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Reoccurring Nightmare: Freddie Gets A Sequel

In: Movies, Patrick

Surprisingly, A Nightmare On Elm Street is going to get a sequel. It’s opening weekend garnered $32.2 million in ticket sales for the US and Canada. Apparently, these people didn’t read Tommy’s review. I was actually sitting right behind Tommy at the pre-screening of the film, and I have to agree with his points. The point of a horror movie is to get scared right? Well, the film was only a bunch of cheap thrills and I found myself generally at ease the entire movie. That’s not right…right?

In terms of the sequel, “We don’t have a story yet, but this is the largest horror opening in the April-May corridor, and it just proves there’s a lot left in the franchise,” announced Warner distribution president Dan Fellman. Apparently, it’s gonna be in 3D.

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The New York Post is reporting via The Jerusalem Post that Elton John has been banned from performing May 18th, in Egypt due to his “anti-religious sentiments.” Well, that and his gayness.

A quote from the head of the Egypt Musician Union, Mounir al Wasimi, says it all.

“How do we allow a gay, who wants to ban religions, claimed that the prophet Eissa (Jesus) was gay and calls for Middle Eastern countries to allow gays to have sexual freedom.”

“Allow a gay…” Isn’t that like the equivalent of “You people…”?

Anyway, some may say Sir John had it coming with his past controversial statements:

“I don’t know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East — you’re as good as dead…”

He also claimed Jesus was a “super-intelligent gay man” who “understood human problems.”

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Coming off my trip to LA-LA-Land with Donovan and local writer Alex, I decided to write about my favorite online blogger of all things celeb/salacious. Introduced to this YouTube sensation about two years ago, this is the first site to make it to my iPhone Safari bookmark list every time I fail at jail-breaking my phone’s newest firmware update and completely lose all my saved info. A genius of humor and sassy gayocity at its best, you have to take the time to check this fellow homo out!

Michael Buckley is an East Coaster (though you’d swear he lived in the heart of LA from what he reports) doin’ it right on YouTube. Not happy to ride one clip to viral status, this four-eyed cutie has had over 13,500,000 channel views on his station “What The Buck” and has more than 700,000 subscribers. Jesus Christ! No, not JC, actually, it seems Mr. Buckley is slightly more famous these days than our savior has been :P If you’re one of the 18 gays out there who doesn’t know who or what this man does, here he is: trashing and exposing the most ridiculous acts of the Lohans, Olsens and Kardashians on a tri-weekly basis!

Click through to see the Best of Buck Hollywood and read about my “online encouter” with him

It wouldn’t be a trip to New Zealand if they didn’t mention Frodo and the gang. This week’s ANTM episode titled “Hobbits vs Models”, takes on the mystic of Middle Earth. On a random note, how awesome would it be to have “The Lord of the Rings” hobbits actually duke it out with the remaining five models. Now that’s a May sweeps stunt I’d love to see. From the pictures released today by The CW, it looks like its finally Tyra’s turn to photograph the women.

If the models are duking it out with the hobbits, who is Tyra’s LOTR equivalent? Cate Blanchett or the talking trees? I vote for the latter. Check after the jump to see which photograph is my personal favorite this week. As always, check back on Thursday morning to read Rich‘s take on the episode.

check out my pics for best and worst picture this week after the jump

Jersey Shore: The Soundtrack

In: Music, Patrick

MTV announced today that they’ll be releasing a soundtrack for the surprise hit guilty pleasure that is Jersey Shore. It’ll be released July 20th, with the main big single being Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It,” featuring Pitbull, which will be available on iTunes on May 25th. The RedOne produced song is hot! I just heard it today for the first time. Haven’t heard a hit from him since “Takin’ Back My Love,” so its great to have him back!

Some of the other artists that will be featured on the album will be Lil Jon, Taio Cruz, Akon, and LMFAO ( Jersey Shore theme song, “Get Crazy”). “From the clubs to the gym, there is going to be a lot of fist pumping and booty shaking going on this summer, and that’s just at my house,” said MTV’s Amy Doyle (EVP of Music & Talent Programming Strategy) in a press release.

If you want a little Snooki Sneak Peak to the soundtrack, listen to I Like It by Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull. You’ll “Like It” for sure. It definitely fits in on the Jersey Shore.

I Like It after the jump…

Coming Out Is In

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick, Totally GAY!

With Ricky Martin finally coming out of the closet and another celebrity expected to this Wednesday, May 5th in a planned announcement (unless this one is it???), it seems this is paving the way for others to do the same.

In an interview with People magazine this morning, 39 year old country singer Chely Wright (once romantically linked to Brad Paisley) opened up about her sexuality, stating “Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out.” This will make her the first major country artist to make such an announcement. Tomorrow she is releasing a memoir called “Like Me,” which she has has been working on for about three years.

Check out a couple of her songs after the jump…

I love me a Beyonce (or Destiny’s Child for that matter) music video. Beyonce is still Sasha Fierce apparently, as she’s releasing this video for “Why Don’t You Love Me,” a song added onto her deluxe edition release of “I Am Sasha Fierce” back in November.

Know what Tommy‘s gonna say? “She’s copying Gaga!” Well, it seems like BB has been inspired to try some knew things with her videos. She’s owns the fierce booty shake dancing, wind blowing through her hair thing already, so now it seems this Foxy Cleopatra is gonna have some fun tell a bit of a story with it – sort of how Telephone went with her and Lady Gaga.

Check out the preview for the video after the jump…and speaking of jump, I LOVE the Jump Smokers Remix to the song as well so check that out too…

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Marriage Is So Gay

In: Charge It, Patrick, Totally GAY!

I want one! Supporting Marriage equality, a company is selling branding T-Shirts with the phrase “Marriage Is So Gay” on them, with a portion of the proceeds going to organizations that support marriage equality. In fact, when you order one online, you can choose where you want your money to go: Marriage Equality USA, Human Rights Campaign, or Freedom To Marry.

The other cool thing is that the shirts are all numbered. “Starting with number ’1′ each t-shirt’s label features a unique, handwritten number noting the number of people sporting the tee to date.” They plan on hosting an equality party when the number of people supporting marriage equality (by getting one of these shirts) reaches 100,000. As of today, they are at 9,365.

Their tagline? “We love our friends. We love marriage. We think marriage is so gay.”

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