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American Idol 9: Top 3 Performances Ranked

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It’s final three time and you know what that means. Hometown visits and judge’s choices. With only one week away before the finals at the Kodak Theater, it’s do-or-die time for Casey, Crystal and Lee. Coming into the semifinals, the momentum is surely with Lee. Can Crystal or Casey pull anything within their arsenal that could derail Lee trip to the Kodak?

Like last week, no one really sucked major balls during last night’s performances. All did decent to awesome jobs. Unfortunately Casey needed either Crystal or Lee to blow chunks to improve his chances of advancing. See how the performances ranked and let me know if you agree.

6. Casey James

Performance: OK, It’s Alright with Me by Eric Hutchinson
First off the bat was the curly haired heartthrob. He looked great and sang well. With the producers and judges obviously wanting a Lee-Crystal final, they weren’t giving any glimpses of compliments to Casey. For me, I liked it but it was the weakest of the bunch.

who was the best this week. check after the jump

Christina Aguilera: “Bionic” Track Leaked

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What doesn’t leak nowadays? I think every single leaks first before it actually is released. Maybe this is a new tactic of record companies to reveal just how popular a single will be and how viral the files become.

Last week, we brought you a first listen for “WooHoo“. So this week, here is the “Bionic” leak… what do you think?

I love it! The beats are catchy and it sounds totally original.

Love or hate Christina, she’s here to stay. She has one thing that none of the other pop stars have… which is true vocal talent.

Best New Drama Out There: “The Good Wife”

In: Adam, TV Shows

Accepting that I have been inundating this site a bit heavily with my “must sees” and “strongly recommends”, I stand by this one as hands down the Best New Drama of the season. A new release this past September, “The Good Wife” is a spin on the classic lawyer/practice approach. There’s no dancing babies in this one- sorry Ally- and more akin to real trials where most of the work is done behind the scenes rather than in the courtroom, this new show doesn’t depend on CGI gimmicks or melodramatic, blood-drenched crime scenes. Instead, this drama is all about just that: the true-to-life difficulties faced by families in crisis and by lawyers today.

Often acclaimed as a “story straight from the pages of today’s headlines,” “The Good Wife” is the story of Alicia Florrick played to perfection by the long-hidden-away-in-hiatus Julianna Margulies (of “E.R.”), as a wife of a politician- “Sex and the City’s” Chris Noth- who is forced back to work to support her two children as her husband is sent to jail for all things drugs, sex and lies related. Opening to a scene we’ve seen all too many times these days under the thunderous flash of newspaper bulbs, the Florricks take the stage as hubby makes one final speech alongside his faithful wife before he’s hauled off to the big house. In this singular scene of cinematic grace and omniscience, we get to see what this awful scene is like from the oft-ignored point of view of the lied-to and pained wife: the ultimate modern Persephone and Hades gothic pose of devotion and hatred. The sequence is brilliance and sets the scene perfectly for the ingenious drama that unfolds from there.

Click through to see the rest of the review and a selection of clips from the show

No, I’m not making some weird reference to her Proactiv days. Did anybody else pick up on the fact that both Vanessa Williams and Judith Light were both former Proactiv spokeswomen and both on Ugly Betty…huh.). Anyway, Vanessa Williams aka Wilhelmina Slater (pronouced Wil-a-MEAN-a) on Ugly Betty, is joining Desperate freaking Housewives! Wilhemina’s moving to Wisteria Lane!

What an excellent addition to the cast! Vanessa has proven herself as a sexy seductress biatch – so naturally she’ll fit in quite nicely. Marc Cherry had been looking for just the right fit to replace Nicolette Sheridan’s Edie since she is leaving the show (and also suing Cherry). TV Week reports that her character will be linked to ominous lady killer Paul Young, played by Mark Moses.

Now, I decided to Save The Best For Last. Watch Vanessa Williams at work and tell me she won’t fit into the scheming and backstabbing that goes on within Wisteria Lane…

Read the rest of this entry »

Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

In: Patrick, Videos

A flash mob put to good use! Everyone once and a while, a flash mob (whether it’s dancing, walking zombies, etc.) comes round a big city near you to surprise unsuspecting people with more often than not, a huge synchronized dance – “Dancin’ in the streets!” as the song goes. I have yet to be part of one myself (seems like something always comes up) but it seems like it’d be a lot of fun. One guy in NYC took it to another level…or down a level, to bended knee – just depends on how you look at it.

The man hired about 100 dancers to take part in a flash mob in Washington State Park in New York City so that he could create the perfect wedding proposal for his deserving girlfriend. The proposal took place last week on May 13th, 2010. The couple stands by the fountain, the woman completely unsuspecting, as random people start dancing around them. Then – they dancers pair off, dancing to “Hallelujah I Love Her So!” by Ray Charles. I’m not gonna lie – the water fountain wasn’t the only waterworks as I personally watched the video for the first time. It was just so touching – I can only imagine what they both must have been feeling during an afternoon they’ll never forget.

Check out the video after the jump…

LOST: The Spinoff Spoof

In: Patrick, Videos

I’m gonna be straight up and tell you that I don’t watch Lost – which actually (for me) makes this spoof even funnier. I happened to be at Donovan & /category/blogs/brian/’s place about a year ago, and they were catching up on an episode of this show when I saw that the island was some sort of spaceship that moved with the crank of a wheel. WTF? I had been told that I would like this show, but to be honest, that scene turned me off… not putting me into the biggest rush to watch it. Rest assured, I will eventually watch the show…when I have hundreds of hours of time and confusion to spare.

In this Funny or Die video, Dana Carvey stars in a spoof spin-off of Lost called “Weird Island.” I couldn’t have thought of a better name myself.

Check out the video after the jump…

No More Leakage From Nelly

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Nelly Furtado’s leaked single “Free,” has been taken off YouTube and her Social Media Web Team is laying the smack down on those Maneaters involved with the circulation of the leak. The song is to be including in her upcoming album called “Lifestyle”. I can’t wait! Aside from Free, a couple of the other songs include Girlfriend On This City, and Special.

The last time I saw Nelly Furtado was when I had the pleasure of performing in a group number (along with cast member Dan) in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies. Nelly performed with Bryan Adams in one of the opening numbers and looked hot! Prior to that, I saw her concert for album Loose where she got all musically Promiscuous. I love Nelly and think it rocks that she’s from Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Statement from her peeps, after the jump…

Everyone was pretty upset that last year Mia Michaels decided to leave SYTYCD. She was of the people that pioneered the show. It was rumored that when a spot for a new judge opened up last year, and they gave it to Adam Shankman instead of her, she was turned off and decided to leave. Now, they’ve given her a spot, taking Mary Murphy’s place. Stress leave maybe?

“I am extremely happy that Mia and Adam have returned and agreed to be resident judges,” said Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer/co-creator, SYTYCD. “Mia’s outspoken approach combined with Adam’s passion will definitely add a fresh new chemistry to the panel.”

The SYTYCD Season 7, as you know, is an All-Star Season. Those all-stars (all people that haven’t won – but definitely are the best of the best) include: Twitch, Kathryn, Allison, Anya, Pasha, Lauren, Neil, Dominic, Comfort, Courtney, Mark, and Ade. The new season starts Thursday, May 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT)

How do you feel about this change in judges? Of course it’s great to have Mia Michaels back (although it sucks she won’t be choreographing) but what will it be like without the Hot Tomali Trainwreck? Quieter for one thing.

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