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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, we were treated to Tyrant’s first ever “moving editorial” and the reality TV lovers of the world heaved a collective vomit. Really Tyrant? Wasn’t the Cycle 2 music video shit fest enough? Please stick to lame soundbites, rants, and photos. Please. Despite being the most beautiful girl in the competition, Jane was cut loose… mostly because Tyrant didn’t see enough of her personality. As if that actually matters. Eva was a cow. Nicole was boring. McKey was a dud. Ann is just plane socially awkward. Ugh. We also lost our man-fearing lesbian Kayla, leaving us with Ann and Chelsey for the finale. For out regular readers, you’ll know the winner was spoiled a couple weekd ago by a production error on some photographs. I’m gonna pretend that never happened. Who will take home the crown? Who will be the first ever high fashion queen? Do you even remember who won Cycle 14? Me neither. Who’s gonna be on top this year?

Not gonna lie. I just got home from a dinner meeting. Had a little bit too much red wine. This could be messy. I went with the theme though. The wine was called “Strut“. No lie. A pair of legs and some high heels on the label. Perfect. And, it only cost be 12 bucks. Sweet.

We start off this week with a SUPER awkward high five moment between Chelsey and Ann in the bus. Then, we are treated to some confessional time to tell us a bunch of things we’ve already heard before. Blah Blah Blah. Ann says it’s twenty times better than graduating high school. LOLs. You think? Back at the house, they devour some pizza right out of the box. Careful ladies, you still have a runway finale to rock!

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The 2011 Grammy Awards Nominees Announced…

In: Music, Patrick

Last night, the Grammy nominees for 2011 were announced with a performance filled evening by the best of the best at the Grammy Nomination Concert, including Katy Perry, Train, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and more. The night was hosted by LL Cool J who was “Doin’ It Well”, and with special presentations by some talented people including Stevie Wonder.

As for nominations, it’s definitely a successful “Recovery” by Eminem as he comes out on top with a whopping 10 nominations, with his collaboration with Rihanna receiving a few of those nominations! Following that, Bruno Mars received 7 nominations, Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, and Jay Z with 6 nominations.

A few predictions would be that Lady Gaga gets Album of the Year, Justin Bieber gets New Artist of the Year, and Lady Antebellum gets Song of the Year for “Need You Now”. The awards take place on Sunday, February 13th, 2011. The concert didn’t show even close to all of the nominations, so you can check them out below.

Check out the full list of nominees after the jump…

Pop-Tart Pick: Nadine Coyle

In: Calan, Music

This Pop-Tart Pick is another former member of Girls Aloud. Nadine Coyle is trying out solo for herself an I have to say I kind of dig it. My last pick was her ex-band mate Cheryl Cole who is still currently UK pop royalty and I’m still listening to her album. I’ve got Nadine’s album now and gave it a full listen through and I have t say it’s not half bad. I really enjoyed quite a few of the tunes on her “Insatiable” record, my top favourite being the first single “Insatiable.” I also like “Chained” and “Put Your Hands Up.” I’m not sure if Nadine is going to make it quite as big as Cheryl has. For starters Cheryl has the X-Factor behind her which the whole of the UK watches religiously, also Nadine just doesn’t seem to have that extra something special about her. She’s a beautiful girl and has a great talent but I’m just not 100% sold on her. I had the good fortune of being able to see her live when I was on vacation in London in November.

I’ll hand it to her that she did put on quite the good show. She sang live and really does have a nice power behind her vocals. I was a bit frightened though when she first came on because she seems to have drastically dropped weight. I remember her from the Girl Aloud days when I was living in London and she had a healthy look to her. When she came on stage though all I could see was how skinny she was now. Her dress was gorgeous and she had hot man dancers but I wanted to shout “EAT A HAMBURGER!

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What an episode. Let’s get started. The remaining nine people head back to camp after tribal council to a torrential downpour that just won’t stop. Their pond is now a raging river and for a couple survivors, the rain is washing away the mental strength they once had and pushing them to their limits. Because of the rain, you almost can’t tell that Naonka and Purple Kelly are crying, but their whining makes it known. They make the situation worse be feeding off of each other. They are both talking about quitting. The situation gets more real when Naonka gives her idol to Chase, since she plans on leaving. Ugh. So disappointing.

If the two quitters quit, the lines seem like they are drawn in the sand with alliances and it will be Sash, Holly, Chase, and Jane against the remaining stragglers Benry, Dan, and Fabio. Or so it seams at this point.

