Listen To Lady Gaga’s “The Edge Of Glory”

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As promised, Lady Gaga‘s new track “The Edge Of Glory” was released on iTunes today as her third single from the “Born This Way” album. Gaga sings her heart out on the upbeat track and I’m certain it’s definitely going to be a hit this summer. There’s no big surprises in the song in terms of the sound, but there is a saxophone, played by Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band, and it’s fantastic.

It’s the type of song I could picture friends singing full voice at the bar. Or better yet, two tipsy lovebirds getting down to it on the dancefloor, gazing into each others eyes and singing the lyrics to each other as they dance the last song of the night before heading home hand & hand. Well, after grabbing a delicious donair on the way home first of course.

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Research company, Millward Brown has named Apple the number one most powerful brand in the world in their annual BrandZ 100 Global Top 100 power list. The spot was previously held by Google for the past four years. Apple is valued at $153 billion which is in 84% increase over last near. On the flip side, Google decreased by 2% in comparison to last year, valued at $111.5 billion.

Some of the names in the Top 100 were surprising to me, as I had know idea just how valuable these brands were in the whole scheme of things. A few of these are: Redbull, H&M, Zara, and Hermes. Also, Facebook is on the list for the first time, ranked at 35th with a value of $70 billion. That isn’t surprising to me, nor is the fact that BP (which is also on the list) had a 27% decrease over last year because of the terrible oil spill.

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According to TMZ, ten days ago Whitney Houston checked into outpatient rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. She’s apparently cleaning herself up for an upcoming movie she’ll be in. Houston has struggled with addiction for a long time, so it’s great to see her getting help as she needs it.

So what’s the movie she’s going to be working on? Well, take a deep breath…it’s the sequel to “Waiting To Exhale.” The film is called “Getting Happy” (no, it’s not about Whitney’s drug problem) and all the original cast from the first film will star in the second. One of the stars, Angela Bassett, spoke on “The Talk” about the film and that everyone from the original cast (Whitney Houston, Lela Rochon, and Loretta Devine), would be in the sequel. Forest Whitaker is directed the film and currently working on the script.

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Here’s a music video post to break up the R&B divas I’ve been writing a lot of as of late. I’m a lover of all music, including country music much to the dismay of some of my friends. Country’s reigning crossover princess Taylor Swift is doing an “It Gets Better” theme for her third music video from her latest album. “Mean” is aimed at kids suffering from bullying and the track is hoping to instill self-empowerment to those who are most susceptible. Bullying-themed songs seem to be a latest musical fad aren’t they?

For her country ballad’s music video, she show a series of vignettes showcasing various acts of bullying. Whether it’s a shunned ballerina, a gay boy picked on by jocks or Taylor herself playing a damsel in distress tied up on a railway track. Yeah, I don’t get it either. I figured it was just a way to dress Taylor up as a pretty flapper. Mission accomplished. Also, why does the gay boy always have to grow up as a designer? Why can’t he be a cool computer programmer? Haha.

I love “Mean” and glad that Taylor finally released another visual off her multi-platinum selling album. Can you believe, it’s inching towards the five million mark worldwide? Way to go, Taylor. No doubt, her latest music video will help her album rack up even more sales. The bluegrass bango-sounding single certainly gives Taylor her most country’ish single in a while. Check out the music video below.

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Last week, I wrote about my excitement for Pitbull’s newest album Planet Pit finally receiving a release date. One of the tracks on the album is his current dance chart hit Give Me Everything with Ne-Yo, Afrojack and female vocalist Nayer. The song has been on heavy rotation on my iPod for a few weeks and now, the video is out to get all the party people jumping.

In true Pitbull style, we see him with some extremely attractive women at a party in a pretty swanky ballroom. Just add Ne-Yo and you’ve got a good time. The video doesn’t really tell a story or compliment the song in any way but because I love the song so much, I can’t help but watch.

The video ends oddly with clips of Pitbull suddenly outside in daylight on a rooftop and then, with the most blatant use of product placement ever, we see Pit on a big electronic billboard labelled with Kodak logos and a giant photo of him, holding a Kodak camera. Well, at least it’s at the end and not strewn throughout right?

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New Releases Out This Week: May 9th

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Matthew Morrison has been impressing us with his covers on the hit show Glee but is now finally ready to show us what he’s made of with his own music with his debut album. His first single Summer Rain debuted on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show and I have to admit, I was hooked to the sound. The adult a/c music was the a welcome change to his poor rapping skills and awkward sexy pop songs with the Glee club.

The album features some heavy hitting cameos including Elton John. The writing collaborators were also pretty awesome including Steve Kipner, JC Chasez and Eg White. Matthew shared that when he went into the project, he wanted to come at it with a Michael Buble meets Justin Timberlake kind of feel. I can’t wait to find out if he hit his mark.

The second single he released, Still Got Tonight shows off Matthew’s great ability to tell a story through song and the guitar keeps the track pumping along with a great powerful chorus that would be a welcome addition to any TV or movie soundtrack to come. Definitely worth the purchase.

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Now this is one legislative body I can get behind *wink*. Political views aside, he isn’t bad to look at. US Representative of Illinois, Aaron Schock, has been named America’s Fittest Congressman by Men’s Health Magazine. The publication even put the hunky politician on the cover of their June 2011 issue. This isn’t the first time the congressman has been noted for his hotness. In 2009, the Huffington Post dubbed him “Hottest Freshman Congressman”. No wonder things take forever to get done in Washington, everyone’s busy hitting the gym or ogling Schock’s sexy bod. LOL.

The 29-year-old isn’t just showing off his tight abs for narcissistic reasons, but rather for a bigger purpose. He’s teamed with both Men’s Health and Women’s Health to help inspire Americans to take the ‘Fit For Life’ Summer Challenge. The initiative is encourage readers to slim down and improve their overall health and fitness. At the end of the contest, one man and one woman will be chosen to have their weight-loss transformation stories told in the pages of Men’s Health and Women’s Health, respectively – complete with photos.

Check out a few excerpts from his interview with the magazine below. Schock shares his thoughts on Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, how he keeps those famous abs, his future in politics and the responsibility of being role model.

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The X-Factor Judges Together At Last

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Reunited, and it feels so good. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul will be together again on US television. After months of rumors, speculation and numerous names swirling around, the judges of the US edition of “The X-Factor” were finally confirmed. Antonio L.A. Reid was the first to join, then came Cheryl Cole’s confirmation last week. Just hours before the show’s filming start date, the fourth judge was revealed at last. It was none other than the sweet, often times incoherent, former American Idol judge Paula Abdul.

All four judges showed up Sunday at the Galen Center in Los Angeles to listen to the first round of auditions. Everyone dressed up for the occasion, with exception to Cowell who showed up in his signature look- t-shirt and jeans. Both ladies looked stunning in purple, which is the Homorazzi’s favorite color (obviously). I think Cheryl Cole is going to be a huge US fashion icon. She was simply gorgeous in those purple Diane von Furtstenberg pants and Oscar de la Renta top, accessorized with a wide turquoise belt.

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