Hello boys and girls. It’s time to bring out your ANTM dictionary and familiarize yourself with phrases like dreckitude, smizing, ty-overs and other crack like that, because Season 16, sorry Cycle 16, is upon us. Just like last year, we’ll be bringing you preview pics from the upcoming episode, days before it airs. So fasten your seatbelts. I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride as always.

Just like the previous cycle, the girls will be competing for a contract with IMG Models, a fashion spread in Vogue Italia, a spread and cover of Beauty In Vogue, and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics. Though this cycle isn’t coined “the high fashion one”, I think they’ll still be looking for a model that can work in international markets due to the fact, Italian Vogue Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani interviews the remaining girls like she did last year. Let’s call it like it is. She’s probably the one who picked Ann over Chelsey in the end.

This week’s one hour premiere will focus on the traditional casting special. The following pics I have, are actually from the next week’s one where the girls move into the house and start bitching each other out. American Model Erin Wasson pops up to give the girls some runway advice and to critique the ladies on the judging panel later. Check out the pics from ANTM’s first elimination episode below.

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BMW Searching For The Ultimate Blogger

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Ladies & gentlemen, start your engines! BMW is searching for the Ultimate Blogger to work for them. The position includes a $65,000 salary, a condo, a new BMW every six months and the promise of international travel. Endras BMW in Ajax, Ontario is looking for this social media-savvy BMW enthusiast to join their staff for the next year.

Sally Byun, the marketing and events manager for Endras BMW explains, “It’s pretty obvious that social media is not going away. It’s something we need to adapt to and adopt. It’s something that can help market our brand and speak to up-and-coming clientele who are so in tune with social media. We wanted to reach them in a different way to traditional advertising.”

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That’s sad! Rosie O’Donnell & Tracy Kachtick-Anders have ended their relationship of over a year, according to New York Post. To be fair, it probably wasn’t the easiest for them for more reasons that just being a celebrity couple. Rosie has four children with her ex Kelli Carpenter, and Tracy, a Texas artist, has six children herself. The two remain on good terms.

A rep for Rosie O’Donnell stated, “Rosie and Tracy never officially lived under one roof. They have lived near one another for quite some time, and their families still socialize and they see each other frequently.”

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Aside from Britney’s upcoming album, the other big one that everyone’s waiting for is Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album, which comes out May 23rd. She previewed the album on Saturday night to a small group of music press and it was apparently well received, reports People Magazine.

  • Judas: “A driving, thumping track that is the likely second single.”
  • Edge of Glory: “A rock-tinged tune, features Clarence Clemons from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band on saxophone.”
  • Hair: “Another club-ready anthem.”

The magazine also said that Gaga was, “looking about as stripped-down as you’ll ever see her in bodysuit, tights and heels,” as she came out and pranced around to her new songs.

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Model Behavior: Zeb Ringle

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This week’s “Model Behavior” selection should be nicknamed 007. Once you take a look at his ridiculously deadly body, you’ll agree he’s got a license to kill. Zeb Ringle is a stunningly sexy stud hailing from Cottonwood, Arizona. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he works as a fashion model. With his classic features, sparkling blue eyes, pouty lips, spectacular pecs, washboard abs, it’s easy to see why he’s an in-demand model.

Represented by Major Model Management and LA Models, Zeb has appeared in various swimsuit and underwear ads. Swimwear brand, Parke & Ronen, selected him as the face for their Resort Holiday ad campaign. Not only is he popular with mainstream publications, but as expected, he’s extremely sought after to cover gay ones as well. He’s graced the cover of some well known gay-oriented international magazines including Sensitif (France), ReFRESH (Britain), and M (France). He’s also become a favorite for photographers including Scott Hoover, Rick Day, Greg Vaughan and Kevin McDermott.

I have no doubt you’ll enjoy this week’s Model Behavior choice. Even if he’s not your type, you can’t deny his last name is awesome. Seriously, how fun is Ringle. It rhymes with so many things like jingle… umm bilungual??? Okay, maybe it doesn’t rhyme with a bunch of things, but I 100% guarantee you’ll fawn over this modern-day Greek American Adonis. Check his pics out below.

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Britney Releases Teaser For “I Wanna Go”

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Yes! Britney Spears just tweeted a teaser of another song called “I Wanna Go” and it sounds hot, hot, hot! The song is produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Shellback. A few days ago, she tweeted a teaser to a slower song called “Inside Out“. Between these two teasers, and her smash hit “Hold It Against Me,” it seems very likely that Femme Fatale is going to be a killer album and I can’t wait!

The lyrics in the teaser (that I am able to make out for sure) are, “I-I-I wanna go-oh-oh… all the way…” The beat is awesome too, with a whistle in the background that’ll just makes you want to let loose on the dancefloor.

In other Britney news, she apparently made around $500,000 for all of the product placement in her Hold It Against Me video, with Plenty of Fish, for example, shelling out a couple hundred thousand dollars for the placement. Smart! I have no issues with the product placement…if it helps to cover the costs of making the video, why wouldn’t you?

Listen to a teaser of the new track after the jump…

Last weekend, LA was taken by storm for NBA All-Stars Weekend. Before Kobe Bryant stepped on to the court to show them all how its done, he stepped in some cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Kobe is the first athlete to have a spot on the coveted Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Because LA was overcome with rain on Saturday, the ceremony was moved indoors. Before stepping in and placing his hands into the cement plaque, Kobe hit the podium with a for a few words.

“I feel like I’ve grown up in this city, and we’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but here we are — five championships, plenty more to go, and I just feel extremely honored to be able to do this. I love being in L.A., I love the Lakers and more championships to come!”

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YEAY! My favourite episode of last season made a comeback this season! THE SNATCH GAME! If you remember, last year’s Snatch Game was the hilarious episode where the contestants have to impersonate a celebrities. Last year the standouts were Pandora who did Carol Channing, and the winner Tatianna who did a PERFECT Britney Spears. I was doubled over with laughter last season, so I was hoping they would do it again this season.

After the mini challenge of Shit RuPaul Says, Delta won a phone call home which she graciously gave to Shangela to call her grandma. It was a very sweet moment actually. The queens found out they had to do The Snatch Game with guest judges Aiysha Tyler and Amber Rose. We started to learn about the characters people were going to potray. Alexis chose Alicia Keys, Shangela took Tina Terminator (Tina Turner), Manila did Imelda Marcos (YES!), Carmen did JLo, Yara did Amy Winehouse, Raja did Tyra (Whom he knows personally). Delta took on Cher which was a HUGE risk & Mariah took on Joan Crawford. Those two are like UBER hard to do because everyone does them. When Ru asked Stacy what she was going to do, her initial character was Anna Nicole but Ru wasn’t feelin it. So Stacy spun a little and eventually decided on Monique, which was an inspired choice.

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