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A Defective Homo

In: Saturday Submissions

I think I might be a defective homosexual. All of the gay guys I know, or see on television have two types of close friends: other homos, or girls. While I, being the deficient homosexual that I am, only seem to hang out with straight guys. I really only have one gay comrade other than my boyfriend, and he is nowhere near my age group or social circle. My best buddy (and the first person I came-out to) is the most heterosexual man I know, while the rest of my cronies are the boys who belong to my fraternity. What is wrong with me?! I’m “out” and I’ve never had an issue regarding my sexuality with any of them.

The people who are most surprised by my non-stereotypical acquaintances are other gays, especially those in the older generation. A great distrust of the straight community appears to have formed amongst our ranks. True, straight guys account for the majority of gay-bashings, but don’t forget all of the closeted homosexuals who attack other gays to strengthen their denial (for references please google ‘U.S. Senators’).

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Confessions Of a Social Retard

In: Saturday Submissions

I think my close friends would describe me as Outgoing, Charming, and Fun. But that is now; and I’m pretty sure those weren’t the same adjectives people would have used to describe me on first meeting, hell even tenth meeting.
I am a retail manager so customer service/ sales ability is what pays my bills. I think I’m great at my job, and talking to consumers and staff is really what keeps me sane in a stressful and looked down upon profession.
So i talk to people for a living, and am in charge of 25 people on a daily basis, i should have no problem striking up a conversation or holding my own in a social setting right?… Wrong!
What is wrong with me?
I decided there must be something i was saying or doing to put people off upon the first few encounters. So much like Playboy David Letterman, I’ve comprised a top 10 list of ways to alienate, scare off or be “that guy” at the party…..Almost a “How to lose a guy in 10 days” kind of scenario but with friends! In No particular order….
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First Listen: A Preview of Christina’s New Single

In: Music, Patrick

Man is she ever teasing us. First a countdown to her album artwork, then a countdown to the lyrics to her new single, then now a 15 second preview to the track itself. Release that Genie In A Bottle of a song already you Dirrty girl!

So it sounds hot. Again, changing her sound a bit which I like – keeps it fresh and exciting. I was reading elsewhere that some are saying the song does kinda sounds a little Britneyesque. I can see that a bit – but just because Christina’s not belting out (cause she can as we all know), doesn’t mean she’s copying Britney. She can have fast paced beats with a sexy, out of breath voice too. What, she’s not allowed to wear hoop earrings either? AND, just because she has blonde hair doesn’t mean she’s copying Gaga.

I’m totally up for the return of Christina. Bring it!

15 second preview of the track after the jump…

WTF: When Dog Eats Cop Car

In: Patrick, Random Reads

Just because the cops are referred to as the pigs, doesn’t mean their vehicles are edible! Holy crap! This bad ass beast of a dog tears the bumper of the cop car off with his teeth! Are you kidding me?

How embarrassing must it been for the cop to go up to his boss with a bill for car repairs, for a dog eating his car. It’s kinda like the “my dog ate my homework” excuse, except real – and much more violent.

This Chattanooga police officer’s vehicle got more than it bargained for when it came in contact with Winston the dog. See Winston eat the cop car’s front bumper, before taking a bite out of several tires.

Video after the jump

Playgirl Makes Jesse James An Offer

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Donovan

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. Well, eating pumpkins wasn’t what got him into this hot mess. With all this attention focused on the man that broke America Sweetheart’s heart, Playgirl Magazine is looking to capitalize on the celebrity’ misfortune. The nudie mag has put forth an offer of $500,000 big ones for Jesse James to show his “big ones”.

With a nickname like “Vanilla Gorilla” given by one of his mistresses (Michelle Bombshell McGee), it should be his duty to show the world what he has to offer. Apparently it is big and juicy. With mistresses coming out of the woodwork (though not near Tiger’s number yet), it would seem half of Los Angeles has already seen it.

Playgirl spokesman, Daniel Nardicio already has a concept for the shoot, should the 40-year-old CEO of West Coast Choppers accept:

“We’d want him to pose in a Coney Island freak show setting. It would be a whole circus-themed shoot, complete with tattooed women and sword swallowers!”

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Lost’s Producers Reveal Series Finale Title

In: Donovan, TV Shows

As much as I love “Ugly Betty” and sad to see it go this year, I will miss ABC’s other hit show more. I have been hooked on “Lost’ since season one and can’t believe it’s ending this year. When I first saw the initial trailers ABC aired that summer, I thought this show looks stupid. I just thought it was ABC’s lame way of capitalizing on the “Survivor” phenomenon.

Fast forward six years later, and it”ll go down in history as one of the best shows ever. The little show that could turned into a global hit with hardcore fans dissecting every second of the show trying to solve the mystery of the island.

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Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon

In: Movies, Tommy D

I love animated movies. I actually prefer them over live action movies I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m a kid at heart, and maybe because it reminds me of a much simpler time in life when nothing mattered except that you yourself wanted your own dragon to train.

My friend Mia and I had been wanting to see this movie since we saw it’s first preview, so really that 10am screening time was just a small price to pay to go and check out this flick. The 100 kids in the room was a small price to pay, especially since, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but, the kids next to us were so fun. Even the 45 minute late start time due to technical difficulties was worth it because this movie is SO GOOD.

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Man Crush: Dancer Tyrell Witherspoon

In: Interviews, Patrick, The Arts

This week’s Man Crush is an incredibly hot and talented dancer from Winnipeg, Manitoba here in Canada. His name is Tyrell Witherspoon (like Reese). Although not Legally Blonde, you may in fact recognize him from Season One of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. He made it to the finals in Toronto, but was eliminated in the first round. Two seasons later, with a whole lot more experience, he’s ready to do it again, having gone to the auditions for Season 3 earlier this year in Halifax. Season 3 for So You Think You Can Dance Canada airs Summer 2010.


He’s 23 years old and keeping himself very busy! He currently teaches Hip Hop at Kickit Dance Studio in Winnipeg and picks up other side jobs here and there. These odd jobs include teaching hip hop in gym classes and schools throughout the city, choreographing high school musicals, first dances for weddings, and so on. At the moment, he’s choreographing Hello, Dolly! for a high school just outside of the city and getting ready to head out to Edmonton for 2 months. There, he’ll be apart of Beauty and the Beast at the Citadel Theatre, which runs from May 1st-30th. Yep, there’s more. After that, he will be in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat back in Winnipeg during the summer.

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