Well Known Hollywood Publicist Shot Dead

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Tragic! One of Hollywood’s top publicists, Ronni Chasen, was shot five times before she crashed her Mercedes-Benz E-350 in Beverly Hills at around 12:30am this morning (Tuesday), resulting in her death. The 64 year old, who’s runs Chasen and Co., was driving when she was being shot at and ended up crashing into a light pole near Sunset Blvd. She was then taken by ambulance to taken via ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Chasen started her career as a publicist since 1973 and according to iMDb, promoted films that include Driving Miss Daisy, Lolita, The Swan Princess, Rocky III and Rocky IV, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and several others. Chasen was currently promoting promoting Michael Douglas for an Oscar for “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” and “Alice In Wonderland 3D” for Best Picture.

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Gentlemen…start your engines!

Yesterday RuPaul released the next 12 queens who would be on Drag Race and inevitably be shot into a stratosphere of gay fame that only a few know. As Homorazzi Drag Race specialist, I am back to report on season 3. I may not have liked season 2 (like at all except for a few girls), so I’m hoping and praying that this next season will be better.

Right away I can tell you that once again, Ru has stuck to mainly the “fish queen”. If you don’t know that term, it essentially means someone who’s gonna look like a real girl. There really isn’t much edge, there’s no real standout fierce looking (like REALLY fierce looking) queen. I don’t know why they haven’t chosen one. Nina Flowers was the only one from season 1 and she is still one of if not THE most popular from the series. It gives people something different. Maybe Ru was scared of a little competition?

Either way, here is the list of the 12 finalists for season 3. Some I know, some I know of, and some I’ve never seen before this. But I’ve done my research and listened to their interviews. Here is my first impressions!

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Disney Releases First “Cars 2″ Trailer

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Up until recently I wasn’t a big fan of animated films and hadn’t seen many in my adult life. That all changed when I started babysitting my niece once a week. Now, I’m obsessed with all of them. Seriously, how amazing was “Toy Story 3” and “Up“. Another one I fell in love with was “Cars“, though it took me maybe four sittings to get through. When watching a two-year-old, you’re multi-tasking so much, there is no way in hell you’re plopping your ass for two hours straight to watch a movie. Having said that, even after watching the animated film in bits and pieces and out or order, I fell in love with it and the motley crew of Radiator Springs. So when I saw a sequel was coming, I was beyond excited.

In anticipation of “Cars 2” hitting theaters June 2011, Pixar and Disney just released the first trailer. Originally, it was scheduled for a 2012 theatrical release, but was moved up by a year. “Cars” is only the second Pixar film to receive a sequel. Since five years have passed when “Cars” was first released, a lot of things have changed. Most notably, three of the cast members have passed away, including Paul Newman who voiced former Piston Cup winner, Doc Hudson. Stepping in will be Michael Caine who plays a British undercover operative.

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Tons of F’ing Sequins!

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Ha-larious. A few days ago, this video surfaced on the internet and it’s starting to go viral. During Goodwill’s annual designer shopping event in Seattle, one guy gets a little carried away with sequins when a reporter stops to ask him what he’s buying, as he carries a huge pile of stuff away.

His accidental foul language catches the reporter off guard (he’s surprised by what comes out of his mouth as well)), as she is reporting live. So funny. He puts the bad in goodwill.

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Medium Canceled

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The Medium show’s star, 42 year old Patricia Arquette tells Entertainment Weekly, “We got canceled.” A month ago, CBS announced it had cut the 22-episode order down to 13 episodes, which was obviously not a good sign. Airing on Fridays is never a good thing either. Despite the bad news, Arquette seems to be taking it well…

“I was trying to get information from the writers about the last episode. I don’t know what it’s going to be, but they’re really excited about it. They’re like, ‘We’re just going to burn the whole thing down!'”

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Kesha just performed “We R Who We R” on Australia’s X Factor …and I have to say, I enjoyed the performance. Her and her dancers looked “sick & sexified” as they performed her chart topper (which debuted at number one in the United States, Europe, and now Australia).

Part way through the song, she heads back to where she started but surprises the audience by coming back with an army of sexy marching mercenaries that become her backup dancers. She then later straps on an electric guitar which she plays a little, coupled with some pyro. The audience ate her up like cannibals.

The host chats with her after the performance and Kesha announces news….not that she’s not pregnant, but that she’ll be on tour in Australia in March.

Check out the video of the performance, as well as how Ke$ha got the “$” in her name after the jump…

As the resident Jon Stewart-phile of Homorazzi, I of course immediately downloaded the newest episode this evening and was thrilled to see AskMen.com’s Most Influential Man placing his stake in the recently re-ignited “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” debate. And, the genius is of course on the side of good and gay on this one!

A recently published thorough and semi-shocking report found that over 70% of enlisted men and women support the repeal of DADT- the military rule keeping out-of-the-closet gay men and women from serving- in spite much rhetoric and polemical theories to the contrary by Right Wing nuts for years now. As such, Stewart and his flock of correspondents/comedians at the “Daily Show” combined the latest repeal updates with their strongest nemesis: the outdated and outmatched bigot, Senator John McCain and the recent “It Gets Better” campaign to create a fantastically hilarious PSA.

Click through to see the rest of my review and the video clip IF you are an American viewer! Will continue to hunt for a Canadian source!

Model Behavior: Thomas Ivasaki

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As I was searching high and low on the internet for this week’s selection for my Model Behavior feature, I was on a mission to go a little fitness model and more fashion. When I stumbled upon Thomas Ivasaki, immediately I knew I picked a winner. Just look at that profile and lips. Gorgeous. Not only does he look good without his shirt (a Homorazzi requirement), but he’s equally as scrumptious wearing designer clothes.

The 23-year-old sexy beast was born in Brasilia, Brazil and of mixed heritage. He’s part Japanese and part Brazilian. He was discovered in Sao Paolo four years ago and is currently signed with Premier Model Management. Some of his more prominent campaigns include Fila and Skechers. During Project Runway’s fourth season, he was a featured model for the show’s first ever men’s sportwear challenge. Some of the photographers he’s worked with include Daniel Ward, Albert Goquingco and Troy Phillips to name a few.

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