Last week, we said goodbye to Petra Nemcova and her partner Dmitry Chaplin after a week of performances that were a tribute to Americana. Thank god that week is over. Seriously. Worst theme idea for Dancing With the Stars ever. Thankfully, this week’s theme is real good: Guilty Pleasures.

The couples will perform their routine to those songs that we hate to admit that we love to sing to in the shower or in the car full blast with the windows rolled up. To kick off the show, the world’s ultimate guilty pleasure, Hanson performs their first ever single, MmmBop. It was great to hear and see the group all grown up. They’re looking pretty cute.

Okay, on to the show. The scores haven’t been separating our stars by very much. Literally, only 4 points separate the bottom from the top. Who will pull out on top this week?

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“The Bitch” With Brian Austin Green

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A while back, I wrote about TMI With Joan Rivers, a parody of TMZ showing The Future of Reality TV, first premiered at the Svedka Vodka’s Night of A Billion Reality Stars.

Now the final Funny or Die video (at least of the ones that were shown that night) is here. This one is called “The Bitch with Brian Austin Green“. No, I’m not referring to his wife. Of course we remember him 37 year old Brian Austin Green best as the sexy David Silver on the original 90210. In the past few years, he’s come back into the spotlight, and one of the big attention grabbers was him marrying Megan Fox. He’s also been to Wysteria Lane, guest starring on Desperate Housewives, as well as some other projects on the side.

In the following video parody, B.A.G. stops by “The Bitch,” which is essentially “The View” of the future, only run by dogs with voice boxes. The leader of the pack is Bow Wow Wow Wowo (aka Barbara Walters), along with Litzabitsy (Elizabeth), Woofi (Whoopi), and Happy (Joy). LMFAO.

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Oprah Shows Her Digs To Nate Berkus

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Nate Berkus is pulling out the big guns for his fledging daytime talk show. The big guns, of course, is the big O herself, Oprah Winfrey. In a special edition of his fan-favorite, “House Proud” segment, Winfrey invites Nate and his viewers to check out her Montecito digs. She’s often refers to her California property as “The Promised Land“. During Nate’s visit, Oprah shows her protégée her most prized possession and the one closest to her heart. They also discuss why being hands-on with design and home décor means so much to her.

To say “The Nate Berkus” show is underperforming would be very polite. Ever since the show debuted in September 2010, it’s delivered anemic ratings. All of Winfrey’s previous spinoffs have ended their freshmen series as the highest-rated new show of their respective years. Til this day Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz are still daytime hits. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Nate Berkus, whose show might not even make it to season two. He’s running a distant second to Nancy Grace’s show for freshman honors which attracts about 2 million a day, as opposed to Nate’s 1.2 million.

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Model Behavior: Jesse Roberts

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If you’re in the mood for that wholesome boy-next-door jock look, then you’re in luck. This week’s Model Behavior feature certainly fits the bill. There isn’t much in terms of biographical information about Jesse Roberts, but that doesn’t matter because he’s so dang hot. He’s got a great smile, smoking bod, washboard abs, tasty nipples, etc… I could go on, but I’ll let his pictures do the talking. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so happy reading.

Before you gawk and salivate over Jesse’s sexiness, I’ll share the few tidbits I did find out. Roberts is a native New Yorker born in 1987. He’s only been modeling for a year, but already scored a layout in the French gay mag, Tetu. His profile on Model Mayhem states he’s good with motorcycles and motor cross, strong with most sports, and some water sports. Hmmm, water sports??? Interesting.

Though he’s got a physique that should be shared with the world, you will never see it in its full glory. He’s stated that he will not shoot any nude, pornography, pseudo art nude photography or fetish type pictorials. Even though he’s into “water sports”, he’s pretty vanilla. Boo. Oh well, at least we have our imaginations to run wild with.

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With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Royal Wedding, the Queen Bee of the final season of The Hills can now look forward to her own fairy tale wedding seeing as she’s now engaged. Over the weekend, 24 year old Kristin Cavallari and 27 year old Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler got engaged.

Cutler surprised Cavallari with a weekend getaway to Cabo. “He surprised her with a quick trip to Cabo to ask her to marry him. He had asked her dad for permission,” a source told People Magazine. The two have been dating since last fall and are really happy. Cavallari is quoted as saying, “I’m in love and it’s been great,” she said earlier this year.”

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My Night With Britney + Nicki

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This past weekend, my friend Dan and I headed over to Ultra Suede in WEHO to attend Paul Nicholl’s weekly Friday night party, Hype. Nicki Minaj was going to be there and after going to Hype the weekend prior to see Kelly Rowland and Luciana, I figured it would be another awesome evening. Little did I know what was in store…

We showed up to UltraSuede around 9pm and were treated to a performance by Ms. Candis Cayne. She opened her act with ‘Move’ by Dream Girls and ended with Lady Gaga’s latest… thing ‘Judas.’ I’m really wanting a break from Lady G right now, but Candis’s performance actually made me enjoy the song more than I thought I did – maybe it was her backup dancers and their amazing legs that I was into, but the song started to grow on me. But I digress. Candis was great and entertained the crowd with some hair whipping and a fan that even Beyonce’s wig would be jealous of.  

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Weird Al Parodies Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”

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Initially, Lady Gaga gave Weird Al Yankovic’s parody on “Born This Way” two thumbs down and refused to give him permission to include it on his next album. Even though Weird Al’s creative liberties is protected legally by fair-use statues, he always seeks the approval from the artists before going public with his parodies. When Gaga’s team saw the lyrics and heard the finished song, they refused to give their seal of approval. I wonder what specifically they found so offensive, it rubbed them the wrong way.

No longer allowed to use “Perform This Way” as the first single off his upcoming album, he decided to release his version for free on his website. He also wrote a blog post explaining the circumstances surrounding his track to his fans. Maybe it was Weird Al’s public outing of Gaga’s lack of a sense of humor or pissing off Al’s over two million Twitter followers, but Gaga’s team eventually changed their minds and gave him the go-ahead to include it on his next album. Check out the single below and try to figure out what initially ruffled Gaga’s feathers.

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Earlier this month, a British documentary film maker named Louis Theroux released the finding of what was his second trip to the Westboro Baptist Church to see how the Phelps family have changed (or not changed) over the past few years since he was last there. In 2007, Theroux released a documentary special called “The Most Hated Family In America,” exposing Fred Phelps (the cult leader) and his family.

As mentioned in previous posts about WBC, I believe it is very important to expose the idiocy of these people and make ourselves more aware of what we as a human race still have to overcome in our quest for equality. I’m grateful that I live in Vancouver, Canada where I can get married to a man, but that is not the norm elsewhere and the fight is still on.

The following is a four part BBC documentary look at the Phelps family and their cult since that last documentary was released. This one is called “America’s Most Hated Family In Crisis“. Theroux describes this follow up documentary “a little darker and stranger” than the first one. Check it out…

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