SYTYCDC Season 3: Meet The Girls

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Before I highlight the boys of “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” Season 3, I’m going to go through the girls first. Unlike in previous years, this season SYTYCDC is increasing the number of dancers to a Top 22, leaving me to critique 11 girls in this post.

Considering all the types of dance out there, I’m surprised that eight contemporary dancers are in the mix. In the US version, Nigel would never let this fly and would include a hip-hopper, tapper and probably a riverdancer in the competition. Let’s lake a closer look at the ladies competing to become Canada’s favorite dancer below.


Age: 19
Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Style: Contemporary
She’s one of the contemporary dancers that stood out due to her strength and her ability to showcase her personality during her audition. She’s appeared in several movies including “Honey” starring Jessica Alba and “Camp Rock 2″ with the Jonas Bros. Her biggest accomplishment was winning Dancer of the Year 2008 at the American Dance Awards.

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Lady Gaga, Queen of Twitter

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What do you get when you combine Twitter and some glitter? Why, Lady Gaga‘s Twitter crown of course! The Fame Monster, who doesn’t seem to be letting the fame get to her head, has literally crowned herself the Queen of Twitter. Recently, Gaga surpassed the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, and she now has 5,743,491 followers, whereas Spears has a measly 5,704,348. While Britney focuses on the Gleeks, Gaga swooped under with the Tweets.

In the following video, Gaga is backstage at one of her concerts, wearing a crown with the Twitter “t” on it, giving her “Inaugural Message From Tween Gaga” to thank all her Twitter critters. It’s cute and annoying at the same time.

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Betty White The Author

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Is there anything Betty White can’t do? At the ripe age of 88 years old Betty White is set to pen not one book this year, but TWO both set to be released in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Seriously, 2010 has been one of the best years of Betty White’s careers, and it all happened due to her mass appeal and social networking at its best! After a Facebook fan page successfully landed White as host on Saturday Night Live (for which she just won an Emmy), racking up the most watched episode in months (?) – yeah, I believe it was months, this incredibly active woman has been popping up everywhere! I love it!

Known best for her role on the Golden Girls as blessed Rose, she will forever be immortalized as television royalty. This past year has seen her success in commercials, with her Snickers ad garnering millions of YouTube views following its stint during the Superbowl. From there she moved on to start next to Sandra Bullock in the proposal and landed herself two MTV Movie Awards – at 88 years old! Shortly after White found herself heading back to her TV-success roots, signing on and starring in one of the breakout comedies of the year, Hot in Cleveland.

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It’s getting down to it and things are as interesting as ever. Princess Britney is HOH, the brigade is totally messed now that Matt knows they would have voted him out over Lane, and Ragan is pretty sure he’s “like a bipolar hot tranny mess.” Enzo is sweating bullets, paranoid as to who is going to go up along with Brendon, considering Matt’s allegiance to Britney and Ragan. Brendon on the other hand is pretty much a floater – he better grab a life vest, as Rachel would say.

As the houseguests check out Britney’s HOH room, Hayden and Lane are totally hating on Britney’s fiance in the diary room – Lane, of course, because he wants Britney for himself.

Later on, Lane decides to bench press every weight in the house, at a whopping 325lbs. He manages to life it three times. Caveman like Britney! Caveman show Britney how much I lift?

Some more eroticism to discuss as Matt divulges to Britney and Lane that he dreamt about a shirtless Hayden. In the diary room, he says “I’m in some homosexual showmance now…” Too funny. Perhaps he’s a little bi-curious!?

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Considering all the Reality Competition Shows there are out there, it shocks me that the five nominated shows here, have been the same for the past few years. Where’s “So You Think You Can Dance“, “The Apprentice“, “Survivor“, “The Bachelor”, heck I’ll even take an “ANTM” nomination, just to mix things up.

American Idol

The last season of American Idol is widely considered, among fan and critics, to be the worst in the series. When you factor in the failure of DeGeneres’ addition to the panel, crowning the wrong winner and having the weakest Top 12 ever, there’s absolutely no way this show is winning. I’m even surprised it scored a nomination. Hopefully, with all the changes in store, the veteran reality show will once again reign supreme.

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Cricket Trailer: Is It Wrong That I Want One?

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On this fine summer weekend, a few of us cast members (Patrick, Dan, Jonny, Brian and myself) along with some friends are roughing it up at Adam’s cabin on Gambier Island. At this point, we’ve been there since Friday and I’m craving a shower and a flushing toilet. If only I had one of these to bring over on a tiny ferry, all my wishes would be granted.

How awesome is the Cricket Trailer??? It’s definitely not your grandparents humongous RV, it’s one for our cool hipster modern generation. The 15-foot trailer lets you experience camping YOUR way. While it’s designed for summer outdoor adventure, you can trick it out with a wide range of finishings and trimmings that would make any city boy comfortable in the wild.

Depending on the model you want, the Cricket can range between $10,000 to $17,000. It can offer a stainless steel sink with two-burner cooktop, a cabinet, a handshower with curtain, a portable cassette toilet, a furnace or a/c unit, a shade awning, and a folding bed with foam. If you want to completely customize it, you can purchase the Cricket shell and thoroughly make it your own.

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Summer is coming to an end, and looking back I thought it seemed like a good time to throw some pictures together – showing each cast member enjoying their summer. From vacations, to camping trips, to pride, and more, everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Tommy D

A recent picture of Tommy D enjoying the film festival…or his popcorn.

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Behind The Cast: Preparing For The Move

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Today is exactly one week from when I’ll be moving into my new place with my boyfriend and I’m so excited. I was told that moving was one of the top 5 most stressful events in one’s life, and it is on some lists, but thankfully in most lists that I came across, it did not make the cut.

In preparation for sharing a home with Tyrell, I’ve been going through my things – things that I really don’t need or use, yet have taken with me from place to place because I’ve been a bit of a hoarder.

A few days ago, I went through hundreds of CDs…and got rid of them. I kept about 20 and put them in a CD book, but the rest – dunzo. I was keeping them for the times when, you know, I might want to listen to that old rap/grunge/techno CD, but you know, they are few and far between and I don’t have space for them anymore.

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