DWTS 11: Week 3 Video Performances

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Its Week 3 and our couples are back for Story Night where they must tell a story through their routines. After Michael Bolton’s train wreck Jive and ejection from the show, will the stars will step it up even more to win your votes? This challenge began last season and the use of props is encouraged meaning the routines will be more expressive and elaborate. We take a quick look at the couples preparing their stories and my my, do they look interesting. Last season if you remember, this challenge brought us Kate Gosselin’s ever famous Paparazzi routine. Oh man. Lets hope we have some better results this time around.

We kick off the evening with a story telling dance from the pros. The three couples sweep the floor so gracefully telling the story of love and romance. The girls tear off their long skirts and start their sexy Latin routine. Pieces like this make me appreciate ballroom dancing so much. The commitment, the passion and the technique is astonishing. Wow.


SONG: “A Little Respect” by Erasure
Our first Samba is with Jennifer and Derek. After we recap her Jive from last week, we are reminded of her visit to the top of the leader board for the second time. Jennifer and Derek start their story of Jennifer playing teacher and Derek playing student. Sounds super sexy. Derek is challenging Jennifer and decides to put the hardest step in the routine… The Samba Roll. Jennifer gets frustrated but the want to be on top keeps her working hard. The piece starts with Ms. Gray at the chalkboard and she comes down to meet Derek at the desk. Jennifer strips down to sexy teacher and Derek and her sweep the floor with their routine. I feel their connection isn’t as strong this week. The routine doesn’t feel as solid as her ones previous. Len loves that the couple carried the storyline all the way through the piece but notices the routine wasn’t as clean. Bruno calls Jennifer a Cougar. He also mentions the snafu in the middle of the routine with the Samba roll. Carie Ann also notices the routine wasn’t as clean as usual but loved the story and choreography. In the sky box, Brooke asks Jennifer how she felt about the challenge. She was pleased and they both had fun.
The scores: CA: 8 LG: 8 BT: 8
Same as last week. I think a 7 in there wouldn’t have killed the buzz but overall a good routine. Once again, I think Jennifer has no worries of being in the bottom or even in danger.

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This past weekend, Homorazzi covered the red carpet for the annual Jet Set VIFF Red Carpet event, hosted by ET Canada (Entertainment Tonight Canada) anchor Rick Campanelli. He interviewed actors in town for the film festival as the stepped onto the red carpet, while we were further down doing the same thing. Now, as you know, he’s usually the one asking the questions as one of the reporters on Entertainment Tonight, and even in his former role as a MuchMusic VJ. This time, the tables were turned and I got the chance to ask him some questions! Truth be told, he wasn’t being interviewed by anyone else, but I actually met him way back when he was Rick The Temp because I was at his brother Lorenzo(who was my gym teacher)’s wedding. Thus, he knew me and was gracious enough to let me interview him.

Campanelli got his first big break back in 1996 when he won the Much Temp contest and became known as Rick The Temp. His charm & good looks made him an instant success with fans, so naturally, he went from Temp to permanent. In addition to being a VJ, he was co-host of Much on Demand, writer of The MuchMusic Countdown, and co-host of The MuchMusic Radio Countdown. Almost 10 years later, in 2005 he joined ET Canada as a reporter and has been hosting it alongside Cheryl Hickey ever since.

In the interview, we talk about the VIFF, a day in the life of Rick Campanelli, who is favorite interviews have been, and more!

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I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but this season of “90210″ is friggin’ awesome. “Gossip Girl” used to be my favorite show on The CW, but the West Bev crew are totally kicking the Upper East Siders to the curb. Prior to the season beginning, it was widely reported that Teddy Montgomery would be coming out of the closet his year. The producers said the process and storytelling would be organic and nothing out of the blue. After watching the fourth episode, I have to give the writers credit. The way they’re dealing with Teddy’s realization is natural and never been done on network television for teens, at least not that I can recall.

I couldn’t believe Teddy called Ian a “f*ggot“. It not only shocked me but everyone in the scene. To be perfectly honest, this is exactly how I can see a masculine jock trying to come to terms with their sexuality. Ivy’s comment about Teddy “going all Mel Gibson” was awesome and timely. I can’t wait to see how Teddy and Ian’s relationship develops as they spend the next two weeks in detention. Perhaps some extracurricular nookie nookie???

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Battlestar Galactica: The Exposition

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This past weekend, I caught up with Tahmoh Pinekett at the VIFF red carpet. We talked about Battlestar of course, which leads me to the fact that the prequel to Battlestar Galactica, “Caprica” premieres it’s Season 1.5 tonight on SYFY and I’m stoked to watch it, being such a big fan of the whole Battlestar series.

