Our Goddess of Love, Kylie Minogue is set to perform her second single on Aphrodite, “Get Outta My Way” tonight on DWTS. She has also announced today that her third single to be released is, “Better Than Today.” Tonight’s performance on Dancing With The Stars is for the Week 6 elimination of Season 11 (Sidenote: I think Kurt Warner is going home).

Her new song is an upbeat song that sounds so much like something Scissor Sisters would do. Coincidentally, she is a good friend of Jake Shears so perhaps this Aphrodite cut may have been influenced by his scissors. This will be the third single on her album, following “All The Lovers,” and “Get Outta My Way”. In addition to DWTS, Kylie will be performing on Jay Leno tomorrow night as well.

This song isn’t my favorite on her new album. I would have preferred “Looking For An Angel” or “Cupid Boy” over “Better Than Today“. In fact, I feel very strongly she should have chosen “Looking For An Angel” as the third single. Listen to it below, along with the new single and vote for which one you think is better.

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Model Behavior: James Besteman

In: Donovan, Fashion

Welcome to my inaugural post for new weekly feature, Model Behavior. After writing my weekly “Man Crushes” for a year, I’ve realized there is no shortage of hot men on the planet. I’ve received a great amount of feedback from you, asking me to increase the frequency of my man crushes. Instead of doing that, I created a new feature “Model Behavior” which will solely focus on fashion and fitness models. Also, I got Patrick to start another weekly series, “Sports Stud” to cover the wide world of sports. So be sure to check that out regularly as well.

So to kick off “Model Behavior”, I chose James Besteman who’s been on my radar for a while. I planned on making him a man crush for weeks now, but kept bumping him, to vary my crush choices. I didn’t always want to select genetically perfect models for that feature, ergo the launch of “Model Behavior”. As you would expect, James has worked with Abercrombie & Fitch given his all-American looks. Rufskin and Emporio Armani are a couple of other brands he’s posed for. Currently he is represented by Click Models.

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DWTS Top 10 Dances Of All Time

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Tonight, we were treated to the Top 10 Dances of all time on Dancing With the Stars as voted by you the viewers, in celebration of their 200th episode. We were able to vote on any dance by any star from all previous 10 seasons. I agree with some of the list but I think some incredible dances are missing. Here is the list from bottom to the top!


SONG: Do Your Thing
Did You Know?: Mark chose green for their costumes because it is his favorite color. At 17 years old, Shawn was the youngest champion of Dancing With the Stars. The day before the show, during rehearsal, Shawn gave herself a concussion attempting the backflip with Mark. Too bad they didn’t pick the one where Mark got a boner during their performance. A MUST Google image search: “mark ballas erection”. Enjoy!

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Mondays used to be a bitch, that is until Logo started airing “The A-List: New York“. Now, with the help of the A-Team Gay-Team, the beginning of the week is far more tolerable. This show probably has more hilarious one-liners per minute than any other show on TV. Well, maybe except for “Glee“, but it comes a close second.

Previously on The “A-List”, we found out Austin was engaged, Rodiney wasn’t happy, Reichen cries a lot, Derek needs his “pipes” cleaned, Ryan & TJ make great bitchy home show hosts, and Mike… um, takes photos. Seriously, he needs to drum up some fake juicy drama to get more air time.

With summer in full swing, the mercury is rising in New York City and not just cuz of the weather, but it’s GAY PRIDE. You know what that means, a lot of drunken fights and inappropriate flirting. In other words, Gay Sweeps Week. Drama, drama, drama…!!!

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Jaklor? Swifenhaal? Taylenhaal? Those combos suck pretty bad, but Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal might be a real thing, so their publicists better think of a better alternative. The two reportedly spent a weekend together in New York City. During the day, they were spotted grabbing brunch and holding hands in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. So adorable.

Later in the evening, the duo watched Emma Stone’s hilarious hosting duties behind the SNL curtain. Taylor showed up for moral support, since Stone is one of her BFFs. According to a source who told People Magazine, “They walked around together backstage, but they were careful not to be seen too close. It was hard to tell if they were together, but everyone was shocked that she brought him.”

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Now THAT was the Gossip Girl I remember. Last night’s episode was amazeballs! Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) returned for this special episode where she comes back to the upper east side for a special meeting with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn. As much as I dislike Momsen, it was great to have her character back in the mix. Jenny had been banished from the upper east side by Blair, who in this episode compromised and gave Jenny a day pass to do what she had to, then leave.

Little did Jenny & Blair know that Chuck was behind it all pulling strings, so he could put the two arch enemies against each other and not have to do all the Waldorf sabotage himself. Blair even gets her minions involved, bringing Penelope back to help keep an eye on Jenny.

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The Brief On Dylan Ribkoff Underwear

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Get used to this name. You’re going to be seeing it a lot. Dylan Ribkoff is the one to watch in the underwear game, (wait…is there an underwear game?). Google this name, and it’s everywhere right now, and rightly so with the soon to be iconic bright colors and sexy pouch designs.

This quality brand name is not only hot product, but made right here in Canada, which is always a bonus in my li’l Canadian book. And after making contact with Dylan and his team, I saw some classic Canadian hospitality immediately. Being in the service industry for so long, I notice exceptional customer service when I see it, and these guys didn’t disappoint. They were pleasant to deal with, completely professional, and incredibly speedy. And so the story goes, I got a chance to sample a couple pairs of Dylan’s product (oh how unfortunate I KNOW).

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Sister Act 2 Parody: Back In The Habit

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OMG I just laughed my ass off to this video. It seems as though Craigery Morgan has started a trend among the gays in lip syncing to actual voices/diaglogue from film & TV and acting it out. Well, Morgan lip synced it, Ryan Steele and Jeff have actually acted out a scene.

This following video is a parody of a scene from Sister Act 2 – random, but hilarious nonetheless. It’s the scene where Lauryn Hill gets in trouble from her mom because she’s practicing singing in her room.

Goodbye Lady Gaga and Katy Perry gay music video remakes, hello gay lip syncing – well, the other type of lip syncing…I don’t mean drag queen performances (I do like those too though).

Check out the video after the jump…

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