Two of today’s hottest franchises, “Harry Potter” and “Twilight“, are coming to a close soon. The sorcerer film will release its final installment on July 15, while the vampire flick will be split into two parts, hitting theaters on November 18, 2011 and November 16, 2012. Both highly-anticipated films debuted brand new movie trailers at last night’s 2011 MTV Awards.

Breaking Dawn’s clip is pretty steamy for a PG-13 movie. It begins with various characters receiving wedding invitations to Bella and Edward’s upcoming nuptials. Obviously, not everyone is excited about it, ahem Jacob Black. Naturally, the way to deal with it is to rip off your shirt and run into the woods. Not that I’m complaining, since we get to see Taylor Lautner’s ripped body dripping with rain. Sexy. The trailer ends with Bella realizing she’s preggers with a half-vampire & half-human baby. It’s so “Days of our Lives“.

Deathly Hallow’s movie trailer was too short for my liking. It begins and ends with the final showdown taking place in the foreboding Forbidden Forest between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. Looks epic. Emma Watson was in attendance at last night’s awards to introduce the clip. Here’s what she said.

“On behalf of the enormous cast of ‘Harry Potter,’ thank you to all of our amazing fans for all of the support over the years,” Watson said. “You guys have made this the most crazy incredible ride, so tonight, I’m very proud to bring you an exclusive sneak peek of the final movie. Ladies and gentlemen, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.”

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OH SNAP!!! Reese Witherspoon came out to play at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. The 35-year-old was on hand to accept MTV’s Generation Award. It’s the network’s version of a lifetime achievement award. Let’s face it, 35 is practically ancient in their terms. Given that Witherspoon was being honored for her body of work, it was only fitting she share some of her wisdom. And boy did she share.

After playfully correcting her “Water for Elephants” co-star Robert Pattinson with a punchline “You’re the best motherf—er in Hollywood.“, Witherspoon gave advice to Hollywood’s young starlets. Ever the Southern lady, she let it be known that she succeeded in Tinseltown based on her talent and nothing else. “It’s also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show,” she exclaimed. Obviously that was a dig at the Kim Kardashians of the world. Way to go, Reese. About time someone said something. Reese wasn’t done yet.

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The Chicago Cubs are following in the footsteps of the San Francisco Giants and making an “It Gets Better” video. They’ll be the second professional sports team to participate in Dan Savage’s campaign which takes a stand against anti-gay bullying. Since Savage and his partner Terry Miller launched the project, over 10,000 videos have been made to inspire teens who may be struggling during their high school years, that life gets better. Props to the Cub organization for getting on board. Hopefully this will motivate other professional sports to participate as well.

“The Cubs applaud the Giants for their stand against anti-LGBT bullying. Bullying of anyone for any reason is unacceptable,” said Laura Ricketts, Cubs owner and board member. “We are proud to join the Giants in taking a stand against bullying and encourage other professional sports organizations to do the same.”

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2011 MTV Movie Award Fashion Roundup

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Did you catch last night’s 2011 MTV Awards show? I managed to catch glimpses in the background while doing housework. Was it me, or did everyone seem kinda loopy- especially Robert Pattinson. He seemed all over the place. I guess it’s par for the course, since the awards show is a bit unorthodox when compared to other shows. It’s more of a platform to promote summer movies than actually honoring great film work from the past year. Oh well, whatever the reason, it gave a great opportunity for Hollywood’s females to bust out some serious fashion. Check out the following match-ups I created and don’t forget to vote.

First up to battle are the leading ladies from two of today’s biggest movie franchises. Twilight’s Kristen Stewart shows off her great legs in a Balmain dress outfitted with numerous safety pins. Harry Potter’s Emma Watson also showed off some bling in a short ivory jewel encrusted Marchesa. Personally, I love Stewart’s dress more. It’s edgy and fun, a perfect choice for this awards show. She also picked up Best Female Performance and Best Kiss at the ceremony. And she got to go home with Pattinson too, if it that’s your thing (not for me).

2011 MTV Movie Awards Fashion Battle: Team Twilight or Team Harry Potter?

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Man, where does the time fly? It seems just like yesterday when Mark Wahlberg was giving everyone “Good Vibrations” as Marky Mark. Long before he was an Oscar-nominated actor, he was posing in his Calvin Kleins and showing off his third nipple. He’s certainly come a long way from being a young white rapper to respected A-List Hollywood power player.

