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First Look: Robyn “Hang With Me”

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First off, let’s get this out of the way that I’m SO jealous that Alex got to see Robyn & Kelis in concert in LA over the weekend – Amazing. That being said, I woke up this morning to a new video from Robyn for her single, “Hang With Me,” which is…you know…almost as good as seeing her and Kelis in concert. Wah wah.

Robyn’s videos are always incredibly visually stimulating and this one is no exception. There’s a lot going on in this video. Robyn invites you to hang with her in this video as she portrays herself…performing in concert, traveling, signing autographs for fans, and just hanging out – showing more of her real life and what that must be like, rather than just a story that goes along with the lyrics.

After her tour with Kelis, she’s releasing Body Talk Part 2 on September 6th which will contain a duet with none other than Snoop Dogg.

Check out the video after the jump…

This past Friday I was lucky enough to score tickets to the All Hearts Tour with co-headliners Robyn and Kelis and it was so, so good.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, living in LA provides so many opportunities to see amazing music acts.  If you get the chance to visit, or even move down, there is never a shortage of entertainment no matter what your flava.

Ok, so back to Robyn/Kelis.  The night opened up at The Music Box with Dan Black (?), which I missed because LA traffic can be crazy, I’m always late and I have no idea who Dan Black is.  Next on stage was Kelis and she not only rocked it, but is now my inspiration for Halloween.  Homegirl was lookin’ fierce in a Romy & Michelle-esque shiny pink halter-paint outfit and silver beaded Cleopatra-style wig.  Most people know Kelis from her hit songs ‘Milkshake‘ and ‘Bossy,’ but with her new album Flesh Tone, she’s gettin’ the gays attention while still pleasing the straights.  My favorite songs off the album are ‘Acapella,’ ‘4th of July‘ and ‘Scream,’ all of which she performed Friday.  Only complaint was that her mic seemed really low and she already has a deep voice, so it was kind of hard to hear her, other than that – loved her.

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Picking up where we left off last week in the HOH competition, people start falling off the surfboards. Kathy first, then Lane, then Kristin, leaving only two spots left for The Haves for the week. The next person to fall was Hayden, and then Britney. Ragan, Andrew, Matt, Enzo, and Brendon are left and all are Have Nots except the one that wins HOH slash the last one standing. Matt is trying to mess with people, while Brendon is trying to keep focused making sure Matt doesn’t win, now over 40 minutes into the challenge. Next up, Meow Meow (Enzo) falls off, leaving Matt as the only one left in the brigade. Unfortunately for Brendon (and Rachel), he is the next to fall. It’s down to Ragan, Andrew, and Matt. Over an hour passes now and Ragan tries to make a deal with Andrew, saying if he wins, 100% he won’t put him up. An hour and a half into the competition, Andrew is out. Ragan then asks for some privacy to make a deal with Matt, but after they talk, they decide to continue in the competition. Over two hours into the challenge, Ragan falls and the worse case scenario comes true and Matt is the HOH. Argh.

The next few scenes are not really important but the synopsis is Brendon consoles Rachel, Britney makes fun of how Enzo talks, and Matt shows everyone his HOH room, playing his fake sick wife card.

Later on, the brigade meets in the HOH room and Enzo suggests that Brendon & Rachel should be the clear targets, while Matt thinks to himself that Kathy is more of a target to him because she tried to vote him out. Just before bed, Hayden sneaks into Kristin’s room for some lovin. The next day, the brigade starts to catch on that Hayden is spending a lot of time with Kristin. They’re keeping an eye on him, as they should. I hope the brigade falls apart.

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Located in the heart of Vancouver’s trendiest neighborhood, Opus Hotel provides all the top-notch service and world-class amenities you can expect from a luxury boutique hotel in a stylish intimate setting. With their ninety-six vibrant modern luxurious guestrooms, Opus is the perfect oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city, especially during the around-the-clock partying at pride weekend.