Coincidently, Battlestar Galactica: The Exposition opens in a couple weeks (Oct. 22-24) at the Science Fiction Museum. The exhibition features three stunning, full-size prop spaceships, iconic costumes, new exhibition films, music and other props from the original and reimagined series.

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Keri Hilson’s New Single “Pretty Girl Rock”

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Keri Hilson is one of those artists I can either live without or can’t get enough of. When she first came onto the scene as a guest vocalist for Timbaland’s hit “The Way I Are“, I thought this girl is the shizz. Then she released her first solo effort “Energy” and quickly lost my love for her. A lot of people I know love that track, but I hate it. She quickly turned me around though, when she put out one of my favorite tracks from 2009, “Knock You Down“, a duet with Ne-Yo.

On November 30, 2010, Keri is releasing her sophomore album “No Boys Allowed“. Her lead-off single “Breaking Point” has barely made a dent on the R&B charts. Hopefully her newly released music video for that track will give it some life. For me though, I’d just write “Breaking Point” off. The Lauryn Hill-sounding track isn’t bad, but her second single “Pretty Girl Rock” is off the chains. The track can potentially be a huge hit for Hilson. Loving Salt-n-Pepa 80s inspired curly blond locks on the cover. Ferosh.

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As a big Taylor Swift fan (not even gonna closet that music-crush!), I was pretty unimpressed with Kanye West‘s antics last year at the VMAs as he trampled her big win and tried to award the trophy to Beyonce cause she “deserved it”. So, after a year of not paying attention to the diva’s (and I do mean Mr. West here) releases and newest videos, I allowed him to pop onto my screen while viewing October 2nd’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” and i was BLOWN away! We all love Katy Perry and her apparently huge boobs (thanks to last week’s episode for showing us that!), but her September performance on SNL was lacklustre and basically amounted to a shuffling of feet back and forth on stage… Kanye however (who was brilliant a year or so ago as he belted out in front of a huge lightbulb-filled backdrop) showed all past and future musical starts just how to do it. His performance was stunning, classy and over-the-top in all the right ways.

He performed twice (click through to see them both) but while “Runaway” was great, his act “Power” was jaw-dropping and gorgeous. Looking like a hugely-invested into opening to “America’s Next Top Model”, “Power” had the self-crowned Czar opening to a sea of blanket-covered models crowding the stage like a sea of undulating beauty as he descended a mid-stage staircase. Without boring you too much with praise of this piece and over-analyzing/describing the preciseness of choreography and styling, I do have to say that the man that created this masterpiece is a genius. Doing exactly what it was suppose to I’m currently hunting down everything this man has recently put out to have this number bompin’ on my iPod the next time I get in my car.

Click through to see “Power” and “Runaway”

90210: Who’s The Oldest of The West Bev Bunch?

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When I was in high school, I looked like a preschooler when compared to some of the actors on “90210“. Sure they’re supposed to play 17 to 18-year old seniors at West Beverly High School, but you’d be shocked to know how old some of the actors really are.

In the original, Gabrielle Carteris portrayed the role of Andrea Zuckerman. At the time, Carteris was 29 playing a 16-year-old. Believe it or not, there are a couple of actors on the spinoff who are actually older than that. In fact, there are three seniors who are older than one of the teachers, Mr. Matthews (Ryan Eggold). How hilarious is that?

From youngest to oldest, let’s take a closer look at the regular cast members playing high school students.

SHENAE GRIMES (Annie Wilson)

Birthday: October 24, 1989 (20)

It’s probably not a shocker that the Toronto-born actress is the youngest cast member on the set. She started her career on “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and set to appear in the highly-anticipated “Scream 4″.

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Battlestar Galactica‘s prequel, Caprica is back for the remainder of it’s first season and I couldn’t be more excited! Last week at the VIFF Red Carpet, I had the chance to catch up with my pal, Magda Apanowicz about her role as Lucy Rand in the hit series, as well as some of the other things she’s working on. Magda, known for her role in Kyle XY and most recently her role in Caprica also recently scored a part in the CW’s Hellcats and has been rehearsing her butt off prepping for filming the episode she’s in (which is actually happening today). Magda, with whom I studied acting with at Vancouver Film School, is 24 years old and now lives in LA.

Caprica’s Season 1.5 is premiering tomorrow (October 5th, at 10:00 p.m), and is going to get a lot more cylon action says executive producer David Eick. “Daniel Graystone’s creation—the early-model Cylon known as the U-87—emerges as a critical story point,” says Eick. Caprica takes place some 58 years earlier than Battlestar. Caprica shows how humans first created the robotic Cylons who later plot to destroy humans in retaliation for their enslavement. A must see series.

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