Oooh boy. Brendon and Rachel (aka Brenchel) are up on the block and one of them is going home this episode, becoming the first member of the jury. Well, it’s not that straightforward…Brendon is on a rampage to get himself voted out so as to keep Rachel in the game. Dumbass. His strategy? To piss everyone off so bad that they want him out, over the biggest threat in the house – Rachel. Well, his plan seems to be working. Ragan calls him a neanderthal and Britney refers to him as the “frickin’ spawn of Satan”. She talks to Rachel and explains how terrible of a human being Brendon is, while Rachel fakes cries and goes along with it. All the while, the Brigade lays low and chills by the pool. Man, I cannot wait til they turn on each other.

Later on, Rachel goes and talks to Britney and Ragan, hoping to befriend them in case she does stick around. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way and Ragan & Rachel go back to their last fight, Ragan essentially saying Rachel is not a good sport. She walks away. Case in point. Then Brendon (aka Neanderthal) goes over and tries to keep up his antics. Again, it works, with Ragan saying, “You’re an early man, you’re a neanderthal.” What does Brendon say back? “It’s pronounced “Neandertal.”

Later on, it sort of seems like the plan begins to backfire. The Brigade is talking about keeping Brendon because he is not as good a player in the challenges and he has a huge target on his back already. If Rachel goes this week, then he’d for sure go out next before anyone else.

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Where Will All The Drag Go?

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With the closure of The Odyssey in just under three weeks looming, I find more and more people that share my love for Drag in this beautiful city asking themselves this same question.

You can say what you want about The O, but that club truly had the best drag cabaret setting in all of Vancouver, and was home to the most influential and historical drag queens of it’s time. I had a discussion with the incredible Joan-E not two weeks ago about what will happen when the ol’ hump ‘n’ dump shuts down. I haven’t been in this city, been part of this culture, or seen as many things happen, as she has after performing for nearly 17 years. So when I brought up my concern about being curious to see how the community absorbs everything when everyone disperses after September 5th, she told me she had seen it once before. After Celebrities shut down the first time, the city just didn’t absorb anything. People stopped going out as much.

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Scissor Sisters: “Any Which Way” Music Video

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Scissor Sisters are back and more fabulous than ever. The American disco/glam rock band just released the official music video for “Any Which Way“. This is the second single from their third studio album, “Night Work“. The upbeat track is a far cry and way more fun than the serious slash boring first single off the album, “Fire With Fire“. Thankfully, the group camped it up and kept things light for the “Any Which Way” video.

The only thing missing from the visual piece is a cameo from Kylie Minogue. If you recall, the group performed “Any Which Way” with Minogue for a live performance at Glastonbury 2010 a few weeks back. Ace Norton directed the slow-motion effect laden video. Norton has also directed videos for Death Cab for Cutie and Teddybears.

Check the video out below. It has plenty of buff boys, gay imagery, animal masks and flying sushi. What more can a homo want?

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Bravo’s “Work of Art” crowned its first winner last night, and I couldn’t be any happier. For week’s now I’ve been rooting for Abdi Farah to take home the title over early-favorite Miles Mendenhall. The painter/sculptor had struggled in the past few weeks, but pulled out all the stops for the finale. His images of race and class with religious overtones were inspired. The collection he displayed for the judges and guest judge, famed photographer David LaChappelle, perfectly displayed all his broad range of skills.

For a while during the finale, I thought runner-up Peregrine Honig, was going overcome both boys with her crazy psychotic circus/country fair theme. Her beeswax were captivating, weird and sad all at the same time. She could’ve easily taken the title and I would’ve been satisfied.

Bringing up the rear was Miles Mendenhall who was my early pick to take it all. I even had a little crush on him, but as the season went on, he became a self-indulgent douchebag who clearly was playing the role of the tortured artist and wasn’t at all genuine. His final pieces paled in comparison to his earlier works.

