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The 100 Greatest Movie Insults Of All Time

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“You are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, vulgar, insensitive, selfish, stupid, you have no taste, a lousy sense of humor, and you smell.” – Cher

A man named Harry Hanrahan of Pajibi Presents (thankfully, with a lot of time on his hands) put together this video compilation of the 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time. From South Park, to Janice Ian, to the Wizard of Oz, this guy covered everything. Prior to this, back in January he released a video of the 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of all time. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvestor Stallone, but one of my favorite lines in the compilation is from Drew Barrymore: “A bird may love a fish sinyora, but where would they live?” Bahahahaha. OR Jennifer Lopez trying to be sexy: “It’s Turkey Time…Gobble, Gobble.”

Anyway, you should watch both of them. It takes you on a trip down movie memory lane where you’ll see a lot of familiar faces, some where you might find yourself saying, “Oh yeah! I remember her….what ever happened to her!?”

“Sit your $5 ass down before I make change,” and check out both videos after the jump…

Today’s hottie of the day is a 26 year old Dutch footballer who plays for the Netherlands as striker, and also plays for Arsenal where he is vice-captain as well. The 2010 wasn’t his first World Cup, as he participated in the 2006 World Cup as well as the Euro 2008. Persie lives in London with his Moroccan-Dutch wife Bouchra, along with their son Shaqueel & daughter Dina Layla.

  • Date of Birth: 6 August 1983
  • Height: 184 cm
  • Shirt number: 9
  • Position: Forward
  • Current club: Arsenal (ENG)
  • International Caps: 48
  • International Goals: 19

Persie hasn’t been scoring as regularly as he usually does in this year’s World Cup, having only scored one. Below he talks about this, as well as his reaction to being substituted in the 81st minute of the game against Slovakia. It’s really been getting to him and he hopes to at more before the tournament is up.

Sexy pics after the jump…

Burlesque: Take Your First Peek

In: Donovan, Movies

While her new album isn’t exactly ruling the charts, Christina Aguilera is hoping her first foray to the silver screen yields different results. “Burlesque” is still a few months away, but the studio released a few teaser photos to wet our appetite until its November 24 release date. First impression, it looks like “Moulin Rouge’s” sluttier drag queen sister.

Traditionally the leap from the recording industry to the movie one, hasn’t been the kindest to most singers. Just ask Mariah, Britney or Madonna. Only time will tell if “Burlesque” is Aguilera’s version of Mariah’s “Glitter” or Britney’s “Crossroads”. What are the chances that Aguilera has natural acting talent? Yeah, I’m not betting the farm either.

Th one thing guaranteed to be a winner, is the soundtrack. With two musical superstars on the roster, it’s all but guaranteed. Even though Whitney’s acting was stiff in “The Bodyguard”, the soundtrack did phenomenal business thanks to her amazing vocals.

view more pics after the jump

It’s beginning to look like a bloodbath on the set of “Scream 4” with all these cast shake-ups during production. Filming has already begun, and due to script changes and scheduling conflicts actors are being offed even before the movie hits theaters. First Ashley Greene was replaced by Emma Roberts, then Lake Bell dropped out just a couple of days ago and now, another brunette is dunzo.

Lauren Graham of “Gilmore Girls” and “Parenthood” fame is the latest casualty. Sources are saying that her departure is due to last-minute script changes. Originally her role was supposed to be a “fun one” but meaty. With the most recent draft, her role was reduced to only four lines. OUCH. My guess is, many called out Graham as the film’s new killer. Williamson is notoriously known for secrecy and with most people already predicting Lauren as the new Ghostface killer, he wanted to switch it up.

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Happy Canada Day!

In: Patrick, Videos

Happy Canada Day! Although many people may not be happy about the HST that goes into effect today, we do have a lot to be grateful for in this country, and much to celebrate together.

