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First Look: Betty White SNL Promo!

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The time has almost arrive for our Golden Girl, Betty White to host Saturday Night Live, along with some of my favorite female cast members every to be on the show. The show is on Mother’s Day weekend and it’s going to be epic!

To tease us all, they’ve released a little promo video with Betty talking about how the Internet (thanks to a Facebook group) got her the gig on SNL! I’m still crossing my fingers that they do a Golden Girls parody on the show as well. The promo clip also gives as a glimpse into Betty White, behind closed doors. Maybe a little Golden Girls X Rated?

Promo spot after the jump…

Another spring breakup! Looks like their marriage went out of style as quick as fashion trends do. After only six months of marriage, Marc Jacobs and his husband Lorenzo Martone have reportedly called it quits. According to the New York Post, “They’ve both been telling people that they broke up,” say friends.

Last week, Jacobs was in Provincetown for the wedding of his business partner, Robert Duffy – but, Martone was not there with him. Duffy was Jacobs best man at their wedding. A rep for Jacobs didn’t deny the rumors, but only said, “We don’t comment on Marc’s personal life.” Martone didn’t comment either.

Another one bites the dust. I wonder what went wrong? Maybe it was the Man Skirt?

The Poison singer slash star of Rock of Love slash current Celebrity Apprentice contestant is currently under 24 hour care in the hospital, after it was discovered on Thursday that he had an enormous brain hemorrhage.

Michaels’ website posted the following update on his condition yesterday:

“Everyone at Michaels Entertainment would like to thank all fans and friends for their continued thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

At this point Bret remains in ICU in critical condition. He is under 24 hour doctors’ care and supervision. We are hopeful that further tests will locate the source of the bleeding, which has still not been located. As we all know Bret is a fighter and we are hopeful that once all is complete the slurred speech, blurred vision and dizziness, etc. will be eliminated and all functions will return to normal.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.”

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WARNING: This post contains spoilers on future songs and the characters who sing them.

We’re just halfway through the season and “Glee” has already released three music compilations. Now comes word that a fourth offering is hitting stores on May 28, 2010. At this rate, if “Glee” goes on for five season, expect Glee songs to fill up your entire iPod nanos. “Glee: The Music, Vol. 3 – Showstoppers” will be released in two formats- regular and deluxe editions. The deluxe version will include an additional six songs.

I have to admit, I’m beyond excited to hear a few of the songs listed on this volume. There’s literally something for everyone. From rocks songs, 80s classics, Broadway show tunes, disco hits and Lady Gaga. Rumors say a much anticipated duet between Lea Michele (Rachel) and her doppleganger Idina Menzel (Vocal Adrenaline’s coach) will occur. Just when you thought that wasn’t fantastic news enough, the two will apparently sing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.

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Don’t ask me why in the world I thought anyone would particularly care to see or hear about this Rococo work from 1717… but I think the recent TV episode of “Supernatural” and its pagan roundup of old timey gods got me into the nostalgic mood for all things nerdy and high school for me and this painting is definitely one of them. Taking Art History AP in Grade 12 (to be honest, I think I just wanted to be Shannon Doherty from “Charmed” and appraise art all day and fight monsters at night ;) I learned about the Rococo period halfway through the course. It was a period around the early 1700s in France when paintings were pink, bright and opulent. So why the hell do I like it?

Well, as likely the most steadfast atheist of the cast, I was interested to see this work- entitled “Pilgrimage on the Isle of Cythera” by Antoine Watteau – because it has such an afterlife feel to it… Actually, the characters are walking off the Cythera: the land where Venus, the god of love, was suppose to be born. Regardless, the colors and sheer bliss of it for some reason spoke to me when I saw it in my textbook, and one day when back in France I will have to make my way to the Sully where it’s being kept. Nerd of a post I know… maybe I’ll show you some of my darker painted favs if Donovan and Patrick don’t kick me off the site for this one.

Music: Simon Curtis

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I stumbled upon Simon Curtis while browsing through and immediately fell in love with both the music and the boy. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the past week and I must admit, it is pop-genius and almost every song has an addictive and lingering hook. I wouldn’t go too far as comparing him to Lady Gaga but I must admit that just like her songs, each track is written to pop perfection. The hooks, the beats & the lyrics all come together to form a very catchy and fun listening experience. I also love how he’s tied the whole album with these video game music samples and vocal interludes before several tracks called BoyRobot, The Neverending Elevator & Victory. Pop needs to be gimmicky and catchy and I think he’s done the perfect mix to keep his listeners wanting more. I seriously think this guy has a bright future in pop, so watch out world!

Check out more pics, videos & the DOWNLOAD link to his full album (guilt-free download direct from his website) on the next part of the post.

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Caite is the final women left in the competition, after Carol & Brandy were sent home after being U-Turned by the Models. Now, four teams remain:

  • 1. Team Cute Bros: Dan & Jordan
  • 2. Team Models: Brent & Caite
  • 3. Team Cowboys: Jet & Cord
  • 4. Team Detectives: Louis & Michael

They start off the episode where the last one ended (two weeks ago): Singapore. This was the 9th pitstop in this season. Now, they’re off to Shanghai, China. Once they arrive, they have to travel by taxi to a village (that I can’t pronounce) to get their clue. With Carol & Brandy eliminated, we have to listen to Caite (being the last girl standing) talk about how proud of herself she is…um isn’t this a team effort? Aren’t you with Brent? Anyway, all the teams catch up at McDonald’s for some fast food, fitting for a fast race (minus the fact that they’ll likely feel sick afterwards). Jordan doesn’t agree with Caite having U-Turned Carol & Brandy for personal issues, when The Cowboys are actually a much bigger threat. Totally agree. The four teams board the same flight to Shanghai. Up, up and away!

Once they land, it’s back to the yellow taxi, and for once, The Cowboys actually take the lead in finding one first. They then make their way to a boathouse, take a boat, and travel to their next clue. Unfortunately for the Cute Bros and the Detectives, their Cab drivers are useless and get them totally lost.

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As the episode kicks off, we hear Sharon talking about how “not fun” it has been being on the catty woman’s team, and that she thinks it’s time for her to go. Aiyayayay. Seems like Cyndi feels the same… as she finishes dropping off her check to her charity, having been the winning project manager last week, she says, “It’s kinda like “Apprentice – Survivor.” True story.

As Trump introduces the next challenge, he stands with Milanio and his toddler son, Baron. Since Rock Solid has hit rock bottom, with only Bret and Curtis left, the teams get reshuffled. Now, it’s Maria, Sharon and Bret on team Rock Solid agains Curtis, Holly, Cyndi, and Summer for Team Tenacity.

Their challenge is to create a celebrity 24 Hour Fitness workout. It is a money raising task. Also, the team with the workout that 24 Hour likes the best, gets an additional $24,000 added to their total. Someone representing the big donors must be there for the workout, or the money doesn’t count. As they get ready to get started, Cyndi pipes up and said she has to do this “Viva Glam” event with Lady Gaga, so she’ll have to be only available by phone for a bit for her team.

Holly is the project manager for Tenacity, while Sharon is for Rock Solid. Holly says Cyndi needs to deliver Lady Gaga, bottom line – in terms of getting her to donate. Here Jolly Holly goes on her usual power trips again…

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