NBC Aborts “Undercovers”

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Looks like Mission: Sexpionage failed. J.J. Abram’s spy thriller “Undercovers” is officially terminated. NBC made the announcement that most people, including me, were expecting for a longtime. Considering the brilliant Abrams was behind the show, it stunk DOA. The writing was crappy, storylines not riveting and the characters not engaging. I really wanted to like it, but gave up after watching three shows. My goodwill for Abrams can only last so long.

Undercovers” initially received the typical 13-episode order, but given the anemic ratings, the back nine episodes weren’t ordered. So far only seven episodes have aired and NBC still plans to air the next three shows on November 10, November 17 and December 1. But even with that, it only adds up to ten. The remaining three episodes haven’t been scheduled yet. My guess is, they’ll either burn them off on Saturday nights or wait til Christmas where repeats dominate the TV schedule.

Did you watch “Undercovers” and are you saddened by the news? How could JJ Abrams produce such a crappy show? It’s too bad it stunk so bad, it was nice to see Gerald McRaney back on TV. The same can be said for Boris Kodjoe . Damn, he is one fine hot brother. Hopefully he gets another gig soon where he can strut his sexy shirtless self again. Post your comments below.

Love is in the air in Hollywood. Two celebrity couples, with their fare share of baggage, just announced their engagements. I have no doubt, both announcements probably illicited a bit of ire and crying on their respective exes.

First up, 98 Degrees’ frontman Nick Lachey finally plans on making it official with girlfriend of four years, Vanessa Minnillo. This will be the second wedding for the 37-year-old stud, who’s first marriage to Jessica Simpson ended in a highly-publicized breakup. Even though Simpson and Lachey’s marriage had already fallen apart by the time Minnillo entered the picture, Jessica has been cold to both Nick and Vanessa.

Considering they divorced in 2005, you would think Jessica would be over it by now, given the fact she is madly in love with her new super hunky ex-NFL boyfriend. But recent events would state otherwise. A few weeks ago, “Miss Chicken of the Sea“, bumped into the two at a restaurant and according to a few reports, she wasn’t happy and made a scene by talking trash loudly about the couple. What are the odds that Jessica announces her own engagement within the next few weeks? You know she wants to beat those two to the altar.

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At first listen, Natasha Bedingfield’s new single, “Strip Me” is oddly familiar. You know you’ve heard it before but just can’t place it. Well, that could be for one of two reasons. First, it’s featured heavily in the trailer for Rachel McAdam’s new movie “Morning Glory“. Second, it was written and produced by ubiquitous Ryan Tedder. There’s no denying he’s talented, but his songs all start to sound the same after awhile. “Strip Me” has moments when it reminds me of Jordin Sparks’ “Battlefield“.

The English pop singer unveiled her new music video on Vevo this week. It was directed by Kathie Rankin and features the singer dressing up in various outfits from glamor chick to Ke$ha wannabe. Regardless of what look she’s in, Bedingfield looks stunningly gorgeous. Ke$ha only wishes she looks half as good as Natasha in feathers. My favorite part of the video features Bedingfield covered in dirt and rolling around in paint. HOT.

Strip Me” is the first official single and title of her upcoming third studio album. “Touch” was released during the summer but just as a teaser track to build buzz for her new album. Bedingfield has been working on “Strip Me” in LA for the past two years. It is due for release on December 7, 2010.

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Top 5 Scents OTM

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Just as fashion changes with the seasons, so should your choice of scents. I’ve compiled the Top 5 scents of the moment that would be perfect going into fall and winter… most of them are spicy, dark, mysterious & woodsy, a perfect transition from the light citrusy & floral scents from Summer’s past.

1. Bleu de Chanel $60 to $80 at Nordstrom

As the seasons change, so should your scent. Moving from ocean & floral notes in the Summer to Bleu de Chanel’s citrus & woodsy for Fall.

