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Glee Does “Thriller” For Super Bowl Episode

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Despite all the rumors, “Glee’s” highly anticipated post-Super Bowl episode will not be a tribute to Bruce Springsteen nor Michael Jackson. Can we all breathe a huge sigh of relief for a artist-themed episode. Instead, the special episode will stay in line with the evening’s sports theme, and revolve around a local football championship game.

Though the episode won’t be a MJ tribute show, it will, however, feature one of the most iconic Jackson songs ever, “Thriller“. The spooky tune will be performed as a mash-up with an as-of-yet-unchosen song. Reportedly, Sue Sylvester and her Cheerios will perform the Thriller mash-up during halftime of McKinley High’s game. Whether it’s Jennifer Garner in “13 Going on 30” or prison inmates in the Philippines, a “Thriller” dance homage is always a good thing. Caaaaaaaaan’t wait.

view what other artists Glee is using in the episode

Looking to spice up your workout routine? Or maybe you’re looking to…bedazzle it? Well look no further than this workout from the Butt Boys, where they want to “help you not let your saggy derriere get you down.”

What’s Inside the Workout:

  • 1. Two 20-MINUTE workouts in one DVD
  • 2. A low-intensity “Bottoms” level for the bummed out beginner
  • 3. A high-intensity “Power Bottoms” level for you slutty…uh, we mean Butt aficionados
  • 4. BUTT stretches to get your butt, BUTTCAMP loose

When I first saw this video, I thought it was a joke…but they do have a website and it looks as though you really can order this 50 minute $19.99 gay butt workout – LOL. They apparently even have an unrated version in the works…that apparently has a few “alternate endings” that will inspire you to get a hot butt!

Check out their promo videos after the jump…

Even as a gay man, I needed a cold shower after watching Beyonce’s fragrance commercial. Man, does she sizzle in the minute-long clip for her first ever fragrance, “Heat“. The sultry singer slithers, writhes, and slinks in a revealing red dress while giving a sexy cover of Peggy Lee’s “Fever“. There were moments, B verged on having a wardrobe malfunction of her own when her dress came narrowly close to giving a nip slip.

The commercial is so hot, it’s being banned from airing in the UK before 7:30pm for being too “sexually provocative“. On a side note, why 7:30 and not 8:15 or some other time. The time seems rather random, if you ask me. Luckily for us, with the power of YouTube we can watch it anytime of the day.

Here’s an excerpt from a statement given by the UK Advertising Standards Authority:

“We considered that Beyoncé’s body movements and the camera’s prolonged focus on shots of her dress slipping away to partially expose her breasts created a sexually provocative ad that was unsuitable to be seen by young children,”

watch the smoking hot commercial after the jump

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant continued on with her oh-so-boring perspective that personality actually matters. She put Jane in the bottom two because she doesn’t have a personality. Since when did drama-free, easy going, gorgeous, smart, and lovely become non existent personality traits. In Tyrant’s world, unless a girl is jumping up and down and holla-ing and making a damn fool of herself, you don’t have a personality. Oh Tyrant. We don’t need more yous. Despite all that, she sent us some serous mixed messages by eliminating Chris… the only one left that has a personality according to Tyrant. The wannabes posed as goddess statues and for the most part looked gorgeous. They also went on Go-Sees and sucked. Rumour has it that two girls are going home tonight. Will Ann be the first ogre in the final two? Will Kayla be the first lesbian to stomp it out in the final runway? Can Jane overcome her pleasant personality and show Tyrant her inner spazz? Will Chelsey regret letting Tyrant make the gap in her teeth bigger? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Perhaps the better question is how much will we hate Tyrant at the end of the night? We know she’s gonna make some kind of shocking and undeserved elimination purely for story line purposes. So predictable.

We start off this week with the girls celebrating their final four status in the van. The pleasantries don’t last long. Chelsey confesses to us that she thinks Ann is just coasting along and doesn’t really have a passion for fashion. Meow. Jane, on the other hand, is determined to show the judges this week that she has personality.

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Man Crush: Garrett Hedlund

In: Donovan, Movies

Commit Garrett Hedlund’s name to memory. This guy will be the next big thing and that’s why I chose him for my weekly man crush. He’s been in the industry since 2004, but with three high profile gigs on the horizon, he’s about to breakthrough in a big way. Most notably in Disney’s reboot of “Tron“.

The 26-year-old hottie was born in Roseau, Minnesota and raised on a beef cattle farm. What is it about those farm boys that make my knees weak. During his high school years in Arizona, he participated in ice hockey, football and wrestling (yum). In addition he also took private acting lessons. Upon graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. He made his acting debut with Brad Pitt and Eric Bana in “Troy“. Talk about hitting the goldmine on your first try. He followed that up with roles in “Friday Night Lights“, “Eragon“, “Four Brothers” and “Georgia Rule“.

In his short career, he’s worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names including the aforementioned Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan, Jane Fonda, Mark Wahlberg and Tim McGraw. Fun fact, he actually grew up as a huge fan of McGraw only to have him play his father in “Friday Night Lights” years later. I wonder if I will Garrett as my lover, if that’ll happen too.

As mentioned earlier, he’s set to star in Disney’s highly-anticipated remake of “Tron: Legacy” which is scheduled for a December 2010 release. In a limited release that same month, he’ll costar with McGraw again along with Leighton Meester and Gwyneth Paltrow in “Country Strong“. He’ll follow that up in a starring role in Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel, “On the Road“.

view more sexy pics after the jump

A while back, Patrick introduced us to the stars of this new show but now, I’m taking the time to introduce you to the pros, judges and hosts. Now that Dancing With the Stars is coming to close, Americans are going to be looking for something new to do on Monday nights. Well look no further. Taking a cue from their friends up north, ABC takes a page from CBC’s book and introduces Skating With the Stars. Unlike Battle of the Blades where pro skaters are paired with professional hockey players, this show pairs celebrities with professional skaters. At least in the Canadian version, the men have some skating experience. With ABC, the celebrities have little to no skating experience whatsoever. I feel like this is an invitation to many a injury.

So let’s meet the pro skaters first…

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Ralph Lauren in 4D

In: Donovan, Fashion, Videos

That’s right folks, 4D! Legendary fashion icon Ralph Lauren was the first to bring this experience to the fashion world, naturally. On November 10, 2010 Ralph Lauren staged a fashion show of sorts at two of his flagship locations and the imagery created for this stunning display of artistry can be described perfectly as, simply magical.

The event was simultaneously staged between his No. 1 New Bond Street location in London and 888 Madison Avenue in New York City with audiences in both cities taking in the spectacular viewing experience. The four-dimensional screening was orchestrated using 3D image technology (without the need for glasses), digital sound effects and scents from his iconic Ralph Lauren fragrances. Almost every human emotional sense was brought into play, dazzling audiences in both nations.

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Last week, to my delight, Marty was sent home…but with that came a price. Now Holly & Jane recognize that Brenda and Sash, are calling the shots and have all the power. They decide that a power move needs to be made to get rid of one of the two of them. I’m liking where this is going and I’m on team Holly!

With all the rain they’re having, the tribe decides to move all the WOODEN chests around the fire to protect it from the rain. Doesn’t seem very bright to me, and based on the previews, I know where this is going. Anyway, Holly goes and talks to Benry and he’s totally on board to get rid of Brenda and Sash. Meanwhile, Jane talks to Naonka about it and to my surprise, she’s on board as well! Naonka sees Brenda as a threat and is on board as well. This is epic! Holly then moves on to talk to Chase next, but he seems more hesitant and a little unsure. No big surprise there…but he could be the one to ruin this.

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