Man, Wynter Gordon is on fi-yah. She’s working overtime to establish herself as the new Queen Bee of dance music. If she keeps this up, she very well might succeed. Just last week, she was featured in the Freemasons‘ “Believer” and today another hot group of DJs are utilizing her mesmerizing vocals. Rhythm Masters & MYNC enlisted the “Dirty Talk” singer for their cover of one Donna Summer’s iconic disco tracks. “I Feel Love” was not only a huge it, but it is considered to have pioneered the electro music genre.

The production by Rhythm Masters & MYNC is fantastic. It stays true to the original by keeping the electronic disco beats, but give it a modern makeover with subtle nuances. Wynter is absolutely fantastic emulating Donna Summer’s sublime falsetto vocals on this historical track that helped redefine the dance genre. This is why Gordon is one of my current obsessions. In 1978, a fifteen minute extended remix of the track became a huge underground hit. If her cover of “I Feel Love” does half as much for Wynter’s career as it did for Summer, expect Wynter’s star to rise significantly.

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Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima was the lucky Victoria’s Secret Angel chosen to wear this year’s Fantasy Bra. Ringing in at $2 million big ones, the 2010 Fantasy Bra features 142 carts of jewels, including 60 carats of white diamonds as well as sapphires and topazes. The reveal was the official kick-off for this year’s elaborate “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show“. Joining Lima on the runway will be Alessandra Ambrosio, Chanel Iman and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Missing from this year’s production will be the pregnant Miranda Kerr and recently retired angel, Heidi Klum. The “Project Runway” host hung up her wings last month after 13 years of heavenly work for the lingerie brand.

Once again, this year’s show will feature white-hot performances from some of today’s hottest pop stars. Joining the Glamazons on the glittered runway will be Katy Perry and Akon who will most likely sing their huge hits. Be sure to catch the show when it airs on CBS on November 30th.

Lima looks absolutely stunning (above left) in this year’s showcase bra. It looks like she’s lost all the pregnancy weight on most of her body, with exception to her breasts. Damn, her boobs look even bigger than they did before having a child. Maybe it’s the push-up technology in that fantasy bra? Check out how this year’s showpiece stacks up to previous Fantasy Bras below.

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Design: WALLTAT Decals Add Sass To Your Walls

In: Charge It, Donovan

Wall decals are the latest craze to take over interior design as an alternative to other traditional wall decor and at the forefront of this movement is These self-adhesive wall tattoos can transform any room into a showpiece with ease. No messy wallpaper glue, paint brushes or stencils are necessary. It’s the perfect DIY project you can complete with hardly any work.

Whether your aesthetic is classic, modern or trendy, WALLTAT’s artists have a design for you. They literally have over hundreds of designs in various different color options. Don’t confine your imagination to just your walls. These decorative installations can be placed practically anywhere. Furniture, ceilings, hard wood floors, sealed concrete, mirror, cabinets, etc. Check out their FAQ for surfaces they recommend.

check out the decals Brian and I used in our condo after the jump

Paranormal Activity 2 Succeeds As Super Scary Sequel

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Well, let me just say that Paranormal Activity 2 succeeded in scaring the pants off the audience just as the first one did. Once the film gets going, you’re on edge the entire time. Day or night. Doesn’t matter. Here’s the general plot of this sequel:

“After experiencing what they think are a series of “break-ins”, a family sets up security cameras around their home, only to realize that the events unfolding before them are more sinister than they seem.”

Despite being about paranormal phenomenon and having camera’s set up everywhere, the film is successful at being quite different from the first. BUT, what I really loved was how the film tied the two together. The first film was made on a budget of I believe less than $20,000, while this one was made with $2,750,000. I’m not really sure what the huge differential was, but you can’t tell and I think that’s a good thing. The film is still all documentary “home camera” and “security camera” style which was great.

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Which “Who’s That Chick” Music Video Is Better?

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Earlier this week, Rihanna’s “Who’s That Chick (Night Version)music video hit the web. It featured a darker, edgier Goth theme than the original bright fluffy happy original. Both are part of Doritos “Late Night” campaign that invites you to a global music event starring Rihanna. It also features opening bands from the following international cities: Down With Webster (Toronto); Professor Green (London); Teargas (Johannesburg); Sensacional Orchestra Sonora (Sao Paulo); and Mor Ve Otesi (Istandbul). You can watch all their videos in a 360 degree format you control.

With two kick ass video versions of “Who’s That Chick” released, I couldn’t figure out which one was better. Depending on what mood I’m in during the day, one appeals to me more. Some genius (Jon Ali) placed the two versions in the same video for easier side-by-side comparisons. Even if you’ve seen both versions separately before, you have to watch this video below. It’s fascinating to see the big differences, similarities and slight nuances between the light and dark versions. Be sure to cast your vote in our poll afterward.


Which "Who's That Chick" Music Video Version Is Better?

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While Donovan has concretely established himself as Homorazzi’s “Man Crush” expert, I felt the need to combine my bailiwick of TV know-how with my long (long, long, long)-term search for a boyfriend by revealing to the world my secret relationship with Sam Jaeger of “Parenthood”. Okay, my obsession with all things TV and getting a hubby are totally true, but being ACTUALLY connected in the REAL world with TV’s Joel Graham… fine, that might be a bit of a stretch- but maybe this article will pop up on his google alerts and I’ll be golden.

To set the scene, before watching this “Party of Five (but with parents)”-esque new drama, I had never heard of the burly dreamboat. Born in 1977 (wow, only 6 years before me… am I getting more reasonable??), Sam Jaeger of Perrysburg, Ohio made his way into some great tv/movie names like “Law and Order” and a personal fav: “Lucky Number Slevin” and recently became a much better-known name in the newest two-seasons-running-so-far show: “Parenthood”. Here’s where my sad kink starts to take over. Playing the blue collar, good-with-his-hands, rustic, plaid lovin’ stud turned stay-at-home dad and perfect husband, Sam has managed to combine what he actually looks like with the character he plays on tv to amalgamate as the man of my wildly inappropriate dreams.

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Here are a few tracks that are only a loop in my iPod at the moment. I’m really loving these Liam Keegan remixes. Below is Robyn’s newest track remixed by Steve Pitron & Max Sanna. I love Robyn… this girl can do no wrong! Check out the rest on the next part of the post.

Robyn-Indestructible (Steve Pitron and Max Sanna Club Mix)

More tracks after the jump…

Broken Social Scene Concert

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As mentioned in my previous 54-40 and Aerosmith concert reviews, I’ve been fortunate to catch a few different shows over the past few weeks. Two days before the 54-40 show at the Commodore Ballroom, I was there for the Broken Social Scene concert on October 13th (the first of two back-to-back shows). Again, I have to admit that their indie-ness kept them off my radar and prior to the show I was only faintly familiar with their music.

Man, have I been missing out! Their opening act, The Sea and Cake, set the tone for the night – it was going to be an epic few hours of music. Although they replicated that of a group of 40-year-old has-beens, as openers they put on a really good show. Hailing from Chicago, their eclectic style had the concertgoers pushing to the front of the stage long before the main act took to the stage. Head nodding and toe tapping to the max, they guys had my attention from the first song – sticking mainly to tunes from their latest (and eighth) studio album, Car Alarm.

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