5 Celebrity Baby Scandals!

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As the world knows by now, the Terminator has sperminated the nanny. If that wasn’t enough, it turns out Arnold Schwarzenegger an array of other mistresses at his beck and call. As shocked as I am, this is just the latest celebrity baby scandal to rock the news. In fact, celebrities have been doing this for years.

Lets take a trip down memory lane to revisit five of the most infamous celebrity baby scandals that shocked us!

5. Gavin Rossdale

I’ll admit that I am completely envious of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s marriage. They are the perfect rock couple, complete with their fashionable children and extremely successful careers. What a lot of people forget, however, is that Rossdale actually has an illegitimate child with his former lover Pearl Lowe. When he was 23, Rossdale had a brief fling with his, then, good friend, Lowe, who had a boyfriend at the time. When she became pregnant, it was assumed that Lowe’s longtime boyfriend was the father. To make things even crazier, Rossdale was asked to be the child’s godfather! As the child, Daisy, grew up she started to display more characteristics of her famous godfather rather than of her dietician father. Hmmm… After a bit of denial on both ends, paternity tests were done concluding that Rossdale was, indeed, the little Daisy’s father! Whoops!

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Swedish House Mafia are back with another killer track but it’s not what you expect. Their two previous singles One and Miami 2 Ibiza are heart pounding, beat dropping eargasms that make you dance. This song is a little bit more melodic and thought provoking in its meaning and lyrics. Swedish singer John Martin provides the smooth, yet chilling male vocal on the track.

The video is amazing as we watch three different storylines unfold. We have two women walking home together at night, another man in a car and a kid working a coffee shop or diner late at night alone. When the chorus hits, all three are attacked respectively. The women are robbed of their money, the man is pulled out of his car in a car jacking and the kid at the coffee shop is robbed from his till. Have no fear, your new superheros are to the rescue.

Send in the hounds… literally. A collection of dogs begin to run down the streets to protect those who are being attacked. The leader of them seems to be a golden retriever. These dogs pull off some pretty amazing stunts. What I must say about this video is that it 100% not what I expected when I first started watching it. While you’d think the element of dog superheros would make you laugh, it kind of works for this song.

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A Brand New Jennifer Aniston In “Horrible Bosses”

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For ten years, Jennifer Aniston played the lovable Rachel Green on the hit sitcom “Friends“. Everyone either wanted to date her, befriend her or look like her. Remember the Rachel haircut? With her romantic-comedy days coming to a close, Aniston is switching things up. For her upcoming movie, the actress not only dyed her hair chocolate brown, but she plays a super bitch of a boss and also goes topless. That’s right, Jen’s boobies are coming to at theater near you.

Aniston stars in an ensemble dark comedy titled, “Horrible Bosses“. In it she plays one of the three nightmare supervisors along with Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey. The three of them make everyday work life for Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman, respectively, living torture. So much so, the three contemplate murdering them. In it Aniston plays a devilish horny cougar who sexually harasses her employee. Check out the trailer below.

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Lady Gaga: MTV “Inside The Outside” Trailer

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With Lady Gaga‘s album coming out next week, she’s going to be everywhere – more so than usual. Starting with The View on Monday, Forbes most powerful celebrity is going to be promoting the release of her highly anticipated album, “Born This Way“. From what I’ve heard so far, I think it is indeed going to live up to the expectations.

MTV just released a trailer for a special presentation called “Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside” that will air on Thursday, May 26 at 9 p.m. ET. It’s an up close and personal interview slash documentary with Mother Monster as she talks about how she became the artist she is today. From the first time someone asked her if she ever thought about writing music to why her hair is blonde to her family values, Gaga touches upon the real her and how she got to where she is…which is on top of the world.

Watch the trailer below. So much Gaga to look forward to next week!

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Sports Stud: Andy Roddick

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Strange that pro tennis player Andy Roddick guy hasn’t been one of my Sports Studs yet, but now’s just as good a time as any. I have to say, he’s one of the sexiest pro athletes in North America for sure. Roddick is 6 ft 2 in and 28 years old (29 in August), originally from Nebraska, he now lives in Austin, Texas. He is currently ranked 11th in the world.

He’s married to Brooklyn Decker, who he first saw by flipping through a Sports Illustrated magazine. Apparently he thought it was a catalogue. “A-Rod” and his wife must have some really hot sex.

Roddick is making headlines this weekend because he and Juan Carlos Ferrero (Spain) have been forced to withdraw from the French Open because of their injuries (Roddick’s shoulder, Ferrero’s wrist). Roddick injured his right shoulder at the Rome Masters and is in no condition to play in Nice this week. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery!

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Keri Hilson Loses Control

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Gorgeous. That’s how I would describe Keri Hilson’s new music video. The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer looks stunning in every shot. I don’t think she’s ever looked this sexy. Unlike her last visual, directed by LaurieAnn Gibson, this one isn’t at all raunchy. In other words, Keri isn’t aggressively gyrating her vajayjay in your face like a crazy horny cougar. Two snaps, girl.

Lose Control” is Keri’s official fourth singled from her “No Boys Allowed” album and I think its going to be a hot one. Nelly adds some hip-hop swagger to the Stargate-produced track. He joins Keri as she shakes, slithers, and seduces in the desert, while avoiding some intense laser lights. It’s all very “Waiting For Tonight” by J. Lo. Speaking of which, she heats things up in a lagoon a la Lopez in that same vid. Someone’s got a hard-on for Jenny from the block.

Director Colin Tilley filmed Keri along with a handful of bootylicious warrior backup dancers. My favorite part of the video is when Keri dances inside a neon-rimmed box. I totally want one of those on my roof deck. Check it out below.

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Brazilian Male Models Sizzle In New Video

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If you have a thing for hot Brazilian men, then you’re in for a treat today. Models.com and Made in Brazil have joined forces again for another joint venture. They gathered all the hottest Brazilian male models to bring you another edition of Made in Brazil magazine. It’s hotter, bigger and better than before. So prepare yourself to drool buckets as you gawk at washboard abs, seductive stares and come hither hotness.

The video features two models worth noting- Marlon Teixeira and Renato Ferreira. I’ve featured both studs on Homorazzi.com before. Marlon was a Man Crush of mine, while Renato was selected for my Model Behavior feature. If want to know more about these wet dreams, check out their features on our site by clicking on their names above. In the meantime, check out a hot sneak preview of the magazine below.

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I feel sorry for kids that are born into the families of hateful people like these. The youngsters being raised by these kinds of people (and told that if you’re gay you go to hell) still need our help.

In response to the Google Chrome “It Get’s Better” Video, A man named Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has created a horribly green screened video titled “It’s Not Getting Better.” In the video, he claims that in societies where “homosexual behaviour” is widely accepted, suicide rates are higher, more people with mental disorders, and more people struggling with drug abuse. He explains that homosexuality is a terrible health risk and that if you are gay, you are twice as likely to contract cancer. He says that homosexual behaviour is a rebellion against God and refers to “It Gets Better” as a deceitful TV campaign. Lastly, he also says that very often, gays are the way they are because they have been victims of sexual abuse and trauma as youngsters. Unbelievable.

As I’ve said before in posts about campaigns like these, I feel that it is important to write about them so that we can be more aware of those that still need our support. Many are still fighting for their rights, and in some cases their lives. We can’t ignore what is going on.

Watch the video below…

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