On Monday, the stars and the pros had a big challenge on their hands. Not only did they have to learn one routine, but they also had to learn a second routine knowing only their style but not knowing their music. After their first performance, each couple picked their song out of a mirror ball and had 20 minutes to configure their routine backstage, before hitting the floor and performing for the judges. The instant dance brought out the best in some of the stars like Jennifer and Kyle but brought out the worst in Maks who didn’t agree with Carrie Ann’s criticism that they should have started the dance right when the music started. A top the leader board is Brandy and Maks and Jennifer and Derek while at the bottom is Bristol and Mark once again. Has Bristol finally put the nail in her coffin or will the ballroom be shocked once again?

Here are the stars that are safe and in jeopardy:

Kyle and Lacey: SAFE
Jennifer and Derek: SAFE
Kurt and Anna: IN JEOPARDY
Bristol and Mark: SAFE
Brandy and Maks: IN JEOPARDY

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The World Is The Best: A Parody

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Finally! The Harvard Sailing Team has released another video! These guys & gals from this sketch comedy team need to pick up the pace because the wait between their Boys & Girls Night Out video and this one was way too long!

In this latest release, they decided to do a song. It’s pays homage/parody to the “We Are The World” videos, and other videos that tend to be a little on the dramatic side. It takes a while to get going, but you have to keep watching it to appreciate the satire.

From helping children in Africa, to skipping lunch, to Phylicia Rashad…this video covers it all…

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Former PCD Kimberly Wyatt Releases New Music Video

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Recently, I wrote a post outlining each ex-Pussycat Dolls’ solo career since everyone, minus Nicole Scherzinger, was fired from the group. Initially I chose Jessica Sutta as my pick to have the most potential to succeed post-PCD. Realistically, Scherzinger with all her backing, probably has the best shot, but I just can’t stand her. Even during her Popstars “Eden’s Crush” days, she gave me gas. I digress. After hearing Kimberly Wyatt’s latest track, I might have to place more of my chips and bet on the sassy cropped hair blond. It’s a hot track.

Instead of going for a bubbly pop solo career, Wyatt decided to join forces with her friend, rapper/producer Spencer Nezey to form the group, “Her Majesty & The Wolves“. Weird title right??? Whatever floats her boat I guess. The duo released the official music video for their new single “Stars In Your Eyes“. At first listen, I already found myself grooving to the electro-pop house track. The beat is reminiscent of 90s house pioneers Snap, but with an updated sound. I have no doubt this track will be on heavy rotation at clubs in Europe and at gay clubs in North America.

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This is either the greatest invention since slice bread or the grossest idea EVER. Researchers in the UK are working overtime on an app that will allow users to test for STD/STIs in minutes. While the idea of finding out that person’s status you’re about to hook up with is kinda cool, the way you have to go about testing yourself, is not.

Though nothing is finalized, at the moment, the app will have users put either urine or saliva on a computer chip, the size of a USB chip. Afterwards, they can then either plug the USB chip into their phone or computer and receive their results within minutes. Ewww. I’m sorry, but there is now way, I’m peeing on a computer chip, then sticking it on my iPhone. Just think about this app, the next time you borrow someone’s phone to place a call.

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After a week hiatus, “Glee” was back with a brand new episode. After an even longer break, Noah “Puck” Puckerman also returned after not appearing in the past two episodes. Producers say it was for storyline reasons, but I think it was so Mark Salling could go out and promote his debut CD. Whatever the reason, it was nice to see the hottie back with his womanizing ways.

When I first read the sixth episode was named “Never Been Kissed“, I knew it probably had something to do with Kurt since this was the episode when his rumored boyfriend would be making his debut. But as we all know, in the world of Ryan Murphy- expect the unexpected. Not only were there two characters who had never been kissed, but the person giving Kurt his first smooch was someone no one expected.

Just like last year’s sixth episode titled “Vitamin D“, this episode featured a boys versus girls mashup showdown. The boys killed it last year with one of my favorite performances from season one. Their mashup of Usher’s “Confessions” and Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” still excites me til this day. But the vocal showdown wasn’t the main focus of the show, that solely belonged to Kurt.

Heading into the episode, all the hype surrounded around Kurt meeting Darren Criss’ character, Blaine. While Kurt’s sexuality has been a sense of discord in his life thus far, Blaine has had the opposite philosophy and finds himself, being gay empowering. Though it may seem obvious for these two characters to hook up, Ryan Murphy stated their relationship would be platonic first, with Blaine acting as Kurt’s mentor. After watching last night’s episode, I can definitely see that. I’m glad that just because Blaine is gay, the producers aren’t having a knee-jerk reaction to couple them up immediately.

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In this week’s Fitness Tip, Mike talks to you about incorporating different plains of motion into your workouts. What does that mean exactly?

Well, quite often we only work out in a linear in fashion, going front to back. Take for example biceps curls or lunches – it’s all front to back. There are three different plains of motion that you should incorporate into your workouts:

1. Frontal Plain
2. Sagittal Plain
3. Transverse Plain

In the video below, Mike shows you a few “Transverse Plain” exercises, as these are the most often neglected. The exercises showns are: The Woodchop, Lunge (with a rotation), and the Russian Twist.

Watch Mike demonstrate this week’s tip after the jump…

The short answer is YES. When? Not sure. Last week the Israeli edition of “Dancing With The Stars” caught media attention worldwide when they featured the first ever same-sex couple on any edition of the dancing competition show. Israeli television sports correspondent Gili Shem Tom, an out and proud lesbian, was partnered with professional female dancer, Dorit Milman. The two scored a 17 for their first dance, the Cha-Cha-Cha.

Since the casting stunt made headlines everywhere, including the United States, the US edition’s production team is now actively looking to do the same. The ABC hit show knows a thing or two about stunt casting. Ever since Kate Gosselin’s trainwreck factor brought in massive ratings to the show, DWTS has been trying to replicate that each season. Just look at Bristol Palin’s presence this year. So who do the producers have in mind? Check out below.

check out who the producers are eying as a potential contestant after the jump

The Green Children: “Encounter” CD Review

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I recently found myself listening to a musical group and I was struck at their impressive sounds, and surprised when I couldn’t name the artist/group. That’s when I was blessedly introduced to the The Green Children. The duo includes Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan who are responsible for writing, recording and producing their debut album Encounter. The worldwide album release hit shelves on Oct. 12, 2010, promoted by Spinside Records.

The first tune I heard was the DJ Paul Oakenfold remix of the second track, Dragons – what an impressive sound mixed with an unbelievably talented DJ-styling.

The Green Children self-describe their music as reflective of their nomadic lifestyle and influences ranging from underground trip hop (a personal favorite of mine) and electronica to alt-rock and classic pop. Definitely a lethal combination when it comes to music – my head was bobbing and my was tapping as each new track blasted out from my speakers.

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