I remember once upon a time when gum was simply used as a breath freshener. Or as a kid, for that taste of bubble gum. But now, health and fitness buffs are pumped for a new type of gum from the Trident factory and it has me asking one question: When did gum become more than gum? Seriously. Is the calorie and sugar count in a piece of gum so high that this gum titled Trident Vitality has a leg up on the competition? Lets find out together.

First, lets introduce you to the entire Trident Vitality line. According to the official Trident website, this new gum is inspired with three unique flavors that give them a little bit of a twist. There are three of them: Vigorate is a blend of citrus and strawberries with the addition of Vitamin C. Rejuve is all the great taste of mint with a hint of white tea. And lastly, Awaken is a crisp peppermint gum with a little dash of ginseng.

These gums claim to have 40% fewer calories than sugared gums. The individual pieces have a reduced calorie count of 3 1/2 down from the usual 6 calories. After looking through most of Trident’s newer styles, I’ve discovered that most of the packages claim a lower % of calories and a reduction per piece. So how does this compare to other leading brands?

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That huge collective gasp you heard moments ago was from little monsters all around the world. Why??? Simple, their leader, Lady Gaga, unveiled the official cover art for her “Born This Way” single debuting this Friday in a global event at 9 a.m EST / 2 p.m GMT. Originally, the track was supposed to debut at this Sunday’s Grammys but was bumped up. Gaga is still scheduled to perform “Born This Way” at the 53rd Grammy Awards on Sunday.

I honestly can’t figure out which group of fans are more excited about new music from their idols, Britney’s or Lady Gaga’s. The track has generated so much buzz that “Glee” has already purchased rights to cover the song in an upcoming episode. Word has it, it’ll have something to do with homophobe high school bully, Dave Karofsky’s coming out story. I can’t wait.

British fashion photographer, Nick Knight, captured the above image for Gaga’s single cover. What do you think? I love the lion-inspired hairstyle and the pointy bumps all over her shoulders and face. It’s so animalistic, tranny and fierce all at the same time. What are your thoughts? Will the single live up to all the hype?

Tips For Tax Season

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If you are like me, you loathe the dreaded tax season. Being in the entertainment industry, I feel like taxes are extra intense for me. I have to worry about organizing all my receipts, keeping track of each little job and employer, organizing my write offs and more. However, regular taxes can be just as strenuous and with times being as tough as they are, we are all looking for that little bit of a refund to hang on to to help us out. Have no fear, taxes don’t need to be the worst thing to start your new year. I want to give you some tips on how to make tax season and little easier for all of us.

1. Take a Breath and Mentally Prepare

We all know that taxes can be a little overwhelming, so make sure you take a break before you blow. If you know you have a lot to get together make sure you break everything down into small steps. Prepare by making a list and setting up a timeline so you can follow it easily. After you’ve achieved one of your steps, reward yourself with some time in your favorite hobby. Your brain will thank you.

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Grammy and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson revealed the cover of her upcoming album, “I Remember Me” on twitter today. It hits stores on March 22, but you can pre-order it on www. JenniferHudson.com or Amazon.com today. Absolutely breathtaking is what I would describe it. J. Hud looks so serene, gorgeous and thanks to WeightWatchersskinny.

Famed commercial and music video directors, Anthony Mandler, snapped the cover. He’s worked with Mary J. Blige and Rihanna numerous times. He was the one responsible for Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)” music video. Mandler obviously has a love for sunset hues when capturing imagery from these R&B women.

If you haven’t check out Hudson’s new track, “Where You At“, yet, click here. The R Kelly-penned track is the lead single off her sophomore album. Jennifer will make the worldwide television debut performance of her brand new single “Where You At” on The Oprah Show on February 10th. Be sure to set your PVR/DVRs today.

Our favorite trainwreck ginger might be getting an orange jumpsuit to match her hair after her court hearing tomorrow. Lindsay Lohan is being accused of stealing a $2500 necklace from a store and has an arraignment hearing tomorrow at 1:30pm where we’ll see if she actually does get charged with felony theft. She denies stealing the jewellery.

TMZ reports that there is surveillance video footage showing Lindsay wearing the necklace as she left the store, hidden amongst the rest of the jewellery she was wearing. Hmm – I’m undecided at this point. On one hand, I wouldn’t put it past her to do something like this…she’s been on a downward spiral for years. On the other hand, the police say she had more than enough money on her in cash to pay for the necklace, and when you’re a celebrity, wouldn’t you expect that all eyes would be on you at all times? As if the people in the store weren’t gawking over her while she shopped (or shoplifted in this case)

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After months of taking gay baby steps, 90210’s Teddy Montgomery finally came out on last night’s episode titled, “About A Boy“. Sure, a pseudo-blackmail plot was the catalyst that prompted him to take the step, but hey, he finally did it. Even though, I never came out of the closet during high school, I definitely related to Teddy’s journey.

Every step he took during the past 14 episodes, mirrored moments of struggle in my life as well. The touching scene between him and Silver (his ex-girlfriend) was conversations I also had with my ex-girlfriends when I finally admitted to them I was gay. Bravo to “90210” for dealing with Teddy’s coming out so awesomely. Much better than Ade’s brief swimming in the lady pond last season.

While I knew Teddy and Ian would breakup due to Kyle Riabko (Ian) leaving the show, I had no idea Ian’s stupid, albeit good-intentioned, actions would be the driving force. Though I thought they were cute together, I’m glad Teddy is going to play the field before committing to another relationship. Don’t most gays go through a slutty phase when first coming out (especially when they look like Trevor Donovan)?

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Model Behavior: Allen Walker

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Do you love a strong jawline? How about some pouty kissable lips? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, then you’re going to love this week’s featured male specimen for my “Model Behavior” series. Allen Walker is a model who’s appeared on the pages of International Jock and Abercrombie & Fitch. The 24-year-old lives in Los Angeles, pursuing both his modeling and acting career. Currently he is represented by Nous Models.

Is not difficult to see why Allen Walker is one of the hottest underwear models in the business today. With his rugged good looks and manly features, he is the picture perfect representation of the All-American jock. He even played football during his college years. From the field to in front of the lens, looks like Walker has made the transition quite seamlessly. Check out a few steamy pics of Allen after the jump.

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ABC’s Mr. Sunshine Preview

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With the debut of ABC’s new mid-season show Mr. Sunshine hitting airwaves tomorrow, the press tour is in full swing. Allison Janney has already appeared on Ellen with Matthew Perry hitting the show today along with Jimmy Kimmel Live and Live! with Regis and Kelly yesterday. So what’s this show all about?

Perry’s character Ben Donovan is the manager of second-tier arena The Sunshine Center in San Diego. As he turns 40, Ben feels he is going through a midlife crisis. Dealing with his own problems only gets complicated when faced with dealing with the crazy and unusual demands from his boss Crystal Cohen (played by Janney) who owns The Sunshine Center. Through the many events that come through like concerts, the circus, hockey games and more, Ben must deal with all the complications that arise behind the scenes.

I think the concept is hilarious and that the combination of Janney and Perry is pure genious. The show already has some guest stars in line including Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. This will be Perry’s second attempt at life after Friends. His first project Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip fell short for critics and didn’t last long. Will Mr. Sunshine make the cut?

Check out a Mr. Sunshine preview after the jump.

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