Hollywood certainly doesn’t have a shortage of crazy stage parents roaming the streets. While there are plenty of crappier parent SLASH managers than Dina Lohan and Joe Simpson out there, I’m picking on these two fools. For some reason, these two irritate me to no end. They’re definitely the poster twats for inappropriate parenting. So let’s take a closer look at their stellar child rearing skills in action, and declare a winner loser in this competition.


One only needs to look at exhibit A (Lindsay Lohan) to determine, this woman’s tubes should’ve been tied the minute Lindsay was arrested. One of her biggest faux pas to date was driving her substance abusing daughter to a Hollywood bar days just days after Lindsay finished one of her stints at rehab. CLASSY.

An equally classy move was made recently, when she was caught shopping around a reality show and exclusive interview opportunities with her incarcerated daughter. Talk about an opportunistic beyotch. Just think, this doting mother is a mom of four children. EEKS. We might as well start a countdown for Ali Lohan and her siblings’ debut on TMZ.com.

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Product Review: Camo Caps

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A while ago I let you all in on my little secret – my ability and strategy to sneak alcohol into concert venues and arenas. Over the past few years, my friends and I have perfected our approach that includes the use of Ziploc bags placed in those most delicate and personal areas to ensure we never have to pay for over-priced stadium liquor again while listening to our favorite bands and artists.

Since writing that article I have received and overwhelming response from online readers and friends, thanking me for helping them solve the age-old mystery. Yes, I’m going with age-old on this one – for decades people have been complaining about the costs of alcohol in stadiums and arenas, and I took that as a personal challenge to find the best solution to solve this issue.

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DWTS 11: Week 5 Eliminations

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Last night, the stars put on a show with numbers from popular TV classics like Bewitched and Charlie’s Angels. Kyle Massey who has proven to be a crowd favorite, fell almost all the way to the bottom of the pack when Len dropped their score down with an astonishing 5. Bristol and Mark were the bottom couple with their Monkee’s routine in ape suits and Brandy and Maks topped their leader board with their routine to the theme song from Friends. So lets find who got eliminated this week.

We start with the bottom two couples of the night. Kyle and Lacey danced to the theme from Charlie’s Angels. Their routine mixed disco with Foxtrot but fell short with Len who gave them a 5. On the flipside, he loved the theatrics of Mark and Bristol’s ape costumes but Bristol’s shortfalls during the routine caused them to score only 18 for the routine. The first couple safe is Kyle and Lacey. Bristol and Mark are also safe this week. SHOCKER! The bottom two couples are safe. Will a judges favorite be going home?

With TV Theme week, the show decided to create a few infomercials (to fill the one hour time slot). Bring It Like Bruno is the first up. With this DVD series, you can learn the moves of Bruno Tonioli like the lawn mower and my personal favorite the pencil sharpener. Hilarious.

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Ever since “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” lead Andy Whitfield’s Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma returned, Starz has been pondering the future of the series. Should they shut down production or recast Spartacus. After weighing all options, the network decided to grant the wishes of gay men everywhere and forge ahead with season two. The show is well known for showing plenty of buff men in very little or no clothing.

According to reports, “Prison Break” star, Wentworth Miller is a serious contender for the role. Some say Miller is pursuing the role, while others claim it’s the network who’s actively courting him. Whatever the case may be, Miller donning gladiator skirt and strappy sandals is a likely possibility.

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Just launched, a new skincare product from Menscience instantly adds a subtle tint to lighter complexions, making them look more tanned and with a more even complexion. You only need to use a small amount and that can go a long way. With natural mineral pigments, it evens out your complexion and gives pale and devitalized skin a healthy looking tone.

Rest assured, it won’t look like make-up provided you’ve evenly distributed it on your face and rubbed it in all the way. It’s great because it’s instant. There are some days where you feel like your face is bleh, and you just don’t want to leave home, right? This helps with that – and it also has long term benefits too! On top of the instant results I’ve mentioned, it’s also scientifically developed with CoQ10 and hyaluronic acid to even out skin tone and improve skin’s overall appearance as an anti-aging product.

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Brad Paisley Concert Review

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Two weeks ago on October 2nd, Country Music superstar Brad Paisley descended upon Rogers Arena in Vancouver and if you know me, you’ll know that there isn’t a country music concert in the GVRD that I don’t do everything in my power to get my hands on tickets. Having never seen Brad in concert before I knew this was a MUST, having listened to his music for the last decade (at least). Thankfully my colleague Christine had a connection and was able to hook me up with last minute tickets. Yes, I screamed like a four-year-old girl and couldn’t WAIT to bust out the plaid shirt and imaginary cowboy boots.

(Imaginary in the sense that I have been threatened several times by friends that if I ever roll out to the bar in cowboy boots they will drag me home and make me change. Believe me, I don’t get it either?!)

Darius Rucker was the opening act and the perfect start to a night filled with country music. His edgy style and rare form are definitely what sets him apart from the rest of the boys in Nashville. His roots as the original front man from Hootie and Blowfish don’t seem to be hurting him either. He played homage to three of the bands legendary hits, which was both surprising and a nice touch to hear them redone with a country backbeat and twang.

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Sadly it’s a repeat episode of “Glee” tonight. Damn you MLB playoffs. To satisfy your “Glee” appetite, I have several pics and a performance from next week’s Halloween-themed show. The kids of McKinley High are paying homage to the classic movie, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show“. Ryan Murphy is brill-balls for taking on this iconic show. I have no doubt the episode will be another homerun.

A few years ago, I went to a midnight screening of this movie and absolutely loved the experience. The movie itself was a bit cheesy and campy, but it was all about the audience who dressed up as their favorite character and got on stage and performed alongside the screening.

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Rihanna Gives “Who’s That Chick” A Goth Makeover

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A month ago, Rihanna’s music video for “Who’s That Chickleaked online and spread like wildfire. No one knew what the song and vid were for. Turns out, the David Guetta collaboration was for a Doritos “Late Night” ad campaign. The second I heard it, it immediately propelled the track as one of my favorites from Rihanna.

For Rihanna’s two most recent videos, “Who’s That Chick” and “Only Girl“, she looked happy and effervescent which was a welcome change from her somber dreary images from her previous album. Well, if you prefer your RiRi darker and edgier, she released a new version of “Who’s That Chick”. The new “Night Version” showcases a darker and more goth look, reminiscent of her dreary “Rated R” phase.

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