ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 3: “Short Dutch Boy”

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant put us through almost an entire hour of sob stories in the annual learn how to “emote” episode. All that crying got the best of Ondrei who, despite a gorgeous picture, quit at panel. Being away from her family was just too much for her. Ultimately, it was Hannah taking the top spot and Nicole getting the boot. I didn’t much care for so I’m glad she’s gone. Tonight is makeover night. Who will cry? Who will get the dreaded androgynous Tyrant chop-all-your-hair-off special? Eleven wannabes are left. Who will be eliminated tonight?

I just saw something on TV that says it’s Lent and that I should be giving something up to become a better person for Easter. I’ve put a lot of thought into it and decided that I’m not going to make fun of Tyrant… I mean Tyra… anymore. She’s a good person who does good things for good people in this good world. She deserves for respect for her work at being pretty and making up stupid terms. She deserves to be celebrated for what she has given this world. Peace. Glamour. Miss J. So how long is Lent anyways? 40 days! RYFKM?!?! Scrap that. Sorry Tyrant. You’re back on the shit list.

We start off this week not wasting any time with rehashing the previous panel. The girls get home and find a big string they’re supposed to pull. It unleashes a curtain with descriptions of the makeovers. It doesn’t say who is getting what, just adjectives like “Kinky, Red, and Wild with Matching Brows“. Let the fretting begin! But first, we have to listen to some serious screaming. The biggest concern seems to be “Short Dutch Boy“. What in God’s name is that? Tyrant should give up made-up nonsense for Lent!

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Wine 101: Local Pickins

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Well it’s Spring release which is exciting for our microcosmic wine industry in my own little province of British Columbia. Although gaining notoriety one year, one crush season, one Spring release at a time, the world is still generally unaware of how much wine we product here in BC let alone Canada.

With over 710 wineries and independent growers in BC, not to mention over 60 varietals of grapes grown, the BC wine industry is still continuing to grow with no sign of slowing down, and there’s something for everyone. Although made in a predominantly fruit forward New World style, quite a few wineries have paid homage to the Old World style and branched out their wine making, outsourcing wine makers from all around the world and covering all corners of the market.

One such winery, and one of the most famous of the cult classics in the BC wine industry is Joie Farm Wines.  Located in the Naramata Bench of the Okanagan Valley in our beautiful province, Joie has, in just a few short years, gained the monopoly on the grapes and wine styles of Alsace and Burgundy. Alsace, an area mashed on the border of France and Germany, produces white aromatic grapes, perfect for the weather and growing conditions in the area Joie Farm is located. Although they produce enough wine to last the year now, I remember a time just a couple of years ago when you would find out that Joie’s stock was dwindling, and fans like me would go out and buy the last couple of bottles they could just to make it through to the next release.

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Last week, the infamous Russell Hantz was voted out (for the first time ever) and sent to Redemption Island to face Matt in a dual. “Right now this is his house and I’m about to take it from him,” he says in confessional. Meanwhile, his minions Stephanie & Krista without their fearless leader and realize they need to find an idol. Unfortunately for them, Mansweater…I mean, Ralph has it. He decides to tell everyone except Russell’s girls that he has it.

At the other tribe, Phillip wakes everyone up sweeping. Everyone is getting really annoyed of “Saggy-Bottom Panties,” as they call him. I don’t blame them, I would be going insane.

So, the tribes get word that they get to each send two people to Redemption Island to watch the duals. Phillip and Kristina go for Ometepe, while Sarita and Ralph go for Zapatera. I don’t really like that they get to send people…I think it be more fun for them to be utterly shocked when the person who gets to enter back from Redemption Island returns.

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Real World 25: Back To Las Vegas Cast

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I can’t believe “The Real World” debuts it’s 25th season tonight. Holy Silver Anniversary, Batman. Seriously, that’s pretty impressive. Talk about longevity. After a somewhat lackluster and boring season in New Orleans, MTV is head backing to Las Vegas and betting, lightning will strike twice with drunken drama-filled nights. Based on a few early reports, this season’s cast definitely brings it and MTV is promising a entertaining and memorable season.

Considering an ex gay-for-pay hottie is part of this cast, mixed with six other equally complicated kids, it’s a recipe for riveting entertainment. Even it they were normal young adults, the setting alone would provide for a debaucherous season given they are in Sin City. This years group will be living it up in a high roller penthouse suite at The Hard Rock Hotel. The suite also boasts one of the biggest & most luxurious restrooms of any The Real World seasons, modeled after the Hard Rock Hotel’s nightclub, Vanity. In their downtime slash sober mornings, the cast will work as interns for the hotel’s marketing department & local charity, Make Music Matter.

It’s hard to formulate an opinion on each houseguest based on pictures, reading their brief MTV bios and watching a two-minute trailer for the season. Having said, that I’m going to share my quick first impression on each of this season’s guinea pigs. Check out the cast of The Real World: Las Vegas 2011 edition below.

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A 20 year old soccer player named Anton Hysén, who plays for Sweden’s Utsiktens BK team, revealed in an interview with Offside Magazine that he is gay. “I am a footballer. And gay. If I perform as a footballer, then I do not think it matters if I like girls or boys.” When discussing the fact that he’s the first high profile soccer player in Sweden to come out, he said, “It’s totally sick when you think about it. … Where the hell is everyone else?”

Hysén is originally from the UK, and his father (Glenn Hysén) is was a well known soccer player who played for Liverpool in the 80s. His father is very proud of his son for coming out. When Hysén Junior was asked if he felt like coming out would affect his career in any way, he said, “People may call me anything they want, it will just make me even more psyched.”

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Kat Graham Does Janet Jackson

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This girl is fierce. Actress, singer, dancer, model, this girl can do it all. She has been a favorite or Calan and Donovan but this video is the one that finally made me stand up and take notice. Channeling some Ms. Jackson If You’re Nasty, Kat Graham delivers a little mash-up titled Love Will Never Do Without An Escapade.

In the video, Kat and her group of dancers jam out to two of Janet’s most iconic songs. I love that she put a modern sound on the song without changing up some of the songs most important harmonies and melodies. The flow between the songs works out well too with her dancers working it out behind her. And lets be real, Kat dances like a beast too.

When Kat isn’t singing and dancing she’s working on The CW’s Vampire Diaries where she plays Bonnie. This gal must have a full calendar. She will also be performing at this year’s Palm Springs White Party. Look at her go!

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When Lady Gaga and her team decided to release an exclusive, deluxe edition of her highly anticipated album Born This Way through Target, many of her gay fans and followers were furious. Why do you ask?

Last year, it was uncovered that Target had donated corporate funds to MN Forward, a committee which supported anti-gay Minnesota candidate Tom Emmer. His run for office was a complete fail and nothing ever came from it. However, Target’s use of funds in this regard is completely opposite of everything Gaga and her little monsters stand for.

Gaga recently said to Billboard recently that the deal “hinged upon their [Target's] reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they’ve made supporting those groups.” I am assuming that this means they never came to common ground.

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Alright, before I let you listen I’m going to tell you that Delta Work was like the best interview I’ve ever done up to this point. She was totally open, totally candid, totally honest!

She blew the roof off of last nights episode, and really just let it all out.

And if that bothers you..she probably doesn’t care. I love Delta Work! Take listen below.

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