I have to say, “Work of Art” truly superseded all my expectations. Executive producer, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Bravo should be very proud of their new reality competition series. Finally the network has found a worthy replacement for “Project Runway” which they lost to LifetimeTV. I can’t wait for Season Two.

view abdi’s final collection after the jump

Ex American Idol Judge Ellen Degeneres will be performing tonight in front of SYTYCD Judge and returning American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe, along side her dance partner & SYTYCD All Star, tWitch Boss. She will be recreating injured contestant Alex Wong‘s SICK hip-hop routine with tWitch “Outta Your Mind“. It’ll either be amazeballs or a total disaster. My guess is amazeballs!

Tonight, either Kent, Lauren or Robert will be crowned the winner of America’s Favorite Dancer for Season 7 of the hit show. Other performances in store for you tonight include British “SYTYCD” winner Charlie Bruce, Quest Crew, tap dancers the Manzari Brothers & indie-rock duo Black Gold. Should be a great show!

That’ not all. Fox is adding an online component to the show where you can go online and watch the finale performances from any angle, as they are being filmed with a 360 degree camera!

Be sure to tune in at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

In the United States, beauty queens are stripped for posing naked (Vanessa Williams), not showing up for public engagements (Carrie Prejean) or filming a sex tape (Carrie Prejean again). When you take into account Miss Teen USA pageants, beauty queens have lost their title due to underage drinking or taking drugs, but in New Zealand they hold their winners to a higher standard.

Adorably cute 15-year-old Olivia O’Neil, has been forced to return her Miss Teen Wanagui crown after pageant organizer, Barbara Osborne, saw photos on O’Neil’s Facebook account. You’ll never guess the atrocity she witnessed. Olivia O’Neil had *GASP* dyed her brown. THE HORROR.

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Plug Into “The Youth Electric”

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A new MTV reality (online) series debuts tonight called “The Youth Electric,” feature three up & coming musicians from Vancouver: Rosette Luve, Tito Deville, and Eric Solomon. They won the “MTV Casting Call,” competition. The premise? Following “the wild lives of 3 up and coming musicians from Vancouver on the verge of making it, all the while hanging out, hooking up, and dreaming big.”

Tito (left): “In 2000, Tito Deville found himself at the bottom of a stairwell, gasping for breath. Heath complications brought him there, but a desire to bring his music to the world turned him around. Years of setbacks and successes have set the stage for today – as the front man for the Tito Deville band, he’s an inevitable force to be reckoned with.”

Rosette (middle): “Rosette Luve has the uncanny ability to break your heart and make you dance, in a heartbeat. As her single, “Fame” will attest, she’s laser-focused on sharing her music with the world. She’s done it before, with two No. 1 singles in 2006. After opening for the likes of Akon and Rihanna, she’s now poised to make you love her all over again.”

Eric (right): “Eric Solomon is the product of a diverse and intriguing life, having lived in Montreal, the African Congo, across Asia, and now in Vancouver, B.C. So it’s no surprise that his music style is so eclectic, blending 80’s soul, funk, modern electro and alternative pop. With the recent release of his indie EP Antartica, it’s Eric’s time to shine.”

What do you think of the show concept? I met Rosette at the Davie Street Party at Pride, as she was doing promotions for Telus. Sweet girl…and I didn’t realize until after that I actually am totally familiar with her music. Check out some of her old and recent tunes and videos later in the post. I’ve also listened to Eric Solomon’s track and album “Antartica” and I actually really like it! I didn’t expect that I would, but I was pleasantly surprised by the up beat, catchy tunes.

Videos after the jump…

Beyonce Poses For House of Dereon Promo Pics

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Does anyone even wear the “House of crap Dereon“? I guess it really doesn’t matter, as long as Beyonce gets to contort her body and look Sasha fierce. In actuality, she looks more like she’s channeling Rihanna with all the tattoos, spikes and wild hair than her alter ego. She’s definitely not looking so “Halo” in the promo pics.

“House of Dereon” was first introduced in 2006, and must generate a little bit of revenue to warrant a Fall campaign photo shoot. It’s all of Beyonce’s side projects that help her hold her No. 2 slot on Forbes Celebrity 100 list. Queen B shares her vanity fashion with her mom, Tina Knowles.

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