Netflix Coming To Canada

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About f’ing time!

Netflix announced on Monday that they will be expanding their service for the first time outside of the U.S. The Canadian service which will feature streaming T.V. shows and movies directly to your computer / T.V. will be released this fall. First in English, and secondly in French.

Unlike the service Netflix provides in the States, the Canadian version will be streaming only, so no DVD distribution. I think that’s perfect. Canada already has for a mail-order option. I mean, they suck, and it’s almost impossible to get new releases, but they exist.

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Advice for Young Girls from The Little Mermaid

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There’s a lot to learn for growing little girls everywhere. How to behave, how to dress, how to act, and what to do when you meet a boy you like. I’m sure it’s very overwhelming. Thank goodness we have Disney to help raise our children, setting the best examples and providing them with the best advice possible for any given scenario.

The Little Mermaid is full of wonderful life lessons for young girls! In this brilliantly hilarious video from The Second City Network, The Little Mermaid, played by Danielle Uhlarik, provides advice based on the values and actions taken by Ariel, portrayed in the classic Disney cartoon.

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Havaianas & Threadless: Make Your Feet Happy

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Flip flops and t-shirts are as synonymous with summer as the beach and ice cream trucks. So it’s only natural that Brazilian flip flop powerhouse, Havaianas, and the community-based t-shirt company Threadless hooked up to create funky unique flip flops.

Over 600 artist submissions from all around the world were pitched, but only a few designer flip flops were created to match an accompanying Threadless tee. What better to way to spend those hot summer days than in the classic comfort of Brazil’s national sandals and a hot new tee.

check out my two favorites designs from this campaign

Hellcats Rehearsing & On Set!

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There is a lot of buzz for the new show, Hellcats filming here in Vancouver and coming to your livingroom this fall on the CW (right after ANTM!) It’s Bring it On meets Glee, in the wild world of competitive college cheer leading.

The cast & cheerleaders have been rehearsing and filming like crazy lately, and we have some photos for you to give you a first hand look at some of the behind the scenes action, some of which is taking place today! The photo above shows the stars Ashley Tisdale (left) who plays Savannah, and Aly Michalka (right) who plays Marti, rehearsing their routine over the weekend, prepping for filming this week.

Exclusive photos after the jump…

Jersey Shore Cast ON STRIKE!

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The MTV Jersey Shore cast was supposed to be shooting “at home” scenes today for season 3, but according to TMZ, JWoww, Ronnie, Sammi, Pauly D & Vinny told production crews they were not shooting until they got new contracts. Fist pumping from the dancefloor to a strike protest! Each of their homes are all spread out between New York and Rhode Island. Snooki and The Situation are supposed to filmed at their respective homes tomorrow, but apparently Snooki plans to do the same.

The word is that the cast feels that they could be making more money doing “appearances” than being on set filming for Jersey Shore. That’s probably true, but in my opinion, this cast better be careful not to bite the hand that feeds them. Look at what happened to Heidi & Spencer when they messed with MTV…they were completely written out of the rest of the season and excluded from the series finale.

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I know this may seem like an odd movie to review out of the blue, but hear me out. My first Retro Move Review was Mommie Dearest. Retro for sure, and I reviewed it because, well, this is a gay site, and a lot of gay men love that movie. I wanted to continue the trend of reviewing older movies that have some gay link to them.

1985’s Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge may not seem like an obvious choice if you’ve never seen it. Pretty much everyone over 20 is familiar with Freddy Krueger and the Wes Craven created Elm Street franchise. Seeing how there are over 7 movies (not including the remake or the fight with Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees) I wouldn’t expect everyone to have seen all of them. But let me tell you, this movie is loaded with gay subtext, and stars the self-proclaimed first male scream queen, now openly gay actor Mark Patton. Usually these teenage torment films star females, due to their inherent vulnerabilities. Freddy’s Revenge sort of bucks the trend here.

Now, I have seen snippets of Elm Street movies over the years, but I can’t say for sure if I had ever watched one straight through to the end. The original came out in 1984. I would have been 1 year and a bit, so I wasn’t the target audience upon release. A lot of other people were though. New Line Cinema’s early success can be attributed solely to that movie, and earned the nickname “The House that Freddy Built”.

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As the last episode ended, and this one began, the Saboteur (Annie) had set off her last prank (smoke bombs), under the couch. With Annie evicted and Rachel as the new HOH, things couldn’t be better for her and Brendon in my opinion, “taking her and Brendon from the outhouse to the penthouse,” as Chen put it. Brendon confesses his real occupation to everyone, hoping to clear the air after Annie ratted on him while Andrew attracts some negative attention after being overly excited about Rachel getting HOH. He made his loyalties very clear. With Rachel as HOH, Enzo says, the “Brigade just got hit with a grenade,” and Rachel couldn’t have put it better with a, “Holy Snap!”

Monet and Britney spend the afternoon bitching about everyone. First off, Andrew and his “lackluster physique,” as they put it. Then they move to Rachel, bashing her drinking stories and breasts, and finish off with Kristen, pointing out her transition to lingerie type swimwear, stepping up her game. “People are so fake,” they say. Wow, there was a whole lot of whiney bitching going on with them. As entertaining as it was, I’m sure glad I’m not in a house playing against them.

Working on his game, Hayden talks to Rachel about his HOH experience and tries to get a feel for where she’s at. Rachel says she feels that Monet and Britney are being so catty and fake, and the only other girl she likes in the house is Kristen.

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Behind The Cast: Cruising The Straight

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Two weeks ago, Adam and I embarked on a week long sailing trip with two of our friends, Colby and Duncan. It was personally my first time sailing, but I surely don’t want it to be my last! Adam, Colby and I flew out of Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver (really close to my apartment) to Desolation Sound, up the Straight of Georgia. There we met up with Duncan along with his other half Roy (it’s their sailboat) and the crew of friends that sailed it up there. Then, we switched. They flew back, and we hopped aboard the “Broomstick,” as their sailboat is called.

The weather was absolutely beautiful, the boat was amazing, great food & drinks, and most importantly the people I was with were so much fun. We went kayaking, hiking, sailing (duh), swimming, swinging of tarzan swings, and much more. It was nice to get away from it all (computers, cell phones, work, etc.) Sidenote: To be honest, I did have to call my BF Tyrell whenever we had a signal (which was very sparce) a) because I missed him and he was originally supposed to come with us, and b) because he was waiting to hear back about the results of his Hellcats audition (the new cheerleading show on the CW this fall). The results? He’s got the part and is on the Hellcat cheerleading squad. He started this past Monday!

That, coupled with the amazing sailing trip made for one pretty incredible week.

Pictures and VIDEO Highlights of the trip after the jump

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