Robyn’s Indestructible A-Trak Remix

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Yesterday, A-Trak, who happens to be one half of the amazing duo called Ducksauce (who brought us the infectious beats of Barbara Streisand), release his remix of Robyn‘s Indestructible. I really enjoyed her concert here in Vancouver last Friday and it will probably be one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Both the crowd and Robyn were feeding off of each others’ energies! If you haven’t seen her in concert, I suggest you do when she comes to your city.

Annie Mac debuted this fix on her Friday night show over on the BBC’s Radio 1. Love ya girl, but hey musicians, DJs and producers, how’s about sharing the wealth with another chick who’s got the Thursday night radio radness tip on lock here in the States. – Sheena Beaston

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Meet Avan Jogia: Miley’s New Man?

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Recently, Miley Cyrus (who’s 18th birthday it is today) was seen making out with 18 year old Canadian Avan Jogia, after the American Music Awards at Hollywood nightspot Trousdale when she celebrated her b-day on Sunday night. Photos surfaced on the web right after (as you can see in the bottom right of the picture above, with Miley wearing only a tiny bra top, leaning onto the bar with Jogia pressing up on her. Girls have a button, and boys have a pole…and wicked touching takes it’s toll…haha. I kid. So, who is this guy?

He’s originally from Vancouver, British Columbia and he got his first break in 2006 when he played Danny Araujo in A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. Jogia, of Indian descent, then hit the big time when he signed on for Nickelodeon’s hit show, Victorious as hot bad boy “Beck” earlier this year.

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DWTS Season 11 Finale Video Performances

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12 Weeks Ago, the stars met their pros. They’ve had their successes, their fallouts, and moments of defeat. But now, it all comes down to this: the Season 11 Finale. The three finalists will compete in Part 1 of the two part finale tonight. Four dances will help determine who the mirror ball trophy and tonight, we see two of the four. First up is the Redemption Dance. Each judge picks a routine they think the couple should have excelled at but didn’t do their best. That judge will then visit rehearsals and help mentor the stars and pros to make their dance the best of the best. Secondly, the couples will perform the most anticipated dance of the season… The Freestyle. Our first couple to the floor is Kyle and Lacey.

Song: “Feelin’ Good” – Nina Simone
Kyle has had quite the journey this season. His charisma has always been his strength on the show but what he has lacked the most in his performances is his technique. Week after week, Len praised him for performance but criticized him heavily on his lack of details when it came to the finer things and his feet especially. As their redemption dance, Len picked the Foxtrot. Their first Foxtrot happened during TV Theme Week when they performed to the theme from Charlie’s Angels. Len HATED it so much that he thought they should do it again.

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For this week’s “Model Behavior” feature, instead of highlighting just one gorgeous male model, I’m giving you eight fine specimen of men. With ANTM about to crown its 15th winner, I thought what better time to crown this cycle’s top male model.

Not only was ANTM Cycle 15 deemed the “high fashion” season with its unprecedented high caliber of fashion industry giants involved, but it is also noteworthy for another reason. This cycle featured male models in more episodic photo shoots than ever before. To which we say a collective, HOORAY. So while this season’s winner graces the pages of “Italian Vogue“, the male model you pick as the winner of our poll, will win a coveted “Man Crush” feature on our Homorazzi. So, check out the models below and cast your votes.

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My “Stuttering” Interview with Fefe Dobson

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Fefe Dobson first entered the recording industry as a teenager when her self-titled debut album hit stores, now she’s back older and wiser with a new album, “Joy“. Her second studio album hits stores in Canada today, and next week in the US. It’s already spawned two addictive tracks, “Ghost” and “Stutterin“. In between heavy promotion engagements, Fefe was gracious enough to sit down and talk to us about her upcoming album.

After long delays and being dropped and later resigned to her record label, Island Def Jam, we are treated to a brand new CD. Luckily for Island Def Jam, they came to their senses and snatched up Dobson before anyone else picked her up, because “Joy” is poised to become a hit for her and her label. In other words, Ka-Ching.