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In: Behind The Cast, Donovan

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU. Christmas came early to the cast, and it’s all because of you. We normally don’t write posts about our site traffic, but this was one milestone we just couldn’t keep to ourselves.

For November 2010, we hit over 1,000,000 pageviews. It crushed our previous record set in October 2010. That number represents a month growth of 32% and year-to-year growth of 394%. Every month we keep getting bigger and better thanks to our loyal readers. Without you, we would be nothing. So we’d like to raise our glasses and toast you. You guys are the best.

If you’re new to the site, I invite you to check out our Cast Q&As we posted when we first went live on March 13, 2009. Click here to check them out. We’ve been around only a year and a half and can’t wait what the future holds for us. 2011 will bring exciting new changes to the site and we’ll be expanding our writers. If you’re interested in being our voice in your city or writing articles, shoot us an email.

I’ve embedded a couple of our first videos signaling our launch. Watching them totally brings me back to our early days when we had no idea where this project would take us. Profile Pictures Unveiled

Since this we first launched, we’ve added a few writers to our site including, Nic, Alex, Tyrell and Calan. Gone but not forgotten are Jamie, Jake, Landon, Dave and Saleem.

Our First Trailer

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If this doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, your heart is made of coal. The song “Boots” is the fifth annual Project RED holiday single, done by The Killers and of course fittingly it has premiered today on World AIDS Day. The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers barely shows up in the video, as the focus of the video is on the story it tells, which I loved.

At the beginning of the video, which was directed by Jered Hess (Napoleon Dynamite), we get a clip of the Jimmy Stewart holiday classic “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Following that, the story centers on a homeless man who reminisces about his family during the holiday season, and finds hope in a karaoke machine. My eyes got a little watery during this video – a combination of the lyrics and the story.

Proceeds from the single go towards Project Red.

Check out the video after the jump…

Hollywood actor, Wesley Snipes has until next week to check into Federal Correctional Institution McKean in Lewis Run, Pennsylvania. Snipes is set to start his three-year prison sentence for tax evasion by noon December 9th, or else he could get into more trouble. He was served with a warning from U.S. Marshals Service, according to TMZ. “Failure to report at the designated place and time may result in additional criminal charges.”

The 48 year old Blade and White Men Can’t Jump actor has has appealed the conviction several times since he was convicted back in 2008, but alas has been unsuccessful. From Blade trilogy to prison trilogy, it’s an very un-merry Christmas for Snipes. See you in three years mister, and don’t forget to pay your taxes next time!

Watch Wesley Snipes 5 best lines after the jump…

The “2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” aired last night on CBS and it was better than ever. It was more glamorous, had more wings, and more segments than years prior. Thank God, the producers decided to nix that awful “Search for the Next VS Model” piece from last year. Talk about useless filler. They expected you to believe your votes actually counted, but the show didn’t even air live. Silly, silly, silly. Do they think VS customers are that dense?

At first I wasn’t too crazy about Katy Perry and Akon as musical guests, but their songs fit the respective segment themes perfectly. And how cute was it when Perry joined the models jumping up and down at the finale. I would’ve loved it though if Akon’s “Sexy Bitch” had opened the show. Let’s face it, all those women up there are sexy bitches. Speaking of sexy, it was a little odd that their wasn’t a segment saluting Heidi Klum’s years as a VS Angel. A few months ago, the saucy German announced her retirement from the lingerie brand. When Tyra Banks quit a few years ago, not only was their a full-on tribute piece to her, but she also go to close out the show in that ridiculous outfit and sceptre. Given Heidi’s many years of service, she deserved a better sendoff.

Speaking of former featured Victoria’s Secret Angels, it was nice to see Selita Ebanks, Karolina Kurkova (who looks amazing considering she just had a baby) and Isabel Goulart on the runway strutting it out. I wonder how it feels to be part of the show and watch your younger replacements receive all the attention. Though I love Ebanks and Kurkova, I’m beyond the moon that Chanel Iman made it as a featured model this year. I’ve followed her career for years now and predicted she would be one to watch. In the end, I guess it’s still an honor to be included even though you’re no longer front and center. These years’ featured models were Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Chanel Iman, Candice Swanpoel, Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge, Lindsay Ellingson, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Behati Prinsloo.

check out the songs used last night and view my favorite ten outfits in random order after the jump

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