Bruno Mars & Eminem Shine On “Lighters” Track

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Some of Eminem’s biggest hits have been collaborations with successful female artists. His work with Dido and Rihanna on “Stan” and “Love the Way You Lie” respectively yielded global smashes. He’s hoping the same level success comes out of his joint venture with Bruno Mars. The “Grenade” singer gives his usual spectacular vocals on Eminem’s new track “Lighters“. It’s A-MAZING.

Technically, the correct credits for “Lighters” should be, Bad Meets Evil featuring Bruno Mars. The Slim Shady formed Bad Meets Evil with fellow rapper Royce da 5’9″. The track is the lead single from their forthcoming album, “Hell: The Sequel“. We don’t normally cover a lot of rap on, but I’m obsessed with anything Bruno Mars does. Once again, his vocals shine. They perfectly complement Eminem’s rhymes. Check it out below.

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I’ve been a fan of Darren Aronofsky ever since his brilliant nerd flick, “Pi“. My admiration only grew more after watching his two recent films- “The Wrestler” and “Black Swan“. So when I heard his next project was filming a cosmetics commercial, understandably I was befuddled. Why would an Academy Award nominated director hawk mascara for Revlon? Selling out or artistic experiment? Considering how beautifully awesome “Black Swan” was directed, I was expecting a lot from his Revlon ad.

The 60-second black and white commercial features Jessica Biel using Revlon’s new Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara. Biel looks as gorgeous as ever. Joining her in the clip is rapper Pharrell Williams who not only plays, I think, her love interest but also provides the soundtrack to the clip. It’s funny how Justin Timberlake’s ex-girlfriend (Biel) and his buddy (Pharrell) worked together on this project. Wonder if JT was cool with that? Overall, it’s a pretty paint-by-numbers cosmetics commercial. Still not sure, what about this project appealed to Aronofsky. Watch the clip below and enlighten me if I’ve missed some sort of underlying deep message in the video.

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New “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” Trailer

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A second trailer for the upcoming film, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” has just been released and it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m even more excited to watch the movie now (I guess that’s the idea). The film stars the sexy James Franco and in this trailer, we see more of how the “rise” happens and what Franco has to do with it. Essentially, Franco’s character has been working on a brain repairing agent called “The Cure” and testing it on the cutest little CGI monkey named Caesar. The monkey starts getting really smart. Things start to go wrong when the company Franco works for says that Caesar is company property, and with the monkey in their custody, they start to make some bad decisions. Little do they know they’re going to pay for – big time.

The movie looks really well done – as one might expect with a budget of $90 million. I saw them filming here in Vancouver a few times. Can’t wait to watch it! It comes out in theatres on August 5th and you know it’s going to be a huge summer blockbuster.

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The wait is almost over! Although the summer is only just beginning, the one good thing about when it ends is that Kelly Clarkson‘s new album will finally be out! The first single will drop in July and the album (which is her fifth studio album) will be be released in September. Clarkson said the album was influenced by artists that include: Prince, Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow, Radiohead, and a little bit of country. For now, let the teasing continue…

The 29-year old just released a little snippet of one of the songs called “Let Me Down“. The verdict? It sounds like it’s going to be a hit for sure! In the teaser, Kelly belts out the following lyrics: “You’re only gonna let me down when it counts, you countdown.” Ugh, that voice! She’s one of a kind.

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Hollywood casting couches were definitely busy this week. Check out this trio of casting developments making headlines. First up is the super hunky Josh Lucas. Tell me, you didn’t fall in lust with him in “Sweet Home Alabama“. Something about that southern drawl. If everything works out, Lucas will soon be gracing our television sets on a weekly basis. Hell, yeah. Reports say the 39-year-old actor is in final negotiations to star in NBC’s midseason drama, “The Firm“.

The legal drama is an adaptation of John Grisham’s best-selling novel of the same name. It later became a hit movie starring Tom Cruise and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Lucas will play Mitch McDeere, the lawyer who brought down the prestigious unscrupulous law firm. The television series will take place ten years after the events of the film. McDeere and his family have now left the Witness Protection program and return to reclaim their lives. I loved the original film and book (yup, I used to read back then) and can’t wait what NBC does with it. Hopefully, they don’t eff it up.

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Robyn has just released her video for her latest single, “Call Your Girlfriend“. In the video, Robyn dances non-stop by herself in what appears in a large warehouse. Perhaps the warehouse where she secretly meets the guy she sings about? With a little lighting magic, it’s the perfect dancefloor for Robyn to express what’s on her mind. Essentially, Robyn wants the man she’s into to call his girlfriend and breakup with her because he’s met someone new – her. It’s a catchy tune, but there’s no beating around the bush that Robyn’s singing from the “other girl” slash “homewrecker” perspective – LOL. You know the other girl will be devastated, hurting with “Every Heart Beat”.

The video, directed by Max Vitali, is so simple, yet extremely captivating. It’s only Robyn in one setting with very little editing, but the lighting is amazing and Robyn dances as if no one is watching. The only think I don’t like about the video is the landscape/rectangular crop of the screen. It is way too narrow for my liking. Other than that, it’s actually pretty incredible. Check it out!

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That’s right. NBC’s grossly addicting reality competition is coming back. The show featured six individuals tackling extreme and horrific challenges all in hopes of winning the $50,000 prize. Considering talented designers on “Project Runway” only score $100,000 after weeks of competition, $50,000 for eating animal intestines is a pretty good pay day.

After a five-year absence, NBC is rebooting their classic show. Normally, NBC’s programming strategies drive me up the wall, but this actually makes sense. They can seamlessly plop a newly-revamped “Fear Factor” anywhere they have vacant slots when inevitably a few of their new fall shows fail. Too boot, the reruns on Chiller (NBC’s sister horror based channel) garner high ratings. Unlike other reality competition shows, “Fear Factor” were all self-contained episodes. You didn’t have to invest weeks to find out who won. Bringing it back was a no-brainer.

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Virgin Mobile Burns Heidi & Spencer

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You may have seen a recent ad from Virgin Mobile where they manufacture a fake celebrity couple: Spencer Falls + Sarah Caroll = Sparah. Of course desperate for attention, former Hills stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag (aka Speidi) went public with their anger that Virgin Mobile would copy their likeness and demanded to be paid.

Virgin Mobile has responded to their criticism in the BEST way possible. Reps for the new spoof celebrity couple “Sparah” told TMZ that they have no time to respond to Spencer’s accusations “due to their pressing endorsement commitments with Virgin Mobile and their frequent interactions with real celebrities.” BURN! Love it.

Chances are you’ve only seen the 30 second spot of this commercial. I’ve included the 60 second version below. My favorite line is from their publicist (Anna Curtis) at the very end of the commercial when Spencer says, “I’m so confused.” She then responds, “See! That right there? That’s a tweet. Tweet that shit.” LOL.

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