Wine 101: Cheap and Cheerful

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Even though our liquor prices are through the roof in this province/country (trust me, I’m reminded by every American I encounter in this industry), there are a couple cheap and cheerful wines that can get us through the less than desirable financial period of our lives. Although reaching for the first bottle with a low price point you can find doesn’t always work, there are a couple of varietals and labels that you can always trust.

There’s no denying the quality you get from a good Italian wine. Italian wine can be very hit or miss for some and I can even vouch for saying that I wasn’t a fan when I first got into the business, but that’s because of our North American palates. Without trying to generalize an entire group of wines, New World wine (meaning not Europe basically), has a distinctive fruit forward taste to it, front flavours of berries, ripe fruit, and quite a bit of oak sometimes. It’s the style that this side of the world has become distinctive for. Europeans drink more “rustic” style wines, wines with a lot of earthy flavours, floral notes, and generally not the “fruit bombs” we’ve become accustomed to over here. Italy and France, being the big Old World heavy hitters, are both great examples of the latter, and have something to offer for everyone.

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Let me begin with a disclaimer that while my sensational title may seem to attempt to speak for all gay men, this polemic is my opinion alone- though I do think that more than a few gay men out there will find some of themselves in my words. Still, I do not at all presume omniscience of anyone else’s thoughts: this article is the culmination of my experiences and the shared experiences of some of my closest friends.

About a month ago, I developed a really bad knee infection that later was diagnosed as being the result of sliding and tearing up my legs on a heinous turf field during soccer. When it happened, I started to swell up something fierce and get physically ill; as a result of these amalgamated symptoms my mind went straight to one thought and one thought alone: I have HIV. Now, before I lose most readers to eye rolling thoughts at Homorazzi’s more “liberal lover” getting his just desserts, I feel the need to universalize myself to most of you by admitting that while I’ve had my share of sexual encounters over the past few months, I’ve been the top and I’ve always, always used a condom. Still, the second I felt sick and started to get a seemingly unwarranted swelling in my knee, I became obsessed with the notion that I had contracted HIV.

Call it histrionics, call it a lack of education, or hell, call it being realistic, personally I’d call this a pretty typical reaction for a 21st century, sexually active gay male. I go from testing to testing, constantly worrying that some accident occurred and that my negative status will have finally been compromised and my worst fear come to light… And, I personally know of no way to abate this tiring, seemingly eternal obsession.

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The international fashion eyewear brand, Carrera, unleashed its new worldwide campaign featuring the tagline “After All, No Regrets“. The narrative of the new communication focuses on a generation engaged in living life to its fullest. The young men and women of the “Carrera generation” live fast and to the max, in search of clean fun, amid emotions to be experienced, people to be met, nights to be enjoyed and dawns to be admired. Their only rule… “to live in the fast lane“. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well do it in a stylish flair with Carrera’s awesome sunglasses and optical frames. Am I right, or am I right?

D’Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO conceived this stylish new promotion. In conjunction with the images, Marco Gentile, a young Italian film talent, directed a strong-impacting video with stylish visuals and surprising content. This major worldwide campaign will be on-air starting this month, just in time for spring/summer 2011. To check out some of their stylish sunnies, head over to and start shopping for your summer look.

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RIP: UberTwitter

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OH NO! If you are a BlackBerry user like me, you’ll have notice that UberTwitter is gone. Such a sad day, I have used a bunch of different clients for my Berry for Twitter, but UberTwitter was the best one.

But what the hell happened? Well apparently UberTwitter twidroyd didn’t play by the rules, tsk tsk. Here’s the statement I found on the Twitter support page.

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Whitney Port & Lauren Conrad Are Dunzo

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They first met at the offices of Teen Vogue and quickly became TV BFFs. Over the years, the “Hills” friendship actually transformed into a real one off camera. Just look at them in the picture above. Love Lauren’s quote about friends. How prophetic. Sadly, Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad are reportedly in the midst of a feud. When Whit skipped out on Lauren’s recent birthday celebration, speculation arose as to why. Sources say Whit blames LC for MTV’s canceling her show, “The City”.

