Top Gay-Themed Movies: All Over The Guy

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While channeling surfing to find something to watch before bed, Patrick and I stumbled across CosmoTV and found a movie that surprisingly turned out to be a gay-themed romantic comedy. I think it has officially become one of my favorite gay movies and think you should all go rent it and check it out.

All Over The Guy is the story of two men, set up on a blind date by each of their best friends. The boring date turns into a disaster but the chemistry and connection between the two is undeniable. They just don’t necessarily recognize it when they see it. On the flip side, the two best friends have connected and become engaged making the failing romance between the two men completely awkward. Between break ups and hook ups, things seem to be going well, but when one of the guys has a long term struggle with being and falling in love, the lines become blurred and trouble strikes.

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When I saw this product, I had to include it in our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. One of my favorite childhood memories was going to the nearby park when a blanket of snow fell on our city. Even though we have a winter season up here, it barely snows during the those months. If I had the Year ‘Round Sled back in the day, there’s no question I would’ve slid down the hills during the summer months as well.

The traditionally shaped sled features two removable plastic ice molds that allow you to go sledding down the hill even during the dog days of summer. The molds can be filled with water and stored in a standard refrigerator freezer when not in use. The manufacturer claims the frozen molds can withstand a half-hour of snowless summer fun. During the winter, simply remove the ice blocks for regular winter fun. It’s all-season fun wrapped up in one attractive package.

Word to the wise, the sled can only hold an upper weight limit of 200 lbs. So if you or the person you’re buying this for is heavier than that, might I suggest you include a diet book or a second sled (one for each chubby cheek).

PRICE: $89.95

They’re baaaaaaaaaaack and funnier than ever. The two fashion rejects delusionally think they’re cutting edge fashionistas and attempt to go behind the scenes for an Anthony Franco fashion show. As you can imagine, security is pretty tight at LA Fashion Week, and standing in their way is Connor Bloom (Charlotte Newhouse). The tough-as-nails publicist will do anything to make sure these trainwrecks don’t derail the show. Eventually the soon-to-be rehab patients, make it through by crawling on their knees. A position they’re quite familiar with. Doesn’t Hunter look like a big nelly bottom to you?

Once again, the dynamic duo were awesome enough to send their new video first to Love these bitches. It feels like forever since Jessica and Hunter released a new video and I’ve been long overdue for a good laugh. Looks like my Thanksgiving wish came through. Watch it below. It’s hot off the presses. Be careful not to get burnt.

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I’ve always had a soft hard spot for Matt Damon ever since I saw him in John Grisham’s “The Rainmaker” and my adoration only grew when I watched “Good Will Hunting“. Don’t even get me started on my fascination with the Bourne movies. Anyhoo, thanks to a new video by Matt Damon for AOL’s “You’ve Got…” series, I now know what not to get him for the holidays. I can scratch glowing neckwear, stuffed animals and the Snuggie off that list.

In the video, Damon shows off some of the worst Christmas gifts he’s gotten over the years. He even dresses up in a teal Snuggie he got last year as a present. Maybe I should buy him a twosie Snuggie so we can get all comfy as we watch “Stuck On You” together. Le sigh. As an alternative to those aforementioned gifts, he suggests a water bottle as a stocking stuffer this year. The bottle designed by his brother and his friends will benefit, an organization Damon co-founded in 2009.

Their mandate is to provides access to safe water and sanitation in African, South Asian and Central American communities. 100 percent of proceeds from this limited edition CamelBak Better Bottle will support said cause. You can purchase one or a set of three by clicking here. Check out the adorable video below.

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You can tell the holiday season is in full swing, when “Top 10″ lists of 2010 start popping out every two seconds. One of the most revered and longest-running lists is Barbara Walters’s “Most Fascinating List”. On today’s “The View“, Bawbwa released eight of the ten names making her “2010 Most Fascinating List“. The other two names and Most Fascinating person won’t be revealed until her ABC special airs on Dec. 9 at 10pm EST.


Would he stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, or won’t he? That was the multi-million dollar question everyone was asking during the summer. With his contract expiring with the Cavs, Lebron James became a sought-after free agent. In an unprecedented move, LeBron announced his decision live on CNN’s “The Decision” in an hour long live special. His decision to play for the Miami Heat for the 2010-2011 season was greeted with cheers in Florida, but provoked outrage and riots in Cleveland. Feeling betrayed by James, loyal Cavs’ fans burned memorabilia and jerseys featuring his number and image. With the furor he elicited, he definitely deserves a slot as one of the most fascinating of the year.

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Gregg Homme Double Dares You

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In Part 2 of their racy “Dare” campaign, Montreal based Gregg Homme underwear brand dares you to not let your fantasies run away. The latest video takes you to Montreal in into an empty parkade in the middle of the night. Their hot new model (Anthony) shows up in nothing but his package-enhancing underwear, teasing the camera, tempting viewers into their wildest fantasies…

“Our underwear collections emerge from men’s wildest fantasies and desires: it was the natural thing to do to give our fans a video to tantalize their imagination” says Eric Boisvert, Gregg Homme’s president. Their new collection “includes zippers, latex-like and leather-like materials” as well as “advanced enhancing technologies.” Intense! In that case, this racy ad certainly matches the collection.

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Following her PG-rated video for “Pretty Girl Rock“, Keri Hilson has pulled a 180 and is serving some serious body gyrating in her new video, “The Way You Love Me“. Seriously, talk about good girl, gone bad. “Skating with the Stars” judge and choreographer, Laurieann Gibson directed the video for Hilson. You can totally tell Gibson’s hands were all over this. She’s known for her in-your-face hard popping raunchy dance moves.

While I was hoping for a sexier feel for Hilson’s last video, “Pretty Girl Rock”, I should be more careful for what I wish for. Hilson has turned up the sexuality on her new offering so much, it’s deafening. In fact, it’s almost pushing the boundaries of decency. I love Keri, but it seems she’s trying too hard. Instead of being steamy and shocking, it feels like she’s slumming it. I mean, what’s the point of her humping a bank vault door??? WTF. I guess it’s appropriate considering the track is about Keri getting sexed on for a full five minutes.

“The Way You Love Me” features a slew of cameos, including Faith Evans, JoJo, Rick Ross, Dirty Money and Dawn from Danity Kane. I’m a little shocked she’s released a video for her third single, considering Rock is relatively new. Her upcoming album, “No Boys Allowed” hits stores on December 21.

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According to, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has asked James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host the Academy Awards show this year. Rumor has it that they have both accepted the offer. An announcement could be made as early as this week.

Both stars have big movies this year that are sure to get nominations and both could be in the running for best actor and actress. Anne Hathaway played a tough and complicated woman with Parkinson’s Disease who falls in love with a medical sales rep, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, in Love & Other Drugs. The two have some hot & steamy sex scenes in the film! James Franco, on the other hand, plays mountain climber Aron Ralston, in a true story about surviving five days trapped by a rock in 127 Hours. We follow his struggle and trips down memory lane as Ralston does whatever he has to to survive.

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