Having the Olympics in Vancouver earlier this year allowed me to see and feel patriotism on a grand scale like never before. The kind of patriotism and unity that I had never witnessed first hand in Canada before – even from myself. So, this year for Canada Day, I’m really looking forward to seeing if that spirit has carried forward.

So many times during the Olympics I was brought to tears, overwhelmed by our country’s pride and the amazing performances and journeys the athletes went on, leaving us with the most gold medals won by a country, ever. Wow.

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Is Jake Pavelka Gay?

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Donovan

Everyone watched Jake and Vienna Girardi “fall in love” on “The Bachelor“. Now the same people are infatuated watching all the mud-slinging “he said/she said” game, these two are now playing during their very public break-up. Amid their nasty breakup, everything from infidelity, trust issues to fame-whoreness have come into play. Now the biggest kicker of them all- Jake might play our team. We’ll that’s what Vienna, an ex-girlfriend and former castmates are claiming.

Vienna has told any publication that will listen, that Jake and her stopped being intimate shortly after their off-screen relationship began. The only PDA Jake would display would be when they were at public events. She alleges Jake did it for religious reasons and wanted to wait til they were married to boink her. Now Tanya Douglas, Jake’s girlfriend from 2008-2009, is backing up Vienna’s story. Here’s what Douglas said:

“He told me that he had to abstain from sex for religious purposes until we were married, which is exactly what he told Vienna. It was so weird, because we had already been intimate! It’s bizarre to change overnight like that.”

“I always wondered if he could be,” she admits to the mag. “There were a lot of signs. … Jake would get really giddy [with one particular male friend] and the two of them were very touchy-feely.”

read what others are saying about Jake’s sexuality

By now I’m sure we’ve all established that cast member Dan is the not only the president, but the (only) member of his book club, but that doesn’t mean that every once in a while I don’t stumble across something that is both groundbreaking and life changing.  ’The Real Housewives Get Personal‘ is not such a book, but I loved it anyway.

Any of my friends can attest to the fact that I am pretty much obsessed with the Real Housewives franchise and I’m always trying to get others to drink the Real Housewives Kool-aid.  Bravo has truly created a phenomenon with it’s housewives and as it continues to add new cast members and new cities, the fan base continues to grow.  Some may think that this reality show is scripted like the rest of them, but I truly believe that these ladies truly either are close friends or have it out for each other with no scripts to back them up.  Do the producers put them in situations where there will most likely be drama, yes.  Do the housewives throw parties on a whim and invite 200 of their closest friends, yes.  Do the cameras just happen to be around when there is a spicy moment, yes (I’m not supporting my non-scripted theory very well, I know).  However, you can cut the tension between some of these women with a knife and the reunions are evidence enough to back that up.

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SYTYCD 7: Top 9 Performances Recap

In: Dan, TV Shows

So we’re back for another night of performances on So You Think You Can Dance with the top nine contestants taking to the stage after Cristina was sent packing last week after her sub-par Paso Doble with all-star Pasha. After the dancer introduction and Cat Deeley presented us the panel of Skeletor and his minions, the show was sent to begin.

Side Note: CAT HAD LIPSTICK ON HER TEETH! WTF?! Did her stylist fall asleep tonight?

A SHOCKER in tonight’s episode, the FIRST man-on-man routine with Alex and Twitch dancing a Nappy-tabs hip hop routine! Hey Adam, is this the two man routine you were hoping for in the show’s format? DISCUSS!


First up was AdeChike dancing Hip Hop with all-star Lauren (one of my fave girls) performed to Hot-N-Fun by N.E.R.D. featuring Nelly Furtado. Heck yeah the concept was a nerd Hip Hop routine! Then what? The nerds start to strip as Lauren shows of her stunning bedazzled purple bra and AdeChike bares his jacked body. NIIIIIICE! Too bad the song was ineffectual with helping the routine and pump up the energy. Overall I felt this routine was pretty flat and definitely not a strong way to start out the night.

watch the rest of the performances after the jump

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