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Introducing… Tommy D

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan, Tommy D

Next in the cast spotlight is… Tommy D! Tommy is our “Tell It Like It Is One”: Tommy has his own event production company, conquering the biggest events at Gay Pride here in Vancouver. His job is kind of like the guy from party monster, Homo Alone Macaulay Culkin, minus all the drugs and better looking than that weirdo. Everyone knows him, and his alter drag ego Syren, in the gay scene. Tommy tells it like it is and doesn’t put up with bullshit. He’s easily excitable and at a party he, like Donovan, is easily 10 decibel levels above everyone else.

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Nightclub Owner

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Introducing… Patrick

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan, Patrick

It may not be March 17th, but today is definitely St. Patrick’s Day- at least it is on Patrick- one of the co-founders- takes his turn in the spotlight. One of the nicest and motivated people I know, Patty has been the perfect person to start this project with. Not only is he one of the founders for this site but he also co-owns masc- an amazing men’s skincare store- with Jamie. If that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Patrick is the father of two adorable doggies, Max and Lucy. I’m sure after reading his answers, you’ll fall in love with him and want to buy him a drink… if you haven’t already.

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Entrepreneur/Actor- yay, that’s what I’m doing!

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Introducing… Adam

In: Adam, Behind The Cast, Donovan

It’s Gay Top Model Week, and one of Homorazzi’s own is in the running for Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model. Before our resident twink struts his stuff on the catwalk this Thursday, Adam provides some insight on who he is and what makes him tick.

Adam is the wittiest one in the cast, and although his hair is short, it’s full of secrets. He tells the most outrageous weekend recaps, and will correct your grammar when you tell yours. Just when you think he’s gone too far, he takes it to the next level the following weekend. Ladies and Gentlemen, the jaw-dropping, home-made wine guzzling, daddy prowling, soccer playin’, couch potato… M’Adam!! 

What is Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Movie Critic. Sorry, ridiculously well-paid, movie critic.

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The Sustainable Hook-Up

In: Saturday Submissions

The night is almost coming to an end, you spotted each other from across the room, you introduced yourself, you flirted, and you feel confident you’ll end up taking that hot guy with the tight abs and sexy smile home. You have every right to feel good about yourself; you’ve been working out hard too and you’ve been eating your five servings of organic fruits and vegetables a day. On top of all that you’ve been trying to save the world by being Green. You are AMAZING! Unfortunately there is no holiday for a true hero so here are few Green tips you can apply to your next hook-up:

Buy Local – The night is not quite over yet and you still have time to take your hot guy to the bar for one last drink. Order a couple of beers from a local brewery. This will not only earn you some extra Green points but it will most likely seal the deal as well.

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Racism in Entertainment?

In: Saturday Submissions

It seems that with globalization and multimedia reaching all parts of the world, that there would be far more ethnic diversity in the mainstream media, instead we still find that popular culture in the western world, despite a massive wave of immigration from Africa, Asia and South America, is still widely dominated by what is referred to as the “White face” of beauty.

The National Film Board of Canada, produced a series of short documentaries based on the theme of Racism in the Workplace. The film that I saw was called the Colour of Beauty, Racism in the Fashion industry, and focused around the battle of an already established and successful model Renee Thompson, in striving to become the next top face in the industry.

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In: Saturday Submissions

It amazes me how much can change in a day, let alone a year. Change happens every single minute of every single hour of every single day and we don’t even realize it until we take a step back and review it detail by detail. Physical, mental and emotional change happens not only in ourselves, but the people we love, know a little and even the strangers we just pass by on the street.

Weight. Height. Age. Those are the most lethal of all the physical changes. It’s a constant bombardment of thoughts when you hear any of those words. Women of skelator looks are said to be the most beautiful and men of hulk-esque body structure are valued as prized possessions. Both genders are working their asses off to change into that EXACT category of being; to make that change. As quickly as you get there though, you can be swept into “THE DARK SIDE” once again and be the exact opposite of it. Pounds can always be gained and always be lost, it’s a forever changing thing. Height and age are a little more complex, you can’t reverse any of them, but they are always going to be a factor in what makes you…YOU. They can develop certain attitudes/personas (little man syndrome/giant douche-bag all-stars) and define people with such terms as “cougars” or “sharks”. It also pretty much narrows down the field for what career path you’ll most likely be taking (height) and what part of your career life you should be in/salary earning (age).

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Justin Bieber has the No. 1 Album (My World 2.0) on Billboard this week. Usher has the No. 1 Song (OMG) on Billboard this week. It only makes sense, that two hitmakers collaborate on a track. Given their mentor-protegee relationship, this collaboration was bound to happen sooner than later. Thankfully, it was sooner because the teenage girl inside of me absolutely LOVES IT.

Today on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, the two unveiled “Somebody to Love: The Remix“. The Stereotypes produced-song was originally written for Usher in mind for his “Raymond vs Raymond” CD, but for some reason it was never chosen. Enter Bieber, who not only grabbed it, but is releasing it as the second single from his multi-platinum selling CD.

listen to the track after the jump

Back in January, I wrote about a Malawi couple (Steven Monjeza, 26 and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 33) were charged with “unnatural acts” and “gross indecency” for getting married and despite a ton of international criticism, the goverment did not waiver on the fact that they would go to trial for their crimes. This week, the couple was sentenced to the maximum – 14 years in prison with hard labor.

Madonna (who has adopted two children from Malawi – David Banda and Chifundo “Mercy” James) expressed her outrage for this situation in a press release today:

“I am shocked and saddened by the decision made… by the Malawian court, which sentenced two innocent men to prison. As a matter of principle, I believe in equal rights for all people, no matter what their gender, race, colour, religion, or sexual orientation. Malawi took a giant step backward. The world is filled with pain and suffering; therefore, we must support our basic human right to love and be loved. I call upon the progressive men and women of Malawi – and around the world – to challenge this decision in the name of human dignity and equal rights for all.”

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