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After a week break, “Glee” was back with a brand new episode. Whether or not it was the absence that made me fonder or what, but I LOVED this episode. Correction, I loved the performances. The storyline and character development were just meh. I guess when you’re trying to incorporate “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” into a 45-minute show (sans commercial), there isn’t a lot of wiggle room to work with. Having said that, the inclusion of Finn having male body image issues was awesome. Even though girls and women have traditionally suffered from this, boys and men are getting wrapped up in this issue nowadays too. Kudos for Glee for semi-addressing it.

The episode’s plot revolved mostly around Emma/Will/Dr. Carl’s love triangle. Will decides to have New Directions do a musical revival of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” so that he can spend quality time with Emma. The guidance counselor has recently been taken in by the 70s musical after watching it with Dr. Carl.

As mentioned earlier, this episode was all about the musical numbers. I have to admit, I’ve been debating joining the anti-themed episode bandwagon because it takes away from the charm of the show. But tonight was so much fun to watch, I’d come off as Scrooge if I hated on the episode. The kids did such a good job, I would pay them money to recreate the entire movie and release it in theaters.

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The official music video for Nicki Minaj and’s joint collaboration is finally here. It’s exactly what I’ve come to expect from the talented female MC. The kick ass track, “Check It Out“, samples The Buggles’ 80′s hit, “Video Killed The Radio Star” which was the first video shown on MTV in 1981. It will be included on Nicki’s debut album, “Pink Friday” which hit stores November 22.

Once again, Minaj channels her inner hip-hop Barbie for the vid. Director Rich Lee filmed the visually pleasing clip. It mixes Japanese anime graphics while Minaj and bust out some pretty fierce robotic dance moves. There’s a few wicked special effects during the dance numbers you have to check out. Loving the colorful Japanese characters popping throughout the video. Thanks to Minaj, if I ever need to know how to write “fierce bitch” in Japanese, I now have a vague clue on how to do it.

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Rock Week ignited the ballroom and the leader board got flipped upside down. Former favorites went down in flames and others surprised us all. Its either time to rock on or roll out. The bottom three couples are up first to hear their fate. Bristol and Mark, Kurt and Anna and Jennifer and Derek. Bristol and Mark had their most amazing night with the Tango. I didn’t even recognize the woman on the floor. Kurt and Anna couldn’t find the right groove for his routine. It wasn’t polished and just couldn’t come together. Jennifer and Derek couldn’t balance technique and performance and went overboard and ended up falling out of one of their turns. Carie Ann said she was going down hill. Here are the first set of results:

  • Bristol and Mark: SAFE
  • Kurt and Anna: SAFE
  • Jennifer and Derek: IN JEOPARDY

The judges get to pick their favorite dance to see once again. They picked the couple who received their highest marks of the season thus far, Bristol and Mark. I think that’s a great choice for the night.

Check out the performance videos & find out who was eliminated after the jump…

The title of this video is “Can you pay attention to my hands, mister?” To that, I answer “not entirely”. Can you blame me, the guy in the video looks like a sexier South American Kris Allen? Even though, he’s signing a love letter to someone else, in my imagination he’s fingering sweet nothings to me.

All dirty kidding aside, the video is one of the most adorable videos I’ve seen in a long time. To boot, I picked up a decent sized vocabulary of sign language just by watching the video. You never know. It might come in handy the next time I’m single and find myself wanting to pick someone up from across the room.

Adding to the overall cuteness of the clip is the background music used. I’ve never heard of the track, but immediately fell in love with Aaron & The Gays’ “Computer Sex”. It turns the act of hooking up online into a cute PG affair.

watch the cute video after the jump

The Men of Brothers & Sisters: Who Is The Sexiest?

In: Patrick, TV Shows

Onto it’s fifth season, ABC’s Brothers & Sisters has brought some pretty hunky eye candy into our living rooms. Whether one of the handsome Walkers, or those that date their way into the Walker family, they’re always welcome on the screen in my eyes. Now, that being said, who is your favorite sexy man of the whole bunch?

