Nicki Minaj Gets Pink In “Super Bass” Video

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Nicki Minaj has released her newest video for Super Bass and its very pretty in pink. Sporting a spotted pink bodysuit and a half blonde, half pink, Nicki gets her Roman talking about the men she loves that have the cars with the Super Bass.

Cut to a new outfit with Nicki in a seaweed green wig and some serious fierce shoes, poolside with some hot men and a pool full of Pepto Bismol. Well, I don’t think it’s actually PB but it sure looks like it. She splashes around and even throws a a glass of Pepto on her pool boy friend. How rude. Final scene finds Nicki and company covered in glow paint and kicking it club style in a black-lit room.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this song when the Pink Friday album dropped but this colorful and fun video has kind of changed my mind. What do you think of the bubble gum like video?

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Jordin Sparks Declares “I Am Woman” In New Song

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The tweet pic of her new svelte new bikini body became a viral hit and Jordin Sparks hopes her new song becomes an internet sensation as well. “I Am Woman” is the lead cut from her upcoming third studio album. After lackluster sales of her sophomore CD, “Battlefield“, pressure is high for Sparks to deliver another “No Air” size hit. Will her empowering female anthem bring her, and more importantly her label, the success they’re looking for?

Personally, I don’t think so. At first listen, I wasn’t super impressed and found it overly-produced. Much like Beyonce’s recent flop, Jordin’s “I Am Woman” could’ve used a little less bells and whistles. Her vocals are strong, but a little shout-y at times. She lost weight like Jennifer Hudson, but she doesn’t have to sing loudly like her. When you combine the marching band-like beat with Sparks’ shout-singing, it’s a little too much to bear. We get it, Jordin. You’re 21 and you’re a woman now. No need to beat us over the head with it.

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Movie Reviews: Thor & Something Borrowed

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For this week’s movie review, you’re getting two for the price of one. I’m combining both “Thor” and “Something Borrowed” because none of us could attend the latter and review the film. I kindly asked a friend to check it out and quickly whip up a review. Thanks Tyler, you’re the best. This week’s films star former Man Crushes of mine- Chris Hemsworth in “Thor” and Colin Egglesfield in “Something Borrowed”. When I found out the screenings were at the same time, I was super bummed. I definitely wanted to see the both of them. In the end, “Thor” won out (can you blame me), and I’m glad I did. It was spectacular.


Just to give you a brief background on the film. Thor is a Marvel Comics superhero based on the hammer-wielding Nordic god of thunder and lightning. He is banished to earth from Asgard by his father, Odin. Thor was a brash and arrogant warrior who needed a lesson in humility. Only when he learned his lesson would he be allowed to regain his hammer– the source of all his power.

It would be easy to dismiss Thor as a big-budget mindless summer movie. To do so would be an injustice. Yes, it had amazing special effects that left you breathless, but it also had character development and a decent plot. A lot of that can be attributed to the high-caliber of actors involved including Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman. But mostly the credit goes to director Kenneth Branagh.

Branagh is best known for directing and starring in numerous film adaptations of William Shakespeare’s plays. Like many people, including Portman, they were mystified why such a cerebral period piece director was involved in a studio summer tentpole pic. It was this paradox which lured Portman to the project even without a script. Branagh added a touch of class and sophistication to a film that could’ve easily gone via the Hulk (remember that atrocity). Instead, he crafted one of the best comic book adaptations ever. It had it all- power struggles, sibling rivalry, parental issues. You don’t get anymore Shakespearean than that.

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American Idol 10: Top 5 Eliminations

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There was some good and bad news, watching last night’s American Idol’s results show. The bad news. It was still an hour too long. The good news. At least there was some entertaining filler this week. With over 60 million votes cast, last night’s show garnered the most votes this season. Seacrest gave each judge an opportunity to promote something. Tyler pimped out his new book. Lopez reminded us her album dropped this week and Randy… It was some inside joke, I didn’t understand.

The remaining five performed a group number to “Happy Together“. Once again, the group number sucked and I wasn’t feeling it. Even they didn’t look “happy together” performing it. This week’s Ford music video was mildly interesting. The magic-themed clip had a couple cool effect, but still unnecessary filler.

