Culture Club Reunion World Tour Announced

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I may have only been a child in the 80′s for a minute, but that doesn’t stop me from me loving the music that came from that decade. One of my favorites is Culture Club and Boy George has now confirmed that the band will be reuniting next year and with a “proper worldwide tour”.

This huge announcement came amongst his current press tour for his soon to be released solo album Ordinary Alien. George has revealed that he wrote part of this album while in prison for his wrongful incarceration for beating up a male escort. Sounds like this album could be a little angst-y perhaps. When the question was sent to him via Samantha Ronson’s brother, Mark Ronson (I know, a really weird connection…), Boy George said the following.

“We are getting back together. Next year. This year [I'm touring] on my own. It’s kind of a precursor for what I’m doing with Culture Club in 2012. We’ll be doing a proper huge worldwide tour. And a new album.”

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Last week a lesbian woman named Brenda Namigadde was facing deportation from the U.K. back to Uganda, only days after gay rights activist David Kato, a prominent Uganda LGBT activist, was killed. Everyone around the world was doing whatever they could to prevent her from being deported. Despite the attempt to prevent her from being sent to a country where she could be killed for being gay, they put her on her on the 9:20pm flight to Uganda. Then, like out of a movie, a list minute injunction stopped her deportation and she was taken off the plan. Can you imagine?!

With that, her fight is not over. This Wednesday, her asylum claim is going to be revisited and the court will decide whether or not she can stay and live in the U.K. permanently. As the story unfolds, shocking revelations are being uncovered in how the U.K. investigates such LGBT claims. Her claim had originally been rejected because the judge found it odd that she didn’t have any gay magazines.

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Madonna To Tour With Glee Cast

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Remember when Glee did a full tribute episode to the one and material girl, Madonna? Well apparently after the episode aired, Madonna herself become a huge fan of the show, especially Jane Lynch’s rendition of Vogue. Now, she plans on taking some of the cast on tour with her.

That’s right, Madonna would like Cory Monteith and Lea Michelle to express themselves on her next tour and possibly perform their duet/mash-up of Borderline/Open You Heart plus other segments from the tribute episode. Its being said that this will probably be Madonna’s last tour and she wants to leave a lasting impression.

Sources are saying that after this final tour, Madonna would like to focus more on business ventures. What do you think of this idea of adding the Glee cast to Madonna’s tour? I am not sure how I feel about it. I think maybe a performance at an award show maybe, but a full tour? I don’t think that is necessary.

Vote for which Glee performances you’d like to see Madonna’s tour here.

Who Is The Hottest Hunk On 90210?

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Over the past several years, the CW has become known for their sexy dramas with the accompanying hot men that star in them. Going back to casting the sexy Tom Welling as Clark Kent in Smallville was pretty much a turning point for the network in my opinion. As the longest running show of the dramas currently on the air on the CW, the superpowers of Tom Welling looks (along with the writing I suppose) have made for a successful show.

More recently, they brought back to life the legendary 90210 series and gave it new life (and fresh meat), with a whole new cast of sexy hunks and starlets. There’s even a gay storyline! Then came catching onto the trend of vampires, bringing on a pile of eye pleasing shirtless men onto our screens. With all of the shows currently on their network, there’s one thing that remains constant; the CW has some of the hottest hunks on television. But who is the hottest? Let’s start with the young men of 90210.

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New Releases Out This Week: January 31st

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Ricky Martin leads the music pack this week with his newest release Musica+Alma+Sexo or MAS. Although the title gives off the vibe that the album is entirely in Spanish, there are some English language songs that make the tracklist including his first single, The Best Thing About Me Is You featuring Joss Stone.

She isn’t the only musical guest on the album. Ricky collaborates with Claudia Leitte, Natalia Jiménez and Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Wisin & Yandel. I got a sample of the album and although I don’t speak fluent Spanish by any means, I love the tracks a lot. It sounds like Ricky is back on his game and ready to jump into the music industry again. This will be Ricky’s ninth studio album.

Martin will also be releasing a deluxe version of the album to Target. This edition will have a few more English, unreleased tracks, some dance remixes and solo versions of the lead-off single in English and in Spanish.

Check out more New Releases for the week after the jump.

Though the SAG Awards aren’t as hyped as “The Golden Globes“, they’re probably the most important awards shows for actors leading up to the Academy Awards. Traditionally, the winners of the SAGs go on to win the Oscars weeks later. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for their red carpet performances. Just because you shine at one, it doesn’t mean you will at the other.

Since the Screen Actors Guild is a bit more low key than other awards shows, most actresses don’t go all out for this evening. Instead, they use it just as another test run for the big night on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at the Kodak Theater. Find out which dresses caught my eye, good or bad, below and see if you agree with my choices.

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SAG Awards: And the Winners Are…

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Last night, the actors shone at the 17th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. This award show is one of the youngest in the season which only made its debut in 1995. It is well known for its warmth and pure simplicity but is also considered to be one of the industry’s most prized honors. The SAG Awards are the only televised award show that celebrates acting alone but not just individuals but ensemble performances as well. The show is fast paced and only takes up two hours of your life.

So how are the SAG Awards decided? Well, as opposed to the Golden Globes which are decided by the Hollywood Foreign Press, these awards are decided by 4200 random members of the Screen Actors Guild therefore, these awards are decided by the actors for the actors. There is no better award to receive than one from your peers. So who won top honors this year?

Check out the full list of winners after the jump.

In spite of much controversy revolving buzz words like “child pornography”, “drug propaganda” and “offensive expletives”, SKINS has finally made its way across the pond and into MTV’s anticipatory lap… much to my chagrin. “Skins” is based in the UK and has made its way through four amazingly successful seasons on Channel 4, tracking the lives of a close-knit group of friends in their mid-to-later teens who barely attend class, take every drug under the sun and truly corporealize the concept of “screwing like bunnies”. Basically, living their Id’s (note: I’m talking Freud, not driving permit here) to the fullest and skirting society at every step, these kids draw you in and make you care about every misstep and tragedy that befalls em’. Without harping on the amazingness of this original series too much as it’s been 3 years since it’s been out and there’s plenty of praise out there for it, what I will tell you about is how the American version of this show rates in comparison after having seen their first and second episodes these past two weeks.

Long story short, “Skins” (US) will never, ever be what “Skins” (UK) was and is. Thus far the opening to American episodes have mirrored how the Brits began- just like was done with past exports like “The Office”- thus making it perfect for a comparison. Though the US decided to turn the lispy blond gay character into a snappy, sultry lesbian as they adapt the show, the rest of the first episode is a dead parallel, though likely as things progress it will diverge more and more… likely in sad accordance with whatever focus groups tells MTV they want to see more and less of. Basically, the US version is severely lacking in so many damn ways, that said, I’m gonna focus on the big three as I see it- I being the self-proclaimed “Skins” expert of Homorazzi ;)

Click through to read my review and compare the Trailers of the twin shows for yourself!

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