Sports Stud: Vanja Udovicic

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For this week’s Sports Stud, I’ve decided to shake it up a little by finding an athlete in a sport we have never written about: Water Polo. Meet 29 year old Serbian stud, Vanja Udovicic. He plays defense and is the captain of the Serbian National Team, where in the past he and his team have won gold in the World Championship for 2009, 2005, and European gold in 2003 and 2006. Prior to that he also contributed to winning European gold for juniors in 2000 and Olympic silver in 2004.

More recently, what I would guess would be his biggest career highlight is being given the title of Best Water Polo Player in the World in 2010. The announcement was made in early January of 2011 by “FINA magazine,” the Journal of the World Swimming Federation. In November 2010, he was also declared by LEN magazine as the best European waterpolo player.

In 2010, with the national team won gold for the World League, gold for the World Cup (where he was the best player), bronze medal at the European Championship in Zagreb (where he was the best player and shooter), among other notable feats. Simply put, he has earned the title.

He has sexy dark features and a great body, which of course you get to enjoy more than other sports since his uniform is a speedo (and a helmet, but let’s ignore that part).

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Win A $10,000 iTunes Gift Card

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Last year at this time, 3 billion apps had been download from Apple’s App Store. In just a year, the number has almost tripled and on the cusp of breaking the 10 billion mark, thanks to the iPad, iPhone and iPod trifecta. Without a doubt the huge success of the iPad is responsible for the exponential growth.

To celebrate this milestone, Apple is giving away a $10,000 iTunes gift card to the person who downloads the 10 billionth app. There is no stipulation that it has to be a paid app. How awesome is that? Downloading free apps qualify you for the big prize. To check out the full rules & regulations, click here.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Apple’s App Store and start downloading up a storm right away.

For those of you that care (and according to thousands of Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets yesterday, a lot of people do), your zodiac sign has not changed. I’m still a Pisces, and you’re still, whatever you were before yesterday.

People were going crazy, spazzing out about how much they weren’t their new sign – it was quite humorous. “If my zodiac symbol has been changed to a Libra, what am I supposed to do with my Scorpio tattoo?!?!.” Hilarious.Then there were the people who were assigned a new sign: Ophiuchus. Well, here’s what Jeff Jawer of has to say to CNN about the whole thing:

“When we look at the astrology used in the Western world, the seasonally based astrology has not changed, was never oriented to the constellations, and stands as … has been stated for two millenniums….Astrology is geocentric. It relates life on Earth to the Earth’s environment, and seasons are the most dramatic effect, which is why we use the tropical zodiac.”

Check out the CNN report after the jump…

The Green Hornet” opens in theaters this weekend, but there are two other superheroes looking to grab your attention. Both “Captain America: The First Avenger” and the Spider-Man reboot released a first look of their leading men in their respective crime-fighting costumes. Leading up to Captain America’s July 22, 2011 release, we’ve seen images of a super-buff Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, but never seen him as his superhero alter ego. That is, until now. Personally, I’m loving the modern-day interpretation of the Captain America get-up. The colors are more muted and the costume looks more like a fancy airman jumpsuit than the pajama-friendly original. It’s way butcher and manly.

Even though the Spider-Man reboot doesn’t hit theaters until July 3, 2012, Columbia Pictures released the first official image of Andrew Garfield as the web crawler. The new movie will retell the Peter Parker saga during his high school years. Ergo, the backpack you see in the image. Obviously Garfield isn’t as buff as Tobey Maguire, but he suits the part considering he’s playing a teen. He’s dark, disheveled and gangly like most boys in their awkward teenage years. Unlike the Captain America updated look, Garfield’s Spider-Man costume is more in line with what fans are familiar with but with a few minor updates.

Who Pulls Off Superhero Chic Better? Chris Evans or Andrew Garfield?

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Which upcoming superhero flick are you most excited to see? Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor or The Green Hornet. Post your comments and thoughts below.

This is no “haha” three minute gay parody of Twilight, this is actually a film that is coming out on DVD this spring. It’s not even technically a Twilight parody, but you obviously see the huge similarities. Anyway, parody or not, that isn’t the point when it comes to a movie like this. Clearly, the focus is the shirtless eye candy and how the steamy sexuality finds its way into the plot (eg. True Blood)…who sucks who’s….blood. Cheesy gay movies must be in for 2011! If you watched the video in the Survivor Fabio’s Gay Movie post I did earlier this week, you’ll know what I mean. Here’s the storyline for Vampire Boys, a Ariztical Entertainment production:

Jasin and his vampire brood’s time is running out. In order for them to survive, Jasin needs to find a mortal to turn into a vampire to spend eternity with. Los Angeles provides plenty of young candidates. The brood has their eyes set on Tara, a young, gorgeous blond college student. Tara is open to the idea of becoming a vampire, but someone else enters the picture to disrupt the brood’s plans. Caleb, a fresh face college student new to Los Angeles, keeps dreaming of a mysterious stranger. At school, Caleb meets the stranger, Jasin, and they have an instant connection. The problem is that time is short, and Jasin needs to convince Caleb that eternity as a vampire can be a very sweet life.

Will you sink your teeth into this film when it comes out? Watch the trailer and decide.

Check out the trailer after the jump…

Well hello Chet Haze! Who knew Tom Hanks could spawn an uber hottie rapper named Chet? I mean come on… look at that photo.

Chet has done roles in films such as the Bratz movie and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, but he’s put his acting skills on hold to focus on his new career as a frat boy MC. He was born and raised on the West Side of the Westside’s main city LA, where he grew up an enthusiast of the rap game.

Check out the 20-year old’s first single, “White & Purple” (Northwestern Remix) on the second part of the post.

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Movie Review: The Green Hornet

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ALRIGHT! I’m going to be completely honest in this and say that I really had absolute no idea of the back story of The Green Hornet. Not to be confused with The Green Lantern (which comes out later this year), The Green Hornet is a superhero movie starring Seth Rogen. The reason I put a question mark after superhero is because I’m not really sure if The Green Hornet is a superhero. I think he is more of a masked vigilante kinda guy…yeah let’s go with that.

This movie stars Seth Rogen in his VERY publicized “slimming down” role. This guy lost weight for this movie, so that generated buzz. Now while I admit that Seth Rogen is funny, I kind of always felt that he plays the same character; the stoner funny rambles on kind of guy so I wasn’t sure how he would be in the iconic role.

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Have A Sinfully Good Time At Taboo Sex Show

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Attention Vancouverites. If you’re in the mood for a devilishly good time this weekend, you have to check out the The Taboo Naughty But Nice Show. The national upscale consumer trade show is dedicated to romance and self-improvement. On an annual basis, the Taboo Sex Show tours eight Canadian cities and from Thursday, January 13 til Sunday, January 16, 2011, they’re at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre to entertain the crowds.

Considering this is the trade show’s tenth year, it promises to be bigger and better than before. A bunch of us from will be heading to the show on Saturday afternoon to check out the exhibits, shows and vendors. More importantly, we’re looking forward to having a lot of fun. Come drop by and enjoy the festivities. You never know, you might learn a thing or two. For more info or to purchase tickets, head over to

read a few of the exhibitors showing up at the trade show after the jump

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