It was getting pretty depressing for a while there when we were barely getting the nice sunny weekends and this past week has been amazing. I really love Summer in Vancouver because there’s just no place like it. Not only do we live in the most beautiful place on earth but we’re also surrounded by beautiful people. It’s funny though because they seem to all come out in the Summer… which makes me wonder, “Where are these beautiful people in the Winter?”

Summer for me is when I come alive and I’m the most social. Going out on a weekday drinking refreshments on a patio downtown somewhere with friends and not a care in the world, even if I have to be up at 7am the next day for work. I also love lazy Summer weekends where you just let the day unfold on its own and just pause and watch life go by. Sometimes we forget and get lost in our surroundings from going about our daily routines. Having been deprived of sunlight & vitamin D all Winter, people, including me are generally in a happier disposition in the Summer. So, go out there and enjoy life because it’s too beautiful and short to take for granted!

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Tour de France Meets Ultimate Fighting

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When did the Tour de France become a contact sport? Apparently, the answer is yesterday. Spain’s Carlos Barredo and Portugal’s Rui Alberto Costa got into a little tiff after both crossed the finish line for this stage of the race. Reports indicate Barredo was furious that Costa allegedly elbowed him in the stomach and ribs 12 miles from the finish line. So what does he do to avenge this wrong?

At the finish line Barredo dashed towards Costa wielding his front wheel (LMAO) and began to attack him with it. Seriously, who does that? Why the front wheel and not the back? After exchanging a few girly punches (seriously I’ve seen girlfights at bars go harder than these two hookers), the two cyclists were separated by officials. They were both fined with insults, threats and incorrect behavior. That’s putting it mildly.

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Oprah Names “Next TV Star” Online Finalists

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After more than 9,500 audition videos and 143 million votes cast, the finalists for Oprah Winfrey’s “Next TV Star” finalists have been chosen. Originally only five were supposed to move to the next step, but Mark Burnett and Winfrey were so impressed with the turnout, they extended it to include an additional three.

The top eight vote-getters now head off to Los Angelese for the final round of auditions. There, they will compete with an unknown number of successfully chosen in-person auditions. Eventually 10 will be picked to compete on air in January for the reality competition portion. Challenges will include screen tests, pitching story ideas, interview bookings and overall charisma.

The winner scores a six-episode contract to host their very own show on Oprah’s OWN network in 2011. Mark Burnett will also produce the winner’s talk show host. Who will be Oprah’s heir apparent? One of the following could very well fit the bill.

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Cook Damn You, Cook!: 4 Shows to Inspire

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Anyone that knows me, knows that at my core, cooking is comparable to certain sexual acts for me. The whole process of creating a meal from start to finish from scratch, especially something I’ve never undertaken, makes me a little leaky. I love cooking.

And I love television. I spend plenty enough time outdoors recreationally to justify my secret love for TV. And now, thanks to a little scamming (nothing leading to jail time), I now receive 200 channels, one of which I’ve been missing from my life. I didn’t know the Food Network could actually complete me as a person. I feel as if I was lost at sea, NO…adopted, and have finally met my birth parents. And they’re all friendly to the camera, have perfect hair and makeup, and every one of them cooks for me.

Now my budget’s being a little blown lately because, well, monkey see monkey do, but after just a short while I thought for anyone else that cooks out there, I would give you four shows that make me warm and runny on the inside, because EVERYONE should cook.

Nigella Bites


It is absolutely SHOCKING how many people I mention this name to, who have no idea who I’m talking about. This goddess is all busts and hips, and I fell in love with her the minute she put on a rubber glove to peel beets, and told me that the “matron will be gentle”. Nigella Lawson has made cooking sexy (speaking of warm and runny), and whether she has her hand in a chicken cavity, or is licking fresh whip cream off of her fingers, she always does it with a little heavy eyeliner and a wink. I’m not the biggest fan of british cooking, but when she says “delectable trifle”, she oozes heat with every syllable. Woof.

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The Art of Gay Friendship

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There’s nothing better than having a really good gay friend. Although I have been out for almost eight years, it is only in the last few that I’ve really found what it is to connect with another gay guy in a non-sexual way. Below is my list of best things I’ve learned through my gay friendships:

The Mark – Gossip is bad…but oh so good

We spend our days talking to other people and it’s just natural that we end up talking about others at points. Gay guys are great at getting people to talk to them – people love us and want to tell us their secrets. Maybe not always such a good idea…we’re sharers. When I was younger my friend Mark and I thrived on knowing all the good gossip. Since we’ve grown up I think we’re both quite a bit more careful with the information people share with us – but it’s still great to be in the know.

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Lord, My Child is Gay, What Do I Do?

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The post below is from my book. (Something every parent who has a child should read!) Excerpt from: “Love Won’t Let Me Be Silent” and also included in, “They Say That I Am Broken” by Terry Angel Mason.

Believe it or not, this statement has been heard in the ears of The Creator more times than you or I could ever imagine! It is the prayer of the desperate mother and father who fear that he or she has done something so wrong in rearing their child, until the outcome has been disastrous. Minutes go by, hours go by, and to the dismay of the parent(s), his or her petition has not been answered. Not a peep from Heaven, not even a whisper. But it never occurs to that mother or father that maybe the lack of a response to their desperate plea is an answer in itself.

Days go by, and a trillion questions fill the mind of that mother and father – with the most pressing questions being: What did I do wrong? Why is my child this way? What are my friends and relatives going to think? What are the people at church going to say? Does this mean my child will never marry someone of the opposite sex and I may never have grandchildren? Who’s going to carry on the family name? Did this happen because I was too overbearing as a mother? Did he turn out this way because he did not spend enough time with his father? And the list goes on. And of course for the mother and father who have deep religious convictions arises the ultimate question: “Will my child go to Hell because he or she is gay?”

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Man Crush: Nico Tortorella

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Nico Tortorella. Commit that name to memory. It’s a name you’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future- guaranteed. He’s scored a major role in the highly-anticipated Scream 4. The 21-year-old (July 30, 1988) model-turned-actor is the object of my affection as this week’s crush. Born in Wilmette Illinois, the mid-westerner can attribute his dark-haired chiseled looks due to his Italian ancestry.

Tortorella started out his career in professional theater when he was just in the 7th grade. In 2007, he went on an open call and landed a coveted modeling contract with Ford Models. After a string of modeling gigs for various publications and designers, he started to win acting roles.

His biggest role prior to being cast as Trevor Sheldon in Scream 4, was his starring role on the short lived The Beautiful Life on The CW- my guilty pleasure for the 2009-10 TV season. It’s there where Nico met his rumored girlfriend and former co-star, Sara Paxton. Later this year, the studly actor has a minor role in Joel Schumacher’s Twelve which stars Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, 50 Cent and Kiefer Sutherland.

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The Today Show really like us, they really like us. After meeting with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), NBC’s hit morning show announced the gays can enter it’s annual “Modern Day Wedding” contest. WOOHOO. Score one for us.

Each year one couple receives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get married on live national television. The winner is chosen after tabulating viewer votes. As expected GLAAD is over-the-moon ecstatic regarding NBC’s willingness to hear them out and take the call to action to include same-sex couples. GLAAD president issued the following statement:

“We’re thrilled that Today Show’s ‘Modern Wedding Contest’ now recognizes what most fair-minded Americans have already concluded—a wedding celebrates love and commitment, whether the spouses are straight or gay… NBC heard GLAAD and the thousands of viewers who contacted them. And they have moved to make their contest a truly modern wedding where any couple can share their story … we encourage qualified same-sex couples to submit their applications.”

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