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Looks like Harry Potter is going to go out with a bang. The movie franchise that started out nearly a decade ago, is as popular today, if not more so, than when it first came out. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1” took in a whopping $125 million at the box office this weekend.

Not only does that number represent the best tally for the series, but it also places this latest installment sixth overall for biggest opening weekend. Ahead of Potter are “The Dark Knight“, “Spider-Man 3“, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon“, “Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC” and “Iron Man 2“. With the second part of the finale coming next summer in IMAX which means higher ticket prices, I expect the final Harry Potter movie to break into the Top 5.

Coming in at second was “Megamind” which won the box office the past two weeks. Dropping only 44% in its third week, the animated film is a bonafide hit for Paramount. Denzel Washington & Chris Pine raked in another $13,100,000 to rank third for their awesome action flick, “Unstoppable“. Rounding out the top 5 were “Due Date” with $9,150,000 and “The Next Three Days” with $6,750,000.

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Warwick Rowing Team 2011 Calendar

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

It’s hard to not want time to fly by when you have a calendar like this you have to flip through. Grrr! Due to an overwhelming response to their first naked calendar in last, the United Kingdom’s Warwick University‘s senior rowing team has gone nude again to put together their 2011 calender to raise some money for their crew.

The photographer, Angus Malcolm from Barnsbury Studios, was gracious enough to send me some of the photos to share with you. I warn you though, once you see the pics you’re definitely going to want a calendar, and it’s a good time to get one as January is right around the corner. It makes a great holiday gift too! You can get a limited edition hard copy, or a digital version.

You can order the calendars/photos by clicking here. They are raising money to fix their boats, so buy a calendar so these hotties don’t sink! “They’re a great bunch of guys, and very appreciative of all the attention they’re getting,” says Malcolm. Well, I think they’ve earned it!

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In lieu of the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 finale creeping upon us, I thought it was about time to grab the reigns and do a Top Ten countdown of the hottest male pros the show has seen throughout its 11 seasons. Patrick and I took some time over a glass of wine to contend the 15 male pros against each other. It wasn’t an easy task by any means as the number 1 and 2 spots were fought over and ended with a win (by me) over a best out of 3 “rock-paper-scissors” battle.

Five male pros didn’t make the cut unfortunately and they will get their honorable mentions at the end of the countdown. Without further ado, let us begin the countdown.

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Behind The Cast: My Experience On “Tron: Legacy”

In: Calan, Movies

Disney’s TRON: LEGACY (another 3D movie) is set to be one of this years biggest releases. With some estimating a budget upwards of $300 million after promotions and branding, you can see why people are gearing up for the December 17th release date. Since I had the incredible pleasure of being part of this movie I’m going to share some behind the scenes with you folks while we all hold out breath for the big day.

It was the summer of 2009, filming was going on at the Canadian Motion Picture Park Studio in south Burnaby and I had been picked to be background as a cyber program. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I was on the TRON set for 4 glorious days with some of the coolest people I have had the pleasure to meet. I actually gained one of my very best friends from that set, Jade. I arrived on set my first day to a closed sound stage. Hair and make-up on average took 3-4 hours a day to do everyone because there was roughly 80 background people in our scenes. Most days ran very long, between 14-16 hours for all 4 days I was on set. We were all kept behind big tarp tents and made to wear robes if we were leaving the building to make sure no one saw our costumes. Everyone had a different outfit specially made for them with customized state of the art lights to make us look more digital. I had black box eyes and two blue stripes going across my chest from my left shoulder. Here is a photo of me on set, I wish I wasn’t hiding behind the guy who’s face I blacked out but you can still see my black box eyes and 2 glow stripes!

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Behind The Cast: My List

In: Behind The Cast, Dan

So I’ve never written a behind the cast before and I have to say it’s largely due to the fact that I feel I don’t lead an extraordinary life and therefore I wouldn’t be adding a great deal to world if I simply began spewing on about my life. Frankly, I’m quite boring.

With that said, I was randomly searching through old files on my computer and came across a word document saved simple as, THE LIST. Naturally, I clicked the file open and pondered to myself what the contents might hold as my office suite loaded on my screen.

To my amazement, I found a list I had written several years ago outlining the key qualities I value in the man that I date. Granted, this list was made jokingly, as you’ll note my quips as I make about each statement. Interestingly enough, there is a subtle truth to each of the five points I make in conjunction to the way I live my life today…

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Kelis Gets “Brave” In New Video

In: Music, Patrick, Videos

Kelis is back with another video for “Brave“- this one being the fourth single off her latest album, Flesh Tone. This video is quite different to what she did with her previous videos from this album, which include “Acapella”, “Scream”, and “4th of July (Fireworks)”. Instead of all the special effects, colors, and futuristic feel, she went simple. Very, very simple.

All of the videos on this album, including this one, are a collaboration with British photographer John Waddell. He’s a smart guy and definitely knows how to make her look good (not that she doesn’t without him – but she’s just flawless in her vids!) Off hand, I can’t think of another video I’ve seen where it’s so focused on the artist the entire time – without break. The style certainly matches the personal lyrics that come from Kelis on this track: “Had a baby, he’s amazing / He saved me and this time, it’s just us.” It’s a great song, part of a great album. Now, watch the video!

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Duppy Boy Ghost Attacks Caught On Video

In: Patrick, Random Reads, Videos

If you think watching Paranormal Activity 2 is scary enough, try living it! This young boy from Kingston, Jamaica is been haunted by a ghost or demon that is physically pushing him around – and it is caught on video by CVM News. The boy claims that the ghost is a friend that died a few years ago and has started appearing to him recently out of nowhere.

Not gonna lie, it really creeped me out. He’s been dubbed “Duppy Boy,” as Duppy is a Jamaican Patois word of West African origin meaning ghost or spirit. There has been a lot of buzz in his community about the encounters and the news stopped by to check it out, only to witness it first hand – twice…

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Remember when SNL made a spoof of Oprah and her studio audiences’ reactions to her Oprah’s Favorite Things shows…where Amy Poeler’s (playing an audience member) head explodes? That’s actually not too far off of what it’s like. They don’t even need to make a parody of it because Friday’s episode seemed like a parody in itself! If you missed it, the audience went INSANE! Medics were on hand in case anyone passed out or exploded.

Screaming, jumping, crying, hugging, sitting, standing, falling to the floor…you name it, the audience was doing it. I was literally laughing my head off. I mean, I’d likely be doing the same thing, but still. Imagine just finding out that you are currently participating in the FINAL Oprah’s Favorite Things episode ever? You know Mama’s gonna spoil you rotten!

So, if you missed the episode you HAVE to watch the following video. If you did watch the episode, you know how amazing the reactions are and you’ll want to watch this compilation of the best reactions.

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