Whether or not it’s true Lauren had a hand in MTV axing the low-rated but deliciously good “The City“, Conrad is also feeling the sting of being rejected by the network. Her supposed comeback to Reality TV was derailed when MTV decided not to air her show. Conrad commented that her show was too “high brow” for the network which is hitting huge milestones with the nation’s guilty pleasure, “Jersey Shore“.

“We sold a show to MTV, filmed it and are really proud of the final result. MTV felt the subject matter was too high brow for their audience and offered me the opportunity to change the show by incorporating more of my personal life. We agreed going into the project that this show would be an aspirational one, focusing on my career and my goals and not my personal relationships. We delivered the show that we sold and are sorry MTV didn’t feel their viewers were savvy enough to appreciate it.”

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WOW. How amazing is that? Talk about perfect timing. With “Born This Way’, not only does Lady Gaga score her third chart topper, “Just Dance” & “Poker Face” being the other two, but she gets the tremendous honor of being the magazine’s 1000th No. 1. Gaga has said that it’s “the greatest honor of my career.” Not only that, but the single is the first in the magazine’s 52-year history to have the word “transgendered” in the lyrics. It’s like it was all meant to be.

Gaga has repeatedly been at the forefront for promoting acceptance for the LGBT community. When it was first announced, an exclusive edition, complete with remixes and three additional cuts, of her upcoming album would be available at Target, some of her little monsters raised their eyebrows. Last election, $150,000 of corporate funds were donated through a series of channels that eventually supported Tom Emmer’s failed run for Minnesota governor. Emmer supported to ban gay marriage. But before Gaga would let giant retailer, Target, sell her CD she had intense meetings with them. Here’s what the singer told Billboard

“That discussion was one of the most intense conversations I’ve ever had in a business meeting,” Gaga says. “Part of my deal with Target is that they have to start affiliating themselves with LGBT charity groups and begin to reform and make amends for the mistakes they’ve made in the past…our relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they’ve made supporting those groups.”

Way to go to put your money where your mouth is. You have to really hand it to Gaga for always fighting the good fight for us. Who else thinks Gaga for President in 2018 sounds like a good idea? Why that late??? So she can still give us amazing music in the interim. Purely selfish on my part.

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Josh Strickland: Report To The Floor

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I have no idea why it took the guy so long to release a solo single. If you don’t know who Josh Strickland is, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. Josh made his debut in the 2nd season on American Idol, then he went to Broadway and starred in “TARZAN” as…well Tarzan! His latest gig is the male vocalists in the Las Vegas production “PEEPSHOW” starring Holly Madison. I sat up and took notice of this guy after watching my first episode of “Holly’s World” when his southern accent and dreamboat good looks came onto the screen. ZOINKS! Where has this boy been my whole life? I’m not even kidding.

I obsessively did what any internet stalker would do and started following him Twitter, and yesterday morning saw that he had release his first single, out on ITunes. So I took a listen…and it was pretty good. While i was listening to it, what stood out to me the most was how powerful his voice really was, it almost totally overtook the whole melody. I am excited to see where he goes, because his voice is truly something incredible. “Report to the Floor” is a club thumper that will get played for sure, and has already broken the top 50Dance chart on Itunes.

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With the craziness of the group round behind them, the remaining contestants took to the stage one last time to prove to the judges they belong on that Idol stage. Overall, most of the previously pimped contestants did well, but as expected, a few of them crashed and burned, by forgetting the words or letting their nerves get the best of them.

Once again, the hour long episode was jam packed with great performances with only a handful of cringeworthy ones. I sifted through them and picked my favorite ten solos from last night. But before we get to the best, I want to quickly touch upon the not so great.

First, emotional timebomb Ashley Sullivan choked on stage and forgot the lyrics. Deep voiced country boy, Scotty Mccreery, also got amnesia and fumbled the words. Surprisingly, both of them survived and advanced to the next round. I’m so over these two. Another one in the doghouse is this year’s Danny Gokey, Chris Medina. He’s also quickly losing favor. If you take away his sympathetic story, he’s really not all that great. Tonight he was a poor man’s Andrew Garcia with his acoustic version of “My Prerogative“.

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