Uganda: The Worst Place To Be Gay

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BBC radio personality Scott Mills was in Uganda with a production team filming a TV documentary called “The Worst Place To Be Gay?” when he was force to escape Ugandan police when he disclosed the he was gay himself. He is pictured above interviewing a Ugandan gay activist.

At one point during his time there, he and his film crew me with David Bahati, a member of parliament and the main person behind the creation of Uganda’s anti-gay legislation (aka the death penalty) when Mills mentioned that he was gay himself. This made Bahati livid, forcing them to stop filming and requesting armed backup. Frightened by the escalated situation, the film crew then fled the scene. Bahati then phoned one of the film crew members to ask where they were staying! Of course they lied to buy them some time to escape the country. Mills said ” Mills said he was scared as he had been told horrendous tales about individuals being detained and roughed up.”

That is terrifying. You’ll never see me traveling to Uganda. Watch some of the clips from the documentary below.

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Sofia Vergara Sure Loves Her Pepsi

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It’s ironic that the voluptuous curvy bombshell from “Modern Family” is the new face of Diet Pepsi’s new skinny can. But the can isn’t the only thing to have slimmed down. It appears the ad agency went a little cray cray with the photoshopping of Sofia Vergara, and removed her famous curves. Her shoulders looks downright bony.

Not sure if digitally altering Vergara was a wise move on Diet Pepsi’s part. The new skinny can has already caused a commotion after making its debut at New York’s Fashion Week which began last Thursday. Critics and eating disorder advocates have lambasted the new design, saying Pepsi’s approach is only reinforcing dangerous stereotypes about women and body image. WOW. I think that’s taking it a little far, but oh well. Here’s what the Chief Marketing of Pepsi said:

“Our slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today’s most stylish looks, and we’re excited to throw its coming-out party during the biggest celebration of innovative design in the world,” – Jill Beraud

Personally, I think its all much ado about nothing. Some people really need to take a chill pill. It’s just a fricking soda can. And PS. I kinda like it. On a funnier side note, this isn’t the first time the buxom Columbian actress has pimped herself out for Pepsi. Back in 1990, a blond (her natural hair color) Sofia Vergara appeared in her very first commercial. Coincidentally enough it was for Pepsi. Talk about the commercial circle of life. Check it out below.

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Model Behavior: Markus Ricci

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Typically for my “Model Behavior” weekly feature, I highlight fashion models appearing in ad campaigns or those strutting their stuff on major fashion runways. For this week, I was craving a little meat, so I picked a beefy muscular male specimen for you to gawk at. It’s been a while since I picked a fitness model, so today is your lucky day if love them thick, cute and hard.

28-year-old Markus Ricci is an American fitness model that’s been featured on and various magazines, including the cover of German publication, Manner Magazine (photographed by Rick Day). Don’t dismiss him as just a pretty face attached to a hot body. The man has brains to boot. He has a Bachelor’s degree specializing in arts and chemistry and would like to eventually become a physician. Specifically in pediatrics and orthopaedics.

As you’d expect, Markus lives a healthy life to maintain that body of his. In addition to competing in many fitness competitions, he plays rugby, football, goes surfing, skiing and even played Division III college lacrosse. He’s so passionate about lacrosse, he provides private lessons to youth in Newton, MA. He’s also part of the Big Brother and Little Sisters organization and has been for more than ten years. Awww, a big guy with a heart of gold. Nothing sexier than that. Check out plenty of shirtless pics of him below modeling underwear and swimsuits.

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IBM Introduces “Watson” On Jeopardy

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IBM has long been working on artificial intelligence software and after many years, tweaks and tests, their super-computer Watson was ready for its Jeopardy debut.

In the first ever Man vs Machine competition, Jeopardy has split the normal half-hour show into a 3 night event. Who are Watson’s human competitors? None other than famed Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Each night, we will learn more about the Watson project and the road taken to create this A.I.

If Watson wins, half of his winnings will be donated between World Vision and World Community Grid. Ken Jennings will donate 50 percent of his winnings to VillageReach and Brad Rutter will donate 50 percent of his winnings to Lancaster County Community Foundation.

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Lady Gaga Breaks A Record And Sets Another Straight

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Let me just start by saying that not too long ago, Britney Spears flexed her muscles and set the records for most downloads of a single in the first week for “Hold It Against Me” (which has the accompanying music video coming out this Friday – YAY!). Now, Lady Gaga just beat the record. Spears set the record at 411,000 sold in the first week, while Gaga just broke that, selling 450,000 in less than three days! When put male musicians into the mix, “Born This Way” comes in fourth after Flo Rida‘s “Right Round” at 636,000, Black Eyed Peas‘ “Boom Boom Pow at 465,000, and Flo Rida’s “Low” 460,000.

There has been a lot of talk about the similarities between Gaga’s new song and Madonna’s “Express Yourself”. I mean, I see a bit of similarity, but in my opinion people are reading into it more than they need to be. In setting the record straight, Gaga was on Jay Leno Monday night where she put to rest the Madonna “Express Yourself” and “Born This Way” similarity controversy. Sidenote: She was freaking hilarious (and well spoken) on Leno. I had actually never seen her as funny as she was. She brought her Grammys and put M&Ms in them for Jay Leno, and when he asked her about something she didn’t really want to even acknowledge, she simply said, “I’m ignoring you.” HA! Anyway, here’s what she said about Madonna…

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Meet The Cast Of VH1’s Wedding Wars

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VH1 is introducing a new show beginning March 14th titled Wedding Wars. What’s it all about? Think Bridalplasty meets Survivor meets The Real World. Here is the full show’s synopsis from the official VH1 site.

Some people want their wedding to be so perfect they’re willing to fight for it. Literally. On VH1’s new series Wedding Wars, 12 engaged couples will battle each other for the destination wedding of a lifetime. Wedding Wars is a competition-elimination show hosted by Michele Merkin, where each week teams of soon-to-be brides and grooms will fight tooth and nail for a shot at their dream wedding and amazing prizes. But the couples are in for a shock when they learn they won’t be competing at a five star resort. Instead, they’ll be exiled on a remote island location with little food or water and they’ll face hardships that will strain their relationships to the limit. To win their dream wedding, couples must face the elements and survive in the wilderness and compete in challenges that offer some extravagant wedding prizes.

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Womenswear for Spring/Summer 2011 take inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s with long silhouettes from dresses, skirts to pants. Colours are bright from pinks, oranges to blues mixing a fun colour clash. This season is very feminine, light and very flowy.

Check out the video interview and styling session on the next part of the post.

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I remember last season around this time, I was really not loving the show at all. I felt that the contestants weren’t strong enough, I felt the winner of each challenge were completely wrong…but I cannot even tell you how happy I am with what’s happening this season. Every week it literally just gets better and better, and this week was EXCEPTIONAL!

This weeks mini challenge was a SCANDALOUS photo shoot. You know the kind, where something pops out, or something falls off. Carmen tucked herself so it looked like she had a real vajayjay, and Stacy took out her real tit OMG it looked so funny I couldn’t even stand it! So they were chosen to lead the next two teams. On Team Stacy we had Alexis, Yara, Mariah and Shangla. On Team Carmen was Raja, Delta, Manila and India. They were each a news team. There were 2 anchors, a weather girl, gossip girl and a reporter who was to interview Kristin Cavalari.

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