Likely little-known to the rest of the world, many of us in Vancouver have been anxiously awaiting the court’s decision on a particularly horrendous case of gay bashing that occurred over a year ago on our in gayborhood on Davie Street at a clearly gay establishment: The Fountainhead Pub. That night, a 62-year-old gay male named Ritch Dowrey was reportedly celebrating his retirement at the Fountainhead and had offered to buy a 37-year-old construction worker named Shawn Woodward a drink or to play pool to which the straight construction worker declined saying he “wasn’t like that.”

As Dowrey resumed playing pool with his friends, Woodward came up and sucker punched him in the head with such force that it knocked out the 62-year-old man and left him with permanent “catastrophic injury to the brain.” As he left the Fountainhead (after walking over Dowrey’s passed out body), Woodward was heard saying the man deserved it for being a “faggot“. The victim now faces permanent mental and physical challenges from this awful attack. Clearly- to many of us- a case of gay bashing, the lawyers against and thousands of members of our community have been holding their breaths, awaiting the sentencing of Shawn Woodward for this deplorable act. A sentencing that arrived today.

Read through for Woodward’s sentencing and the Justice’s harsh words of condemnation…

If you are anything like me, you are constantly sent the latest must-see clip from YouTube or one of the other several online video sites. Be it an animal doing something ridiculously cute or some goof doing another idiotic stunt sure to land him in the hospital, it is in our human nature to want to see the latest trends and experience the latest ‘news’ story. I use the term news loosely as most of these headliners are often found among our dearest friend’s Facebook status updates – hardly a credible journalism source.

Okay, except for Adam, as he only has extremely enlightened things to say. I jest of course; we all love your updates Adam!

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Recently, Tyrell introduced me to Cake Boss on TLC, and I quite like it! TLC has some pretty great/trashy shows these days (Sister Wives, etc.) but they’re thoroughly entertaining. Buddy Valastro, the Italian Cake Boss is very talented and can make some incredible cakes! I’m not much a cake person, put they’re great to look at!

Well, tonight, Jersey Shore meets Cake Boss when Snooki visits his bakery. Perhaps she confused it for a Fake & Bakery? LOL. I love this though! You know she must have charged and arm and a leg for this appearance – considering she charges something like $20,000 for a red carpet. Gotta pay for that tanning and hairspray somehow I guess. I guess this is TLC’s November sweeps tactic for Cake Boss, and clearly, if they had any other ideas…this one definitely took the cake.

Watch the preview after the jump…

If every mom was like this, the world would be a much better place. These two women in the video, particularly Sara are truly amazing. If you haven’t been following “DaphneGage“, let me catch you up to speed. A Missouri mother wrote a blog post last week about her 5-year-old dressing up as Scooby-Doo’s Daphne for Halloween. Her son, nicknamed Boo, had been a huge fan of the female character and specifically asked to dress up as her for the holiday.

To say her post garnered attention would be an understatement. Her blog attracted millions of viewers and over 40,000 comments. As you can imagine, for every supporter there was someone spewing homophobic hate. My favorite response from her is featured in the “Today Show” interview .

“If you think that me allowing my son to be a female character for Halloween is somehow going to ‘make’ him gay then you are an idiot… I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off.”

You have to check out the piece the “Today Show” did on Sara and her son. Included in the segment is another mother of a flamboyant boy named Dyson. Both parents are interviewed by Meredith Viera and talk about their experiences and parenting their fabulous boys. Watch the video below.

watch the video after the jump

This is epic! Daily Mail in the UK is reporting that a well known Porn mogul, Berth Milton Jr., son of the man who was known for creating hardcore porn in the 1960, is onto a huge business venture that he believes will be a “gold mine”. I’m going to have to agree – this is a pretty brilliant idea considering the rise of “amateur porn“. Milton plans on opening one hundred of these “sex hotels” in key areas around the world.

The guests of the hotel stay for free, but web voyeurs would obviously have to pay to watch them in action. Milton says, “The numbers are astonishing.” His estimates suggest that each of these 100 hotels could generate $43.8 million a year and that this is the start of something massive. Holy shitballs!

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Yes a book review. Yes I read. I actually read a lot, mostly teenage girl style books, or Harry Potter/Percy Jackson stories. But once in a while I’ll go legit and read a biography, or something a little more grown up. What can I say, I wish I was a magical being.

The book that I picked up this weekend was Portia de Rossi’s Unbearable Lightness. After watching Portia do pretty much every single talk show these past 7 days (including Oprah and Ellen), and also noticing the slew of autobiographies coming out (Ricky Martin’s, Shannen Doherty’s etc.), I though that maybe Portia’s would’ve been the best to pick up. I’m sure I just would’ve loved reading Ricky Martin’s poor little rich girl story of coming out (his entire family was fine with it, he is brutally attractive…wahh wahh) but for me, it was Portia’s story of he battle with her eating disorders.

And I think I chose right.

Unbearable Lightness is crazy. That’s pretty much the best way to put this. As someone who has gone through a recovery process (not for eating disorder) there were definitely aspects I can relate to with someone going through recovery for an eating disorder. Except that Portia de Rossi was fucking crazy. Like literally insane. If she didn’t tell one lie in this book, then my god that woman is one of the most interesting and heartbreaking people I have ever read about.

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Harry Potter’s Aunt Joins True Blood

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Irish actress Fiona Shaw has joined the cast of HBO’s fangtastic hit “True Blood“. Shaw will be casting a spell and wreaking havoc on the residents of Bon Temps. Up to this point, Shaw is best known for playing Harry Potter’s mean aunt, Petunia Dursley. Her other film credits include “Three Men and A Little Lady“, “The Avengers“, “Catch and Release” and many more.

The Irish actress will be playing Marnie Stonebrook aka Hallow, a palm reader who is spiritually possessed by a witch. If her character stays true to Charlaine Harris’ book ‘”Dead to the World“, expect Shaw to be the main villain for True Blood’s fourth season. Hallow is described as being a bit older, tall, slim and broad shouldered in the book. Sounds like Fiona was perfectly cast in the role.

potential spoilers after the jump

Today, The British Monarchy officially launched their Facebook Fan Page where they will offer updates on Royal news and events. This is latest progression in the Royal Social Networking, adding to their Twitter and YouTube accounts. So far, almost 75,000 people “like” the fan page already.

Photo albums include latest news & diary for October & November, Investitures & Sports, specific events, and albums for specific people (ie. Prince Harry, Prince William, The Dutchesses, The Dukes, etc.).

There’s also a “Near Me” application that allows you to find Royal events that are taking place near you.

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