Lifetime Presents William & Kate Movie

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You are cordially invited to witness the untold romantic story of Prince William and Kate Middleton. No, this isn’t an ABC News documentary or an A&E special, but of course, a Lifetime movie.

Airing Monday, April 18th, this made for TV movie will focus on the lives of Kate and William going through the motions of their friendship turned romance to ultimately, the proposal that would make Kate a future princess within the royal family. We start from the moment they met at the University of St. Andrews and follow all the ups and downs throughout their 9 year relationship.

Kate Middleton is played by Camilla Luddington and Prince William is played by Nico Evers-Swindell. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think of this new Lifetime production.

Check out the “William & Kate” trailer here.

Top 6 Gossip Girl Musical Moments

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There’s no denying how good the music on Gossip Girl is. I’ve Shazam’d my way to a new song via GG on more than one occasion. So being a desperate and die hard fan, I thought I’d give you my six (it was really hard to trim the list down) favorite musical moments from Serena, Nate, Jenny, and the gang.

6. Season 2 Episode 1: Nate and Serena Kiss

NO! They weren’t together. Yes rumors were flying back to the Upper East Side that they were over the summer. But Serena was chillin’ on the beach, Dan was sluttin’ it up during his internship, and Nate was bangin’ the Duchess. REMEMBER!? Gaga had just become popular, and although I believe not even a single yet, Paparazzi was my favorite track on the album at the time. It fit perfectly. The Duchess’ glare, Cece’s disapproving look, Dan standing there in Serena’s Granfather’s old suit just so he could get in to the Vitamin Water Party. It came together in a glorious white moment didn’t it? Click here to watch & listen.

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This week was a continuation of the “To Be Continued” from last week, and if you watched the episode, you’ll know that boy did things take a turn for the worst for some and best for others. As the episode kicks off, last week’s nightmare team Kent & Vyxsin head back to the mountain to get their fanny pack which they successfully retrieve. Zev & Justin were the 8th team to arrive at the pitstop, with Kent & Vyxsin checking in shortly after. LUCKY for them, they are not eliminated, but they do incur a 30 minute penalty for not taking a mandatory flight and they’ll get the penalty upon checking in to the next pitstop. They decide that they’re not going to tell anyone about their penally, as they are also informed that there will be a Double U-Turn at some point in this lag.

Now teams have to take the train back to city and find Dounan Flower Market. 7pm is the earliest train, and it turns out everyone will be on the same train. It’s an even playing field now (minus the Goth’s secret penalty) and they’ve been given a second chance. Before the Goths arrived, the Cowboys, Globetrotters, and Kisha & Jen played some basketball in the parking lot to kill some time. It was hilarious because even the cheerleaders got involved to cheer them on.

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Knut The Polar Bear Dies

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The world’s most famous polar bear, Knut died this past Saturday in Berlin at the Berlin Zoo. Six hundred horrified onlookers watched as Knut collapsed into the water and then floated to the surface, dead.

The Zoo is quite baffled by his death as polar bears in captivity are known to live for up 30 years. Knut was only 4. “He was by himself in his compound,” says bear keeper Heiner Kls. “He was in the water, and then he was dead.”

Knut was born on December 5, 2006. When his mother rejected him and his twin brother, his sibling died four days afterward. Knut was hand raised by Thomas Drflein who cared for him until his death in 2008. After a long custody battle, the Berlin Zoo began to take care of Knut.

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Success At The Box Office Is “Limitless”

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This weekend, Limitless took the top spot at the box office. The psychological thriller stars Bradley Cooper, who is now recently single after the breakup with Renee Zellweger that came to light earlier this week. His week was sure up and down! In the movie (which cost about $27 million to make), Cooper’s character increases his brainpower substantially by taking a drug. Rango continues to do well in theaters, now just $7.5 million short of $100 million in total, after adding another $15.3 million to its earnings this weekend. Battle: Los Angeles didn’t have too bad of a weekend either, with $14.6 million earned this weekend.

Aside from Limitless, two more new films opened this weekend: The Lincoln Lawyer and Paul. Both had pretty weekend opening weekends, and in the case of Paul, I’m not surprised. The comedic alien movie looked ridiculous and was certainly no match for it’s other alien movie competition, Battle: Los Angeles. Unfortunately for The Lincoln Lawyer, it cost more ($40 million) to make than Limitless ($27 million) but earned much less in its opening weekend. Even worse, The Lincoln Lawyer also got better ratings. Funny how that works.

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Last night, part of the 2011 GLAAD Awards were handed out in New York at a ceremony hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Last night, two people were specially honored: Ricky Martin and Russell Simmons.

Ricky Martin had a comeback year in 2010. After publicly coming out via a press release on his official website, Ricky made a unforgettable appearance on the Oprah show coming out not only as a proud, homosexual man, but also as a new father. Later on, he released a new single with Joss Stone singing that The Best Thing About Me is You. Last night, Ricky was honored with the Vito Russo Award which is given to “recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and the issues that affect their lives.”

Check out the rest of the award recipients here.

In light of Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake calling it quits with their respective girlfriends, Renee Zellwegger and Jessica Biel, I thought it would be fun to pit these Hollywood hunks with other recently single hotties. We all know the best way to get over someone is to have some hot one night stands and/or have a rebound relationship. If anyone of these boys wanted any volunteers, I’m certain a mob of homos would run each other down for an opportunity to give these guys a “helping hand” *wink*.

Since December 2010, the pictured celebs above have all parted ways with their famous girlfriends/wife. With exception to Jake Gyllenhaal’s short fling with Taylor Swift, the other four men were in serious long term relationships (LTRs). Ryan Reynolds was even married to his significant other. Now that they’re all on the market, so to speak, let’s breakdown each of these guys’ pros and cons. Thereby, naming the most eligible bachelor as chosen by the gays.

Bradley Cooper (36 years old)

Celeb Ex: Renee Zellwegger

Pros: He’s only getting sexier as he’s getting older. Love his mid-length curly locks. I could run my fingers through it all night long and from behind if you know what I mean.
Cons: He dated Renee Zellwegger. Apparently he has no taste. LOL

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Jennifer Lopez’s diva attitude and demands have been widely long reported. Just check out a recent job description for a personal assistant that circulated last summer. Whether they’re true or not, most people are aware of them. So, when it came time for a prank orchestrated by Ellen Degeneres, it wasn’t too unimaginable for two unsuspecting job applicants.

During her appearance on Ellen’s show back in January (which I only caught when it re-aired this past Friday) the funny lady enlisted the new American Idol judge for an elaborate prank. Side note, I wonder if Ellen is at all bitter that Lopez is better on Idol’s judging panel than she ever was? Hmmm, anyhoo. In an office outfitted with hidden cameras, Lopez interviewed two potential assistants. Via a hidden mic, Degeneres fed the “Hit The Floor” singer lines and instructions as Lopez conducted the interview.

watch the duo pull a prank on two job applicants after the jump

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