TV BackTalk: ABC Takes Us Off The Map

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Tonight, ABC debuted its newest addition to it’s midseason line up titled Off The Map. This project is brought to us from the fine creators of Grey’s Anatomy. Honestly, at first look at this show, the only thing I could think was, seriously? Another medical drama on television? We’re already overcrowded with the crime dramas, why do we have to throw medicine into the mix too? However, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

For my first impression, I will say that ABC is combining a few of their hit shows into one to make this one appealing to a broad audience. This show is part Lost in the sense that its filmed in Hawaii, takes place in a remote location and probably saved ABC a lot of budget money by using some of the same sets and locations. This show is part Grey’s Anatomy because it brings all these different doctor personalities together to try and create a team. Lastly, this show is part Private Practice with all of its doctor’s gone sexy in a hot location where they take their shirts off all the time. Okay, get the picture? Now lets move in to the characters the storyline.

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Well that’s just the opinion of one member of the Halton Catholic School Board in Ontario. Jane Michael seems to think “A homosexual lifestyle … is not in accordance with the Catholic Church, Why can’t heterosexual students have a club? I don’t think sex clubs should be in school.” OH Marry, no she didn’t! If you haven’t already heard about this story, the Halton Catholic School Board in Ontario recently made a move to ban all gay-straight alliances in the district. This probably came about because the Catholic Bishop, Paul-Andre Durocher, chair of the Education Commission of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario gave his two cents saying that gay-straight alliances are inappropriate for high school students. Apparently providing a safe space for LGBT students is against Catholic principles. He’s probably just upset that no one invited him to the party.

According to Xtra, one board member, Alice Anne LeMay, even went as far as comparing a GSA to a club for Nazis saying “We don’t have Nazi groups either,” rationalizes board chair Alice Anne LeMay. “Gay-straight alliances are banned because they are not within the teachings of the Catholic Church.” This type of ignorance and outright homophobia is so upsetting to me. Not only is this sending the wrong message to LGBT youth within the Halton Catholic School District but it’s also in direct violation of the Human Rights Code put forward by the Ontario government.

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The Simpsons: The XXX Parody

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Why do they keep doing these!? The next TV show to inspire a Porn Parody is none other than The Simpsons. This Larry Flynt XXX Parody follows Marge & Homer Simpson as they decide to make their own homemade sex tape, and also features several other familiar characters including: Ned Flanders, Cookie Kwan, Senator Mendoza, McBain, and Barney. “You’ve never seen yellow this sexy,” as their tagline promises.

The adult industry has gone cray cray with making these parodies. In the last year alone, porn parodies have been done for Jersey Shore, The Jeffersons, The Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Seinfeld, and The Golden Girls. If someone were to ask me what turns me on, I would never watching TV sitcom (or cartoon!) characters having sex. Would you get turned on by spray-painted people & parts with cartoon voices getting it on?

In other Porn Parody news, Vivid Entertainment is releasing an Elvis Presley one this Saturday, for what would be the King’s 76th birthday. It will feature two different playing Elvis, and but also porn actor Ron Jeremy. I bet after Elvis finishes, he says, “Thank ya. Thank ya very much.”

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First Listen: Alexis Jordan “Good Girl”

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One of my favorite songs of 2010 was “Happiness” by Alexis Jordan, and lucky for me she recently released her next single, “Good Girl” to kick of 2011. The dance track will be the second single from her self-titled debut album which is set to be released on Monday, February 28th (the day before my birthday!) Here are some of the lyrics from the catchy tune:

“You might mistake me for heart breaker, ’cause there’s blood on the floor / I’m hoping you will see, there’s something good in me, Never seen before / Might mistake me for a heart breaker, ’cause there’s blood on the floor / I know you’re shaking me, My heart is there for keeps, there’s an open door.”

Her first single, “Happiness,” was a huge success, entering the UK charts at #3 and the US dance charts at #1. Discovered on YouTube, the singer has sold 300,000 copies of the track. Although this one might not be as big of a hit, it’s still quite catchy and with a good music video, you never know!

