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The stunning Scarlett Johansson, has been named Babe of the Year by GQ Magazine, in their December Issue. Star of “Iron Man 2,” Lost in Translation,” and the upcoming “Avengers” in 2012, this babe isn’t going anywhere. This past weekend, she hosted SNL for no particular reason, and even joked about it herself. Normally the host has a movie coming out or there is some sort of buzz going on about them, but Scarlett hosted for the third time just because. GQ states:

“The Megans and Milas and Blakes may come and go with the usual ebb and flow of the multiplex, but our (somewhat unhealthy) fascination with one woman endures…At 26, she remains fresh-faced, curious, trying on new moods and outlets of expression as easily as she changes her hair color. This is what we love about Scarlett: that she’s game, that she’s good, that she can try on all these guises without seeming to try too hard. And all the while still seem genuinely like the observant, inquisitive (and very cute) girl in transition we fell for in ‘Lost in Translation.’”

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A 14-year-old Ann Arbor student named Graeme Taylor stood up for his teacher Jay McDowell, in a powerful speech at a recent school board meeting. Taylor himself is openly gay, and he took it upon himself to stand up for his teacher at the meeting. McDowell was disciplined on October 20 for removing two students who had made anti-gay remarks in class. Ridiculous.

During his speech in support of his teacher, Taylor revealed that when he was only 9 years old, bullying led him to a suicide attempt. Inspired by his teacher, the boy speaks confidently and wise beyond his years, likening the situation to racism against blacks that their city is known for, given that it’s the headquarters for the KKK.

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Pink’s 10 Best Songs

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Ten years after she first debuted, Alecia Beth Moore, otherwise known as Pink (or P!nk), is releasing her “Greatest Hits… So Far!!!”. In my opinion, Pink has done so well because she is her own person and doesn’t follow any rules or try to be like any artist. She’s a tough chick and that makes her hot, as opposed to getting all glammed up for her videos with fans blowing her hair in the wind. Her voice is hauntingly powerful and her beats catchy. At the very least, her Top 5 songs I can say I know for sure at a party or on the dance floor, my friends and I have belted out the lyrics like there was no tomorrow on more than one occasion.

A lot of her songs are about pulling yourself together, being strong, believing in yourself, and having fun. Sounds like a recipe for a hit don’t you think? So, whether you’re looking to “get the party started” or say “so what” to an ex, P!nk has just the track you need.

Below are my Top 10 favorite P!nk songs of all time, ranked in order.

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Girl Talk, 29 year old DJ Gregg Gillis has just released his latest ADD sample mosaic record. Titled “All Day”, GT’s 5th full length album is available for free download from his label’s website: Click here. You can get it in two different flavors: separated into 6 minute bite sized chucks, or collected in one long MP3.

I’ve given the whole thing a listen and I have mixed feelings. Gillis is giving his fans more of what they want, Hip-Hop vocals over 90s alt-rock rifs, 80s ballads mixed with top 40 hits. All your favorite radio friendly celebrities are there, Rihanna, Beyonce, Missy, Miley, L’il Wayne, Drake, and if you listen carefully you may even hear some Willow Smith. Yeah, these tracks are recent.

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Ever since Taylor Momsen started pursuing her music career with her band, The Pretty Reckless, she’s been the poster child for inappropriate teenager behavior. Whether it’s her sporting skanky attire, wearing five pounds of eye make-up, or flashing her underage boobs at a concert, the “Gossip Girl” star has been at the receiving end of a whole lot of negative press.

At first, the rebellious teen seemed to embrace her new-found notoriety, but the tides have turned. Now, Momsen is playing the blame-shifting game and claiming her parents are to blame for her out-of-control behavior. She recently gave a candid interview to Starpulse regarding her upbringing:

“Everyone’s like, ‘Wow, why is she upset and why is she so miserable about things? My parents signed me up with Ford [modeling agency] at the age of two. No 2 year old wants to be working, but I had no choice. My whole life, I was in and out of school. I didn’t have friends. I was working constantly and I didn’t have a real life.”

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3OH!3 Gives Me Double Vision

In: Behind The Cast, Music, Tyrell

At first, you may not know who 3OH!3 is but I can guarantee you’ve heard one of their songs it has been stuck in your head. The first time I remember hearing 3OH!3 was when their song Don’t Trust Me hit the airwaves. Don’t know it? Maybe you remember these lyrics: “Hush girl, shut your lips… Do the Hellen Keller, and talk with your hips.” After that, they hit it big when Katy Perry collabbed with them for their song Starstrukk which made the soundtrack cut for When In Rome. More recently, on my first episode of working on Hellcats, their song My First Kiss was featured as our routine for Regionals and the song didn’t stop there. It was featured on TV shows and movie trailers everywhere.

This week, I am getting the chance to work with 3OH!3 on an episode of Hellcats. They are in town for their Streets of Gold tour with tour mates Hellogoodbye, and Down With Webster so a few of us Hellcats (and Patrick) decided to check out the show with our episode director Ron Underwood and producer Allan Arkush. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show. I didn’t know any of their older music either so I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy the show but to my surprise, they were amazing.

More pictures, including on WITH 3OH!3 after the jump…

Their sophomore album “Waking Up” is over a year old, but the self-proclaimed genreless band is still releasing singles from that compilation. Talk about getting mileage. Just a few days ago, OneRepublic released the music video for “Good Life”, their fourth single from the album.

Their previous singles from the album, “All The Right Moves” and “Secrets” both have done well on the charts, despite being slow out of the gates. Just like all of Ryan Tedder’s penned tracks, “Good Life” possesses the same feel-good radio friendly vibe. It does, however, stand apart in Tedder’s songwriting approach. Instead of using a traditional chorus as the main hook of the song, Tedder used a whistle. Here’s a quote from an interview with NPR.

“In our upcoming single, “Good Life,” the real hook is the post hook — it’s what comes after it. We have this REALLY super simple whistle. I hadn’t heard a whistle in a song in forever and that’s all I kept hearing on the song so I just whistled this melody into the mic and it really is the hook — it’s the catchiest part of the song.”

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Mike Ruiz Photographs Kellan Lutz

In: Donovan, Fashion

Before watching tonight’s new episode of “The A-List: New York“, check out what Mike Ruiz does for his day job. Ruiz is arguably one of the most sought-after celebrity photographer working today. He’s best well-known for his high-impact, surreal brand of photography. He’s worked with a wide range fo celebrities, including Kelly Clarkson, Zac Efron, Lindsay Lohan, Dolly Parton, Kelly Rowland to name a few.

Adding to his long list of celebrity subjects, is the super studly Kellan Lutz. Normally we’re used to seeing the “Twilight” star showing off his impeccably sculpted body. For a change of pace, Lutz struck a few fashion editorial poses for YRB Magazine‘s current issue. With or without clothes, Kellan is just as sexually appealing. Stylist Darius Baptist did a great job putting the look together for the shoot.

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