Just in time for Vancouver Pride, Opus is offering two gay-specific hotel packages for you to enjoy. Whether you’re partaking in the festivities solo, with a group of friends or your partner, there’s a unique package that’s just right for you. So why not relax, recover and love at Opus Hotel this Vancouver Pride.

The Celebrate Pride Package offers mini-bar ‘raiding’ credits, drinks at the newly renovated (and stunning) OPUS Bar, and accommodations in a Superior Queen room, appropriately enough. For the more romantic, OPUS also offers Propose on Pride Package, with champagne, breakfast in bed, late check out and more options that promote lovey-dovey canoodling.

detailed information for both packages after the jump

Amanda Bynes: Clearly Non-Committal

In: Donovan, Movies

WOW, that didn’t last for very long. A month ago, former child star Amanda Bynes made headlines for announcing her early retirement. She tweeted she was retiring from acting because it was no longer fun. I guess during her month-long hiatus, the 24-year-old former actress rediscovered the fun again.

In another tweet a few days ago, Bynes called off her self-imposed retirement with the simple “I’ve unretired”. Seven minutes later, she followed that with yet another tweet promoting her upcoming movie, Easy A. Even though she announced her intent to return to acting, she hasn’t scored a new role nor currently filming a movie. Was her “retirement” part of some grand mastermind plan to promote her film all along?

Amanda Bynes co-stars with Emma Stone in the upcoming teen-flick revolving around, what else… sex and gossip. The film is scheduled to hit theaters September 17, 2010.

Pigeons Hate Kings Of Leon

In: Donovan, Music

Apparently not everyone was excited to see the Kings of Leon perform in St. Louis. The rock band was forced to cancel their gig at the Verizon Amphitheater just three songs in due to a constant bombardment of pigeon poop. The musicians tried to push forward despite being repeatedly splattered, but the final straw came when Jared Followill was hit with one extra-large dropping near his mouth.

Even though the Nashville band saw what their opening acts The Postelles and The Stills looked like after their sets (pigeon collateral damage), they didn’t immediately cancel their show. They tried to be good sports and went for it, but the situation became too ridiculous and disgusting. The last thing they wanted to be was completely covered in pigeon excrement.

read what the band and their publicist issued after the jump

Behind The Cast: One Busy Summer

In: Behind The Cast, Patrick

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write today for a Behind The Cast, I thought, “Hmm, I don’t have anything to write about.” Then I realized, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With that, I’m going to tell you about some of the big things happening in my life over the summer.

Masc Turns 3

Three years ago I opened up a men’s skincare & grooming store (and website) with my business partner Jamie, and this month it turns 3! Time has sure flown by and I’m really proud of what we’ve done. Next weekend we will be celebrating our anniversary in store on Saturday, July 31st. Check out the event for more details.

A New Apartment

My boyfriend Tyrell and I have decided to take the big step and move into a new place together. So, I had the talk with my roommate Landon and in this past week, we started taking steps towards the big move. Lucky for Tyrell and I, as soon as I had changed my Facebook status to say that we were looking for a place, someone contacted me and the place they’re renting out is amazing. Great apartment, great view, awesome amenities, and it’s in between Masc and Donovan’s (with whom I work on Homorazzi stuff with). Perfecto! We move in September 1st! It’s gonna be a busy month.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, and The Loden Hotel must cancel Thursday night’s highly-anticipated Pride Weekend Kick-Off Penthouse Party. It is with HUGE regret that we have to deliver this news but unfortunately all parties’ hands are tied. What was promoted with playful intentions has been taken out of context and reached governing powers.

We appreciate all the support and buzz generated for our annual event and it is with a sad and heavy heart we deliver this crushing news. I know many of you were looking forward to it.

Since both parties don’t want our selected charities to suffer, The Loden Hotel has graciously offered to donate $1000 amongst Friends For Life and YouthCO Aids Society.

Thank you again for your support and appreciate your understanding for this last minute cancellation and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Since our event is canceled, may we suggest the following events that are taking place Thursday:





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