Originally Patrick was supposed to handle the interview, but due to a time change, I had to step in at the last minute. Thankfully, I was very well-versed with Fefe since I had covered her before, back when I was working at the teen online magazine. I’ve been mentioning that lately, haven’t I? I digress. With only minutes to prepare, I quickly caught myself up to speed with the latest Fefe news. Patrick was also kind enough to give me his notes and questions.

In the end, I didn’t even need them because our chat was so free-flowing, it felt more like a conversation rather than an interview. Props to her for the ability to make an instant connection easily with the other person on the line. We were like BFFs by the end of it.

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SWTS Season 1 Episode 1 Video Performances

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A rock legend. A reality TV superstar. A Disney channel star. An Olympic athlete. A soap star. A leading actress. What do these six things have in common? They are all competing on the first season of Skating With the Stars. From the ballroom to the ice rink, we travel next door from Dancing With the Stars to newest vote for your favorite phenomenon. Host Vernon Kay walks us through the set and explains the competition to us. So how does it work? Well, its practically Dancing With the Stars in the sense that the stars will perform with their partners and get judged by the panel. However, the couple will receive a set of two scores. The first for technical merit, the second for artistic impression. Just like a real pairs figure skating competition. One more added surprise that I enjoy is the required elements. These are a set of skills that the couple must execute in their routine in order to receive full scores. Fail to complete them, and feel the wrath of the judges.

Tonight’s elements are as follows: (1) One Foot Assisted Glide. The female partner must perform a one foot glide and the male partner must assist her. The male partner may also be gliding on one foot as well. (2) The Pair Spin. The pair must do a spin together. They can do the safe two foot spin, or venture into the harder realm and take a foot off the ground. They can also do a spin together which raises their difficulty. Lets quickly meet our panel before we get started. We have Hip Hop choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson, Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, and figure skating legend Dick Button. We start the night off with Disney channel star, Brandon Mychal Smith.

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WTF!!! Drunk Girl Stuck In Dryer

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What in the world did this girl’s friends say to coax her into this compromising situation? More importantly, how much liquor did this chick consume to agree to it? What a ridiculously stupid beyotch. This could’ve gone horribly wrong.. for the dryer. Who cares about the silly ho.

Luckily for her, no matter how drunk she is, she’s able to somewhat hold her composure. I have to give her credit for remaining calm, considering her dilemma. Had it been me, I would’ve been hyperventilating and freaking out big time. Just watching her work her way out of the dryer makes me claustrophobic and full with anxiety. Not only did her friends talk her into performing this insane drunken act, but they also laugh at her, filmed it and even poked her butt. Sadistic hookers. If I was there, I would’ve tumble dried her ass. LOL.

watch the silly twat get out of her predicament after the jump

Jesse McCartney Shakes It In New Music Video

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If you’re a regular reader of the site, by now you know I have an affinity for my R&B divas. You’re also aware I’m a secret lover of boy bands, if you saw my NKOTBSB post. But what you probably didn’t know is, I have an inexplicable adoration for Jesse McCartney. I blame my five years working at a teen online magazine where I picked up some nasty habits there. “The Cheetah Girls“, “Ashley Tisdale“, “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and the aforementioned McCartney to name a few. Too bad, worker’s compensation, didn’t cover this type of occupational hazard.

Back in the day, we covered the tween super-sensation heavily as he was a popular topic with our main demographic. I even went to a Jesse Mac concert in Seattle courtesy of his label, where I was literally one of five guys there. I heavily considered walking out, but my co-worker convinced me to stay. Sufficed to say, I slowly began to appreciate the blond heartthrob and his music.

The now 23-year-old is back with a more mature sound. It’s still poppy, but has a more grown-up and sexy feel to it. “Shake” is the lead cut from his forthcoming album, “Have It All” which drops on December 28, 2010. It was produced by DJ Ammo and has hit the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and steadily rising.

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