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Model Behavior: Adam Senn

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Sorry for the day late Model Behavior selection, boys and girls, but after seeing this week’s choice, you’ll see he was worth the wait. For all you MTV reality TV fans, you might recognize Adam Senn from the first season of the now-defunct “The City“. He was the bad boy model who was besties with Whitney’s ex, Jay. Before he was getting into public love spats with his girlfriend on the show, Senn was, and is, an in-demand male model.

Born in Paris France in 1984, the fashion walker grew up in Sugarland, Texas. How’s that for a unique twist. A little hee haw with a touch of oui oui. Growing up, he played baseball, basketball, soccer and golf for which was ranked nationally.

Once he decided to enter the fashion industry, it didn’t take him very long to get noticed and book jobs due to his signature lips. He’s appeared in major ad campaigns for A/X, Ray-Ban and D&G. In addition to walking in coveted fashion shows for DSquared, Heatherette, D&G, and so forth, he’s also does plenty of catalogue work for Old Navy, Urban Outfitters and more. Adam has also worked with legendary photographers Steven Meisel and Mario Testino. Currently he’s represented by Next Models and Wilhelmina.

Knowing modeling won’t last forever, Adam has diversified his interests and segued into two other fields. He’s owns his own restaurant called “Il Bastardo” (love the name) in New York City. Like most other models, Senn has decided to act as well. He just wrapped up a role in “Video Girl” and “Magic City Memoirs“. Recently he did a guest spot on “Law & Order: SVU” as a bad boy. Talk about type-casting.

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The winner of Survivor 21: Nicaragua, Judd Birza (who was known as “Fabio” on the show) has been busy since winning the million dollar prize. It seems the stud is staying true to what you’d expect from someone who goes by the name of “Fabio,” starring in this very sexual, cheeseball movie where he is apparently in his underwear the whole time. The film is called “1313: Nightmare Mansion”. The plot: “In 1313 Nightmare Mansion, a demonic young man lures his high school classmates to a party so that he can sacrifice their souls and bring his dead mother, killed during the Salem witch trials 300 years ago, back to life.”

It’s like a gay Fabio romance novel come to life. The funny thing is, one of the taglines for the movie is “A Supernatural Thriller For Girls”. HA! Try for GAYS! When you watch the trailer, you’ll see what I mean: Guys in their underwear, caressing each other talking about their desires, Fabio licking a knife like a shaft at the command of another half naked guy, and lines like, “Where did my clothes go?”

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He’s not a bird, nor is he a plane. It’s Supperman. He’s just one of superheroes fighting underwear crime in Diesel’s new colorful “Fresh & Bright Superheroes” ad campaign. Once again, Diesel delivers another eye-catching fun campaign to titillate your senses and fulfill all your superhero-related fantasies. Have no fear, the Fresh & Bright superheroes are her to save your day in sexy fashion.

The new creative features both male and female superheroes, but for the purpose of our fabulously gay site, I chose just the hunky boys. Each superhero imagery comes in two states- the one seen above, and another option where you can “turn them off“. Simply, all that means is you can strip them to just their Fresh & Bright underwear and nothing else. Once you see the images, it’ll make you wish you were a damsel in distress so these boys can whisk you away in their arms to safety.

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Nothin’ But a Glee Thang On Funny or Die

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Funny Or Die’s newest video is one of my favorites. This time, their target is none other than popular hit show, Glee. Well, not Glee specifically, but more the hardcore gleeks that obsess over the characters and the people that play them.

The video has some pretty awesome cameos from Glee kids Cory Monteith, Harry Shum Jr., Naya Rivera and Matthew Morrison. Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara is even in the video. The clip starts off with four girls having a slumber party and after watching Glee, discuss who their favorite characters and actors are on the show. Heather Morris happens to be at the party but the girls tell her she isn’t allowed to pick herself.

After much discussion, the girls break into a song about Glee, rapped to the tune of Nothin’ But a G Thang by Snoop Dogg. Make sure you check out this video. Its not one to be skimmed over.

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