Ricki Lake’s Home Burns Down

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Earlier this week, it was Big Brother 12’s Britney’s whose house burned to the ground. Now, former talk show host Ricki Lake‘s Malibu rental home has burned to the ground this morning. The home was located on Pacific Coast Highway, and as a result of the fire that had flames that rose up to 30 feet in the air, the road was shut down for almost two hours.

“The fire broke out at about 7:18 AM PT and was declared ‘knocked down’ at 7:51 AM,” according to TMZ. Luckily, there were no injuries to Ricki, her family, or her dog. Ricki lake is divorced from her husband, Rob Sussman.

The Ricki Lake show debuted on September 13, 1993 and ended in August, 2004. Recently, Ricki Lake appeared in one episode of Drop Dead Diva. She also has been recently known for her show “Charm School with Ricki Lake,” which is a VH1 reality show where she is the headmistress of a school that gives bad girls a second chance. They must change their old ways and learn improvement through acts of charity work. Maybe one of the bad girls burned the house down? Yikes, I hope not…

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Russell Brand Arrested At LAX

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After arriving in LA with Katy Perry, Russell Brand got into a little scuffle with a photographer who got a little too grabby. Russell, wearing a black t-shirt that read “Good god, Let me breathe a little”, got into a verbal argument with the pap hound and then allegedly began to hit him. The victim then proceeded to make a private persons arrest. LAX airport police responded to what was being stated as “an assault involving a celebrity and a commercial photographer”. Once they responded, Russell was officially arrested and taken away for booking.

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PSA: Why Drinking and Rapping Don’t Mix

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Here is a good example of why white girls, alcohol, and freestyle rapping most definitely do not mix. MADR (Mothers Against Drunk Rapping) present their new PSA: “Retard Face: Why Alcohol and Rapping Don’t Mix”. It’s pretty funny to begin with, but then it goes to a whole new level. It’s actually a good example of how in our own mind, you are better at things when you’re drunk. Like singing or dancing…or in this case…rapping.

It’s like what Ke$ha would be like as a mother (God forbid she breeds).

“MADR has worked tirelessly through outreach and education to prevent further trauma to well-intentioned drunk white people who try and “ghetto it up” when, really, they just don’t know any better.”

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First Look: Owl City Takes “To The Sky”

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How appropriate that the new Zack Snyder film about owls has its title soundtrack single sung by Owl City. To The Sky debuted on YouTube and Owl City’s official site yesterday. The song was first released on September 1st and has created hundreds of Owl City fans. Everyone remembers how Fireflies took flight last year and became the song everyone loved to hate or secretly loved.

To The Sky has been said to be perfect lead off for the film Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. Critics are raving that it has the perfect blend of synth pop and melodies to compliment a soundtrack to a film such as this. The video depicts singer Adam Young writing and recording the track while having the film play on in the background. In the end, Adam Young is transformed into an owl.

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The girls & gays have their anthem(s), but what about the “straight” guys? This is a hilarious video released a few days ago dedicated to all things for straight guys. The lyrics follow a straight guy who grew up in the gay capital, San Francisco, and how he had to hide the fact that he was straight, and so on.

The video is actually pretty brilliant and quite entertaining. About time the “straight guys” came up with a video/parody themselves. It’s a nice change of pace. Lady Gaga at the MTV VMA’s: “And thank you to the gay for remaking the Bad Romance video over and over again.”

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Lohan Admits Failed Drug Test

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Yesterday, was a big day for our two favorite twenty-something red-head actresses. Emma Stone‘s “Easy A” premiered and SNL announced that she would be hosting SNL on October 23rd. They also announced that Lindsay Lohan would be hosting on December 4th! That wasn’t the only Lindsay news yesterday. Reports surfaced that she had failed her drug test. If that was they case, she could face 30 days in jail. This morning, Lohan admitted that this was true, in a few heartfelt, honest…tweets:

“Regrettably, I did in fact fail my most recent drug test and if I am asked, I am prepared to appear before judge Fox next wee as a result. Substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn’t go away over night. I am working hard to overcome it and am taking positive steps. This was certainly a setback for me but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I’m prepared to face the consequences…I am a work in progress, just as anyone else. I am keeping my faith, and I am hopeful…Thank you all!!!”

A Chilly New Thriller: “Frozen”

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Forgiving the lame pun, this movie is actually quite well done: full of cringe-worthy moments just like a thriller ought to be. Combining the hot, mainly tv-actress Emma Bell with the once-too-young sexy “Transamerica” homo son Kevin Zegers alongside the boy-next-door Shawn Ashmore (“X-Men’s” Iceman), this 90 minute scare-fest pulls off a pretty damn decent flick. As oppose to recent fright films like “Resident Evil“, “A Serbian Film” and “Piranha”, “Frozen” is not so slash n’ gore but rather sustained fear and less-is-more bloodsport: an appreciated break from the norm.

Set on the ski hill, we endure the tortured limbo of a couple and their disgruntled friend’s nightmare: being held captive by a shut down ski lift as they head up the hill in an attempt for “one more run.” Admittedly, you need to set aside a bit of reality to believe that in this day and age, a mountain could let this stranding happen, what occurs after the sun sets and the kids start to panic is actually quite believable and painful in a “that’s what I would do” kind of way as we watch their terror unfold. And, don’t worry, it’s not just the story of a bad case of frostbite ;) The characters are realistic, their dialogue is simple but accurate and the suffering they endure is both cringe-worthy and utterly likely considering the situation. Short but sweet, this thriller doesn’t need incestuous, stalking mutants or raised zombies to sell its fear factor- just plain old “god I hope that never happens to me” storylining.

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Lady Gaga On DADT

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Lady Gaga has released this incredibly honest and well spoken video urging people to call the senators in their constituencies to get them to finally repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. As you know, the law forces gay soldiers to keep silent about their sexuality, or be sent home. But actually, their freedoms are being breached even worse with people being investigated and having their emails searched, etc. to prove their sexualities. It’s disgusting. Here’s a little of what she says:

“To my fellow Americans, the Senate, Senators John McCain—Arizona, Mitch McConnell—Kentucky, James Inhofe—Oklahoma, Jeff Sessions—Alabama, and youth all over the world who are watching….‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ is a law that was created in 1993 that prevents gays from serving openly in the military. Since then 14,000 Americans have been discharged from the armed forces, refused the right to serve their country and sent home, regardless of honorable service or how valuable they were to their units…We are not asking you to agree with or approve the moral implications of homosexuality, we’re asking you to do your job, to protect the constitution. As majority leader Harry Reid said, anyone who is willing to fight for this country should have the same civil opportunities to do so as anyone else.”

That’s just an excerpt. You have to listen to how passionate, respectful, and educated Gaga was in how she delivered this message.

Check out Lady Gaga’s video after the jump…

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