Senate Ends DADT

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Today, the U.S. Senate voted 65-31 to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – finally, after the policy that has banned gay and lesbian from being open & honest about their sexuality in the military has been in place for 17 years. Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, told the Huffington Post, “The important thing today is that 63 senators were on the right side of history” and that he sees the vote as a “stepping stone to further advances for the gay and lesbian community.”

Moving forward, gays in the military will not be force to lie about who they are to defend their country. Furthermore, the military promises to not judge people based on their sexuality, but only on their performance.

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Best Jessica Alba Interview Ever

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Hilarious. MTV Europe’s host of “Hey Guys,” VJ Yeuvejegenja Yevjskaiya sits down with Jessica Alba for a cray cray interview, translations and all.

They talk about Jessica’s role in “Little Fockers,” which opens next Wednesday, and of course get a little off topic. I had the pleasure of watching the prescreening of the movie the other day, and I have to say, Alba stole the show for me. She was a totally unexpected character for me and it was certainly an unexpected performance. She was brilliantly hilarious. Definitely recommend the movie, if not just to watch her. See her try to keep her cool in the interview below.

The interview is brought to you by Quark cream. “The best cream for your quark. Keep your quark creamy!”

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With London experiencing the coldest winter they’ve experienced in the past 30 years, aussieBum brought in some sunshine from down under and turned up the heat, warming everyone around them. The mega underwear brand enlisted seven hot aussieBum models to parade around the underwear department at Selfridges on Oxford Street. The buff boys walked up and down the department store’s aisles wearing the brand’s latest line, MyDAY.

aussieBum’s MyDAY features 7 eye catching waistband colors (one for each day of the week). As if picking my favorite color and day of the week wasn’t hard enough, now these shirtless boys distracting me with their sexiness only adds to the difficulty. Personally, I’m loving Friday from the front and Sunday from the back. YOWZA.

In other exciting aussieBum news, the underwear giant launched its first ever sale event. For a limited time, the company is offering up to 40% discounts on a selection of gorgeous styles of underwear, swimwear and leisurewear. You better act quick, because it’s only good until Dec 23, 2010 and while supplies last. Happy shopping everyone.

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Courtney Love’s Peter Breeze

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Hearing Celebrity Skin brings me right back to highschool, and every girl I was friends with (and me), obsessed with Cobain’s widow and Hole as a whole. Vancouver wild child Peter Breeze has covered the tune and even gotten props now from Courtney Love herself!

Peter Breeze came onto the scene when he released “Fuck Talk (Buy Me A Drink)” last year as his club single and music video debut, and everyone was telling everyone and their mother to Buy Them A Drink! With producer Maxwell Maxwell, Peter followed up his popularity with his first full length album Send In The Robots last March, and online sales went through the roof, including a special performance attended by, and praised by, original club kid James St. James himself in LA. The album gave us some great dance tunes, and another great single and video for X-Rated Angel. Peter rocked the Rapture party and The Odyssey last summer at Vancouver Pride and began the ride into glory, glitter, and fame.

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Long before we ever started this site, I’ve been a fan of Skullcandy. Not only do they provide a huge selection of affordable accessories for your music listening needs, but their wicked designs make for a bold fashion statement. They have so many designs, you’d be hard-pressed not to find one that complements your wardrobe. I personally have a couple that I mix and match depending on what I’m wearing.

Don’t get the wrong idea, they’re not all style over substance. The quality of sound you get from their products only enhance your listening experience. For such tiny headphones, the bass is pretty bumpin‘ for their price point. Don’t take my word for it, a few cast members tested out a few Skullcandy styles and wrote a little blurb on each. Check them out below.

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Sports Stud: Vincent Lecavalier

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This week’s Sports Stud is none other than 30-year old Canadian beefy NHL hockey player, Vincent Lacavalier. Although he grew up in Montreal, Quebec, he currently plays for Tampa Bay Lightening. Towering at 6’4 weighing over 200lbs, he’s a big boy! In 1998, he was drafted first overall by Tampa Bay, with the new Lightning owner Art Williams claiming that Lecavalier would be “the Michael Jordan of hockey”. Impressive! On March 1st (my birthday) 2000, he was announced as the Captain of the team (youngest captain in NHL history at 19 years old), but the next year it was taken away as he didn’t live up to the crazy expectations.

Fast forward to the 2003–04 NHL season, he played a key role in the team’s Stanley Cup victory, assisting on the Cup-winning goal. He was also named MVP of the Canadian National Team in the 2004 World Cup of Hockey, which Canada won.

In 2008, Lecavalier signed on for an eleven year $85 million contract extension with Tampa Bay – no big deal. He’s still captain of Tampa Bay Lightening, and last week, he made a surprisingly early return to the ice only four weeks after having surgery on his hand for a broken knuckle. With his return, the team won 2-1 in a shootout win against Atlanta.

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Disclaimer: I am not a singer. In fact, I am terrible. I actually LOVE singing. But, it comes out like a bad American Idol audition. You know the ones… those delusional fame whores who think they can be a star, but are really talentless wannabes. Yep. That’s me. BUT, I did date a singer for two years so I am totally qualified to judge. Disclaimer over.

For a few years now, I have been a regular at the Vancouver Men’s Chorus’ ( annual Christmas concert, Making Spirits Bright. I first started going because my step-brother Jason and his husband Aiden (yep… my nephews and niece have more gay uncles than they can shake a stick at!) are in the Chorus. I’ve never been disappointed. However, this year I almost didn’t go. “Been there, done that”. “Heard it all before”. “Blah blah cute choreography great singing blah blah”. This year, at the last minute, my mom called to say she had an extra ticket for the last show. She needed a date. Since I only live a block away from the church, how could I say no? Especially to my mom! And boy, am I glad I said yes.

As soon as Conductor Willi Zwozdesky stepped up on his riser, I remembered why I love the show so much. It makes me giggle. My mom too. It’s all about entertainment, creativity, and joy. What more can you ask for in a Christmas concert? This year, Willi let the audience (the entire run of shows was SOLD OUT this year) know that the theme was “green”. Green songs, green lyrics, green bow ties and cummerbunds. Willi joked that green can be a very tricky colour to pull off, but the boys all looked quite dashing… especially while dancing and prancing. Get it? Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer?!?! Boo. Bad pun. Call me Patrick.

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Statuesque Ann Ward beat out all the model wannabes of ANTM’s Cycle 15, but how will she fare in the real competitive fashion world. Judging by the preview pics released by Vogue Italia, I say she has a decent shot. As part of her prizes for the high fashion cycle, Ann was awarded a Beauty in Vogue cover, along with a editorial shoot. In addition, she will also appear in a high fashion editorial layout in Italian Vogue and featured on

The fashion industry bible released preview pics taken from her upcoming cover shoot. Ann will grace the cover of the Beauty in Vogue May 2011. Photographer Vincent Peters captured the images for the supplemental issue. Here’s a commentary from Tyra Banks regarding Ann’s win and beauty:

America’s Next Top Model is a competition that celebrates the various types of beauty in women. Watching Ann realize that she is uniquely beautiful standing tall at 6’2 is one of the reasons I make it a point to choose contestants that the audience can relate to. Women should understand that there is no such thing as standard beauty. Ann found her beauty in her height and took all the years of bullying she endured and turned that energy into a strong work ethic that led her to be the winner of America’s Next Top Model.

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