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Nicki Minaj Graces “OUT Magazine”

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You’re probably getting tired of me shoving Nicki Minaj down your throats, but I just can’t help it. I got nothing but mad love for this lady rapper. The 25-year-old recently posed for the cover of Out Magazine. Not only is the cover awesome, but so are the other photos for the piece. They’re very reminiscent of early Missy Elliott.

They lyrical artist loves the support from her gay fans and is flattered by all the impersonations from them. She first learned of her following when she witnessed a few videos on YouTube. She often refers to her fans as “Barbies” and her gay counterparts as “Ken Barbies”. LOVE IT.

“If a gay guy impersonates you, you are a bad bitch. Period,” she says, waving her bright-orange nails in the air. “There are no ifs, ands, or buts, because they only impersonate the best.”

view more photos from her Out Magazine piece after the jump

The Apprentice: Top 5 Hottest Guys

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The tenth season of The Apprentice coming up, where Donald Trump is giving a second chance to 16 candidates hurt by the recession. It starts on September 16th 9/8c on NBC.

The original Apprentice is back, meaning no celebrities – just real people who are willing to go through the ultimate job interview for a chance to work for The Donald. Given the beautiful women in his lives and how he talks to the beauties that come onto the show, it’s obvious that Trump loves his ladies. Here at Homorazzi, we love the men more. With that, I thought it’d be pertinent to share with you the five people I’d hire to work in the Homorazzi Boardroom it would be anything but boring. These selections exclude any Celebrity Apprentice contestants – they get enough attention as it is.

Without further delay, here are are men…

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Wow, Hottest Men 2010 definitely has a nice ring to it! Once again the Homorazzi cast was invited to the Vancouver Home + Interior Design Show and our coverage wouldn’t be complete without our annual list of the hottest men manning the booths and frying pans at this year’s event! Similar to my article about the Home Show’s radical products and setups at this year’s event, I’ll be taking you through my list of the THREE hottest men working the show, giving you a bit of background and then letting you decide who the title of ‘Hunk of the Show’.

Let’s get right down to it, shall we…

Top 3 Hottest Guys after the jump…

SYTYCDC Season 3: Top 16 Performances

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Hello everyone. I trust everyone is ready for a night of great performances from your Top 16. We are getting closer and closer to the cream of the crop so at this point, the dancers should feel comfortable with each other and should have a great deal of trust. This will reflect in the routines with great partnering skills and great attack on the movement. Lets see what happens. After the dancers are introduced, Leah hits the stage to introduce the our judges for the evening. Jean Marc, Tre Armstrong, Stacey Tookey and Ballet bad boy, Rex Harrington are present to give their critique and praise to these 16. Blake and Luther are absent meaning we can expect to see their work later on in the evening. Leah then informs us that the show is moving to a new day next week. Wednesdays for the performances and Thursdays for the results. That in turn will affect my recaps. Thursday and Friday will be their new homes.

Leah then moves to another issue which has been bombarding the producers inboxes I’m sure which is, how do the judges decide who goes home? She explains how the Bottom 3 couples are determined by Canada’s votes. She then turns to Tre and Jean Marc to ask “Who goes home is decided how?” and also asks how the results show varies between Canada and the US. Tre states that when they (the judges) receive the information of the Bottom 3 couples, they are also informed of which couple had the lowest number of votes. Sometimes, the lowest votes can determine who leaves. However, solos can save the dancers. Last week, Kirsten and Jera had the lowest number of votes but Kirsten’s solo was enough to save her and they sent Julia home instead. That will all change when we reach the Top 10 as then, only Canada’s votes will decide who stays, and who goes. With all the official jargon out of the way, lets begin. Tonight, we ask what Canada doesn’t know about the contestants.

Check out each performance after the jump…

Lady Gaga To Marry The Gays

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The Goddess of Gays (aka Mademoiselle Meat Dress), is set to start marrying the gays. She has apparently taken an online course and is going to start marrying her little manloving monsters when she’s done.

A source informed the Daily Star:

“She has completed virtually all of the coursework. She sees this as a way of repaying the love her fans have shown her. This isn’t a gimmick. She has a very strong belief system and has embraced God since she was a little girl.”

From Lady Gaga to Reverend Gaga or Pastor Gaga. Weird.

In other news, last night she picked up 8 VMA awards and announced the name of her next album – “Born This Way,” which I love. I know I’ve said those exact words before in explaining being gay, so I know her fans will be able to identify with it. Also last night, she wore her Meat Dress, which made PETA pissed. On the other hand, here’s what Cher had to say about it via Twitter…

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Jennifer Lopez commenced filming over the weekend on what will be a viral video of her song “Take Care“. The leak came from someone named Ashley Everett’s Twitter, who was working on the video with the personal assistant-less diva this past weekend. Along with the photo, she posted:

“I had a blast working with @JLO shes an amazing person inside & out! Very down to earth and incredibly talented! I wish her only the best:).”

This all coming at the same time as rumors are resurfacing that she actually is going to be the new American Idol judge after all, replacing one of the two former judges, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres. Sources at US Weekly have reported that an insider has said, “It ended up working out and they have a good agreement.” Rumor has it she’s settled for a salary of $12 million. Steven Tyler would be the other replacement. Should be a very interesting season….

What do you think? True or false? What’s your favorite J Lo music video?

Holy free stuff, Batman! The woman who’s famous for telling her audience, “You get a car, you get a car,” is back at it again on the season premiere of her 25th and final season today.

She surprises her 300 audience members with all expenses paid trip to Australia:

“I started to think about where would I most want to go. Maybe I should take all of you with me to the other side of the world. We’re going to Australia.”

The surprise didn’t stop there when the noise of an airplane came and none other than JOHN TRAVOLTA stepped out in a captain’s uniform. I’m unsure if he’s actually flying them there. He’s a certified pilot and he and the Big O have been planning the trip for a long time with Tourism Australia.

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2010 MTV Music Video Award Photo Recap

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The 2010 MTV Music Video Awards are officially in the history books. What will the footnote be for this year’s telecast… zzzzzzzzz snoozefest. . Seriously, I found myself fast-forwarding through a lot of it this year. Perhaps because, there wasn’t that one big water cooler moment, everyone would be talking about the next day, or maybe because host Chelsea Handler failed to make me laugh or was it the lackluster performances. Whatever it was, it just didn’t live up to the hype. Maybe I’m being a little harsh due to the fact I high expectations for the show. Regardless of the negative nelly overall opinion, there were a few memorable moments worth mentioning. As a side note, can you spot SYTYCD alums Mark Kanemura and Neil Haskell in the picture above?

relieve the evening via photos after the jump

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