The new family ‘holiday’ movie HOP was able to bounce it’s way past action-thriller Source Code and claimed top spot at the Box Office after both opening this weekend. HOP pulled in an Easter basket full of money grossing $38,118,000 this weekend alone. Never underestimate the power of a good family film.

Starring James Marsden and the voice of Russel Brand as the Easter Bunny, HOP tells the story of a young E.B. is about to be crowned as the new “Easter Bunny”. However, E.B. would rather be a drummer than take on the responsibility of delivering eggs so he runs away to move to Hollywood. He meets Fred (James Marsden) and together, they help each other discover their true purpose and identity.

Opening along with Source Code was horror film Incidious. Both films performed well but both fell way below the numbers that HOP pulled in.

Check out the full Box Office weekend numbers here.

S Club 7. Remember them? I can honestly say that growing up as a teenager, this group’s music and TV shows were a staple in my life. Their infectious pop tracks and “not-from-here” nature on their shows made them an instant hit in North America. With seven very different styles and personalities, the group became a 90’s and early millennium phenomenon. There albums S Club, 7 and Sunshine charted well and the group was becoming a household name.

The group dynamic changed in 2002 when member Paul Cattermole decided to move on from the group and start working on an album with more rock roots. The group was determined not to disband and dropped the ‘7’ to record new music as the name S Club. However, their album Seeing Double failed to impress in the charts and with critics making it known that S Club’s time at the top of the charts was over.

Rachel Stevens found some solo success when she released her first album and found a hit in her first single Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex. The entire album Funky Dory was pretty impressive but her second album Come and Get It failed to impress. So where is the group now? They recently reunited to come support member Jon Lee in his new role in Jersey Boys so lets find out what’s keeping these seven busy.

Where is S Club 7 now?

Yesterday, Jack Black dressed in many a costume and hosted the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards for Nickelodeon. The stars were a plenty and some of them even got slimed including Jim Carey and Snoop Dogg. The evening started with a walk down the orange carpet. While some of the Disney and Nickelodeon stars turned it out when it came to their outfits, Taylor Momsen showed up in black skinny jeans, leather jacket, white tee and too much black eye make up. So angsty.

Once the show began, the list of celebrity presenters didn’t stop. Heidi Klum got slimed by Nick Cannon and Jane Lynch threw a slushi cup full of slime on Jason Segel. Joe Jonas hit the stage with Sofia Vergara and Kourtney and Kim Kardashian appeared on stage looking fresh and flirty, only to be double slimed. I hope Nickelodeon doesn’t have to pay for that dry cleaning bill.

Two big winners of the night were Justin Timberlake and Josh Duhamel. Justin won The Big Help Award which is presented to a star who goes above and beyond to help the environment. Josh was inducted in to the Hall of Fame for his skill in Arm Farts. Besides the antics of slime and funny awards, some real awards were received.

Check out the full list of winners here.

Everyone get ready for Stand Up! Awareness Week which begins April 4th and runs until April 15th. The program will run in schools and youth services across Ireland. During the week, teachers, educators and youth leaders will offer fun and educational activities for young people who wish to participate. The purpose of these activities is to build supportive links among young people and reduce the amount of bullying and name-calling that goes on in schools.

So why do we need Stand Up! Week? Many young LGBT people develop their sexuality in and gender identities within a supportive group of family, friends and communities who are leading happy lives. However, there is a large amount of homophobia, bullying and exclusion going on in schools and youth programs worldwide.

This new campaign is being put on by BeLonG To Youth Service, a national organization for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) young people, aged between 14 and 23 in Ireland. They believe that LGBT youth need to be cared for a respected and when they fell supported, they will thrive as healthy and equal citizens. Their provide direct youth work services for LGBT youth in Dublin and youth within the country.

Learn more about BeLonG To and check out the PSA here.

Actress Brooke Shields is heading back to the Great White Way. Brooke has just signed on to replace Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia Addams in the Broadway production of The Addam’s Family. Bebe originated the role when the show first opened and after 15 months, June 26th will be her last show.

Nathan Lane originated the role of Gomez Addams but has since been replaced by Roger Rees who is commonly known for his role on Cheers. This will be Brooke’s fifth time making an appearance on the Broadway stage as a replacement for another actress. Brooke has yet to begin a role of her own.

Brooke’s first role on Broadway was when she took over the role of Rizzo in Grease in 1995. In ’01, Brooke took over the lead role in Cabaret and in ’04 jumped into Wonderful Town. She later left that role to join the cast of Chicago where she played Roxie. In 2010, Brooke was one of the rotating cast members in the off-Broadway hit Love, Loss and What I Wore.

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The Diversity Project

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So I think it’s been long enough that I should come out of the closet. Some of you may already be aware of a major project I have been working on to get off the ground called “The Diversity Project.” (This is also the reason I have been a little MIA.) The Diversity Project is first and foremost a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Diversity, Education, Understanding and Compassion for not only the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community but for anyone who has ever felt out of place or like they don’t fit in.

I launched the project on February 1st of this year and we have been getting some awesome attention. I was interviewed on CBC radio The Early Edition with host Rick Cluff, we’ve appeared in The Now, Tri-Cities News, Vancouver’s Xtra! and a few other publications including One of the best things to come so far is the sponsorship from the local radio station The Beat 94.5. We have been working with them to create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the project to launch within the next month. I’ve heard it and I can tell you it’s AWESOME!

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I love when celebrities makes bets with each other. The result is always amazing stuff like this. When Stephen Colbert challenge Late Night host Jimmy Fallon to raise $26,000 for charity, I don’t think Stephen realized the power that Jimmy had to pull in funds. In losing the bet and being a great sport, Stephen took to the stage at Jimmy’s show to sing a rendition of Rebecca Black’s song, Friday.

The musical number involved some pretty awesome special guests. For the rap, Jimmy’s house band The Roots kicked it mocking the car scene by driving in with just a car door. For the famous bridge, Jimmy Fallon made his own cameo and then out of nowhere, forgotten American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.

To finish off the number with a bang, the New York Knicks’ Dance Team jumped on the stage with an explosive dance routine. This was absolutely hilarious and so much better than the original. I think they should record a full version and sell it on iTunes to raise more money. What do you think?

Check out the hilarious video here.

Michael J. Fox may be the original Teen Wolf, but now, its MTV’s turn to mess up remake an old classic. With a screenplay by Jeff Davis who is writer for Criminal Minds, the story is based on Scott McCall, a young lacrosse player who is somewhat of an outsider. When he decides to go wondering in the woods one night in search of a dead body, he gets bitten by a werewolf. Even though he escapes with only one bite on his side, he begins to notice that things about him are changing.

MTV announced that they would be adapting Teen Wolf for TV way back in the summer of 2009 with a greater emphasis on romance, horror and werewolf mythology. Filming and production didn’t begin until October of 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. Donovan gave us a first look at Teen Wolf when the first trailer and promo pics became available just to tease us all. This isn’t the first Teen Wolf TV adaptation. CBS aired an animated series between 1985-86. The cast stars some pretty good lookin’ boys so I thought I’d show them to you and you could decide who your favorite Teen Wolf hottie is.

Check out pictures and vote after the jump.

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