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Yesterday’s Halloween episode of Ellen was Hallow-rious! First off, let’s talk about her costume. She came out as Snooki’s POOF! Brilliant! Her entire costume was the hair-do, with a small cabbage patch doll at her feet as the body. Amazing. Ellen’s Halloween episodes are like a tradition for me now. Some of my favorite things she does on her show are the pranks, so when she does pranks and scares people left right and center on her Halloween episode, I am on the floor laughing my head off.

In yesterday’s episode, she sent one of her writers (Amy), who is notorious for getting scare easily, to a haunted house at Universal Studios, and of course filmed the entire thing. It’s hilarious. If I was in Ellen’s shoes, I would have done the exact same thing.

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Okay, well she’s not actually an angel in her new video for “The Night Is Young,” but it does start of with choir practice in church before heading out for a night out on the town with her girls. We follow a couple of girls roller skating with angel wings on encounter several break dancing scenes before we end up on a dancefloor where a guy an a girl that had given each other the eye during choir, have their first electric kiss on the dancefloor.

Nelly Furtado looks flawless in the video and I want to like the video because I’m a big fan of hers, but unfortunately I found myself pretty bored. I wish there had been more of a story or that they went even more intense on the dancing, but it was a little of everything and not much of anything.

The best parts of the video are the shots of Nelly because she’s so gorgeous, and of course the awesome dance moves / dance offs in the street.

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New Sexy Promo Pics For

In: Donovan, Totally GAY! recently conducted a photo shoot in beautiful Ibiza for an upcoming digital and print ad campaign. They were kind enough to give us a sneak peek to share with you. Based on what I’ve seen, I can’t wait to see what the full campaign will look like for the gay “dating” website. Let’s call a spade a spade, most people use it to get their groove on and not for LTRs. Not judging, just pointing out the obvious.

Anyhoo, the sexy hot pics will only be for European audiences. Why do you ask?’s Head of North American Market, Phil Henricks, explains:

“In the US we primarily use members as models but in Europe they wanted a more polished look, these images will most likley be mixed with images of European members,”

LOL. That statement can be take several ways. Is he implying North American gays are better looking or European patrons are more superficial. Hmmm. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me as long as they keep coming out with more sexy guys in bathing suits. You can never go wrong there. Be sure to vote in our poll below, as will be checking out the results.

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Think Haley Joel Osment in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) but as a woman, Asian descent and a nurse. Okay so it’s nothing like Osment, but you get the gist. They’re both robots. For two days, the Tsukuba Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology showed off some of their new robot creations. Meet Actroid-F, one of the androids developed to provide patients companionship during their hospital stays.

I’m sorry, but if I was laying in a hospital bed, seeing this android would creep the sh*t out of me. The android is more emotive than I thought we’d be at this stage of the game. It verges on super creepy. It’s currently being tested in some Japanese hospitals to observe patients already. I guess, “Terminator”, “I, Robot” and all those movies are right. Robots are going to rule the world one day.

watch the robot nurse in motion after the jump

Sports Stud: Forrest Gregory

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!

This week’s athlete is a decathlete and was a 2008 NAIA All-American (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)! His name is Forrest Gregory. What a name! In case you don’t know, a decathlete is an event consisting of ten track and field events over two days. The winner is determined by who does the best overall.

With a body like his, of course he got into modeling as well and is a graduate of image modeling from Doane College in Nebraska. Shall we take a walk through the Forrest?

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Judd Apatow PSA: Laugh Your Tuches Off…

In: Patrick, Random Reads

In celebration of AJWS‘s 25th anniversary, (American Jewish World Service), a bunch of celebrities got together and made a hilarious PSA for them. The actual organization had a great laugh at the Funny or Die video and even had this to say:

It rocks. So by all means, laugh your tuches off. Enjoy some of the most celebrated names in entertainment (including Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Kiefer Sutherland, Susan Sarandon and, yes, Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog) roasting AJWS as we mark our 25th anniversary. We’re here to amuse.

But along the way we also alleviate poverty, hunger and disease in the developing world (sounds crazy, but it’s what we do.) And to make that happen, we rely on assistance from people like you. So when this achingly funny video ends please consider donating, taking action or signing up for one of our e-mail newsletters. Just click one of the bright, shiny buttons to right of the player. It takes about 13 seconds.

As Patrick Stewart says, “Individuals can change the world. “ And as a Starfleet captain, he should know (even though he’s not Jewish.)

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Pink “Raise Your Glass” Photos

In: Music, Patrick

A little tease before the real thing, Pink just release some photos from her music video shoot for “Raise Your Glass“. The video was shot by her long time collaborator, Dave Meyers. If the ones they’ve done together are any indication, this video is going to be awesome. He shot “Get The Party Started,” which won “Best Female” & “Best Dance” at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2002, as well as Stupid Girls which won “Best Pop” in 2006, and more recently, “So What,” which won “Video of the Year” in 2009.

The first picture pays homage to the famous “We Can Do It,” photo with Rosie the Riveter. The picture represents the American women who worked in factories during WW II.

The video will also feature a gay wedding!

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ANTM Cycle 15: Episode 9 Preview Pics

In: Donovan, TV Shows

We’re heading into the final stretch for this cycle of ANTM, which means the TOP 6 girls are heading overseas. It should come as no surprise that the remaining models are flown to Italy, since this is the “high fashion” season. Judging by the pictures, their first stop is Venice. Overall, I’m happy with the girls left in the running. The only one I’d swap out is Liz and I’d replace her with Kendal. Damn, that girl was stunning.

Joining the panel this week is designer Margherita Missoni. The guest judges this season keep getting better and better. Hopefully Tyra and Andre Leon Talley can keep this momentum going for Cycle 16. If you want a sneak peek at next week’s episode of ANTM Cycle 15, check out the pictures below.

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