“Do you find the Snuggie too restrictive for certain activities? Sounds like you need a Tuggie!”

The Tuggie is the evolution of the popular wearable blanket, The Snuggie. Some people found the Snuggie to restrictive for “certain activities” so they added a third hole – in the crotch area. This is perfect for when you want to “read a magazine,” or “work at the computer“, all in the comfort of a blanket.

In this mock infomercial Funny or Die video, the guy that the voiceover man is speaking to is clueless as to what the third hold would be used for. Although it’s blatantly obvious, he still doesn’t have a clue and the voiceover man clearly can’t come out and say, “It’s for jerking off.”

Watch the video below and order your Tuggie today! (just kidding, it’s a joke. Cut a hole in your Snuggie if you need to that bad).

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The Women’s World Cup 2011 kicks off this Sunday, but foul has already been called. Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that the Nigerian Football Federation has been conducting a witch-hunt to kick lesbians off of the national team (the team is pictured above) because they are lesbians (as opposed to their athletic performance). Just awful.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve informed you of such occurrences. In fact, in South Africa, lesbian soccer players were sought out and brutally assaulted in what they claimed was “corrective rape” to make them heterosexual. Just plain stupidity and evil.

So what can be done? Click here to find out

We all know Jennifer Hudson can sing. She has a Grammy to prove it. Same goes for her acting chops as cemented by her Best Supporting Actress Oscar win. And by watching her overplayed Weight Watchers ads, we know girlfriend has a sexy new smoking bod. But the one thing we’ve never really known, is whether J Hud could dance or not. Is she all voice and no rhythm like Whitney Houston? Well, wonder no more.

Hudson shows she can dance in her new music video… sorta. At least from the waist up. Jennifer never really stands up and grooves. Instead she stays seated to perform some chair choreography. LOL. Is she that afraid to let her legs perform some simple dance moves in sync with her backup dancers? It’s not like “No One Gonna Love You” is an uptempo dance track where choreography has to be precise. Instead, it’s more of a mellow mid-tempo track that you can just casually grove to. Who knows the real reason? One thing is certain though, Jennifer looks gorgeous in the video. It’s amazing what a little weight loss can do.

Diane Martel directed the clip that features a bit of a storyline. It begins with Hudson trying to convince her man to stay in bed for a few more minutes. From the looks of it, he’s forgotten its their anniversary today. Things look even bleaker later when Jennifer shows up at the restaurant to find he’s not there. Watch the video and see if her man really did stand her up or just a big fake-out.

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With the filming of season 4 of the Jersey Shore wrapping up, talks are already going on about prepping for season 5. As it stands, all of our favorites (if you like the show) are returning but according to reports, it’ll be everyone’s last time hitting the Seaside Heights. MTV is stating that after they film season 5 of the hit show this summer, the network will indeed recast the show looking for another set of guidos and guidettes looking to make complete fools of themselves on TV.

An insider close to the show cites a few reasons why the show needs to undertake an overhaul. The first is the salaries. After multiple seasons and contract negotiations, you can imagine how much these TV personalities are costing the network, not to mention they just flew them and an entire crew to Florence, Italy to film an entire season. Another annoyance to the crew is the mass amount of paparazzi that follow them everywhere they go making filming on location outside of the house almost impossible. Aside from the show, the kids have multiple appearances and side projects that pull them away from the show. With bringing in a new cast, it’ll be cheaper for the network and will cause less buzz with the paparazzi. It will be like the first two seasons where they were practically unknowns.

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Selena Gomez & The Scene’s newest video has absolutely nothing to do with the song or it’s lyrics but it looks like Selena had a really good time playing dress-up for the day. In the newest pop track video, Ms. Gomez tries on a plethora of different personas from hippie goddess on the beach with a hoola hoop to a pop-rock glamazon in shades and silver lipstick. While some may think the Japanese craze is coming to a close, Selena and her crew capitalize on it one more time playing off the karaoke theme somewhat trying to bring cohesion to the video by the other scenes playing as “background” the bouncing words at the bottom of the screen.

The song however leaves little to be desired. While the lyrics in the verses are typical of a Gomez track, the chorus is really weak and doesn’t stand out very well on it’s own. What the song is already potentially good for is a rockin’ club remix which I’m hoping will come courtesy of Dave Audé or another Homorazzi favorite, Wideboys. Whatever the case, the video is visually stimulating enough to keep your attention for the entire thing. Check it out below and sound off with you opinion in the comments section.

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Country Music superstar, Shania Twain continues her comeback to the spotlight with the release of her new music video for her new single, “Today Is Your Day“. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s such a great uplifting and motivational song, sung perfectly by Twain. I encourage you to add it to your playlist.

The video is comprised of personal behind the scenes footage of Shania’s life. From skydiving, to rock climbing, to writing songs, and much more, we catch a glimpse of some of her own struggles and recent accomplishments. We get to see her telling herself, “Today is Your Day,” and watch her find the courage within herself to jump (literally).

It was really smart to use real footage for this video to tell the story, rather than “shoot” a music video. Like I said, the lyrics are very inspiring. Well, so is Shania Twain’s life and recent comeback story. Today definitely is your day, Shania! Check out the video below and have a great Friday!

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It’s time to make it work again. Lifetime just announced the start date for Project Runway’s ninth season. All the fashion drama and designer meltdowns will begin on Thursday, July 28 and it promises to be bigger than ever. They aren’t kidding. Not only is Heidi Klum getting naked in the promos (see full pic below), but the season will begin with 20 designers- the most ever on the show- and feature a bevy of celebrity judges.

On the season premiere, the 20 chosen contestants will have to stand before the judges and tell them why they should make the cut. In other words, you’ll see a bunch of fashionistas begging, pleading and hopefully crying to the panel for a spot in the workroom. Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia will eliminate four designers on the spot, narrowing down the field to 16. The remaining designers will then be guided by the judges to “one of the toughest first challenges in the series’ history” as said by Lifetime. Ooooh, I love a good innovative first challenge. Til this day, Austin Scarlet’s corn husk dress still wows me.

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Katy Perry Joins Club Ginger

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I don’t know what’s in the water in the Hollywood hills, but it’s causing starlets to drastically change their hair color. Gone are the days of adding a few hi-lites or lo-lites to your mop to give you a fresh change. Now, it’s all about giving your head a whole new deck of color. So who’s the latest to join Club Ginger? None other than California Girl Katy Perry.

While in Miami, FL on her California Dreams Tour, Katy took some time off to splash around in a pool with some friends. While showing off her fabulous bod in an itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie pink and purple polka-dot bikini, she had everyone talking about something other than her fit body; her new hair color.

Last week Katy tweeted, “tonight I dye my hair a different color… Can you guess which color?!” However, she has now gone on to explain that this color is only a three week pit stop before transitioning into her true desired color. So why the 3 week wait? Because her hair was dark for so long, she couldn’t get the color she wanted in just one session. Therefore, she must stay ginger for three weeks and then her hair can be dyed the way she wants it. Anyone out there think she’s going blonde?

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