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Today’s World Cup Hottie is none other than pleasing Paraguayan football stroker striker, Roque Santa Cruz. He currently plays for the English Premier League club in Manchester City as well as on the Paraguay national football team.

  • Date of Birth: August 16th, 1981
  • Height: 191 cm
  • Shirt number: 9
  • Position: Forward
  • Current club: Manchester City (ENG)
  • International Caps: 73
  • International Goals: 21
  • First international: Paraguay – Mexico (April, 28th 1999)

Four years ago in the 2006 FIFA World Cup edition of Kicker magazine, he was voted the sexiest man that was to be in the tournament. In addition, another German publication, Die Welt, named him the sexiest footballer of the competition that year. Those Germans sure have a thing for him…but I don’t blame them. A German band called SPortfreunde Stiller also wrote a song called “Ich Roque,” of which he is the subject. Those Germans wanna see his Bratwurst!

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Is MTV Canceling “The City”

In: Donovan, TV Shows

MTV say it isn’t so!!! The internet was abuzz earlier this morning with the rumor that MTV canceled “The City“. The rumor was spreading faster than butter on a hot skillet. With “The Hills” ending its successful six year run, it seemed odd that MTV would be shutting down its spinoff considering “The City’s” entertaining second season.

To ease the minds of fans of the show, MTV’s president of programming and development Tony DiSanto contacted Gossip Cop to set the record straight. According to DiSanto, the show’s rumored demise is 100 percent not true. PHEW. TGIF.

Even though we don’t do a weekly recap or spoof of the show, I am completely obsessed with the show. I find “The City” is really finding it’s voice now halfway through the second season. While Whitney isn’t the strongest person to carry the show, thankfully her excellent supporting cast can.

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A well known and respected Washington, DC couple, Bob Davis and Henry Schalizki (both 89 years old) got married by Rev. John Detaeye over the weekend after being together for 64 years! They met in Rhode Island in 1942. In an interview they joked, “It was a long engagement,” and “we wanted to make sure.” Bob Davis is a retired WGMS Radio Announcer and Henry is from H.A. Gill & Son Realtors. They talked about their experience up to the current date and the progression of human rights.

One thing that I found really interesting is that Henry said that the two of them have never ever gone to a gay bar. They have had no interest – they said they had each other and their circle of friends, and that’s all they needed.

One of their secrets to longevity is “I’m always right and he gets his way.” Hilarious. You should watch the video of their interview and snippets of the ceremony. My eyes started to water a little when they put the rings on each others fingers and held each other’s hands, and were pronounced to be married after over sixty years together, surviving through decades and decades of the fight for equality and even just being in a relationship. They are two incredible people and I myself want more gay couples like this to look up to. It’s really touching and very encouraging.

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Say what you will about Chris Brown, but you can’t deny he’s a kick-ass live performer. During last night’s BET Awards telecast, Brown finally got his shot to pay homage to his hero, Michael Jackson. Brown is arguably one of the, if not, the only performer who could do the “King of Pop” justice.

Michael’s brother, Jermaine introduced Brown who wore a blue shirt, black pants, white socks and Jackson’s trademark black loafers. A look very reminiscent of MJ’s 1988 Grammy performance. He performed a medley of Jackson’s hits which included “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Remember The Time”, “Smooth Criminal”, and “Billie Jean”.

But it was his “Man in the Mirror” performance everyone is talking about today. From the very first line, Brown could barely compose himself in singing the lyrics. He was definitely choking up and broke out into tears. Perhaps the poignancy of the song hit the embattled singer harder than he thought.

Was the moment genuine or was it Brown’s attempt to regain favor back with the public after his highly documented Rihanna scandal? Mea culpa or crocodile tears? You be the judge.

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Movie Trailer: The Social Network

In: Movies, Patrick

I’m SO excited to see this movie, based on the inception and launch of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s (played by Jesse Eisenberg) story. The movie even has Justin Timberlake in it (Sidenote: Come out with another album already and bring your Sexy Back!).

The trailer was just released, The Da Vinci Code movie trailer style. For not showing any actual footage, I’m loving the trailer. Very, very dramatic…it’s almost like Mark Zuckerberg is Jesus Christ in his second coming, that’s how dramatic. The tagline…”You don’t get 500 million friends without making a few enemies.” The words that flash across the screen include: “Punk,” “Genius,” “Prophet,” “Traitor,” and “Billionaire.”

The film is set to be released this fall on October 1st, 2010.

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Stinkdink Law Firm

In: Patrick, Videos

Ryan Steele & Amy Goodmurphy are back with another over-the-top video sketch, this time targeting the overly cheesy and totally low budget 1-800 You Need A Lawyer type commercials. It’s Stinkdink Law Firm, with Terri and Terry Stinkdink! The commercial features testimonials from people that have used their services and won, and the two provide several examples of the types of cases they can help you win.

In this latest video from the sketchmaster, it appears Mr. Steele is making good use of a fancy new green screen! The video is hilarious. If you’re in some legal trouble, give Terri (Terri with an “i”) and Terry (Terry with a “y”) a call: 1-800-2-4593-1183.

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Premiering Tonight on ABC: Huge

In: Patrick, TV Shows

A new series is premiering tonight that I’m really interested in checking out. Move over Ugly Betty, there’s something bigger coming to TV…Huge. Starring Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray) as Willamina, one of seven teens at a weight-loss camp that follows their struggles in self discovery and with each other, the series promises to be “funny, heartbreaking, and provocative.” It’s based on the book of the same name by author Sasha Paley’s and is being developed by Winnie Holzman (Wicked, My So-Called Life, Once & Again) along with daughter Savannah Dooley.

Some of the other cast members include, Hayley Hasselhoff (daughter of David Hasselhoff from Baywatch), Gina Torres (playing Dr. Rand, who runs the fat camp), Harvey Guillen, Ashley Holliday, Raven Goodwin, Ari Stidham, and hottie Zander Eckhouse.

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Sassy Gay Friend Meets Eve

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!, Videos

What are you doing? What, what, what are you doing?!

So far, he’s helped Ophelia, Juliet, and Desdemona…now your favorite Sassy Gay Friend heads back to a time well before Shakespeare to help stop Eve from making a terrible mistake and becoming “The Original Sinner.”

The comedy series from The Second City Network is absolutely hilarious. Who do you think Sassy Gay Friend will help next?

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