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Celebrity Apprentice 4 Spoilers: Meet The Cast

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Even though the current non-celebrity version of “The Apprentice” isn’t exactly generating record ratings, Donald Trump and his offspring are set to film the next “Celebrity Apprentice” installment. The production is set to start early next week in New York City. But before they do, the “Celebrity Apprentice Season 4” contestants gathered in Las Vegas this weekend for a cocktail mingling party.

Just when I thought Trump couldn’t top his previous castings, he blows me away with this truckload of trainwreck worthy “celebrities”. Seriously, I can’t wait to see half this cast in a business-type environment and interacting with other type-A personalities. This should be a good season of bitterness and catfights. Yum, I can’t wait. So which D-Lister has the best shot to become the next Bret Michaels, Joan Rivers or Piers Morgan? It’ll depend who’s ready to pimp out their contact list and beg their rich friends for donations.

see who else is competing in the next installment after the jump

The highly anticipated CBS “The View” copycat, “The Talk” debuted today, starring the five, very different celebrity moms. The hosts include executive producer of the show Sara Gilbert (Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory) Julie Chen (The Early Show, Big Brother host), Sharon Osbourne (America’s Got Talent, Celebrity Apprentice, The Osbournes), Leah Remini (The King of Queens), Holly Robinson Peete (Celebrity Apprentice, 21 Jump Street, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper), and Marissa Jaret Winokur (Hairspray, Dance Your A** Off).

As the show begins, you quickly learn that Chenbot is the boss, or the Barbara Walters of the bunch (even though Sara Gilbert is the soft spoken executive producers…but wait a minute….Julie Chen’s hubby is the boss of all of CBS…so yeah, Julie’s the boss after all). Julie leads the pack as they walk out and sit our the roundtable. They talk about how it all come together in terms of the idea inception, rehearsals, promoting the show, etc. Their first guest is Christie Brinkley. and their first topic will be, “How to talk to your children about sex”. As they begin, “Let’s Start Talking,” says Chenbot’s narrating voice.

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Miley Tries To Tame Paparazzi

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Miley Cyrus pulls over and confronts the paparazzi on Saturday after they dangerously cut someone off. She steps on her achey breaky brakes, gets out of her car, walks over to the paparazzi in the car behind her and asks them if they’re done because they got their picture already.

A few days earlier, she was having breakfast with her family and she stormed over and confronted the paparazzi and told them they were disrespectful and rude and to stop filming her.

It always seems to be the young ladies of Hollywood that are stalked the most by the Paparazzi. Spears, Lohan, Cyrus, Bieber… It’s insane. I can see why it can get so dangerous on the road!

Check out both videos.

Videos after the jump…

Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” Music Video

In: Donovan, Music

Man, this kid is so polished for being only 9-years-old. I wish I was that fierrrrrrrrce when I was that age. After what feels like an eternity since her contagious “Whip My Hair” track hit online, Willow Smith finally released her music video today. Ray Kay, who’s also worked with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, directed this video. He did a great job of capturing the youth and fun essence of the song, which Willow co-wrote and produced by Jukebox.

Like the video portrays, Willow is a colorful addition to the music scene. The girl has stage presence to spare. I wonder if all that hair flipping during the shoot made her dizzy. It’s insane slash creepy, how much she resembles her father. Both have huge honking ears. You can definitely tell Willow is Will Smith’s daughter. The other smith offspring, Jaden can also be seen busting his dance moves with his lil’ sis.

watch the music video after the jump

The hilarious ginger D-List Diva, Kathy Griffin was in town this past weekend and Donovan and I got to go check out her stand-up show and meet her in person! She performed and in “Vancouver/Adjacent” slash not real Vancouver, in Richmond at the River Rock Casino. She poked fun at her amazing view of the tugboat and industrial buildings and also joked about how funny it would be if Justin Bieber, who was investigated for assault at a Laser Tag facility in Richmond that very same day, had to go to trial in Richmond. LOL.

