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Recently, Donovan and I had the pleasure of sitting down with multi-platinum record selling, rock singer, writer, poet, motivational speaker and actress,Bif Naked . It was such a beautiful day here in Vancouver, so with my dogs Max & Lucy, and her dog Nicklas, we decided to venture to the park and chat about all sorts of good stuff.

Bif is currently writing a memoir about her life story, which by the way is extremely fascinating. She was born in India, to teenaged American parents attending private school and was subsequently adopted by American missionaries. That’s a story in itself! She has been in the music industry for quite some time and has been very successful, as you know, with hits such as “I Love Myself Today,” and “Tango Shoes“. In 2007, she married her hubby, but in 2008 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to, of course, stop touring as a result. She underwent a lumpectomy and chemotherapy and conquered it, thank goodness.

In the interview, we talk about her book, her battle with cancer, and an upcoming “secret album” that she had been working on, which she describes as “hot pants on a speaker with your top off”. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun and she is SO excited to release it. We also talk about how the music industry has changed since she started out, as well as all of the tragic gay teen suicides that have been going on.

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So first off, I have to confess that tonight’s episode was the first that I’ve watched the night it aired. For the past several months, I’ve been catching up by watching the last four season and now I’m completely caught up with the rest of the world, watching them as they air now. So exciting!

It’s the second episode into the new season, and the second episode into what life is like for the Walkers and company since the big accident that took Robert McCalister’s (Rob Lowe’s) life. So, one thing is that money has apparently been tight for Nora Walker, so she got a job as a florist. The twist is that she hadn’t told the family yet. Kitty, who is struggling to move on with her life without Robert, knows something is up with her mother, but when she follows Nora and sees her bringing flowers to a woman, she thinks Nora is a lesbian…and the rest of the fam is quit to hear about it. Hilarious! As Kitty, Kevin, Scotty, and Justin look into “older” lesbians, they accidentally come across what they refer to as “senior citizen lesbian porn”. HAHAHA.

More B & S and about the Undercover Boss episode after the jump…

Shirts-Off Fall Podcast 2010

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I’ve handpicked tracks that I’ve been listening to in the past few weeks that have gotten me through dark and dreary days of Fall. This podcast is perfect for driving, a gym sesh or just dancing at home in your undies which features all your favourite pop artists remixed from Madonna to Kylie and Christina to Robyn. This podcast is exclusively remixed by DJ Chris Wren from his studio in Los Angeles, California. You can listen to the podcast and download it on the next part of the post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

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Glee Season 1 DVD: Extracurricular Goodness

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So far “Glee’s” season two episodes are bringing in record numbers for the show. It’s clear that Glee Fever is sweeping the nation. Whether you’re a hardcore Gleek or a newbie fan, this complete first season DVD compilation is a must-have. And if you’ve never watched the show, it’s not too late to get on the Glee bandwagon. You can whip through all the episodes in one productive weekend.

The complete season one DVD comes in 7 entertaining discs. Not only does the set feature all 22 stellar episodes from Glee’s amazing freshman year, but it’s jam packed with special features. Yes, I know some TV DVDs fill up the discs with useless (not even their own mothers would watch) features, but the Glee set is different. There is literally something for everyone. Whether you’re a geek wanting to know about production or the casting process, or you simply just want to rewatch the musical numbers. The set satisfies needs, you didn’t even know you wanted satisfied.

find out which special features were my favorite after the jump

The first to depart are Jill & Thomas, having arrived first at the pit stop at the last lag. They also now have an express pass. They all soon learn they’ll be flying to Akera, Ghana – and unfortunately for Jill & Thomas, they’re all on the same flight.

Once they get there, Nicki & Vicki are the first to arrive to the first clue. They must head to the market and teams must sell 10 pairs of sunglasses for 3 ceda each. Once they do, they hand over the cash to the vendor and he gives them their next clue. They all seem to have a lot of fun with this, and so to do the locals. Crazy Americans desperately trying to sell sunglasses. While most teams are working on this challenge, Gary and Mallory’s cab breaks down. SEE! Ugh, this show has so much to do with the freakin’ cabs – stressful!

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Looks like “the social network” had more friends than anyone else at the box office this weekend. The David Fincher-directed movie easily dominated the Box Office this weekend with an estimated $23 million in ticket sales. With the deafening Oscar buzz surrounding the flick and the solid B+ from Cinemasore, expect this relevant drama to earn more dollars in the weeks ahead. Practically everyone I know, who’s seen the movie is giving it a huge LIKE. Check it out, if you haven’t done so already.

The other two new releases didn’t fare so well this weekend. “Case 39” starring Renee Zellweger scared up only $5.35 million. Can we just declare her movie career over now? “Let Me In” did slightly worse and raked in $5.3 million. Expect those two films to drop out of the Top 10 next weekend.

Coming in at second was last weekend’s champ “Legend of the Guardians” with $10,855,000. Rounding out the top five were “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” at $10,100,000 and Ben Affleck’s “The Town” with 10,000,000.

check out the top ten movies this week after the jump

A while back, I told you about a song called “Free” that had been leaked from Nelly Furtado’s upcoming album, The Best of Nelly Furtado, which comes out November 16. Now, the song has been officially released, but is titled “What You Wanna Do (The Night Is Young)”.

Fellow Canadian, Nelly Furtado first came onto the scene almost a decade ago, with her first hit single, “I’m Like A Bird”. More recently, she got “musically promiscuous with her album, “Loose”, which I LOVED and saw her perform in concert. Maneater, Promiscuous, etc. So many good songs. She also made an all-Spanish album called, Mi Plan…, you know because she’s Portuguese.

This new track features the sounds of Salaam Remi and it’s really upbeat and a great song. Poor Nelly…this song was leaked so long ago! I’d be pissed! Hopefully she comes out with a fun video to bring it new life. If you haven’t heard it, definitely check it out.

Listen after the jump…

This viral video has been around for a few months now, but I thought I’d share it anyway because, let’s face it… there’s nothing funnier than ball sexual innuendos. It’s a good thing Axe has a good sense of humor when it comes to poking fun at their image and products.

In the faux infomercial, Jamie Pressly plays Monica Blake. Being an ex-tennis phenom, she’s introduced as a ball aficionado. Blake demonstrates that Axe’s new detailer can clean dirty, fuzzy, and old balls. There’s so much hilarity that goes on in the video, I don’t want to spoil it for you, if you haven’t seen the video yet. It’s nice to see Jamie working since “My Name Is Earl” was canceled.

watch the video after the jump

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