Every time Facebook makes a change to their settings or their format, people go cray-cray. You see it in their status updates, posted on their walls and in their tweets. But like a moth to the flame, we still continue to use the site whether we like it or not because honestly, what would we do without it? And then as fast as the change was made, we forget that we hated it in the first place.

But now, Facebook has made a change we can all be happy about. For those of you who aren’t married but are in more than a relationship (but not an open one), you can now chose to be in a civil union or a domestic partnership. Widowed, divorced, separated and its complicated still exist but the looking for random play was removed a while back.

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Movie Review: I Am Number 4

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I actually had completely missed any kind of trailer for this movie before last week when my roommate Mia showed it to me. I was BLOWN AWAY! The second I saw it was texting up HQ at Homorazzi BEGGING to get me the screening passes…and they totally came through!

I Am Number Four is a movie based on a book written by Pittacus Lore which is the pen name of authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes. Yes the same Frey who wrote the masterpiece “A Million Little Pieces”…same guy. Here’s what you need to know about the story. There are 9 alien babies who look just like humans that escape a planet far away called Lorien each with a protector, right before the planet was destoryed by Mogadorians. Each of the children were decendants of members of the planet’s Garde, so they each have very special powers, what are called Legacies, in their blood. Each of the children is given a number, 1 through 9. The Mogadorians have found the 9 on Earth and want them dead. The thing is they need to be killed off in their order. Once one of them is dead, the other remaining kids get a scar on their leg in the same pattern as a medalion worn by the child who got killed…you with me still?

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SHONTELLE!!!. If you don’t know that name, you probably know her music and if you don’t… get on it NOW. I first heard of her when she released her infectious single “T-Shirt” from her debut album, “Shontelligence“. Ever since, then I’ve been a huge fan. That track and its remix were some of my most played songs in my iTunes library that year. In 2010, the Bajan beauty scored another hit with “Impossible” off her sophomore album, “No Gravity” which peaked at #13 in the US and #9 in the UK.

Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to spend a bit of time talking with this talented artist from the island nation of Barbados. Words can’t even describe how excited I was to talk to Shontelle. Since I’ve played her music so many times, I already felt like we’re BFFs in my head. Shhhh, it’s our little secret, but I’m sure after our chat she knows. I couldn’t stop gushing about how much I hearted her. We even joked about me sitting front row at one of her next concert dates with me joining her on stage. I believe her exact words were “HOTNESS“. That’s right girl. You best believe.

This rising star is really keeping busy these days. Along with prepping the release of her third official single, “Say Hello To Goodbye” (love the title) from “No Gravity” album, she’s embarking on a UK tour opening up for Jason Derulo. In addition, she’s signed on to be the face of Caterpillar Footwear. In a segment that didn’t make the cut for our audio interview (thanks Patrick for editing), I teased her on how many pairs she must have due to her recent endorsement. Girl, you know it’s probably a lot.

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Hooray for the Gays of Hawaii

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Wednesday was a big day for the Hawaiian LBGT community after a bill was passed allowing same-sex civil unions. Its the end of an emotional process as the governor called it to a battle that has been going on for a long time. The bill is said to be signed within ten business days by Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie according to his office.

But don’t go rushing to the Hawaiian altar just yet. Civil-unions won’t be official on the islands until January 1st, 2012. Hawaii makes itself the seventh state to join in the union of same sex couples in giving them essentially the same rights as marriage without authorizing it. This is a big win for Hawaii not only in its movement forward in equality but also a giant leap in tolerance and acceptance as a state of America. But a bill such as this passing wouldn’t be without its haters.

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I wonder how much it costs for the Ukrainian Rosetta Stone, because after watching this video promo, I need to know what the eff they’re saying. Even without knowing a stitch of Ukrainian I’m already obsessed with the show. On “Dancing With The Stars” Maks Chmerkovskiy is already a pompous arrogant prick (PS. he’s my favorite), I can only imagine how douchely awesome he’ll be on the The Bachelor Ukraine.

The clip starts off with Maks getting ready in slo-motion, putting on his tuxedo and jewelry. It almost looks like a 90s fragrance commercial. Once he’s all dolled, he jumps into his ride and heads off to a black tie event with roses in tow. Not sure if the women featured in the clip are actual contestants vying to win Maks’ heart. One of them looks like the spitting image of Chmerkovskiy’s ex-fiancee, Karina Smirnoff. He certainly has a type. Watch the clip below and you’ll see.

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Little Girl Covers Lady Gaga “Born This Way”

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A 10-year old girl named Maria Aragon from Winnipeg, Manitoba uploaded a video of herself playing the piano while singing an acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way“. No doubt Ellen’s people have already made arrangements to have her on the show, and they should. Seeing a 10-year old sing these lyrics is so powerful. Say what you will about the lyrics being predictable or cliche, they have meaning and this innocent little girl proves it. Children are the future, and if kids believe in the message that the song sends out, there will be a lot less discrimination and a lot less teen suicide in the world. Lady Gaga herself was brought to tears when she saw this video, tweeting:

“Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.”

This isn’t the first cover that Maria has done. She’s done Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, Jessie J, and many more. You can check them all out on her YouTube Channel. Now, check out her cover of “Born This Way” below.

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It’s official. Adrianne Palicki has been cast as Wonder Woman for the new upcoming NBC series David E. Kelley reboot debuting in Fall 2011. She will be taking on the iconic role previously played by Lynda Carter in the show that aired from 1976 to 1979. The show will follow Diana Prince, tries to balance her regular life as a corporate executive and her life fighting crime as Wonder Woman. Also, apparently they are going to add a third identity that this character has to balance, for a total of three separate identities. The third identity will be Diana Themyscira, the CEO of Themyscira Industries. Each of the three identities will have a love interest.

Hopefully the debut of this show will have better luck than the last one she was in. This past fall, she starred in Fox’s Lone Star, which only aired two episodes before being canceled. Prior to that, Palicki was on Friday Night Lights and she also stars as Toni Mason in the upcoming Red Dawn remake. It seems as though this lady is about to take off! What a rollercoaster of a year it’s been for her, but it looks as though things are only going up for her now.

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White Party 2011: Performers Announced

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And they are all INCREDIBLE! The HOTTEST vocalists on the scene right now are all booked to perform at Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party in Palm Springs this April. After a very impressive DJ lineup announcement (including some of my faves Freemasons, Joe Gauthreaux, Kimberly S, Peter Rauhofer, Rosabel and Hector Fonseca), the performer list was revealed a couple days ago and it’s unbelievable! I wasn’t sure if I was wanting to go this year, but after the performer announcement, it’s making me REALLY want to go! Here are the girls!

Alexis Jordan

Arguably the hottest vocalist out there right now, her song “Happiness” was one of the best club tracks out for almost 2 years. Being only 18 years old, she’s also one of the youngest? Can she even get into clubs (I’m teasing). She’s got a new track out “Good Girl” with a sickening remix done by The Freemasons. Alexis is performing the Sunday T Dance, the BEST event of the whole weekend with The Freemasons.

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