It was like over an hour of hilarious gossip as Griffin spilled the beans on a lot of celebrity “situations” she’s been in as well as poking fun of some very recent headlines. From Whitney Houston waving her “crack finger” at her, telling her not to makes jokes about her, to her face off with Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View, nothing was off limits. She talked about being banned from The View (and Oprah for that matter) and then being unbanned. She said pretty much, if you have a hit shore or a best selling book, you get unbanned. Also discussed was her love hate relationship with Barbara Walters. Barbara hates her and she loves Barbara. LOL. She also commended Joy Behar & Whoopi Goldberg for walking off set earlier in the week after douche Bill O’Reilly pushed them to their limits.

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Thanks so much for making WEEK 1 of Homorazzi’s “PISS & VINEGAR UNDERWEAR DAILY SWEEPSTAKES” such a success. The number of entries far exceeded what we had anticipated. For WEEK 2, we have a new batch of seven underwear to give away. Once again, we are giving away a package of underwear EACH DAY for this week. In addition, at the end of week, one winner will win a FULL YEARS SUPPLY of Underwear, 18 pairs each. Be sure to enter every day to increase your chances. We will be doing this for four full weeks.

Piss & Vinegar Underwear is the brainchild of Jason Sutherland, the man who helped launch the fun-derwear industry with Ginch Gonch. Sutherland is now back with a brand new provocative line of undergear. In its campaign tag line, Piss & Vinegar playfully asks guys “do you think you have enough?” It’s a double meaning referring to both their target consumers’ gumption and their ability to fill their briefs. There is underlying message in the line; one that encourages guys to appreciate what life has to offer and work hard to live life to its fullest potential. In other words: “grab life by the balls”.

Now that you know the low down on this wicked brand, enter the contest below and keep your fingers crossed you are one of the lucky winners. Like last week, each day a different style will be given to a lucky reader. To check out the styles this week, scroll down past the entry form.

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED WEEKLY ON MONDAY. To see last week’s winners, click here. Here are WEEK 2 WINNERS:

MONDAY, Oct 18, 2010: . Scott W. – (I LOVE BOYS LONG JOHNS)
THURSDAY, Oct 21, 2010: Shandon L. – (LOW RISE DIRTY & ROUGH)
SUNDAY, Oct 24, 2010: Sean M. – (SPECTRUM – TRUNK – FIRE FLY)


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Fashion: Understated Dressing

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Come Winter, I tend to gravitate to a more monochromatic palette  on the black side. I love warm wool basic gray sweaters over a neon tee for a tiny burst of color over dark raw denim and basic black boots. Classic, clean lines with a youthful twist. I normally tend to go for clothing that has no visible branding and if I can’t avoid it… I go for one that is branded tone-on-tone.

Here are a few fashion obsessions of the moment from head to toe…

Check them out after the jump…

Finishing off from the last week, the teams help restore a school which I thought was really great of the show to make time for. Having won last week, Connor & Jonathan leave first en route to the Arctic Circle – specifically, Kiruna, Sweden. Everyone gets a ticket on the same flight. Once they land in Kiruna, they have to head to the Ice Hotel (pictured above) to find their next clue. Last week was a non elimination round, lucky for Michael & Kevin, so they face a Speed Bump at some point in this next lag.

En route to the airport, Michael & Kevin decide to call the airport to see if there is an earlier flight, and they are in luck – there’s one that leaves two hours earlier. Yessss! I love routing for the underdog and they need all the help they can get. Since they are a father/son team, they decide to help out a father/daughter – Gary & Mallory. How admirable of them. Would you have done the same? Once at the airport, Nat & Kat decide to go check for earlier flights and they find the early one as well. When Brook & Claire go searching for the lady doctors, Nat & Cat decide to tell them about the flight and now they’re in on it too. The other teams get wind of the early flight, but it’s too late for them and the plane is full. They’ll be leaving two hours later.

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