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Very Mary Kate

In: Dan, Videos

There are a few people in my life that I think are truly hysterical, and yes I have even been one to give myself credit for being g-damn funny. Anyone that can do a successful parody ripping on anything based on utter stupidity usually finds themselves in my all-time favorites list. Margaret Cho was one of the first. Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon are recent additions (okay I was behind the times on those two). Now, Mary Kate has busted into the spotlight.

Her website, is the refresh I need twice a week. The concept is simple; portray Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in the best possible, smartest manner. I can’t even describe the brilliance behind this idea! Her latest three part series, Back to School, Paper and Extension literally had me laughing out loud in my cubicle at work. ANYONE that can make me forget that I’m in a cubicle, even for 30 seconds, deserves a medal.

She has just recently committed to posting two new skit clips each week, so add this website to your favourites so you never miss an episode. I secretly hope she does a Full House flashback montage, just for loyalty fans sake. Just an idea…

Here latest video after the jump…


Kylie Minogue is back, as she’ll be releasing a new single called All The Lovers, on June 28th, 2010. This single is part of her 11th studio album called Aphrodite, which comes out a few days after the single, on July 5th. Fans are eagerly awaiting the goddess of love, beauty, & sexuality’s new album, as her site crashes today as a result of too much traffic. She tweeted this on her Twitter today:

“Aaahhhhhhhh … you’ve overloaded the system!!! arrgggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!… That is the strength of your combined power!!!!!!! OMG (Oh my God)!!!”

Are you excited?

Click here to check out the Top 10 Kylie Songs of all time.

2010 NewNowNext Awards: VOTE NOW

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Donovan, TV Shows

Logo’s annual awards show celebrating the best in upcoming fresh and on-the-brink pop-culture phenomenons are back. Nominations for the third annual extravaganza were unveiled earlier this week. Though the NewNowNext Awards are relatively new, they have a knack for singling out the NEXT BIG THING.

For it’s inaugural year, the awards featured Lady Gaga’s first ever televised performance. Other highlights include honoring “True Blood” as the “Best Show You’re Not Watching” months before its first Emmy nominations, awarding Wendy Williams the “Best New Indulgence” before the syndicated show went national and giving Leona Lewis “The Kylie Award: Next International Crossover” just as she was making ripples on the North American music scene.

Having said all that, this year’s festivities promises to be bigger than ever. Not to toot our own horn, but three of’s writers had a hand in submitting talent for the nomination process and in the voting process.

If you want your voice heard, head on over to to cast your votes now. You can increase your favorite nominees tally by tweeting for them as well.

So who do you vote for? Since Patrick & myself have met Kellan Lutz, we’re obviously rooting for him. Also, you all know we have an unhealthy obsession with those uber-tanned hilarious hookers, Jessica and Hunter. Make sure these trainwrecks win by showing them some love and voting for them and/or by tweeting #OMFGJESSHUNT.

check out the full list of nominees after the jump

American Idol 9: Top 7 Performances Ranked

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Let’s start off with the positive. Alicia Keys looked BEAUTIFUL. Considering this week was all about inspirational songs, I felt anything but inspired (minus a couple of exceptions). Keys gave the best tutelage she could provide. She maybe talented, but she ain’t no miracle worker.

While Crystal and Lee continued to prove no one could touch them, Siobhan continued her descent to suckiness. What happened Sio-Sio? In previous years, contestants were spared elimination during “Idol Gives Back” week. Thankfully this year, we are guaranteed to lose some of the talent fat. Can’t we just have another double-elimination to speed up this awful season. BOWERSOX wins… “that’s all” (in Miranda Presley bitchy tone).

7. Tim Urban

Performance: Better Days by Goo Goo Dolls
After a couple of weeks evading the bottom of my list, Tim Urban takes his rightful place as low man on the totem pole. During rehearsal with Alicia, Tim sounded pretty good. But alas, he was all kinds of pitchy during the live show. As this point, it’s more interesting to see how far Tim will go instead of hearing him sing each week.

who was the best this week. check after the jump

Heartbreak For Clay M. Greene

In: Nic, Politics & Issues

Clay Greene is a 78 year old man filing a law suit against Sonoma County. The law suit states a series of infractions on his legal rights to his own property that started after his partner of twenty years, 88 year old Harold Scull, fell down the stairs injuring himself. Scull was hospitalized and the state, against his will, moved Mr. Greene into a nursing home.

Greene and Scull both made documents stating each other as the executor’s of each other’s property in the case of mental incapacity. But these documents were ignored completely. Now Greene, obviously in a bright enough mental state to sue, is livid. He is livid at not having his relationship with Scull taken seriously by officials, after they continually called Scull his “roommate”. Greene is livid at not being able to visit Scull while he lay dying in the hospital. Clay Greene is also beside himself after county officials petitioned the court for partial conservatorship and sold or disposed of nearly $500,000 worth of property from the men’s estate. His furniture, collected art, memorabilia from working in Hollywood years past, his vehicles, and his pets, all thrown away, auctioned off, and sold without his legal permission.

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Causes: KFC Buckets For The Cure

In: Charge It, Donovan

As if i needed an excuse to succumb to my guiltiest fast food pleasure in this world. Now I can eat my extra crispy yummy goodness knowing I’m supporting a good cause. All kidding aside. KFC and Susan G. Komen for the Cure are teaming up to raise funds in support of breast cancer research and awareness. For each bucket sold, KFC has pledged 50 cents to the cause. Their goal is to raise 8.5 million dollars during this campaign.

Participating KFC locations will be selling specially designed pink buckets of the Colonel’s finest chicken legs, thighs and wings for this initiative. Each bucket will come with a lid which will include names of breast cancer survivors and those who’ve lost their battle with this deadly disease. The pink buckets will be available through May 30, or while supplies last.

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With the finale of “American Idol” only a month away, the producers have started lining up musical acts for the extravaganza. The first one signed on is none other than “BionicChristina Aguilera. With a new studio album and her film feature debut, “Burlesque“, on the way, expect to see a lot more of Xtina in the upcoming weeks and months.

The news of Christina appearing on the singing competition was revealed through her official Twitter account:

“We’ve reached over 19,000 followers and this just in, Christina Aguilera will be performing on the American Idol finale!”

No word on what song she’ll be performing, but odds are good that she’ll be belting out her latest single “Not Myself Tonight” or another single from her forthcoming album, “Bionic”. That album will drop on June 4, 2010, in perfect time for the lazy days of summer.

Cirque du Soleil à le Michael Jackson

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Montreal-based performance company Cirque du Soleil has announced they’ve made a deal with the Jackson family to have a Michael Jackson inspired show set for 2011. Co-executor John Branca filled TMZ in on the details. TMZ reported the following details on the joint venture:

Co-executor John Branca tells TMZ, the first show will open in fall of 2011 — and will travel throughout North America including the Staples Center in L.A. … the same venue where MJ’s memorial was held.

The show will be heavily focused on dancing — honoring the legendary moves of MJ. It will also feature Jackson’s songs and have the trademark Cirque du Soleil acrobatics.

In 2012, a second show — in partnership with MGM MIRAGE — will open in Las Vegas which will be far more theatrical with emphasis on technology and 3D. “It will be a theme-park-like show,” says Branca.

Sources say the shows will be worth a fortune to the estate. Cirque and the estate will split costs and profits 50-50.

Check out the video announcement of the Michael Jackson / Cirque du Soleil Tour.

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