On Monday, the stars and the pros hit the dance floor to pay tribute to the country in which they live… America. In what I think was the most unusual theme week of the season, not to mention the entire run of the show, Americana Week pitted amazing dance styles with the most random of songs about America. Some of these song selections included Yankee Doodle and America, The Beautiful. Tonight, we must lose one of the stars as we which the midway point in our competition.

Hines and Kym and Kirstie and Maks are first to hear their fates. Maks and Kirstie had a steamy performance while Hines and Kym got romantic on the floor and received straight 9’s from the judges. Who will be safe? Hines and Kym are pronounced safe and Maks and Kirstie will discover if they are still in the competition later this evening.

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Another season of SNL is coming to a close next month and the host for the finale is none other than the sexy Justin Timberlake. With his great sense of humor and good looks, he’s been a favorite on the show for some time. I’m pretty sure we’re he’s welcome in all of our homes with his “Dick In A Box.” Or there’s also his “Single Ladies” dace in a unitard with Beyonce that was absolutely hysterical.

Timberlake is currently working on a new album, but has a busy year ahead with more movie premieres coming up including “Bad Teacher,” a comedy he starred in alongside his now ex, Cameron Diaz.

The news of him hosting was revealed by way of a tweet that has since been deleted. Looks like someone blew their…”excitement” a little too early. The season finale takes place on May 21st.

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In 2010, Gallup‘s global wellbeing surveys on how people in countries all over the world rated their lives at the current time as well as how they rated their expectations for the next five years. They used the Cantil Self-Anchoring Striving Scale, which asks those surveyed to picture a ladder from 0-10 and ask where they would rate their lives according to that scale. The top of the ladder (10) represents the best possible life, where as the bottom is the worst possible life. When they compile the results, they can see who is “Thriving,” “Struggling,” and “Suffering.”

Denmark apparently has the happiest people, with Sweden and Canada tied in second with 69% of the population describing themselves as thriving. Keep reading below to find out where the United States falls and where the top 10 unhappiest places to live are. Seeing how low their ratings were makes me very grateful to live where I live.

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The song is really catchy, but I guess Lady Gaga and all her fans had to have expected some people to react like this girl did, with a song named “Judas” coupled with some of the controversial lyrics contained in the song. I grew up Catholic, so from a religious perspective, I can see why this song has pissed of the religious community. In past videos, Gaga has featured upside down and burning crosses, which of course is going to push people’s buttons. According to this girl, the lyrics have upset her to the point where she is physically sick.

I can understand how the lyrics in this video can upset Catholics, but this girl takes it too far. (I should note that I don’t actually know if this girls is Catholic, but I do know that the song has angered other Catholics). The girl in the video certainly loses me (as does the Catholic religion) is where she claims that because I’m gay I’m going to hell. “Lady Gaga, or Lady Gaygay, cuz she’s a homosexual who’s not getting into heaven,” she declares. She later explains that having sex is a sin and that if you listen to Lady Gaga you are going to hell: “I hope you see Lady Gaga in hell all you little monsters. You’re all demons.”

The girl even throws in a fake cry to make herself feel like she’s closer to God than gays or Gaga’s fans.

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First Look: Emma Stone In “The Help”

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Set in the 1960’s during the civil rights movement, The Help tells the story of Skeeter (played by Emma Stone) a young woman in Mississippi who wants to shed light on “the help” who raise the white children in the town she lives in. The want to write the piece comes when an idea is raised in the town that a special bathroom should be built for the help to use in the homes they work in versus using the family bathroom.

Aibileen and Minny (played by Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer) become friends with Skeeter drawn together by helping her write her book. The two reveal big secrets about who they work for and the trails they have gone through putting themselves on the line. As the book continues to be written, more woman come forward with their stories.

When the book is released, it becomes a big hit within the community and many find out about the secret lives of the help causing an uproar towards Skeeter. Will town accept the winds of the changing times? The film is set to hit theatres this August. Do you think this is an Oscar contender or just a good chick flick?

Check out “The Help” movie trailer here.

Yesterday, Desihits released the Official Bollywood Remix for Britney Spears latest single, “Till The World Ends” and it is soo good. Indian composers Salim-Sulaiman remixed her monster track. Now, Indian entertainment site Desi Hits and the Culture Shock production team, who put their Bollywood twist on “Till the World Ends, get some love from Brit herself. She tweeted about the remix: “Check out this incredible Desihits remix of Till The World Ends. I LOVE it!!!”

Earlier this year, a Bollywood remix for Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” was released by Desihits as well, also produced by Salim and Sulaiman. That track is pretty amazing as well.

Check them both out – you’re gonna love ’em!

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I guess former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and her fiance Roberto Martinez should leave the fantasy date planning to the ABC professionals having learned the hard way from a recent kayak accident.

Roberto and Ali were having a nice kayak adventure this past Sunday when suddenly, Ali’s kayak flipped over finding herself underwater and in a little bit of trouble. This little accident landed her in the ER ending up with 5 staples in her head. Ali’s rep confirmed the story.

Ali took to her Twitter to update everyone on her progress post ER.

Ali and Roberto’s tweets after the jump.

Though it wasn’t the season premiere or even finale, I felt COMPELLED to article up the latest and GREATEST episode of “United States of Tara”. First off, before the die-hard fans attack me and announce the Season 1 finale at the bowling alley as the personalities meet on screen for the first time as the quintessential “US of T” episode, I will concede that it was and still is truly brilliant and poignant drama. However, there was just something about today’s ep: “Wheels” that got me excited and flying to the keyboard to let you mo’s know how I felt about it. Short version: I.Died.

The true testament of a drama in my mind is: does it make me cry. Yes, I do enjoy a good laugh out loud- which of course this show offers from time to time- but, when I get red eyed and search feverishly around to make sure no one has caught me in a moment of emotional exposure, THAT’S when I know a drama has done its job. And, yesterday, Monday, April 18th, “United States of Tara’s” 4th Episode of Season 3 did its job. For those needing a bit of catch up on today’s episode, all you need to truly know that happened was that Tara’s gay son learns about the wonders and horrors of threesomes as she battles to take back control of her mind from her “alters” and finds herself at the mercy of her illness even when she feels her strongest. Combined with a killer soundtrack and epic acting, I was a completely baby by the closing credits.

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