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Last week, Mahsa was Mahsacred in the Board Room, so to even the teams up this week, there’s a big switcharoo. On team Octane, we now have Liza, Clint, Steuart, and Brandy as Project Manager for this task. On Octane, we now have Anand, Stephanie, Poppy, and David as the Project Manager. This weeks task has to do with Macy’s and Donald Trump’s line of shirts, ties, and cufflinks. Teams have to do a four page ad for these items and will be judged on creativity, brand integration, and the overall presentation of the work.

For Team Fortitude, they want to do a black & white ad, except for the clothing which would have vivid color for what they are showing off. Octane wants to focus on what they think the Trump brand is all about – money, power, and sex. Brandy’s thinking the “morning after” scene, with a woman wearing a man’s shirt. I have to say that I like the concept and I’m sure The Donald wouldn’t mind her wearing his shirt. When it comes time for their shoot, the models don’t show up so Steuart and Brandy assign themselves as the models. “I think I’m a pretty good looking guy so I don’t think Mr. Trump is going to have a problem with me being in the ad,” says Steuart. Man is he full of himself.

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Book Review: The Gargoyle

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Recently I was loaned a book by a coworker who over the past few months has really sparked an interest in reading, so I jumped at the chance to discuss brilliant literature over a quick lunch in our office cafeteria. Having found a common interest in most of the books one another has read, she brought in her copy of The Gargoyle by Canadian author Andrew Davidson. She could hardly wait for me to start the book so we could at once begin chatting about it, so thankfully I was able to wrap up the novel I was currently reading and move this piece to the top of my to-read list.

I am glad that I did. I was desperately in the mood for a good ol’ fashion love tale, and although this story is unconventional in its every word, the overarching feeling of love shines through the pages. To be honest, to use the word unconventional to describe this book is an understatement. This book is shocking brash, hauntingly mysterious and impossible to put down. Davidson’s ability to create unbelievably realistic characters, with flawless development, is what gripped me from the opening chapter of the book.

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Movie Review: Fair Game

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If you’re looking for a good thriller this weekend, then Fair Game is a great choice! Based on a true story, the movie tells the story of how corrupt the people in power can be and consequently what the life of a secret agent is actually like behind the scenes when things go wrong. Imagine having to lie about who you are and what you do to all those closest to you, every single day of your life because it’s your job. Here’s the plot of the movie:

“Valerie Plame is revealed to be a CIA agent by White House officials allegedly out to discredit her husband after he wrote a 2003 New York Times op-ed piece saying that the Bush administration had manipulated intelligence about weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq.”

With Naomi Watts and Sean Penn as the two leads in the film, how can you go wrong! The two movie powerhouses certainly do not disappoint. Naomi Watts plays CIA agent Valerie Plame, who is married to Joe Wilson, played by Sean Penn. The story follows pretty much exactly what happens and what Valerie recounted in her 2007 book of the same name, which derived from a statement Karl Rove made to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in July of 2003 saying, “Wilson’s wife is fair game.” Little did he know it would turn into a movie…

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ANTM Cycle 15: Episode 10 Preview Pics

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Liz just got eliminated last night, and we already have photos for next week’s episode. As seen in the previews shown after last night’s episode, the girls head off for the ritual go-sees. Watching the girls navigate in a foreign city is by far my favorite moment of the year. I love hearing how real people respond to the remaining girls left in the running. For once at this late stage of the competition, all the girls are likable to me. Thank God, Liz got the boot last week. I was so over her. I’m hoping for Kayla or Jane FTW.

For this week’s Roman Goddess Statue photo shoot, Nigel Barker looks to be the photographer. Judging by the photos, to me its clear who’s going home. But as we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Tyra and her minions might like the picture I don’t. If you want to see the pictures, I’ve posted my favorite at the end of the post. To view the rest, head over to our ANTM Cycle 15 Photo Gallery.

view more preview pics after the jump. warning spoilers

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