I’ve comprised a list of seven of the main men on the show, including the late “Robert McCallister,” because it would so wrong to not include Rob Lowe in a poll about the hot men in the show – even if he’s not on it anymore. I mean, he was in the majority of the seasons thus far so he’s earned it. With that, I will say some of the studs that I’m not going to include, because they weren’t on the show for long enough. Firstly, Luke Grimes, who played Ryan Lafferty, looked hot in the scene where he wore nothing but his boxers in front of Rebecca. Eric Winter earns a mention, playing Jason McCallister, Robert’s gay brother and Kevin’s love interest. Also a man of Kevin’s, Chad Berry, played by Jason Lewis, played the sexy closeted actor who fell for Kevin. Lastly, the father of Sarah’s children, Joe Whedon, played by John Pyper-Ferguson, was a character made for you to dislike, he’s the type of guy that cleans up well once he’s off set and away from his hippy, long-haired character. Don’t worry, a picture of these boys is included at the end of the post.

Now time to choose your favorite…

Vote for your favorite Brothers & Sisters hunk after the jump…

Audrina Patridge may have not walked away with the mirrorball trophy this season, but she did score a consolation prize for appearing on “Dancing With The Stars“. Her long-rumored reality project is finally coming to fruition. The as-of-yet untitled collaboration with Mark Burnett has been picked up by VH1.

Originally the show was intended for MTV, but after the network passed, the project’s future was uncertain. That is until the power of appearing on DWTS worked its magic. It’s no wonder the dancing competition is the place to be, for celebrities to re-ignite their stalwart careers. Since it was originally filmed for MTV, it is expected to be retooled somewhat from the original series for the new network. It is expected to run 8 to 10 episodes.

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Musical Review: Grease the Musical

In: Dan, Random Reads, The Arts

Caption: (center) Matt Nolan as Danny and Alyssa Herrera as Sandy, and the company of Grease, perform the finale of Grease. Photo © Joan Marcus.

For a limited run engagement, the musical Grease has once again descended on Vancouver audiences. Playing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in downtown Vancouver, the show is running from Oct. 21st through 31st, 2010. I managed to land tickets for Alasdair and I and we met up with our good friend and fellow cast member Jonny and his boy Kodie. Needless to say, we were rocking in our seats and clapping (okay, singing) along with all the legendary hits. Okay, I wasn’t, cause I would have been asked to leave due to my inability to sing but other people definitely were getting into the show!

I have to admit that I have never seen Grease before, neither the musical nor the movie (part one or two as I was informed existed). I was pumped to experience this show for the first time, and more importantly check it out at the recently renovated Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The theatre looked spectacular inside; however, the outside was still behind gates as the renovations are still underway. But I digress, let’s get on with the show!!

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Ann continued to carve out her place in Reality TV history. She was called first for an astounding fifth time in a row. The other girls must be beside themselves. I’m not so sure Ann deserved the last two wins, but it certainly makes for good ANTM. It was refreshing to see Jane step it up. She looked GORGEOUS in her shots. Tyrant ended up putting Kacey, this cycle’s biatch, and Kayla, this cycle’s lesbian, in the bottom two. Our girl Kayla survived which meant Kacey was out. We won’t be seeing her trying to bed the hot male models anymore. What a shame. Can Ann lose? Will Tyrant find some lame excuse to tell her she has stopped growing in the competition? Will anyone step up to the plate? Who will get eliminated tonight?

Ok… I know. “Tonight” wasn’t the right word. I’m a full week behind in the recapping! I was swamped last week with my real job and my fake job and my fish had diarrhoea and Alcide was crashing on my couch with Cooter. FML. Sorry about that. I feel like a wannabe in the ATNM confessional booth. The good news? Two recaps this week! Yay for you.

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