Is Lee DeWyze The Worst Idol Winner Ever?

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Perhaps Lee DeWyze should’ve picked a different title for his debut album instead of “Live It Up“. That title certainly don’t describe his first week sales of his debut album. His first post-Idol CD not only debuted at No. 19 on the Billboard 200, but it only moved 39,000 units. That number represents the worst figure ever for an Idol winner debut. In fact, it’s even lower than any of the runner-ups as well. Diana DeGarmo previously held that record with 47,000 records.

Some might argue that the recording industry has changed since DeGarmo competed. In other words, people don’t buy full records like they used to. That may be true, but last year’s winner, Kris Allen, sold 80,000 while runner-up, Adam Lambert, moved almost 200,000. While I liked DeWyze, I didn’t feel he was the rightful winner from Season 9. Just like Allen, they were the token guitar-playing cute guys who won the hearts of the tween girls across the US. Both Lambert and Bowersox were robbed. In the end, record sales is the sweetest revenge and Glambert certainly proved that. I hope Crystal Bowersox can do the same when her debut, “Farmer’s Daughter” hits December 14th.

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Will lightning strike twice for Darren Criss? For his “Glee” debut, his character Blaine’s rendition of Katy Perry’s hit, “Teenage Dream” became the show’s second biggest single ever and even cracked the Billboard Hot 100. A feat only achieved by the show’s first single, “Don’t Stop Believin‘”. Can he repeat the same magic with his second performance?

For the show’s next episode, New Directions head to sectionals to compete for a spot at regionals. Last year they won this competition by beating the slutty girls from Jane Addams Academy and the hearing-impaired kids from Haverbrook, but this year they’re up against one of their friends. Kurt (Chris Colfer) has transferred to Dalton Academy and joined the Warblers for the upcoming face-off. They will perform a cover of Train’s hit song, “Hey, Soul Sister“. Get your first look at their cover below.

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Man Crush: Danny Young

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In honor of my American brothers and sistas celebrating Thanksgiving Day today, I chose someone you’d all want to “gobble gobble” up on this festive day. Super sexy Brit, Danny Young, has won the honor of being my weekly man crush. The 24-year-old is best known for his role of Warren Baldwin on the popular UK soap, “Coronation Street“.

While growing up in Harlow, Essex he dreamed of becoming a footballer (soccer for you Yanks). It wasn’t until he was discovered, while singing karaoke in Spain, that he entertained the idea of a career in acting. His first big break came on the popular gritty BBC drama, “Out of Control“. He parlayed that role into other shows including “Kerching!“, “Vice“, and “Wall of Silence“. His performances won him several accolades include a Best Young Actors Award.

Earlier this year, he participated on the popular reality show, “Dancing on Ice” which pairs up celebrities with professional skaters. Early oddsmakers had him favored to win, but due to a prop mishap, he was eliminated tenth with his professional partner, Frankie Poultney.

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After topping the charts two weeks ago with “What’s My Name?“, Rihanna reclaimed the top spot from Far East Movement with her lead cut, “Only Girl (In The World)” from her “Loud” album. It’s the first time in Billboard Hot 100 history, that a lead single hit No. 1 after the second single did. “Only Girl” is the Bajan artist’s ninth No. 1 track.

Proving she’s a singles artist and not so much a record artist, Rihanna’s first week sales of her latest CD, “Loud” debuted in third place behind Susan Boyle and “America’s Got Talent’s” Jackie Evancho’s respective albums. Despite all the hype, Rihanna only moved 207,000 copies of “Loud”. As low as that number sounds, it still marks her best U.S. chart sales debut to date. She’ll have to haul some major ass if she intends of beating her previous best effort when “Good Girl, Gone Bad” sold 2,616,000 in the US.

As mentioned earlier, Rihanna is the first artist ever to have her lead single top the charts after her official second single. “Only Girl” is her ninth single overall and her fourth in 2010. It makes her the first female artist ever to hit the top spot four times in a calendar year. The last artist, male or female, to achieve this feat was Usher in 2004.

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Boo, I hate recap episodes, but what can you do. This one actually wasn’t half bad, considering this season of Survivor is full of drams anyway. As we look back, we recall when tribes were split as young vs. old, how alliances were formed and how power struggles played out . How quickly I forgot about Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy T, who was totally jealous of the attention his celeb Jimmy twin was getting. Or how Holly went crazy and ditched Dan’s expensive shoes in the ocean. We also saw Marty’s rise to power on the old tribe, as well as Brenda and Sash on the younger tribe.

Several people have been eliminated from the game, and nine people remain in the million dollar mission. After watching the recap, we get a little more insight and a bit of a reminder about how each of these individuals got to where they did. I’ve listed the rundown on each of the remaining competitors as to what their strategy has been and what’s working for them.

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The lead singer of Guns & Roses, Axl Rose is suing Guitar Hero maker Activision for a whopping $20 million. Why you ask? Well, they’ve apparently violated a deal to where they were not supposed to include imagery of Slash or his band Velvet Revolver in ‘Guitar Hero III.’

“[Activision] began spinning a web of lies and deception to conceal its true intentions to not only feature Slash and [Velvet Revolver] prominently in ‘GH III’ but also promote the game by emphasizing and reinforcing an association between Slash and Guns N’ Roses and the band’s song ‘Welcome to the Jungle.'”

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Following Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey’s triumph on DWTS, The Black Eyed Peas continue on with their “future flow” in their just released video for their remake of the Dirty Dancing theme song, “The Time“. Directed by Rich Lee, the video features all four members of the Peas (sometimes their full bodies, and sometimes their face on a screen…on a body) having the time of their life dancing away. They even each get an avatar of themselves that grooves to the dirty bit as well.

For the dirty bits, the video takes us into the club where dancers shake what their momma gave them, while some of the Peas turn pixelated! This is something I haven’t seen before in a video, and it certainly should be the Peas to use it first, with their whole futuristic them and everything. The video is really cool and I love the them with the screens as heads. Their performance on Oprah was amazing, using the same idea.

Do you like the song? I’ve heard mixed reviews from people. I figure you might as well start to like it as it’s gonna be one of those songs we hear non stop for a year…like “I Gotta Feeling“.

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Ultra Naté Chats With Homorazzi

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This past weekend, Brian, Donovan, Patrick and myself got a chance to head to Celebrities Nightclub to meet and chat with one of the biggest and best dance music divas out there, ULTRA NATÉ. Before meeting her, I took a minute to review myself on some of her greatest hits and videos on YouTube and wow, this girl has one of the best soulful voices out there. That, paired some of the best house and electro beats created, you have some amazing dance tracks to help you live your life.

Right off the bat, Naté was just the nicest. She is stunning and has such a great energy. I couldn’t wait to sit down and chat with her. I knew a little about her but was really looking forward to asking her some questions to learn more. I was ready to ask her about her current projects as well as new albums slated for 2011 release. I also wanted to ask her about her role in the gay community and why she finds success in our market (besides the fact that we love a good diva).

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