Idol Meets Hell’s Kitchen

If you’re going to stuff filler in the results show, at least make it interesting. Which brings me to the next segment? Sure, it was a chance to cross-promote another Fox show, but I enjoyed it. The Idols met with “Hell’s Kitchen” host, Gordon Ramsey. They had to prepare an omelette for him in just a few minutes. I’m not the best cook in the world, but even I would’ve made one that would’ve looked half-decent. Sadly, I can’t say the same for most of them. Ramsey pitched Haley’s in the garbage, spit out Scotty’s and wasn’t a fan of James. Lauren and Jacob had the best tasting omelettes and advanced to the next round. They had to guess three types of food after tasting them. Feeling all cocky, Jacob bragged that “being fat comes in handy“. Looks like he wasn’t fat enough, since he lost to Lauren who won the first ever American Idol Hell Kitchen competition.

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Yesterday, on another amazeballs episode of Oprah’s Farewell Season, Lady Gaga surprised the audience with a two-song performance, after first appearing on a screen to trick the audience into thinking she wasn’t actually there. But she was. There once was a pop star who sang from a shoe, she was performing on Oprah, what else could she do? Apparently, I summoned Mother Goose for a second there. My apologies. But really, she did sing from a shoe – a giant shoe her younger sister made. Of course she did.

Oprah commends Gaga and the message she sends out to people about accepting who they are because they were “Born This Way“. Gaga looked gorgeous and sang her little heart out for Queen Oprah (and Jonny Depp, who was also there).

Watch Gaga’s performance and her chat with Oprah below. It’s definitely worth watching.

Video after the jump…

“Brothers & Sisters” May Be In Jeopardy

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This news makes me real upset. My favorite dramatic, non-reality show on television, Brothers and Sisters is in major jeopardy with it’s network ABC. The show already underwent a major makeover this year with a few major leading characters from the previous seasons moving away or dying. ABC says it’s purely economical but we all know it also has to do with the poor ratings this ABC favorite has been receiving this season.

I have to admit, this season hasn’t been my favorite either. It started off really slow and a lot of the story arcs were really tired and uninteresting. It has only been the last few episodes that have really put the show back up the ranks that I enjoyed the most during the past few seasons.

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Back in December, I wrote about the FCK H8 campaign. An “in your face” to campaign with the objective to do just that – FCK H8! Whether straight or gay, young or old, people of all walks of life are saying “FCK H8,” while looking good in these t-shirts doing it. Proceeds from their fantastic tees go towards helping fund queer counseling and teen suicide prevention. They’ve raised over $250,000 through the sale of these t-shirts already!

Yesterday, they just released a new video addressing the people in the state of Tennessee that are still trying to make it against the law for teachers to talk about gay people with their students, or even use the word gay in schools. Ridiculous – and kids know it too! I can’t believe they would try and make teaching acceptance a crime. Remember teen suicide? How do you think that law would affect struggling teens? Seriously! This law is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. So how can you help?

Join the “Say Gay-A-Thon” on Facebook and Twitter. Every time you “like” the video below on Facebook or tweet @FCKH8 it on Twitter, will give cents…up to $25,000 to the fight for equal rights in Tennesse. Check out the AWESOME video below and start FCKING H8!!!

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Where’s Paul Revere when you need him? After reading news stories about Cheryl Cole and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge heading to the US, I knew I had to use Revere’s warning as the title of this post. With Adele topping the Billboard Album charts for the sixth time, coupled with the aforementioned visiting the former British colony, it certainly feels like a 2011 British invasion.

Ever since, news of Simon Cowell bringing his hit show, “X Factor” to the states, Cheryl Cole’s name has always been one of the names floating around to join the show. After months of rumors and speculation, it’s official. Cheryl Cole is joining Cowell and LA Reid on the panel. Here’s the official tweet:


Fans of Cheryl and her participation in the UK version are beyond excited about this official news. On her part, Cheryl is also looking forward to her involvement in the series.

“I just can’t decide whether I am more excited to find and nurture the talent or for the unbelievable amount of amusement and entertainment I will have watching Simon doing everything and anything he can to beat me. He’s tried to beat me for three years in the U.K., and hasn’t even come close. His ego must be so bruised. America is gonna love this.” – Cheryl Cole

find out where in the US, Prince William and Kate are visiting after the jump

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