SYTYCDC Season 3: Final Performances

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We began with the Top 22. We lost some to injury and some to shocking votes and judges choices. Next was the Top Ten who danced hard for your votes. Then last week, 8 became 4. Jeff, Janick, Denys and Amanda. Only one will remain to be your favorite dancer, Canada and your votes will solely decide. The judges this evening are the usual four, Jean-Marc Genereux, Tre Armstrong, Blake McGrath and Luther Brown. Leah in a stunning sparkly purple dress goes over the prizes for the competition. Sunday is the LIVE two hour season finale. The winner, runner up and lucky home viewer will win a Mazda 2 and the winner will walk away with the $100,000 prize.

Amanda & Denys – Salsa

Amanda and Denys are first up with Salsa and one of my favorites, Gustavo Vargas. This piece has some of the most amazing lifts the show has seen this season. The two have great chemistry as they do their footwork facing each other. Amanda is stunning and her legs are ridiculous. Denys is a great partner supporting her the whole way through. The whole piece feels very smooth and effortless. The final partnering section for the two for the two of them where he drops her from thigh to calf is ridiculous. I loved the piece.
What the judges said: Luther said it was a bomb way to start the show. Amanda is disgusting and Denys was a great partner for her. Blake says they know how to play the game and its going to be between one of them for the win. Tre says that Amanda should be an ambassador for dance and Denys had strength through the entire piece. Jean-Marc said Amanda is never afraid to attack the beat and Denys knows what to do to make a woman look and feel good. He’s the man in command.
What I thought: I thought this piece was one of the better salsa/latin pieces of the season. These two carried it off so well. A great way to start the show and a great way for these two to show the viewers why they are still on the show.

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54-40 and Aerosmith Concerts

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It has been an EPIC year for concerts in Vancouver, and yours truly has been busting his balls to get to as many live shows as possible. Needless to say, I am a fairly busy guy; however, the one thing that I will go out of my to free my calendar is live music. Local indie bands or big stadium style performances, it doesn’t matter, I absolutely love the experience of a roaring crowd. There is something about a crowd singing in ‘harmony’ to an artist’s lyrics that sends shivers down my spine…

Over the past month I have been fortunate enough to attend four pretty awesome, yet extremely difference live performances. 54-40, Aerosmith, Brad Paisley and Broken Social Scene. Definitely a few throwbacks to the 90s, a local Canadian indie band from Toronto and a HUGE stadium Country music show – how’s that for a line up of different sounds?! In this article, I’m going to tackle coverage on 54-40 and Aerosmith – they kind of go together, I guess…

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Apple Presents The MacBook Air 2

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Coming off the tremendous success of the iPad, Apple reinvented the ultra-portable laptop by taking cues from the iPad. The MacBook Air 2 features a whole whackload of improvements from its predecessor including longer battery life (5-7 hrs), NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor (2x faster than the previous MacBook), an all-flash storage (light, fast, and more reliable), multi-touch trackpad (buttonless design) and much more.

We learned a lot from iPad. The new MacBook Air is proof. It’s designed around all-flash storage for better responsiveness and reliability. It features a trackpad with full Multi-Touch support. And though it’s incredibly thin and light, its large battery gives you portable power that lasts for hours.

It’s available in the traditional 13.3″ model with an SD card slot and 1440 by 900 display, or in a new, smaller 11.6″ model with a 1366 by 768 display and a weight of just 2.3 pounds. Given all the improvements, the new laptop is priced reasonably well between $1,000-$1,700.

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Chris Pine Looking Fine On Details Mag

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Chris Pine is Unstoppable, ever since his breakout role in Star Trek last year. Well, these pictures may cause something to Beam Up, that’s for sure.

He’s got the movie, Unstoppable coming out in November and he’s actually here in Vancouver filming This Means War with Reese Witherspoon and Inception‘s Tom Hardy. He describes the movie, “It’s a rom-actsh-com. A romantic action comedy. Or maybe it’s com-actsh-rom? Executives probably use these terms all the time. ‘We need more com-actsh-roms!’ It sounds like a Hare Krishna temple.”

Who wants to climb his Pine tree?

More pictures from the Details article after the jump…

It’s almost here. “Here’s the Situation: A Guide to Creeping on Chicks, Avoiding Grenades, and Getting in Your GTL on the Jersey Shore“. He’s got an App, was on DWTS,

In the book he offers tips on creeping, etiquette, fashion, and physical fitness – a more elaborate GTL system, if you will. You’ll also find anecdotes, craft instructions (how to make an “ab pillow”), a “wingman” coupon, and a glossary of terms for phrases & words that include: “shore speak” as “battle,” “grenade,” “fresh to death,” and “crush.”

Let’s face it – you’re not going to buy/read this book. That being said, I’ve read some parts of it and it’s actually pretty funny, and not something to be taken seriously (as if you would). So why not check out some excerpts for yourself?

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Robyn Releases Body Talk Album Art AND Track List

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YES YES YES! The anticipation for this album couldn’t be higher. After Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 did not disappoint, I am sure that Pt. 3 will be amaze balls. Today, Robyn released on her website an official release of the artwork for the album as well as the official track list. I wrote a post a bit ago with some details about the album saying that Pt. 3 would contain songs from both Pt. 1 and 2 as well as some new material.

This is all confirmed now!

Check out the tracklist after the jump…

One of the biggest stars of music today is prego! Beyonce Knowles, 29 years old and married to Jay-Z, is expecting a baby. Apparently, she’s in her first trimester. We’ve got another Willow on the way! A source is reporting to US Weekly:

“B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet. She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again.” Another source says that Beyonce feels like, “this is a gift from God and she’s so happy.” It’s gonna be one hell of a baby shower for one of the highest earning couples in Hollywood.

To celebrate, I’ve modified some of the titles of biggest hits for the occasion:

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Katy Perry’s New Fragrance “Purr”

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Here Katy, Katy. The “California Gurl” singer gets down on all fours to present her new fragrance, “Purr“. Dressed up in a skintight purple and pink latex catsuit, Katy Kitty Perry channels her inner feline for the print ad. She looks like the love child of Batman and Catwoman in this sexy ensemble. I’m sure it’ll set millions of tails wagging.

While celebrity fragrances are a dime a dozen, it’s always interesting to see what pop stars name their scents. Hopefully the name “Purr” and the cat-inspired photo shoot aren’t an indication of what her scent will smell like. Let’s hope it doesn’t reek of 30-day old kitty litter. To be perfectly honest, I’m not interested what it smells like, but rather what the print ads and commercials will look like. I’m just hoping it isn’t as horrible as her “California Gurls” music video.

Does Katy Perry’s promo for her fragrance “Purr” hit all the right notes with you? Post your comments below.

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