In honor of his 40th birthday, let’s take a walk down Mark Wahlberg memory lane and remember some of his more memorable movie roles. One of my favorite movies from him was the 70s porn flick, “Boogie Nights“. Arguably, that was his breakout role… literally. Sure it was a prosthetic 13 inch penis, but it was still hot to envision his real package might actually measure up to it. Another favorite of mine is “The Italian Job“. I totally wanted a mini cooper after watching that heist flick. Now that I’ve shared my favorite Wahlberg films, I’d love to hear some of yours. Either vote in the poll below or post them in the comments section. If you scroll even further, you can check out Wahlberg shirtless at 20-years-old and in his late 30s after the jump.

What's Your Favorite Mark Wahlberg Movie?

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If you didn’t know it by now, Anderson Cooper is heading to daytime television this Fall. The 43-year-old reporter will be launching a new talk show in September, titled “Anderson“. He’ll tape the show from Jazz at Lincoln Center’s The Allen Room. From what I hear, the studio boasts sweeping views of Central Park and Columbus Circle. “Anderson” will air in syndication on major networks and fill Oprah Winfrey’s recently-vacated spot. Question remains if the Silver Fox will replace Oprah in the audience’s hearts.

“It’s fun and interesting to work in daytime television. The format is unique and you can really go in-depth on a wide range of fascinating and compelling stories. With this new program I hope to relay important information and relate to people and the audience in a completely different way. It’s an exciting opportunity to show another side of myself and create something worthwhile and special in daytime.” – Anderson Cooper

To promote his new endeavor, Cooper launched the show’s official website late last week. Showing a more relaxed look, Anderson rolls up his sleeves and flashes his million dollar smile. He also unveiled the san serif logo which I like. It’s understated and simple, but strong. Recently, Cooper spent a day in his new studio with a live audience where he shared insights about himself- from his childhood, favorite television shows, his career as a reporter and much more. Clips from the taping will be posted on his website throughout the summer, leading to the show’s September 12, 2011 debut.

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X-Men First Class Earns Top Marks At Box Office

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The X-Men mutants definitely flexed their superpowers, propelling them to the head of the class. The prequel to the previous “X-Men” films scored an estimated $56 million this weekend, easily topping the box office. Though a solid number, it’s a little underwhelming when you compare it to other Marvel superhero flicks and even the first X-Men movie. In 2000, that debuted to a $54.4 million opening. “X-Men: First Class” earned just a bit more than that, but when you factor in increased ticket prices, it’s not so good.

Last week’s top dog, “The Hangover“, stumbled a steep 62.2% in its second weekend. Pretty much expected for a highly-anticipated sequel. The alcohol-themed flick raked in another $32 million, bringing its total to an impressive $186,872,000 in just two weeks. Last week’s runner-up, “Kung Fu Panda 2” held up much better and cashed in $24 million representing only a 49% decline from its opening weekend.

Rounding out the Top 5 were “The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and “Bridesmaids“. They earned $18 and $12 million respectively. Further down the box office, “Fast Five” sped past the $200 million mark, making it the best performer in the car racing series.

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Be prepared to bring a lot of Kleenex tissues with you when you watch this at the theaters. Just watching the movie trailer already has my heartstrings feeling tugged. “The Vow” is a romantic drama film based on a true story about a young woman (Rachel McAdams) who losses all her recent memory in a car accident. Her husband (Channing Tatum) and she try to rebuild her identity but face struggles along the way. Think “The Notebook” meets “50 First Dates“. Is Rachel McAdams trying to out-Notebook herself in “The Vow”? LOL.

The film has all the makings of a great love story. The trailer shows all the basic essentials for a classic tearjerker– rainy scenes, grand gestures of courtship and a montage showing heart-wrenching pain set to sappy music. Then when you factor in two likable stars who’ve won audiences over in Nicholas Sparks’ films, consider it a slam dunk. McAdams starred in “The Notebook“, while Tatum wooed audiences in “Dear, John“. Tatum is certainly establishing himself as the go-to man for Valentine’s Day, isn’t he? “The Vow” also opens on the most romantic day of the year in 2012. I’m sure he’s hoping it scores big, like last year’s “Dear, John“. Check out the trailer below.

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