Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe’s chic-geek assistant, announced recently that he will be leaving Rachel Zoe effective October 1st. The separation was said to be amicable with this statement issued by Goreski:

“I love Rachel and she’s taught me everything I know,” Goreski, 33, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “But there’s a point where either I do it now or I’ll never know what it’s like to spread my wings and soar.” Breaking the news to Zoe about a month ago was nothing short of “major.” “We couldn’t stop hugging and we couldn’t stop crying,” she says. “He did this with such class and elegance. And I get it. I just told him, ‘I’m here for you always.’”

Check out the real, possible reason they split and sexy photos of Brad by Terry Richardson on the next part of the post.

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I must say, Oprah is doing a pretty good job at creating buzz for her final season. Just the other day it was announced she’d be reuniting the cast of The Sound of Music. Today, the official word on the street is that she will indeed be sitting down with Oksana Grigorieva to talk about her former lover and father of her daughter, Mel Gibson. They have a little girl named Lucia that was born on October 30th, 2009.

You probably know her as the woman who released all of those phone conversations with Mel, where he literally sounded like a monster, yelling at her like there was no tomorrow. Aside from that, she’s a Russian pianist and singer-songwriter, having studied music in Moscow.

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Hollywood Legend, Tony Curtis Dies at 85

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Last night, the legendary Tony Curtis passed away in his home in Nevada at the age of 85. He suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The father of Jamie Lee Curtis (You Again) and Kelly Curtis (Trading Spaces), he’s best known for his roles in “Spartacus,” “Some Like It Hot,” and was once nominated for an Oscar for his role in the 1958 crime drama “The Defiant Ones”.

Curtis was married six times, the first was to Janet Leigh for 11 years, with whom he had Jamie Lee and Kelly with. He also had a son (Nicholas) with her, but he got into trouble and overdosed at the young age of 23.

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After last year’s airport hug between Cameron and Mitchell, fans started a campaign to see the gay couple kiss. Executive Producer, Steve Levitan, said there was no need for the controversy as they had already planned a future episode, revolving public displays of affection later on. True to his word, the long-awaited kiss finally aired last night. Not only was there a kiss, but there were two man-on-man kisses.

One of the storylines revolved around Mitchell’s inability to perform any PDA, even when he dated girls. His standoffishness can be attributed to his Dad never showing any physical attention towards him growing up. Under the pressure of the family, Jay gave his son a smooch on the lips. That action led Mitchell to give Cameron a peck on the lips as well for the first time in front of people.

Overall, I liked the way the producers handled it. It wasn’t a big over-the-top “Gone With The Wind” type of affair. In this day and age, seeing two men/women kiss on primetime shouldn’t be a big deal anymore. Congrats to the show for recognizing this. PS. Did you not laugh out loud, when Cameron flipped over the sofa and knocked down the chips off the table. Hilarballs.

Series Premiere Grade: B+

check out how Law and Order: Los Angeles stacked to its predecessor

Yabba Dabba Doo! The Flinstones Celebrate 50 Years

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If your default homepage is (shame on you for not making it you probably noticed the Flintstones doodle, celebrating the golden anniversary of everyone’s favorite prehistoric family. It was 50 years ago today, Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty debuted on ABC’s primetime schedule and ran for six successful years. The show was sold as an animated version of “The Honeymooners” which was the most popular show at that time.

“Flintstones. Meet the Flintstones. They’re the modern stone age family. From the town of Bedrock, they’re a page right out of history.

Let’s ride with the family down the street. Through the courtesy of Fred’s two feet.

When you’re with the Flintstones you’ll have a yabba dabba doo time. A dabba doo time. You’ll have a gay old time.

Gay old time, hmmm? You never know. Maybe Fred and Barney participated in some down-low action. The characters lived in a fictional town called Bedrock. Originally the show was intended for adults and mimicked the changing times. They showed the two main couples bickering and *gasp* sharing the same bed. Even Lucy and Ricky Ricardo didn’t do that for the longest time. In its early days, the show featured the characters in very adult situations during the commercials. One particular ad, had Fred and Barney smoking Winstone Cigarettes while their wives did housework. How “Mad Men” of them.

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watch their vintage cigarette commercial after the jump

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant gave the wannabes makeovers and I praised the almighty that she stopped calling them “Tyovers”. Terra got her recently made over self booted halfway through the episode and Sara followed soon behind in a double elimination smackdown. Ann, the ugly pretty awkward girl with no waist, odd eyebrows, freakish height, and ZERO fashion sense won best photo for the second time. We have ourselves a frontrunner! Can the other girls catch up? Will Tyrant say something asinine? Does anyone else miss Miss Jay’s panel commentary? Who will be eliminated tonight?

We start of this week in the apartment with a series of confessionals with the girls talking about each other behind their backs. Surprise surprise… blah, blah blah. Then Kacey decides they should throw a little party and invite the male models from the most recent shoot. Ooooh. Interesting. Is someone gonna pull a Shandi? She’s got a boyfriend back home too. Uh oh. When the boys came, it was “mad awkward” as Liz put it. Kayla said it was worse than a middle school dance. I guess that’s what happens when there’s no booze allowed. The tumbleweeds roll in. Snoozefest.

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Celebrities, they’re just like us. Showing she’s as real as regular folk on the street, Beyonce crashed a block party and whooped it up, while visiting Jay-Z’s mom in West Orange, New Jersey. Just call her “Beyonce From The Block“. J.Lo has nothing on B.

The Sasha Fierce singer noticed a party on the same street as her mother-in-law and immediately stepped out and joined in on the fun. Beyonce seamlessly jumped in on “The Wobble”. A line dance similar to the “Electric Slide“, but cooler. It’s based on the 2008 rap single from V.I.C. Even though it’s a lax setting, B is totally working it out. You can tell, she just loves to dance.

The singer is notoriously known for keeping her private life, private. So it’s nice to see her without the glitz and glamor and hanging out round the way. I love how she looks all casual in high heels and jeans. Remember this is Beyonce and to her, that is casual.

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It’ll be hard to beat last week’s episode when Shannon was voted out of the La Flor tribe in a heated “I don’t like you,” and “Are you gay,” tribal council, so we’ll have to see if that can be topped (I doubt it). When they get back from tribal council, La Flor thinks they need to unify as a tribe, as per Probst’s advice. Duh. In Naonka’s mind, well, she still hates everyone on some level. She is a ticking time bomb (not to be confused with “da bomb”). Or maybe a field mine, because this explosive device goes off quite a bit already.

At Espada (AKA the Older tribe), Jimmy Johnson starts talking to monkeys, while Marty (who found the hidden immunity idol) grows more and more annoyed of having this “celebrity” on his tribe. After pressure from Jill, Marty announces to the tribe that he has found the immunity idol, with a spin that it will help the tribe when they merge. He figured they were gonna find out anyway, so it’d be a smart move to be honest. According to everyone else, they felt it was very noble of him and “his stock went up” as a tribe mate. Smarty Marty.

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