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Adam Lambert Goes “Tongue Diving”

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Still making headlines with his provocativeness (i.e. 2009 American Music Awards performance) and carefree approach to the music industry, Idol runner up Adam Lambert swapped spit with some of his fans last night during his concert. After last night’s concert in Providence, Rhode Island, he Tweeted:

“TongueDiving is the new StageDiving. Get Into It.”

The tonsil hockey happened during his performance of “Mad World” and “20th Century Boy” at the concert. If you fast-forward to the 4:18 and 5:23 marks, you’ll see him in action.

Video after the jump…

The Twilight-inspired spoof, “Vampires Suck” hits theaters today and, ashamedly I kinda want to see it. Sure the jokes are cheesy and the acting is guaranteed to be horrific, but it stars the hot Matt Lanter (“90210″), hilarious Ken Jeong (“The Hangover”) and separated-at-birth-twin of Taylor Lautner, Chris Riggi.

Okay, they might not look that much alike but they both have darker complexions and have sexy ass abs, which brings me to this question. Is Chris Riggi hotter than Taylor Lautner? Like Lautner, Riggi bulked up for his role of the werewolf, Jacob White. Both show them off beautifully in their respective flicks. For me, Lautner is the sexier of the two, but it’s not like I would kick Riggi out of my bed. No Sir Ree Bob.

So who is Chris Riggi? He’s a 24-year-old American actor who’s probably best known for his role on “Gossip Girl“. He portrayed Scott who has the love child of Rufus and Lily. In addition to “Vampire Sucks”, he has two upcoming films to look out for, “Hated (2010)” and “Dancehall (2011)”.

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Why Isn’t Kelly Rowland As Big As Beyonce?

In: Donovan, Music

When Kelly Rowland released her fourth track today from her upcoming album, “Kelly Rowland“, it got me thinking. Why isn’t she as successful as Beyonce? Both are very pretty, talented but for some reason or another Rowland is missing that elusive “IT”. Personally, as much as I enjoy Queen B’s music, Kelly has been my favorite DC member.

Forever And A Day” is the second official international single from her forthcoming album, and fourth track released overall. As much of a gay following “Commander” had, it never really appealed to the masses and crossed over. Hopefully this new track will do what “Commander” was supposed to do.

The Sam Watters and Andre Merritt penned track was produced by David Guetta and Jonas. It’s in the vein of previous Rowland/Guetta collaborations, but a bit more lyrically meaningful. It’s a heartfelt dance ballad, if that even exists. While this new track is hitting UK radio stations, Kelly is hard at work promoting “Rose Colored Glasses” stateside. She recently filmed a 3D *groan* music video for the song.

For her third studio album, Kelly isn’t taking any chances at succeeding. She’s releasing two versions of her album in October. The international release will take on a more dance-based sound, similar to “Commander” and “Forever and a Day”, while the domestic version will follow more of a urban-pop vibe.

listen to Kelly’s new single after the jump

Sorry Anna Paquin, but you’ve been cut and tossed aside. The folks over at photoshopped the True Blood Rolling Stone cover to one all of us were hoping for. Hopefully this will inspire the writers to script a Eric Northman and Vampire Bill hookup sometime soon. What do you think of the new and IMPROVED cover? Check out the original here.

More tracks just released from Katy Perry‘s upcoming third studio album, “Teenage Dream“. The first was Teenage Dream released as a single, while the next song to circulate was “Circle The Drain“. Now she’s got two more potential hits that have just been released and today you get your first listen.

The first is Firework, which is confirmed to be the third single on the album. I really like this song, and as much as we may be sick of Katy Perry, she fortunately and unfortunately keeps coming out with the hits. This one is a powerful, upbeat dance song that is oh so different from California Gurls. I think you’ll like it.

The second is called Peacock. It’s super cheeseball…like, “I wanna see your Peacock,” but it’s definitely fun and catchy. They lyrics are pretty dirrrtay. Sorta reminds me of Christina’s Woohoo mixed with Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl.. Maybe they could do a duet? Show me your peacock and I’ll show you my woohoo?

Nic made some good points in his article about just not really liking Katy Perry, but I just can’t help but love these two new tracks!!! Her new album comes out on August 24th.

Check out “Firework” and “Peacock” after the jump…

Aeromerican Idol: Steven Tyler To Judge

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Sources say that 62 year old Steven Tyler is your next American Idol Judge. Talk of Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain, and others have been swirling for quite some time now, but its rumored that the former lead singer of Aerosmith is actually really close to a deal (if it hasn’t already been signed). Crazy!

So, Randy Jackson will be coming back, we potentially have Steven Tyler… who’s the third. Kara DioGuardi is an unknown at this point, but I doubt she’s coming back if they’re talking to J Lo & Twain. I for one would be a fan of either of the two being on the show, but I think J Lo is out and they may be moving onto Shania Twain as the one.

The audition tour starts next month so this is certainly going to have to be finalized soon.

Who do you most want to see on the judging panel?

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Movie Review: Violet Tendencies

In: Movies, Patrick

Last night, I had the opportunity (along with several other Homorazzi cast members) of watching a sold out screening, co-sponsored by, of a film directed by Casper Andreas called “Violet Tendencies” at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. After watching the trailer a while back, I had high hopes for the film and after watching it, I can say that it completely surpassed my expectations and I absolutely loved the film!


Ever wonder what happened to teen star Mindy Cohn aka Natalie in the 1980s hit TV show the Facts of Life? Leave it to homo rom com director Casper Andreas to cast Cohn as the lead in his new hit, Violet Tendencies. Violet is Manhattan’s most fabulous fruit fly, but at age forty she’s ready to put down the martini glass and start a serious relationship. Without any straight people in her life to fix her up, Violet scours online dating sites only to be stood up and sadly disappointed. Her roommate Riley suggests she seek out the straight male version of herself: the mythical “Fag Stag.” Her modelesque co-worker Salome gives her conflicting advice, warning Violet that her gay friends are preventing her from nabbing a man. As Violet’s romantic quest becomes increasingly disastrous, hilarious and consuming, she overlooks the potential for love right under her own nose.

I fount there to be the perfect balance of humour, romance, sexuality, drama, and those moments that just make you go “Awwww,” as my boyfriend did, sitting next to me. The funny moments seriously made me laugh out loud, many of which involved Mindy Cohn who was absolutely brilliant. She is a self proclaimed Fag Hag in real life so she really owned the part and you felt for her.

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The odd couple, Evan Rachel Wood (22) (Thirteen, True Blood) and Marilyn Manson ( 41, creepy controversial goth singer) have called off their engagement, yet again. Apparently, it happened some time in the last week, and as a result Manson hit the town this past Saturday. They started dating back in 2007 and have been on & off again since then. Prior to that, Manson used to date Burlesque beauty, Dita von Teese and it’s rumored that Wood had something to do with their split. I always found it weird that Evan Rachel Wood started to look a lot like Dita von Teese when she started dating Manson.

Manson had proposed to her on stage in Paris this past January, but I think they should just call it quits for good already. I mean, what does she see in him anyway? Does she really want to give birth to the Anti-Christ? I’m sure her parents must have loved him. “My boyfriend’s performer name is half named after a famous serial killer – do you approve?”

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