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Yeesh! It seems as though there’s more drama and action in real life than there is in the actual storyline of the Spider-Man Broadway musical. The latests is that the spider villainess, Arachne (played by Natalie Mendoza) is set to leave the production. Her people are currently negotiating her exit from the show. Why is she leaving, other than the fact that the show is cursed? Well, she suffered a concussion on November 28th when she, while standing off stage, was hit in the head by a rope that was holding a piece of equipment.

On the advice from her doctors, they told her to take two weeks off from the show, considering she was experiencing extreme headaches and constant nausea. That’s terrible. The poor thing has a pretty important role in the show, singing in the show’s headline song, as well as five other songs and several flying sequences. While she was taking time off, her understudy (now I guess replacement?) America Olivo took over.

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Nine Year Old Whips Her Hair On The Ice

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A nine year old girl named Starr Andrews is definitely an Olympic star in the making. The young figure skater recently channeled Willow Smith on the ice to a remix of her “Whip My Hair” hit and it is amazing. It defintely puts “Skating With The Stars” to shame. I’d sooner enjoy watching this girl skate. For her performance, she confidently rocks out with a punk-like outfit, with pink extentions and all, along with Chuck Taylor skates.

Give her a few more years and I’m sure we’ll be seeing her whipping new life into the Olympic skating world, Johnny Weir style. Do you think we’ll see her hip hop moves on the ice in 2014? I certainly hope so!

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Kelsey Grammer Facing Costly Divorce

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The man we know better as Frasier, Kelsey Grammer is getting a divorce from his wife Camille Donatacci Grammer after 13 years of marriage. This was announced back in July. Once divorced, he’ll be able to marry his 29 year old fiance Kayte Walsh. The catch? It’s gonna cost him. He and his wife never got a prenuptial agreement and he’s going to be giving over $50 million dollars to his ex wife (who is also an ex-Playboy bunny).

To be fair, a lot of their fortune is invested in real estate, thanks to Camille’s business savvy. In fact, when they first met (which was on a blind date), he was strapped for cash and she helped them build the real estate empire they have today. They have homes in the L.A., Malibu, Hawaii, the Hamptons, New York City and Colorado. Nice work! Camille, 41 years old, is also on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kelsey used to have a drinking problem, which progressed to cocaine use, and he found himself at the Betty Ford clinic in rehab. He has been arrested for cocaine possession, and also flipped a Viper in 1996 when he was intoxicated.

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Reichen Lehmkuhl vs. Next Magazine

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Our favorite “Gay Housewives” show, The A-List New York was voted one of the worst shows of 2010 by Gawker and by Next Magazine. Hmm, maybe “worst” in a good way – I love the show! In a caption about why it made Next’s worst list, Dan Avery (one of the editors) explained the following:

The A-List: New York (Logo)
Where to begin? The “reality” show everyone loved to hate probably cancelled out 100 “It Gets Better” videos with its cringe-worthy depictions of Reichen, Rodiney and the other vapid queens trying to impress upon viewers why they’re important. (Hint, if you have to explain why you’re A-list, you’re probably not.)

As you can imagine, this did not make Reichen Lehmkuhl very happy. Gawker got hold of a letter he sent into Next Magazine in response to the above “bullying,” as he called it, where Reichen blows up and says, “I can’t even imagine speaking this way about other human beings. That you would reduce my existence to someone who is a ‘vapid queen’ says more about what you don’t know about me, along with the kind of person you must be.”

The funny thing Gawker writer Brian Moylan says about that comment is, “Wait, Reichen. Aren’t you the same person that called me an ‘imbicil’ four times in one blog post after I accurately reported you would be on the cast of The A-List? Doesn’t that mean you spoke that way about another human being? Doesn’t that say more about what you don’t know about me along with the kind of person you must be? Just wondering.” Hilarious.

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Not only has the baby boom infiltrated Hollywood’s heteros, but the gays are also getting in on the action. Sir Elton John and his longtime partner of 12 years have joined brand new parents, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, as Tinseltown’s latest gay daddies. Could a gay parent play date be on the near horizon? Let’s hope so.

Elton John (62) and David Furnish (48) welcomed a baby boy on December 25 in California thanks to a surrogate. Weighing in at 7 lbs and 15 ounces, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, is the first child for both parents who have been married since 2005 in a ceremony in England. Here’s what the proud new papas told US Magazine:

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Model Behavior: Jed Hill

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Since my weekly crush feature is in hiatus due to the 2010 Man Crush Showdown, I’m going through hot man withdrawal. Thank God, I still have my other weekly feature, Model Behavior, to keep me occupied. Judging by my pick this week, you can tell I was in the mood for a big beefy man. Must be all that pent-up online aggression from the past couple of weeks. Seriously, this guy is built like a Tonka truck.

Jed Hill is a former football player turned full-time fitness model. The 25-year-old decided to turn his passion for working out and health & fitness to a career in front of the camera. Hill claims he’s a 110% all natural athlete and tries to eat as “clean” as possible with just a few daily whole food supplements. He attributes his body to proper nutrition, training, sleeping and lots of water. Whatever he’s doing, I say keep it up because his body is one fine honed lean machine.

Currently he is represented by R & L Agency and Wilhelmina NYC. Hill was voted DNA Magazine Mate of the Month in September 2008. Once you take a good look at his body, you’ll understand why. Check out a few scorching hot photos of Jed below.

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It was a Holly Jolly Christmas this year at the Amazon offices. The third-generation Kindle is now Amazon’s bestselling product of all time. Not only is it the best selling Amazon product, but it also supplants “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” as the best selling item on Wingardium Leviosa!!! It’s likely the relatively low price of $139 helped push units over the holidays.

I thought 100% for sure, Apple’s iPad would’ve kicked this electronic reader’s butt by a mile. With the economy still not in full recovery, I assumed people would choose either/or instead of both. Instead, purchasing an iPad or other tablet devices, didn’t necessarily cancel out buying the other. founder, Jeff Bezos, explains the unique trending:

find out which ebook was the most purchased this holiday season after the jump

Life is pretty good if your name is Natalie Portman. Not only is the gorgeous actress on a career-high with her highly acclaimed role in “Black Swan“, but that success is spilling over to her personal life as well. Coming off the heels of a slew of year-end awards and acting nominations including a Golden Globe and SAG nod for her prima ballerina role, the actress’ reps confirmed the petite actress is engaged and expecting her first child.

Just hours after the happy news hit the wires, Portman exclusively told Entertainment Weekly the following:

“I have always kept my private life private but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience.”

find out who Benjamin is after the jump and how they met

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