We all knew it was coming, but I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting “90210” to jump head first into the gay pool that quickly. Last night, the CW kept true to their word and Teddy Montgomery got some ass. Well actually, we don’t know if he was the top or bottom, but we know there was a hookup. Too bad we didn’t see it. So here’s what happened.

Early in the episode, we see Teddy waking up from a night of partying. Right beside his bed was a bottle of liquor with a note thanking him for the previous night. Fast forward halfway during the episode and we see an awkward hello in the cafeteria between Teddy and West Bev’s theater geek played by Kyle Riabko. Then finally at the end of the episode, we see Teddy trying to avoid Riabko, but no to avail. Riabko catches up with Teddy and then tells him he promises he won’t say anything about last night’s rendezvous. AWESOME.

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Transgender Teen Stripped of Homecoming King

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A transgender teen at Mona Shores High School in Michigan has been stripped of the title of Homecoming King.

In a recent tally of votes at the high school, Oakleigh Marshall (otherwise known as Oakleigh Reed) was voted the top of the court. However, this teen is in mid transition from female to male. School administrators revoked the votes stating the rules were to vote for a boy as king and girl as queen.

As you can imagine, the news of the dethroning is heating up in the hallways of the school and on Facebook with a group for his support titled “Oak is My King“.

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Kelis’ Scream Video Leaks

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The video for Kelis‘ latest single, “Scream” has been leaked by way of a camera phone or the like. Essentially, someone filmed the video being previewed on a monitor, and has now released it. Eeeks, that outta make Kelis scream for sure.

That aside, the video looks good – no different in style from her last few from the same album, “Flesh Tone“. There are some clips of the 31 year old under a black light (as per usual), in an eighties outfit jogging in place, a futuristic outfit with giant fake eyelashes, and more…

Prior to this video, Kelis released the videos for Acapella and 4th of July (Fireworks) – both of which I loved. I’ll love this one more when it’s not the unofficial version.

Video after the jump…

Bitch, please!!! What were “The Bachelor” producers thinking!?!?!? After weeks of rumors, ABC made it official last night during “Dancing With The Stars“. Season 11’s Bachelor, Brad Womack, who infamously chose himself over the two finalists, will look for love again on national television. I’m not sure why ABC thought the 38-year-old entrepreneur deserved a second chance with 25 new women. Does this schmuck have dirt, on execs at the network?

It’s not like he’s popular with fans. In fact, viewers were so outraged at his non-committal, Womack had to go into hiding. It’ll be interesting to see how they react this time around. The only thing that I hope Womack’s return does, is end the incestuous dating he started. Here’s what I mean in a nutshell. Brad Womack dumped DeAnna Pappas, who then became “The Bachelorette” and dumped Jason Mesnick. He in turn became the next “Bachelor” and dumped Jillian Harris who then dumped Jake Pavelka. The rumored gay boy then dated Ali Fedotowsky who chose Alberto.

Considering he was ostracized for not choosing someone the first time around, Womack told Ellen DeGeneres, he would do it all over again if he didn’t find his soulmate on the upcoming Season 15 of “The Bachelor”. Check out his interview below.

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While Lady Gaga is standing up against DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) and others fighting for gay marriage all across the land, there is another injustice that hasn’t received as much press, but still very important to us gays. Randy Blue Studio’s Chip Tanner (Jamie Stroud) and Reese Rideout have donated their time and slutty dance moves, to bring this very important issue to us- gender inequality on YouTube. I hope you can sense, I’m being tongue and cheek here, and not really being serious.

Tanner found his videos were always being flagged and taken down from his YouTube channel (thefourthcumming). He found this odd, considering there were equally suggestive videos from women allowed to air on the video sharing site. Heck he even found inappropriate searches involving the word “rape” permitted on the site.

So in an extremely sexy and sorta hilarious form of protest, he has taken his “considerable” talents for this cause and put them on exhibition. He enlisted his popular studio-mate Reese Rideout to dance with him. They imitate two girls dancing and writhing in their lingerie. The two buff boys did a pretty good job of mimicking the girls slutty choreography, move by move, if you ask me.

watch the PG video after the jump

After a weekend away in Seattle (with a lot of the Homorazzi crew), last night was cozy night on the couch with Tyrell, watching Gossip Girl and Dancing With The Stars. I wrote my take on Gossip Girl, while he wrote his on DWTS – both below. Luckily, we watched Gossip Girl first (which was SO good) so DWTS only got half my attention…

Thank God they’re back in the Big Apple! Apples are good for you and this proves true for GG too now that the cast is back in New York. In my opinion, this episode was heaps better than the last two (which included the season premiere).

It’s the first day of school and shit starts hitting the fan pronto. Gossip Girl gets word of Chuck being back in NY, as well as Georgina skipping town & tanning in the tropics. Meanwhile, Dan finds out that his baby…ain’t his baby, Serena gets excluded from the Hamilton House (thanks to Nate’s GF, Juliette), and our beloved bitch, Penelope’s back! Yay! Anyway, the power struggle as to who is the Queen B at big girl school seems to be being won by Juliette….that is until B & S see eye to eye and put Juliette in her place. Outside school grounds, Chuck struggles to integrate Eva into his kingdom while facing his past.

The end of the episode doesn’t disappoint when Juliette visits a mystery hottie in prison, with Gossip Girl’s narration piping in, “Trouble’s coming to town and it’s looking to make the Upper East Side it’s bitch.

Series Episode Grade: A-

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What’s funnier than watching a mocumentary about two fashion experts losing their jobs and turning to porn? Porn Start is! Well, okay, it’s the same thing, but NOW you don’t have to make it up in your head! You can just watch it!

The latest comedy from local Vancouver DJ/filmmaker talent Mark Kenneth Woods of House of Venus fame reads pretty clearly:

When Vance and Pepe, two hosts of a reality makeover show, find out they’ve been canceled, they devise a plan to use their fame to break into the gay porn industry. Sensing a train wreck is near, a documentary crew follow the “famous” reality TV duo as they try to create a gay porn based on “Showgirls” and “Twilight” but find out that making it big is a long and hard…um, process.

Sounds like a saucy recipe for fun. Not gonna lie, the trailer cracks me up more than a little bit.

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The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center sent out a press release yesterday, responding to some pretty scary statistics put out by the CDC, among gay and bisexual men and the ongoing battle with HIV/AIDS. Here’s what L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Chief of Staff Darrel Cummings had to say:

“Today is National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, a day meant to raise awareness among gay and bisexual men about the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis. Of course, most of us are keenly aware of the devastating impact HIV/AIDS has had on our community. What many don’t realize, though, is the magnitude of the problem.

Gay and bisexual men account for 70% of new HIV infections in California and over 50% nationally. And a sobering report just released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revealed that, in 21 major U.S. cities, one out of every five gay and bisexual men was HIV-positive—and nearly half of those did not know they were positive prior to taking part in the study. The data is even more alarming for African-American and young gay and bisexual men. While the infection rate has declined among all other risk groups, the rate among men in our community has continued to climb.”

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