Have you gone to see Bridesmaids yet? This hilarious comedy starring Kristen Wiig is enough to make your belly ache for days after. So far, the film has grossed over $64 million dollars in theatres and is sure to be compared to its male counterpart this Memorial Day weekend, The Hangover Part 2.

One of my favorite bits from a comedy movie are definitely the outtakes. Has anyone seen Date Night with Tina Fey? The outtakes and bloopers at the end of that film are more hilarious than the movie. So when I caught a peek at the outtakes from Bridesmaids, I had to share them with you.

Jon Hamm puts the icing on the cake, literally with the scenes of him and Kristen in the bedroom with the most hilarious of bedroom commentary. It’s also nice to hear Jon Hamm say some dirty things because let’s be honest, that’s the closest we’ll ever get to hearing it. There is also a little boy who is so funny with his comments about Kristen’s appearance that I’m sad it didn’t make the movies’ final cut. Overall, a great three minutes of laughter.

Enjoy the “Bridesmaids” outtakes after the jump.

You know the rapper phrase… A rapper says something like, “I’ll suck your d*ck,” or something along those lines, and then follows it up with “no homo,” as if it just makes what they just said not sound gay at all. Well, the NSFW video you’re about to watch takes it to another level. In fact, it’s “no homo” overload when they start saying it after almost every single thing they say (Sidenote: I went through a phase where I would say “That’s what she said,” after everything other people said. It was a lot of fun.) Anyway, as the “no homo” gets out of control, one of them can’t take it anymore and then comes out of the closet. No homo.

Which of these four guys will come out of the closet, and will anything happen between any of them after he does? Find out by watching the video below.

What their funny rap after the jump…

Is Cheryl Cole Out Of X Factor?

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This week, I wrote about X Factor judge Cheryl Cole’s desire for fame in America. Well, it may look like her desperation was for a good cause. It seems as though the question being asked often, “who is Cheryl Cole?” may have cost her her judging position on the new FOX fall series.

Even though Cheryl is a famed singer and judge of X Factor in the UK, her star hasn’t found a way to shine very brightly in America. TMZ broke the story but very few details seem to be available. I’m sure that as the story develops, so will the specifics. So if Cheryl is out, then who is in? Apparently, Nicole Scherzinger was set to co-host the show is ready to fill in the void.

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid are still set to be in their spots without change as they continue to film auditions in Los Angeles. Nicole does have experience in the matter. She is one of the permanent judges on NBC’s The Sing-Off and even subbed in for Cheryl Cole on the UK X Factor before.

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The Hunger Games Movie: Casting Update

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Not too long ago I wrote a post about the Hunger Games Movie and the announcement that Jennifer Lawrence would be playing the female protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, in the film adaptation of Suzanne Collin’s epic saga, The Hunger Games. To be frank, this announcement at the time blew my mind and I definitely wasn’t in agreement with the casting team. I felt that her beauty was too natural for this portrayal; however, I will now eat my words. Lawrence’s first photograph depicting her in character on a recent cover of Entertainment Magazine has shut me up right good. The simple shot completely captures the poise that I always felt Katniss would exude in photographs, with a subtle mystery burning in her eyes. Lawrence is the picturesque vision of this character.

Since this original announcement, several other members of the ensemble have been named including additional Hollywood heavy-hitters and fresh-faces being added to the list. It’s rumored a rock star music legend could be landing a role in the film as well.

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Jimmy Buffet is ready to take Margaritaville to the next level. Facebook users will soon be able to play a game where you create your own bands and island resorts. Doesn’t that sound like paradise? The game is also planned to be released on iPad and iPhone. Game developers THQ and Exploding Barrel Games are partnering with Buffet to put the game in motion. The idea is that the game will target Jimmy’s loyal followers who are better known as Parrotheads.

The 3D open environment features a tropical paradise and of course, a full library of Jimmy Buffet’s material. Inside the game, you can build resorts and play mini-games all while interacting with characters from Buffet’s songs and literary works. Some of these characters include Captain Tony and Joe Merchant.

“The Margaritaville laidback state of mind is inherently social, and THQ has captured the spirit of that lifestyle in this game. With Margaritaville Online, fans across the globe can party together any time and any place.”

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VH1 Is Bringing Back Pop Up Video

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If you are a trivia buff or love knowing everything you need to know about your favorite artists and their music videos, get ready because VH1 is bringing back the beloved Pop Up Video. I personally, am so excited about the return of the show. VH1 is ordering 60 new, 30 minute episodes which will now also include rap and hip hop videos.

The original version steered clear of the 2 aforementioned genres because they didn’t want to step on MTV’s toes. But now, I’m guessing that VH1 isn’t concerned considering they barely show music videos anymore. The show will be back on the air in the fall which is nearly a decade since the original went off the air.

One of the show’s creator’s Woody Thompson says he has been sitting on the side watching everyone and their dog rip off Pop Up Video in some way, “with the internet coming out of nowhere and Twitter being hauntingly familiar and all of these devices that are using snarky, pithy text.”

Watch some “Pop Up Video” after the jump.

Kim Kardashian Gets Engaged!

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After dating for just six months, Kim Kardashian is officially engaged to her New Jersey Nets boytoy Kris Humphries!

We all watched the middle Kardashian sister go through break-ups and heartache on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” so it’s nice to see the 30-year-old reality star finally settling down with the right guy. According to People magazine, the surprise engagement came as a complete shock to Kardashian.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” Kardashian told People. “I was in such shock. I never thought it would happen at home, and I never thought now.”

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Who’d You Rather: Bartha VS Cooper

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Opening this weekend, the boys who rewrote all the rules about Vegas are back for another round of the worst hangover you’ve ever had in The Hangover Part II. All the originals are back including hotties Justin Bartha and Bradley Cooper. So why not put these two stars against each other and figure out who you’d rather, shall we?

Justin Bartha was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL and moved to Michigan when he was 8. After graduation, Justin moved to New York to study acting at NYU. Justin’s launch into the mainstream came when he co-starred in National Treasure as Riley Poole. Now, you can see him in the Hangover as Doug.

Bradley Cooper was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He became his post secondary at Villanova but eventually made his way to New School University to study at the Actors Studio Drama School. Bradley got his first break on Sex and the City and is now seen in many movies including the Hangover playing Phil.

Pics of the men and choose Who You’d Rather after the jump.

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