Jennifer Aniston hopes her latest effort for smartwater turns into a virus, correction, viral. Poor little thing, didn’t know the difference 😉 The actress is starring in her first ever internet (PG!) video for the bottled water company. Since it’s her first foray into this type of online marketing, Aniston wanted to ensure it had the makings of the next big internet sensation.

Anything remotely related to viral videos has been incorporated into this smartwater promotion. It’s jam-packed with enough viral video cliches to make her head spin. From dirty dancing computer animated babies, to adorable puppies (like hundreds of them), to internet sensation Keenan Cahill to even a “Friends” Rachel reference. It’s got it all. The clip is also titled “Jennifer Aniston sex tape” to attract all those horny boys looking for a little Aniston T&A. Watch the clip below to see if this viral video novice pulled off her first attempt.

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The Fresh Princess of Belair, Willow Smith has tamed down her hair since her last video and gets jiggy with it in her “21st Century Girl” Rich Lee directed music video that just came out today.

With a little bit of magic in the intro, an old woman (played by Cicely Tyson) summons Willow from the sand in the desert. She’s wearing a hooded outfit, and with a hood on and no make up she likes identical to her father, Will. From there Willow and her crew run through the sand, occassionally pulling random objects out of the sand like…cars and sky-rise buildings..You know, normal types stuff. Actually, I have to say the effects in this video are pretty cool.

Eventually the desert turns into the city, and the 21st Century girls in the vid rock it out on the streets in their colorful, funky outfits (Willow wearing a “Boys Need Training” shirt) amidst the surrounding towering buildings. I’m confident as this girl continues to come into her own, she’s going to be on top of the music scene for many years to come…the next generation of teen pop stars.

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As you probably already know, my boyfriend Tyrell, one of the writers on, is also a dancer. He’s a cheerleader on the CW’s Hellcats and you may have also seen him in a couple recent music videos (Elise EstradaYou’re So Hollywood“, These Kids Wear CrownsJumpstart“, etc.). What you probably don’t know is that he can sing and in his spare time he’s been writing some songs as well. I know right, what spare time? He started getting back into it by playing around with GarageBand on my computer. Before I knew it he had written a handful of songs and was really getting into it. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with how quickly he’s been able to come up with lyrics and turn them into songs.

Recently, working with some of the pros at RSA Academy, Tyrell got to spend some time in the studio working on one of his tracks, “Letting Go“. It’s an upbeat track with really catchy lyrics and today he’s taking the plunge in letting people listen to a little teaser of it for the first time. Unless you’ve played American Idol with us at Donovan & Brian‘s place, this will be the first time many of you have even heard him sing. He put together a 1:00 teaser of the song, which I had been joking this weekend that I was going to leak early. In all seriousness, Tyrell thinks of this as a fun side project that he’s had a lot of fun working on. He sang in musical theatre and just wanted to try singing in a different medium, since he had some spare time and the resources to do so. Hope you enjoy it!

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Check Out Jake Gyllenhaal In “Source Code”

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One of my favorite eye candy actors, Jake Gyllenhaal is back in an action film after his previous role in Love and Other Drugs. This time, Jake plays Colter Stevens, a decorated soldier who finds himself wrapped up in a government project called the Source Code. This code places Colter in the body of an unknown man in the last 8 minutes of his life.

When a commuter train is blown up, killing everyone on board, the government places Colter in the body of a man who was on the train to try and dig up clues about where the bomb is and ultimately who the bomber is. These clues will then help prevent a future attack in real time.

This film is directed by Duncan Jones and was filmed last year in Montreal, Canada and Chicago. The film has an estimated $35 million budget and is scheduled currently for an April 1st release. This movie to me is part Speed, part Unstoppable, part Minority Report and I love it. I can’t wait to check it out.

Check out both trailers for Source Code here.

Usher’s “More” Music Video

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Usher recently premiered the music video for his current single, “More“. The RedOne-produced track is one of Usher’s better tracks from his last album and has peaked so far at No. 15 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Being a huge Usher fan, I was hoping for a kick-ass music vid for this infectious club track.

While I fully understand Usher is in the midst of his successful OMG world tour, the R&B singer could’ve put forth a bit more effort on his latest clip. It simply mixes footage from his concert with closeups of him lip syncing to “More”. I really think the song got the shaft. It’s too good of a track to have a lazy and cheap music video to accompany it. Watch the video below and let me know what you think.

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G.I. Joe Sequel Casting Rumors

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In 2009, men everywhere were reunited with their childhood when G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra hit movie theatres everywhere. The movie performed well at the box office taking the top spot in its opening week and grossing an estimated $302 million dollars. Studio vice chairman of Spyglass Entertainment, Rob Moore stated that a sequel was being developed and now, many details have been released.

Now that Stephen Sommers will not return to direct, Step Up 3D and Never Say Never director Jon Chu will take his place. It was originally reported that all of the film’s lead actors were contractually obligated to return to reprise their roles. However, according to Twitter, actress Rachel Nichols released a few details about the upcoming sequel.

GI JOE 2 News Flash: The only characters to return in the JON CHU directed sequel will be SNAKE EYES, STORM SHADOW, and DUKE…

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Kate Middleton has chosen a designer for her royal wedding. So who is the lucky designer? None other then the late, the great, Alexander McQueen’s creative director, Sarah Burton… allegedly. While McQueen officials are denying the claims, UK’s Telegraph says that Sarah was chosen for her discretion, talent, and quirky, feminine take on elegance.

After McQueen committed suicide, Sarah Burton took the top design job. You may remember a Sarah McQueen design making headlines when First Lady Obama wore one of her dresses to a State Dinner. Another confirmation of the story comes from a source inside saying McQueen CEO Jonathan Akeroyd blabbed to a friend that McQueen’s fashion house and received the coveted wedding spot.

Sarah has denied that she has been asked to design the dress and even stated clearly to Vogue UK, “no, I’m not doing it.” Akeroyd denied the rumors as well saying that he was the CEO and would know if this was going on.

See who else could be designing the dress after the jump.

Another season of Celebrity Apprentice has just kicked off, with probably the best assemble yet. The intro was also the flashiest, with each of the stars walking in on a red carpet surrounded by staged paparazzi. Loved it! The episode kicks off at Radio City Music Hall, with Donald Trump addressing the celebs for the first time. Here we see that Marlee Matlin has a translator (Frank) that will translate everything Trump says for her. God I love her!

Next its time for each team to come up with their name and decide on a Project Manager for the first task. The women’s team go with go with TEAM ASAP (artists, singers, authors, and professionals) for a purpose and they all nominate Star Jones to be the PM, and she agrees to it. For the men, they choose the name TEAM BACKBONE and will be led by Richard Hatch.

Find out what went down and who the first celebrity to go home this season is after the jump…

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