, he feels it’s really important to address workout intensity.

If don’t train with intensity, chances are you’re not going to reach your goals. Mike talks about something called EPOC: “Excess Post Oxygen Consumption”. What does that mean? Find out by watching the video.

Three ways that Mike talks about increasing intensity are:

1. Increasing the weight
2. Decreasing rest time
3. Incorporate compound exercises

Listen to Mike talk about this week’s tip after the jump…

Seriously, the folks over at “Glee” are geniuses. This spiritual, religious-themed episode was absolutely the perfect way, to follow up the fluff-filled “Britney/Brittany” episode. Just when you thought Glee had sold out, the writers bring us an episode filled with emotions, debate and lots of tears. Damn you, for making my eyes puffy for an entire hour. I’m still a bit misty when I think about the episode. If Burt Hummel had died, I probably would’ve have lost it.

“Grilled Cheesus” is undoubtedly “Glee’s most controversial episode to date. I like that fact it wasn’t preachy and they didn’t criticize any one person’s beliefs. Tackling the touch topic of religion, is very difficult. To say they maneuvered it perfectly, would be a huge understatement. You know what they say, never talk about politics or religion. The only one true message they were trying to get across is tolerance. Well done, Glee.

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In anticipation of her first ever greatest hits album, Pink is dropping a ferocious new track to promote. “Raise Your Glass” encompasses everything you love about the pop singer. It’s brazen, tough and perfect for radio. Pink has always had this uncanny ability to combine killer hooks, strong songwriting skills with catchy pop beats. If you ask me, “Raise Your Glass” is the perfect way to celebrate her career thus far.

There’s no doubt in my mind, this will become another pop anthem for the colorful singer. A music video directed by Colione has been filmed and should be released shortly. I CAN NOT wait. Pink’s “Greatest Hits…So Far!” will hit stores in November 15th. Exactly, one day before Nelly Furtado drops her greatest hits compilation. What’s up with everyone releasing a greatest hits album this fall. I guess it’s an easy way to cash in for the holiday season without doing too much work. I expect this CD will somehow work its way in my stocking this Christmas.

listen to Pink’s Raise Your Glass after the jump

Conan O’Brien Lathers Up For New TBS Promo

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In a new 30-second spot, promoting his new talk show on TBS, Conan O’Brien works out his best video vixen moves circa the 1980s. I would too, if I heard Def Leppard’s classic, “Pour Some Sugar On Me“. With his ginger coloring, he’s the spitting image of heavy metal favorite video tart, Tawny Kitaen. Okay, not really, but I’m sure somewhere out there, there’s someone really turned on by the promo.

Who can blame them, right? Nothing says SEXY more than a bearded middle-aged man writhing around in soapy water. I’m sure the part where O’Brien rides the sponge on the hood of the car sent them off the edge. Next time I need my desk cleaning, I guess I know who to call.

I don’t always fun Conan very funny, but I have to admit this video is frickin’ hilarious. I bet shooting the spot was a lot of fun and probably really cold. “Conan” premieres at 11 p.m. ET Nov. 8 on TBS.

watch the video after the jump

This past weekend, Homorazzi covered the red carpet of Jet Set’s 2010 VIFF Red Carpet at Canvas Lounge in Vancouver’s historic Gastown, hosted by ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli. We had a lot of fun and got to chat with so many incredibly talented locals in the film & television industry. With some fantastic live jazz music playing in the background, Adam, Tyrell, Donovan, and myself covered the carpet, catching up with some new and familiar faces. I even interviewed the interviewer – Rick Campanelli!

Stars from Hunt To Kill, Mr. Young, Red Riding Hood, X-Men, Battlestar Galactica, Sanctuary, Caprica, and more were all out for the event.

We had such a fantastic time with everyone last year, and this year was no different…

Check out the video montage after the jump…

The Killer’s frontman, Brandon Flowers, debuted the music video for his second single on VEVO. “Only The Young” is from his debut effort titled “Flamingo“. The track was produced Stuart Prince, who was the genius behind most of Kylie Minogue’s “Aphrodite” album. To be perfectly honest, “Only The Young” sorta puts me to sleep, but the video has given it new life. At least for me, it has.

Sophie Mueller directed the Cirque du Soleil-themed music video. The visuals are stunning, well shot and very elegant. It has a very ethereal feel. I wonder if Flowers was ever hit by a runaway extra doing the intricate acrobatic stunts. If he did, I want that on YouTube stat. Obviously, the record label still believes in Flowers to green light a big-budget shoot. Hopefully it’ll fare better than his lead-off single, “Crossfire“, which didn’t fare very well on the charts.

watch the video after the jump

The worst kept secret in Hollywood is now officially out of the bag. “Easy A” breakout star, Emma Stone, is now part of the cast for director Marc Webb’s “Spider-man” reboot. Many thought the comedic actress would be playing the red-haired Mary Jane Watson. WRONG. Instead, Stone will play Peter Parker’s other girlfriend, Gwen Stacy who happens to be a blond.

The “Spider-man” reboot plans on taking the franchise back to high-school. Before Parker hooked up with MJ, Gwen first stole his heart. Given Stone’s fiery locks, many believed she was a lock for MJ’s role. Meanwhile “Glee’s” Dianna Argon topped a short list of other contenders of Gwen’s part. Looks like Quinn isn’t leaving McKinley High anytime soon.

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DWTS 11: Week 3 Elimination

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Tonight is eliminations. After last night’s story telling, who left it all on the floor and won you over America. Millions voted through calls, text and web votes. Audrina, Kyle and Kurt are the first celebs up on the block. The first couple safe is Audrina and Tony. I think this is great. Their emotional routine last night rocked the house. Kurt and Ana are the second couple safe and Kyle and Lacey find themselves in possible danger. Kurt stepped it up last night I thought but Kyle is the ultimate performer. He just needs to figure out how to make his footwork look less awkward.

After Ne-Yo’s performance, we are on to our next set of couples. Rick, Brandy and Jennifer are up to hear their results. Jennifer and Derek are the first couple safe. Their routine had a little mistake at the beginning, but its seems America didn’t care. Rick and Cheryl find themselves in jeopardy as Brandy and Maks are safe for the second week in a row. Rick did so well with his partner last night and had his shirt ripped open. Where were all the soccer moms? Why didn’t you call? Brandy and Maks had a great routine but I’m not a fan of Maks’ teaching style. Hopefully he can buck up before next week.

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